The powerful Kyrill hurricane that has killed 29 already and caused transport failures in Britain, Germany and the Netherlands is approaching Russia.

The death toll is the heaviest in Britain, AP reported. One of the victims there was a small boy killed by the concrete wall's breakdown. Falling trees were killing drivers in their cars in the Netherlands and Germany.

Six people suffered in Utrecht, Holland, where a tower crane fell on the university building.

Key airports in Munich, Amsterdam, Vienna and Frankfurt are closed. Ferry services in Britain, Finland, France and Belgium don't operate either. Fishing boats in Ireland and Latvia are recommended against putting to sea.

The hurricane may reach Poland, Austria, eastern Germany and Russia's Kaliningrad region this night. On Friday, it will probably extend to other provinces of the European Russia.

The storm alert has been declared in the Kaliningrad region. There, they are getting ready for downpour and violent wind capable of falling trees and tearing down roof tiles. The stormy wind is forecasted in the Tver, Smolensk and Moscow regions. Moscow will face snow storm this weekend.