Language deliberately distorted to veil its true meaning is commonly referred to as 'doublespeak' (from Orwell's 'newspeak' and 'doublethink'). This distortion of words is becoming increasingly severe and overt. Even modern cinema, as evidenced in the immensely popular V for Vendetta, has noticed and commented upon this fact. The meanings of words are being changed.

Language deliberately distorted to veil its true meaning is commonly referred to as 'doublespeak' (from Orwell's 'newspeak' and 'doublethink'). This distortion of words is becoming increasingly severe and overt. Even modern cinema, as evidenced in the immensely popular V for Vendetta, has noticed and commented upon this fact. The meanings of words are being changed. Disturbing, and often violent, concepts are labeled with neutral and ambiguous words, like "collateral damage", "reducing safety margins" and "extraordinary rendition", while neutral or meaningless words are given nefarious and suggestive meanings, like the ubiquitous yet chimerical "suspected terrorist".

How are we to account for this phenomenon? Why is it so viral? In fact, its appearance in our daily discourse, and its ultimate significance for our understanding of government and the mental 'hygiene' of those subject to government policies, was clearly understood and explained by scientists working behind the "Iron Curtain" during Nazi occupation and under Communist rule. The work of these scientists was conducted in secret, beyond the peering eyes of the state and its secret police. Nevertheless, the scientists soon realized that someone in authority was aware of their work, for when they attempted to access materials on relevant subjects from university libraries, (such as human psychology for example), they found that all such books had been systematically removed. From this, the scientists quickly understood that to be caught with such forbidden material and research would mean almost certain death. The research in question is summarized and explicated in the work of Prof. Andrzej Lobaczewski's Political Ponerology, and was only made available to the general public when it was published by Red Pill Press in early 2006.

In his book, Lobaczewski approaches the question of political evil as a physician approaches the pathodynamics of an infectious virus, following the causal links between psychopathic individuals in positions of political power and the negative effects they have on a non-psychopathic population. One of the key concepts throughout his analysis is the psychopath's use of language. From an early age, psychopaths become aware of their difference from the vast majority of their peers, and learn to recognize each other in a crowd. As a psychopath does not have the in-born ability to feel complex emotions, expressions of such emotion in normal humans (like an expression of love, a widow in mourning, a man fearing for his life or family) are seen by the psychopath as contemptible signs of weakness and naivete, and only provoke in him a misplaced sense of superiority. Normal humans are seen by psychopaths as little more than cattle, and are treated accordingly by them.

However, while psychopaths are aware of their difference (they might say 'superiority') from 'the mob' of general humanity, they learn to act as if they, too, are 'normal'. Growing up, they learn to mimic the movements and expressions that accompany specific human emotions. They do this because appearing normal is essential to their own survival at the expense of their victims. A psychopath can appear to be in emotional pain, eliciting pity and material support; he can seduce women with his air of confidence (the textbooks are full of unattractive psychopaths who are surprisingly successful in this venture); he can lead a church congregation with high-sounding words, while embezzling the funds they give in support. However, psychopaths know that if what lies behind their mask of sanity were to be publicly exposed, and if the masses of normal people were suddenly to understand that psychologically deviant human beings in positions of power are the real source of war, the most the Pathocrats could hope for would be long stretches in the nearest penitentiary. The people would rebel against the terror they have been subjected to under their influence - the manipulation, the lying and injustice that have led to interminable war, death and suffering. But for a psychopath, the only injustice is not getting what he wants: power.

Once a group of psychopaths has reached a position of such power in government (although the dynamic applies to any organization or hierarchy), such a government must work to make itself and its policies appear acceptable to the non-psychopathic human's sense of morality. If such a government were to lower its mask prematurely and truthfully say, "We, the government of psychopaths, despise you as much as we despise our so-called 'enemy'. We will work our hardest until you, our very own citizens, and those of any hostile foreign power, are utterly destroyed. Through poverty, total war, and genocide we will kill you all", the people would naturally revolt. As such, the government of psychopaths (or pathocracy) must mask its language in an acceptable ideology. Thus, a war of aggression becomes a "holy war" or "pre-emptive" war, not for the purpose of imperialistic invasion, but to "protect the homeland". This language is immediately recognized for what it is by other psychopaths, and they can pledge their support accordingly. But with experience, and after extensive observation and research, a non-psychopathic individual, too, can develop an ability to read the hidden meaning.

The effect of such language on the minds of normal individuals is that which Lobaczewski calls 'conversive thinking'. This is a subconscious selection of premises that leads to false or paralogical conclusions. The conscious manipulations of psychopaths are unconsciously converted in the mind of the normal person and taken for truth. For example, we see evidence of this in the irrational fear many Americans have come to have for Muslims. It is not uncommon to hear emotional pleas to "nuke them all", or "turn the whole Middle East into a glass parking lot". A recent CNN commentator, Glenn Beck, even went so far as to ask a Muslim congressman, Keith Ellison, why he should not suspect him of being "a terrorist". The net effect of this hysteria is that the guilt of the minority of every population (i.e., the psychopathic minority) is projected onto a separate and identifiable religious or racial group.

The fact that such language, and the resultant conversive thinking, is pervasive in our own political discourse is not a promising sign for the health and future of humanity, and should prompt an immediate and in-depth analysis of the nature of psychopathology and its presence in the leaders of our governments, military, and intelligence services. The history of "man's inhumanity to man" is actually one of pathocracy, and if we can learn one thing from the pathocracies of past generations, it is that millions will die as a result of the present one. With the advent of depleted uranium munitions (used during the current occupation of Iraq), white-phosphorous (used in the recent Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Palestine), and current advances in ethnic-specific weapons, to name but three modern weapons of mass-genocide, things are looking far worse than ever before.

The remainder of this essay will provide contemporary examples of such distortions of language. As a warning, I should say that stripping the veneer of ideology from the following words and phrases may come as a shock to some readers. As Lobaczewski warns, "even normal people, who condemn this kind of [pathocracy] along with its ideologies, feel hurt and deprived of something constituting part of their own romanticism, their way of perceiving reality, when a widely idealized group is exposed as little more than a gang of criminals. Perhaps even some of the readers of this article or Lobaczewski's book will resent the unceremonious stripping away of all of the literary motifs of the psychopathic mind.

The fact is; there is no romanticism in the global "War on Terror". The men and women promoting it are nothing more than a "gang of criminals", as Lobaczewski puts it. There is no epic "clash of civilizations"; there is no primeval "good against evil"; there is no heroic "protecting Western freedoms and values". These are simply ideological "literary motifs", and the truth is much more prosaic.

War Cries
  1. "Bringing peace to [insert foreign country here]" - This refers not to bringing any kind of meaningful peace to a country in turmoil but to killing all foreign enemies. The idea is that, without anyone to fight back, there will be peace. For a psychopath, 'peace' is achieved when any and all opposition has been exterminated;

  2. "Bringing freedom to [insert foreign country here]" - This refers not to any real freedoms, but merely the psychopathic freedom to rape, pillage, plunder, and murder a given group of people. For a psychopath, freedom means being able to do whatever he wants, without opposition.

  3. "Protecting our Freedoms" - A variation of #2, this simply means protecting the right to rape, pillage, plunder, and murder from the perceived threat of people who disapprove of, and may attempt to bring a stop to, such acts.

  4. "Defending oneself" / "acting in self-defense" - This refers not to any real type of defense resulting from an unprovoked attack. Self-defense means that a psychopath has the right to maim, torture, terrorize, or kill anyone who complains that he is already being maimed, tortured, terrorized by the psychopath in question. For a psychopath, defending oneself means attacking and blaming the victim for the psychopath's own crimes, and then holding them fully accountable for these actions.

  5. "Support our troops" - The does not refer to any real moral, empathic, physical, emotional, or monetary support for those sent to die as cannon fodder. For a psychopath, "support" means sacrifice; normal people, whether part of, or foreign to, the country of the pathocracy, must be killed, as they form an ever-present obstacle to complete control. Wars are a perfect means to not only kill a pathocracy's own citizens, but also those of any 'enemy state'. On another level it means "support what we say our troops should be doing - do not, under any circumstances, ask the troops themselves or support their right to disobey illegal orders".

  6. "The War on Terror" - The war on terror is a war of terror. It is a war on the victims of terror at the hands of psychopaths. When the victims of psychopathic terror respond (as have the Palestinians to the terror of the Israeli government and military), they are attacked in the name of 'anti-terrorism'. The victims of terrorists (e.g. the Palestinians) become the 'terrorists', and are killed as a result.
Masks of Sanity
  1. "Outrageous conspiracy theories" - This refers to actual conspiracies. By associating the word 'outrageous' with completely plausible conspiracies, normal people are hesitant to question "official" lies. In fact, all covert/black operations are considered 'conspiracies'. However, when one is exposed for what it is (whether it be an assassination, a propaganda campaign, a spy-ring, a drug-running operation, a coup d'etat, a false-flag), it is pejoratively labeled "conspiracy theory" for the purpose of damage control.

  2. "Patriotism" - This does not refer to love of one's homeland, but unquestioning belief and support of official government doctrine. Anyone opposing the official doctrine is labeled as "unpatriotic", "anti-American", "anti-Israel", etc.

  3. "Diplomacy" - This refers to threats and intimidation preceding an already decided upon military strike. For example, the invasion of and the inevitable invasion of , Syria , Lebanon etc.

  4. "Appeasement" - This refers to failure to preemptively attack those considered to be "enemies", like Iran presently, and usually refers to an ideology that promotes peace between nations. For example, Donald Rumsfeld's statement: "Can we truly afford to believe that somehow, some way, vicious extremists can be appeased?" In fact, Rumsfeld represents the very "vicious extremists" whom the majority of world powers are appeasing.

  5. "Free Elections" This refers to the 'freedom' psychopaths have to steal elections, by bribing candidates with campaign donations, blackmailing them for support, and using widespread voter fraud. In short, free elections are stolen elections.

  6. "Morality" (e.g. "Jewish or Christian morality" or " Israel 's military is the most moral in the world"). When used in the context of a psychopathic military, 'morality' refers to the psychopathic morality of complete lack of conscience. For example, feeling empathy for your enemy is "soft", "weak" or "simple-minded". Cold-blooded killing machines are extremely moral soldiers, in the minds of pathocrats.
Word Salad
  1. "Extraordinary Rendition" - This phrase refers to "out-sourced torture", without any extradition proceedings. Cynically, 'rendition' can refer to "giving back" (although prisoners are often 'given back' to foreign countries that happen to not comply with human rights legislation), "melting down", "processing", as for industrial use, as livestock is "rendered". The euphemism is that these often innocent prisoners are processed as cattle.

  2. "Collateral Damage" - The intentional killing of innocent civilians.

  3. "Free Speech Zone" - A (usually) wire enclosure in which citizens who wish to publicly voice their displeasure with the ruling pathocracy are confined, which is set up at a enough of a distance from the representatives of said Pathocracy to ensure the displeasure does not actually reach them. Any dissenter wishing to express his or her free speech outside of the "free speech zone" may be harassed or arrested.

  4. "Intelligence" - The information (viewable only by military and government leaders) that is used to justify war, revoking freedoms, and increasing control. Since there is no way to verify intelligence due to its secrecy, it can easily (and usually is) fabricated, and the proof of its fabrication usually comes only after it has served its purpose, and hundreds of thousands are dead.

  5. "National Security" - How safe a country is, as determined by "intelligence".

  6. "The world-wide threat of militant Islamo-fascism" - This reveals that the psychopaths uttering these words, in fact, wish to take over the world of normal people, installing the universal 'law' of the psychopath. This 'law' can manifest itself in any ideology, whether capitalist, socialist, fascist, communist, Judaic, Talmudic, Christian, Muslim, etc.

  7. "Globalization" - This is not about the distribution of wealth to poor countries, but another way for pathocratic corporations to steal and plunder the natural resources of those same poorer countries, leaving the native populations to starve.
Non-substantive Labels

  1. "Suicide Bomber" - a) an explosive device detonated at a distance by intelligence services of the pathocracy (Mossad, CIA, MI5, etc.) and blamed on a fanatical extremist belonging to the religion of the enemy of the pathocracy. This can also take the form of bombs being placed in vehicles of the civilian population at check points and later detonated to create the most mayhem and chaos while maximizing the propaganda effect. b) A patsy incited to blow themselves up for a cause that appears worthwhile, but which only suits their handlers, which are again agents of the intelligence services of the pathocracy (Mossad, CIA, MI5, etc.).

  2. "Hero" - This refers to a pathocracy's own military 'cannon fodder',who died for the expressed purpose of "bringing freedom and democracy to [country]". They usually die young, and serve the purpose of emotionally entangling a hesitant population into a war of aggression. Used in conjunction with "support our troops", this label stifles any criticism of an aggressor's war crimes.

  3. "Infiltrators" - Walid Phares, a neoconservative Pathocrat, recently wondered "how deeply have 'Jihadist' elements infiltrated the U.S. government and federal agencies?" In fact, as anyone opposing Zionist terror and propaganda is labeled a "terrorist sympathizer", or "terrorist", these 'infiltrators' are merely individuals who oppose Zionist terror and propaganda.

  4. "Anti-Semitic" - A label which refers to any behavior critical of the pathocratic Zionist genocide of Palestinians, or critical of any crime committed by a Jew. By stifling any criticism of Jews in general, psychopathic Jews escape any legitimate criticism for their crimes.

  5. "Self-hating Jew" - A Jew that displays "anti-Semitic" behavior but cannot have this label/libel applied for obvious reasons.

  6. "Anti-defamation" - This refers to "defamation". The so-called "Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith" and their imitators commonly use such terms as 'anti-semite', 'Islamo-fascist', 'rabble-rouser', 'radical Left', 'paranoiac', 'lunatic', 'conspiracy theorist', 'madman', 'nut', 'terrorist sympathizer' to stifle criticism of Israel or pro-Israeli policies.

  7. "Security Contractors" - More accurately described as mercenaries - agencies and individuals paid to carry out 'black' or 'covert' operations, usually involving false-flag operations or inciting sectarian violence.

  8. "Insurgents" - Individuals who are resisting (often by force of arms) an illegal invasion of their country by a foreign power.

  9. "Terrorists" - Very often, also individuals resisting an illegal invasion of their country. Terrorism can also be used factually to describe the false flag operations of the illegal invaders. But generally, when this is the case, they are called "Arab Terrorists."

  10. "Freedom Fighters" - Usually the very same "terrorists", when their actions are acceptable or funded by members of the Pathocracy. For example, when being funded by the CIA and ISI in Afghanistan against Soviet invasion, militant Islamic groups were referred to as freedom fighters, not terrorists.
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