As with every other Israeli act of agression, the inhuman Israeli bombing of Lebanese civilians is as much an American war as an Israeli one. The obsequious and disgusting American politicians, from both parties, recently enthusiastically endorsed Israel's campaign of attempted ethnic cleansing of Lebanon and the murder of its civilians.

President Bush repeats endlessly that "Israel has a right to defend itself", and I am happy to allow Israel to claim that it is "defending itself", but on the condition that it admits the truth - that it is defending that which it stole from Palestinians almost 60 years ago. That it is "defending" against a beleaguered and oppressed people who are simply demanding that their homeland is returned to them. Israel is defending alright, it is defending its own brutal past, it is defending its right to maintain stolen land by slaughtering civilians, it is defending that which is indefensible. Israel is the source of the problem.

The "magnanimous" US and British governments are rushing to evacuate American and British citizens living in Lebanon while simultaneously financing and supporting the Israeli bombing of that country. The evacuation of American and British passport holders therefore can only be seen as a cynical PR ploy because, while the American and British populations might get a little agitated at the deaths of Lebanese and British-Americans, the Bush and Blair governments are quite confident that their citizens will not bat an eye at the mass murder of Arab, or even Christian, Lebanese. After all, all Arabs are terrorists, right? They attacked us on 9/11, right? They attacked us on 7/7, right?

A recently evacuated Lebanese-American stated:
"My father is of Lebanese birth and my mother is American", said Mr Shami, a 21-year-old student from Michigan. "I am very proud of my mother and the American people. All I can say is that most American people are not like Condoleezza Rice, they are not like George Bush; they have a sense of decency."
Indeed, this man understands because he has lived it. It is only when you have watched your home destroyed, your friends and family murdered, that you can See the inhumanity, that you can See that someone consciously ordered these inhuman acts and that they themselves must embody that inhumanity. Few are like Condi Rice, it is true, but a handful of Condi Rices, Dick Cheneys, Donald Rumsfelds and Ehud Olmerts are all that is needed to ensure the murder of millions.

The US, British and Israeli governments have done a fine job of slowly robbing ordinary people of their sense of humanity over the past 6 years. They have tried hard to instill in normal human beings the same 'values' cherished by the political elite, 'values' based on an utter lack of empathy for the suffering of another human being. Bush, Blair Olmert and Co. have long since realised that, through a pervasive mixture of lies, propaganda and fear, they can transform the population into docile automatons, devoid of any real fire or emotion and unable to recognise brutality and butchery when it stares back at them in the form of the twisted face of a murdered Lebanese, Palestinian or Iraqi child.

Israel claims that it is "defending itself" that it is not attacking civilians, only "terrorists", while we claim that Israel is indeed involved in a very conscious campaign of ethnic cleansing of Arab lands. But because the average person does not believe that psychopathy among our leaders exists, that our leaders are just like you and me - fundamentally decent human beings - the public looks at these two opposing arguments and concludes that the truth must lie somewhere in the Middle. Yet such an analysis does not take into account that one side could be 100% lying and the other 100% telling the truth. As a result of this human tendency to conclude that the truth lies in the middle, the liar always comes out on top! His lies are given credence to some extent while the truth is watered down! In the case of Lebanon and Palestine, Israel is lying, Israel is consciously murdering civilians, that is the truth, yet because no one can believe that there are people who would actually do such things, they believe that the truth is exaggeration or "conspiracy theory".

The American government views most American citizens as idiots, yet for the moment, they are seen as useful idiots because they pay taxes, believe lies and facilitate the predations of their government in the name of "freedom and democracy". In the not-too-distant future however, when paying taxes is no longer so important, American citizens will no longer be deemed useful and they will receive the same treatment from their cherished psychopathic leaders that the Arabs are now enjoying. To avert such an unexpected and shocking end, Americans and deluded people the world over need to wake up and realise they are being lied to. If they do, they will cease to be idiots, useful or useless, and instead will become a threat to the rule of the psychopathic elite. At that point in time, their lives will certainly be threatened, but as they saying goes, it is better to fight and die on your feet, than as an idiot on your knees.