Ever wondered how the Bush administration keeps the money flowing in?...

The Associated Press reports:
"Dozens of members of President Bush's security team assembled after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, are now working for companies that sell security products and services to the government agencies they once helped manage.

The Times found that at least 90 former officials in the department and the White House Office of Homeland Security now work for companies that do billions of dollars worth of business in the homeland security industry."
Just to flesh this out a little, the following appears to be the Bush administraition's recipe for job and wealth creation:

Fabricate a threat to the nation by way of a staged terror attack (9/11).

Use it to justify the creation of entirely needless new security agencies and give top level jobs to your friends.

Launch a war on the imaginary enemy and perpetrator of the staged terror op and invade several sovereign states of your chosing.

Plunder the wealth of said states by having your military destroy the country's infrasructure and then offer no-bid contracts to your corporate cronies to rebuild what your military destroyed. Make it obvious to your corporate cronies that they don't really need to do any actual rebuilding, they just need to make it look like they are rebuilding. Do not question the outrageous price charged by your corporate cronies.

When the public has become bored with scaremongering security alerts and is looking the other way, scale back needless security agencies and the temporary jobs they provided

Transfer your friends to new jobs in companies owned by your corporate cronies whose coffers are bursting at the seams with ill-gotten gains

Repeat until you have robbed the world blind and killed most of its inhabitants through war or starvation.