Last September, two of her majesty's loyal servants were arrested by Iraqi police (and then released to British forces) in the Southern Iraqi city of Basra. The two men were dresssed in full Arab garb driving a car full of explosives. They had been shooting and killing Iraqi civilians and, according to Iraqi officials, attempting to plant explosives. Almost immediately, it was clear that the arrest of the two men was evidence for what we have suspected for a long time - that most 'Islamic terrorism' is being orchestrated by agencies within the British, American and Israeli governments.

Today, another report has surfaced which appears to provide further evidence that the Western 'Democracies' that claim to be bringing freedom to Iraq are in fact determined to ignite a civil war in Iraq and set in motion a long-held agenda to embroil the greater Middle East in a massive and bloody war.
Britons burned to death in car after Basra gun battle

TWO British men were burned to death in their car after a shoot-out with police in Iraq yesterday. A third person in the car, also believed to be British, was wounded and rushed away from the scene, in the southern city of Basra. Police Captain Mushtaq Kadhim said Iraqi policemen and two other civilians were also wounded in the shooting. A Foreign Office spokesman said he was aware of unsubstantiated reports of an incident involving non-Arabs. The Ministry of Defence said it was aware of reports of an incident in Basra and was making inquiries. A ministry spokesman said no British military personnel had been involved in any incident or injured yesterday. According to Mr Kadhim, the attack occurred about 9pm local time after a police patrol chased two suspicious cars and forced them to stop in the Jazaer neighbourhood of central Basra.
Some questions that will neither be asked nor answered by the mainstream press:

Who are these "British men" and who do they work for?

Why were they involved in a shootout with Iraqi police and why were they shooting at Iraqi civilians?

Is it merely a coincidence that these men were also arrested in the Southern Iraqi city of Basra?

Who rushed the third man away from the scene? Where is he now? The comment by a British ministry spokesman that no British military personnel had been involved or injured in any incident, is probably an honest statement because ordinary British military personnel do not engage in, and generally have no knowledge of British covert operations designed to incite ethnic violence in Iraq. There is an entirely separate department dedicated to such nefarious activities, complete with its own budget and chain of command. Nevertheless, such activities form a central part of British, American and Israeli political strategy in Iraq, and many other countries around the world over the past 100+ years.

In short, we can conclude that much of the so-called 'Islamic terrorism' that has been used by the American, British and Israeli governments to justify the 'war on terror' is being carried out by agents of those same governments. As we have said many times before now, if you give a war and the 'enemy' doesn't want to fight, you must fight the war yourself on both sides. After all, it has long been understood by Western governments that military agression is the most effective way of implementing political policies.