The race between Tony Blair and George Bush (and their NeoCon backers) to become the first modern Western "Democracy" to transform itself into a de facto dictatorship is heating up. Last night, Tony Blair put in a sterling performance to this end by "promising" (read threatening) that British Police will act on the new "glorifying terrorism" law which, having been rejected by his own Labour MPs and the House of Lords in January, has now been all but passed into law.

Blair claims that the new law will alllow a clear signal to be sent that those that incite or glorify acts of terrorism will be prosecuted. Officially, the law is to allow police to arrest people who indirectly incite terrorism, specifically those who "encourage suicide bombings and beheadings." Of course, no assurances can or will be given that British citizens will still be free to carry a placard denouncing the British government as engaging in terrorism itself, which, of course, both the Bush and Blair governments have been doing for the past 4 years (at least). It is in fact extremely likely that in the very near future anyone engaging in such an act of dissent will be accused of "idirectly supporting of inciting terrorism", the 'logic' being that to label the British (or American) government a terrorist regime is to give support to the terrorists who, coincidentally, say the same thing.

You can see where this is going, or rather, where it has already arrived.

In a stunning departure from traditional Conservative values, former Tory party leader William Hague denounced Blair's legislation, saying that the terrorism laws had been used to arrest 82-year-old Walter Wolfgang, who did nothing more than heckle Foreign Minister Jack Straw at last year's Labour conference, yet it took years for the militant cleric Abu Hamza to be prosecuted. Again, this is simply more evidence of the real point of 'anti-terror' legislation.

Indeed, it is not only ordinary British citizens that are in the crosshairs, non-conforming members of Blair's party are also wont to be labeled 'terrorists' if they refuse to drink the cool-aid. In a wonderful example of an early implementation of the real goal of British anti-terrorism laws, one Labour rebel, Bob Marshall-Andrews, said that Blair's had put MPs in "a terrible position" by suggesting that if they opposed the Government they were "in some way or another endorsing terrorism".

Going further still, even other heads of states may fall foul of Blair's fascist laws; Irish Taioseach (PM) Bertie Ahern was planning to lead the 90th anniversary celebrations of the 1916 Easter Rising by Irish revolutionaries in April this year, but perhaps the threat of being rendered off to Syria in a CIA or MI5 jet as a 'terrorist sympathiser' will now make him think twice.

Of real signifcance in the debate is the fact that British police (on the orders of the British Government) failed to arrest Muslim demonstrators who, at the height of last week's furore over Danish cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed, marched through London carrying placards praising the July 7 bombings and calling for beheadings, even though British police already had the power to arrest these people. Indeed, existing British laws on incitement to racial and other forms of hatred provide all the scope needed to prevent extremists from encouraging others to support violent attacks. So why do we need further laws?

While Blair failed to explain exavtly why the demonstrators were not arrested, the reason is more than obvious: Blair, like Bush, has a vested interest in allowing renta-crowd 'Muslim fanatics' to prove to the public that Britain needs these Draconian laws. Given that most Islamic terrorism of recent years is a product of UK, American and Israeli intelligence agencies, we then come to the conclusion that legislation like the Patriot Act and the 'glorification of terrorism' law is not designed to combat the spread of Islamic fundamentalism, but rather to quash the real threat to American and British (and therefore Israeli) world hegemony - ordinary Western citizens like you and me standing up and calling Bush, Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu for the terrorists that they are.

Make no mistake, from the point of view of the NeoCons (and their Israeli masters) that have orchestrated this entire phony war on terror, the real enemy is the average Western citizen who still retains the ability to recognise shit from shinola.