It's a crazy, polarized world. On the one hand, we have former GCN radio show host Daryl Bradford Smith declaring fellow radio talk show host and website proprietor Jeff Rense a Zionist stooge, and on the other hand we have a reactionary Horowitzite and Israeli settler Steve Plaut, calling him a "Holocaust Denier, a Neo-Nazi, and a UFO nut."It seems to be open season on poor Jeff Rense, as the creation of a "watch" blog slapped up in the templated blogger zone by a hereto unknown Nova Scotian indicates (it is originally called The Rense Watch). Rense is not a neo-Nazi, a Holocaust Denier—in the current Straussian dominated political climate, just about anybody who takes Israel to task is considered a Holocaust Denier—or is he a Zionist stooge, as Smith would have it. Neither Plaut nor Smith can satisfactorily demonstrate their claims.

Since Steve Plaut's career consists primarily of character assassination and slander—a fallback position for Straussian neocon “conservative” (not) and Jabotinsky Likudite apologists who are allergic to making reasoned arguments, because they really don't have any—his take on Rense is ho-hum predictable (he does not bother to explain exactly why Rense is a neo-Nazi, but then Straussian neocon wannabes and Jabotinsky fanatics never explain themselves), while Smith's take is seriously paranoid (as of late Smith has expended a lot of energy casting numerous folks in the deflated “patriot movement” as "crypto-Jews," whatever that means—as a matter of a fact, and Plaut would likely have a laugh at this one, Smith considers your humble blogger a "crypto-Jew" because on occasion Rense posts my blog entries on his “Holocaust Denier” website).

I mention all of this as an example of how polarized and schizoid political thought is out on the margins in America. Most Americans are either Republican, Democrat, or none of the above, and the antics of Plaut and Smith—a sort of political theater of the absurd—matter not to them, if they even bother to notice (and they don't notice, since the vast majority of Americans get their paltry diet of political awareness from CNN or Fox News).

Smith and Plaut will if lucky warrant a scant footnote as the political tide in this country is moving toward a "unitary" dictatorship and a bleak future of forever war waged against manufactured "clash of civilization" enemies. Mr. Plaut, a vocal if easily passed over supporter of the emergent fascist trend in American politics (and, of course, in Israel, where he settled, chucking his identity as an American), will likely consider himself victorious—although, if history serves, fascist dictatorships (and communist as well) eventually subsume their bastard progeny and dispose of them as threats to the imposed order, for authoritarian dictators are not unlike Saturn eating his children to prevent Zeus from usurping power. Israel is of course no refuge.