For hundreds of years, the New World was the dumping ground for the misfits and criminals of Europe. The indigenous peoples of the Americas were their first victims. Will those who once cast off their rejects now stand up and face the consequences?

Hello Vatican, Europe, Britain, Africa and all of those other nations and authorities who used the "New World" as the dumping ground for their undesirables, their criminally greedy, their power mad, their intolerably dishonest, their delusional, their mentally deficient and dangerously violent members, for well over 300 years. We, the tattered, surviving remnants of the more than 500 Nations of Free and Independent Peoples of North America, once numbered approximately 300,000,000 souls before Columbus arrived. We were less than 10,000,000 within two generations after his departure, and entire Nations of us, some among them the most ancient of us, were wiped out, their civilizations destroyed completely. Next we were deliberately betrayed and exterminated, wholesale, for some 300 years thereafter, until today only a sad, official remnant of some 2,500,000 of us survive, with an unofficial estimate of as many as another 5,000,000 to 7,500,000 acculturated and living legally classified as white or black among the general U.S. population due to the racist, U.S. government established and enforced "blood quotas" designed to ever limit and diminish our numbers. We defy you to name to us any Peoples upon the face of this Earth who have endured more injustice, or for so long, and have, to this day, received so very little acknowledgment or awareness of it in the global Human community and consciousness. In order to satisfy your ancestors' lusts, and the lusts of their descendants for wealth and power and land, the largest genocide in known human history was committed against us, and it has never truly ended. For over 100 hundred years it was the official U.S. government policy, and, before that, for the previous 200 years or more, it was the official policies of the various or serial British, French, Dutch and Spanish colonies. To this day, your nations, your governments continue block all of our repeated attempts to file suits and seek redress for their crimes against us in the World Court. Now, we, the survivors of your genocides have a message for you.

The U.S. junta, that colossal, utterly Pathocratic rogue state, now disguised as the government of the United States of America, is of your creation: It is your now fully grown and supremely ugly, unwanted and exceedingly dangerous, diseased stepchild. The generationally psychopathic and pathological were the first and the most dominant among those countless millions of whom you rid your own societies by sending them over here. The result of your using our sacred lands as the depots into which you offloaded all of your bastard nobility, your unwanted second, third and fourth royal sons overrun with greed, arrogance and ruthless ambitions, the most violent inmates of your prisons, workhouses, flop houses and brothels, your thieves, con artists and "ne'er do wells," all of your worst elements, and particularly all of those among your societies and nations who were recognized as innately unfit for the company of civilized human beings is this: Their direct descendants are now the Pathocratic, wealthy and powerful elite and rulers of the U.S. and of that global, Pathocratic Corporatocracy that is threatening to destroy all of this earth, yourselves included.

To our good African American members of this Human Family, we humbly thank you. You do see this Pathocracy for what it is: You always have. You are an inspiration to us all in your own steadfast resolve to keep on fighting it no matter how badly it beats upon you or for how long it has done so already. Do not now continue to believe that your horrendous victimization came only at the hands of the white slave traders. Yes, they bear the full and eternal blame for creating and profiteering from the systematized BUSINESS of a globalized slave trade that continues to this very day, and may every True Deity forever curse them all for it. But, all too sadly an equal Truth is this: If you have truly studied your own history then you know full well that the white traders themselves did not do the actual capturing of those Africans who were delivered into slavery. Your ancestors were also betrayed by their own people.

Those foul deeds were done by your own royalty, village chiefs and elders, warrior societies, shamans, religious leaders and others who rounded up all of their own misfits, unwanted and "surplus" populations, and especially their own dissidents, to herd them to the docks and sell them to the slave traders for huge profits or for weapons with which to increase their personal power. It was Africans who sold other Africans to the whites. Do not continue to be deceived that only the U.S. and European Elites bear any responsibility for the crimes against your ancestors. Also include the very top most rungs of Black African society. Many of the direct descendants of those who sold your ancestors into slavery are now among the wealthy elites and rulers of modern day Africa herself. Kofi Annan and other African heads of state sitting in the UN now, bear an equal historical debt to you all for the ills that first brought you to our shores 400 years ago. We do not hear of them offering any of you paid repatriation costs to return to your ancestral homelands should you so desire. Nor have they ever thought or sought to do so. Why do you suppose it is that they, knowing full well of your oppression and your endless abuse by the European American Pathocracy, do absolutely nothing, not one smallest thing, to offer you even a gesture of solidarity or comfort?

As a member of the original and endlessly forgotten indigenous Peoples of the North American continent, I ask all of you who now hold any positions of power or authority in Britain, Europe, the Vatican and elsewhere, globally, all who have either participated in or profited from the rape, pillage and genocide of our sacred lands, Nations and Peoples: What are you going to do about this evil stepchild you have created and now deny all responsibility for? It is beyond time for you to own your own parts in the creation of today's global nightmares and to stop proclaiming your helpless innocence.

In fact the only areas of the modern world that did not previously unload all they possibly could of their most undesirable and/or power hungry and greedy citizens into the North and South American continents are the Arabic nations, the Levant, North Africa, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands and archipelagos, Siberia, Mongolia and Japan. So, again, let us tell the Truth: This is a GLOBAL problem. This rogue junta that has taken over the United States and made of itself a false, illegal, unelected and utterly pariah government, this ruthless full blown Pathocracy that now openly threatens wholesale nuclear annihilation to all who might dare to oppose it, had a nearly global cause. It has been the beneficiary of a global denial of all responsibility for helping to create it. And now a global silence and a global cowardice are continuing to profit from that creation, to this day, while denying all obligation to take action against its rapacious global predation upon and crimes against all of Humanity.

We among the True and First Peoples and Nations of this North American continent say unto all of you ENOUGH. We have had enough of the domination and devastation done unto us by your psychophagic Pathocratic offspring. Now, that very Monster to which you gave birth, ever after rendering your own societies a bit more prosperous, a bit more Sane, at our expense entirely, has come to demand from you the bill for your indulgences. It will now destroy not only Sane and peaceful, relatively poor and powerless peoples of the Earth, in faraway places which you think you can ignore safely, but will come to and for your very own throats very soon. ENOUGH. It is time for you whose nations and peoples gave birth to it to now help all of Humanity to put a stop to it permanently.

Your nations and peoples are not the victims of this disease in the body Human: They are its progenitors, and its enablers to this very day and moment, most of all you British and Europeans and all of those nations descended from your colonies. Either you now stand up, address these realities and begin to look at and among yourselves for the courage to take a firm stand against allowing this junta to continue unopposed, running rough shod over all the lands and peoples of this planet, or you will perish at your own great grandchildren's hands. It is time for you to begin the arduous task of confining and disciplining the pathological descendants of your own societies, your own ancestors, your own nations.

According to World Health Organization mental health studies done over the past 25 years, there is one group of human beings on all of the Earth with an incidence of psychopathy that is consistently near zero, Native North and South Americans. Among Orientals, Asiatics and Pacific Islanders it is roughly 1% to 4%, with rural and isolated, nomadic and traditionally low technology peoples showing lower rates, globally, than those living in urban and industrialized areas. The number averages 4% to 6% among Europeans, Africans, Semites, Arabs and West Indians, but only U.S. Americans does that figure soar to perhaps as much as 12% or more of the total populace, with an even higher incidence of around 16% to 18% among European Americans balancing out a lower, 4% to 6% among non-European and African Americans to comprise the 12% U.S. estimated average overall. Some American clinicians, researchers and experts in psychopathy even theorize that the actual number could be as high as 20% to 25% of all Americans if the "milder" sociopathic and characteropathic disorders are included in the surveys.

Does this not strike you as significant? There is only one other nation that even approaches the United States in these figures, Australia, at an estimated incidence of 10%. Not coincidentally, Australia promptly took on the role of Great Britain's human dumping ground for all of her other colonies and territories around the world as soon as the North American colonies were lost, and continued as such, a "penal colony" for nearly 100 years.

The cold comfort to the normative Human majority, in the United States and Australia, is that they also got some of the brightest of intellectuals, artists, inventors, scientists, scholars, honest business and trades people, crafts people, free thinkers, humanist philosophers and idealists, and all of those who had bravely dared to openly oppose the oppressive old world regimes and monarchies. Some of the greatest creative minds the Human Race has yet produced have been the result. That however, is never going to be enough to overcome the Pathocratic U.S. junta now threatening the entire world. For that, those nations who begat this evil European American Pathocracy must now take their full genetic and moral responsibilities to bring it under control for the good of all Humanity.

They ARE the great grandchildren of your nations, of your ancestors, almost globally. They ARE your cousins. They ARE the ravening whirlwinds born of your own genetics and come at last into full flower, born of the human ills which your own Nations and Peoples deliberately and callously cast off from yourselves and inflicted upon our sacred lands, Nations and Peoples. It is you who have generationally allowed it to fester and flourish, giving to you all a very rich harvest of rewards over these last 4 centuries, until the disease of their Pathocracy has now became a cancerous blight which is likely to exterminate the entire Human Race and Planet Earth as well unless you now do the right thing and pull out all of the stops to prevent it.

How many more tons of forever radioactive fragments, dust, vapor and particulate matter from Depleted Uranium bombs, mortars, rockets and bullets will you now allow them to continue blasting into the Earth and distributing throughout the global atmosphere day after day? How many more innocent lives will you now permit them to sacrifice in their global, necromantic, insatiably war hungry Insanity, day after day? What will it take before you will begin the necessary and long overdue actions of becoming responsible for what your own nations and leaders have created? ENOUGH, Europe. ENOUGH Britain. ENOUGH Vatican City. ENOUGH, Koffi Annan and UN member states one and all. ENOUGH, all you descendants of the "Old World" powers. It is now the hour when all of the bills have come due for the past and present crimes committed against my People and all of Humanity by your own societies and, in the case of Britain and some other European nations by your own still extant and very powerful monarchies. Those debts are now payable in full. Your abnegation of your collective parental and societal responsibilities, for over 400 years, must end.