The assassination of Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel, who was a member of the March 14 movement, will lead the country into a new crisis, with serious repercussions for all Lebanese political groups.

The assassination took place while Lebanon is undergoing a unique political process since the victory of Hezbollah over the Israeli army.

In the aftermath of Israel's 33-day war, the government and people of Lebanon should begin a new era of political stability.

However, in response to Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's efforts to form a national unity government able to safeguard the achievements of the Lebanese victory, the United States and the Zionist regime began trying to destabilize Lebanon.

Along these lines, some Lebanese groups and political factions began objecting to the idea of establishing a national unity government and are trying to poison the atmosphere for the Islamic resistance movement.

The aim is to isolate Hezbollah and ruin the achievements of the Lebanese victory.

Naturally, after the 33-day war, the popularity of Hezbollah drastically increased in Lebanese society and the region, which is not acceptable for the United States and Israel.

U.S. and Israeli officials believe their only option is to undermine Lebanon's national unity through acts such as assassinations of prominent Lebanese figures in order to spark a civil war.

It seems that the Mossad ordered its agents in Lebanon to assassinate Gemayel in order to exacerbate the already tense situation.

The death of Pierre Gemayel, who belonged to an influential Maronite family, could spark a conflict between the country's Christians and certain Lebanese groups. If Lebanese leaders do not quickly resolve the crisis, another bloody civil war may break out.

Party leaders must avoid unjustifiably accusing other parties and certain countries of being behind the assassination of the Lebanese industry minister in order to bring the situation under control.

Clearly, the assassination of Pierre Gemayel will not help solve any of Lebanon's problems. All parties and groups in the country believe that assassinations will only pave the way for the return of the Zionist regime to Lebanon's political and military arena.

Lebanon is under attack by certain regional and extra-regional powers more than ever before. Therefore, the Lebanese people, and especially their political leaders, should reflect upon the regional situation and prevent Israel from taking revenge for its military defeat.

After their military debacle, the Israelis are determined to create a crisis in Lebanon that will spill over the country's borders in order to take away the Lebanese leaders' political momentum.