China has dismissed American claims that it is selling weapons to rogue countries, calling the allegations "groundless and irresponsible."

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang called the criticism "groundless and irresponsible," the official Xinhua News Agency said Friday. No other details were given.

The denial comes a day after a senior U.S. official said China's sales of weapons to certain countries are "dangerously short-sighted" and could make the world a more dangerous place.

China has a "general willingness to transfer a wide variety of technologies to customers around the world," Peter Rodman, the U.S. assistant secretary of defence for international security, said on Thursday.

He mentioned Iran, Sudan, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Cuba and Venezuela during his address.

"China's proliferation behaviour, past and present, can come back to haunt it, even placing its own political interests in jeopardy," Rodman told the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, an advisory panel created by Congress.

Rodman urged China to rethink its relationship with Iran and North Korea, two countries Washington believes are pursuing nuclear programs in order to build nuclear weapons.

Beijing has said that it opposes the spread of weapons technology and materials, and that it forbids Chinese companies from transferring such material.