Geodynamic Institute seismologist Gerasimos Houliaras appeared cautious when asked to comment on the progress of the seismic activity in the sea region east of the Ionian Sea island of Zakynthos after the strong earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale that was recorded at 01.05am and the 4.8 magnitude tremor recorded in the same region two days ago.

Mr. Houliaras stated that seismologists cannot say with certainty if this was the main earthquake and suggested local authorities and local residents to be extra careful, stressing that schools and public buildings, in general, should be inspected to determine if they can withstand a stronger earthquake. Mr. Houliaras said that the earthquake came from a small depth, only 10-15km from the surface of the earth, and that's why it was felt so much by the people.

The tremor caused panic in the regions of Achaia, Ilia and Zakynthos, southwest Greece, and many people left their homes to spend most of the night on the streets.