NASHVILLE, Tennessee - Tornadoes that ravaged the central United States claimed another victim in Tennessee, raising the death toll in the region to 28, state officials said on Tuesday.

Searchers in Dyer County found the body Monday evening, bringing to 16 the number of people killed in the northwestern county, according to Kurt Pickering, spokesman for the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.

Another eight died in neighboring Gibson County in Sunday night's storms, and there were four other fatalities in Missouri and Illinois.

Pickering said no one was now missing in the region, though 17 survivors suffered critical injuries.

The tornado outbreak -- which produced 64 unconfirmed reports of twisters across the central United States -- was the deadliest since November, when 23 people died in southern Indiana.

The Tennessee storms left a 25-mile path of destruction, demolishing houses, stripping the bark off trees and hurling people into the air.

Survivors told of desperately trying to hold onto one another as the storms sucked them into swirling debris. One family of four -- the parents in their 20s and two sons age 5 and 3 -- were killed, their bodies found later in fields near what had been their home.