A town of 20,000 people has been without water for at least four days after untreated toxic wastewater was flushed into a river in southern China, a state newspaper said on Monday.

The official China Daily said a power plant on the Yuexi River in Sichuan province was responsible for the pollution, which caused officials in the town of Guanyin to shut water supplies last Wednesday.

Water is being trucked in to the town but can't meet demands, said the report.

Tests were ordered after a water company official noticed the water had turned yellow last Tuesday. The water contains high levels of fluoride, nitrogen and carbolic acid, said the newspaper.

There have been no reports of sickness caused by the polluted water, said the report.

It's the latest in a series of water supply spills in China in recent months.

Earlier this month, 2,000 tons of alkaline waste spilled into the Yellow River after tanks at a chemical company collapsed.

In November, millions of people in northeastern China lost water for several days after a chemical plant exploded and sent a slick of benzene into the Songhua River.

Local authorities didn't announce the benzene leak until a week after it happened.