BRAINTREE, Mass., - A Massachusetts man enraged by last weekend's massive nor'easter snowfall is being held on charges he swung a baseball bat at a neighbor.

Sunday morning, as the huge storm howled and dumped record snowfall in the Northeast, a man brought out a snow blower in Braintree and began clearing a driveway. However, the snow was being directed at a neighbor's driveway, the Boston Herald reported.

When the neighbor came out to complain, the man's 42-year-old son flew into a rage, and emerged from the garage with a baseball bat.

Braintree Police Deputy Russell Jenkins said the man swung and hit the complaining neighbor on the back, causing bruising, but no serious injury.

When police arrived, they took Nicholas Marchione, 42, into custody. Officers said on the way to the station, he also threatened them.

Marchione is being held on $20,000 cash bail, and was arraigned Monday on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and making threats.