PHOENIX - Today marks the day that we've had 101 days straight without a drop of rain in Phoenix. That ties the current record, which was set back in 1999-2000.

The last time it rained here was Oct. 18, 2005. Tomorrow, we will set a new record of 102 days without rain. And the next day, and the next day, we'll keep adding to that unenviable record until we get some rain.

The record keepers like to point out that there is another dry streak that's significantly longer for Phoenix. The "granddaddy" of dry streaks for the Valley is 160 days without "measurable" rain. In other words, how long it's been since we received .01 inches or more of rain. I guess they figure a few drops of rain here and there don't matter.

So we break the first streak, 101 days in a row without any rain, and we set our eyes on the prize of 160 days in a row without measurable rain.

So, 101 days without rain is bad, but it could be worse. Tucson's record dry streak without rain is 114 days. A few years back, San Diego set a new dry streak, more than 180 days without rain.

In the United States, the longest dry streak is 767 days at Bagdad, Calif.

And for the entire planet, the longest dry streak we're aware of is the Atacama Desert, which is near the Andes in Chile. It's said that some parts of that desert haven't seen rain in 400 years!

I'm just trying to figure out how they managed to track that record.