Signs Team,

I'm currently living in a town named Chelmsford in Essex, UK. Usually I would be hesitant to give this information out, but I felt that some people here may be interested in the odd report from time to time of strange meteoric activity in the skies over this area of the UK.

Last night on 11th January 2006 at roughly 19:10hours I witnessed a descending meteoric phenomena which, if I were to hazard a guess, was a small meteor breaking up to the NE of my position.

I'd guess no more than 3-6 miles from my position as the view I had was clear enough to see a glittering trail of sparks and colour descending with it, although there was no impact sound, I didn't really expect any. It was in my view for around 1.5 - 3 seconds, so I hadn't seen it descend from a great distance and my view was obscured quickly by other houses.

To date in the last maybe year or more of watching the skies, this is the sixth or so time I've seen this same type of meteoric phenomena. I think we've been lucky so far as I have yet to hear any impact arising from my sighting of this meteoric phenomena. To be quite honest the first 2-3 times I have witnessed this it had really sent a chill down my spine as one of these phenomena has occurred in a horizontal position across a small valley on which I live on the high side, and I knew that whatever it was could have been no more than 200-300 feet above my head as it was traveling between the land and the thick cloud cover of maybe 8octas overhead.

I have had my attention drawn to the skies so many times now and seen so many unexplainable occurrences and strange celestial events, I thought I'd start sharing them as and when they occur in future. Ourselves in the future have helped me so much already in understanding whats going on, I felt its time to try and help share the high strangeness I see going on in the world around my locality.