(ALBANY, NY) -- Break out the shorts.

The unseasonably warm weather will continue through tomorrow, with temperatures to again hit the 50s today and Friday across much of upstate New York.

Yesterday, the thermometer nearly hit 60 in Buffalo and Rochester, with 40- and 50-degree temperatures over the rest of the region.

While the January heat wave is welcomed by many in upstate New York, some places would rather see more ice and snow. In Lake George, the warm spell could put a damper on the Adirondack village's annul winter carnival.

The event is held on weekends in February and includes ice fishing and snowmobiling on the lake. There's only one problem -- the lake hasn't frozen over yet. Organizers say the show will still go on -- with events on land, that is.

The thaw hasn't hurt ski areas too much, since December's cold weather allowed many to cover their slopes with man-made snow while Mother Nature pitched in with plenty of the real stuff.