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Missouri authorities search for serial freeway shooter

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Missouri authorities are asking for federal helping in catching a serial shooter.

They're trying to find out who's behind more than a dozen sniper-like attacks on drivers on Kansas City freeways over the past month.

Three drivers have been wounded by gunfire as they drove along area highways, many in an area called the Three Trails Crossing, where three interstate highways intersect.

Ten of the 13 shootings happened in Kansas City, including Sunday evening when a 56-year-old man was eastbound on Interstate 435 near I-470 when he was shot in the left calf.

"I was freaking out, making sure he called 911."
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16 year-old Pennsylvania high school student goes on stabbing spree; 22 classmates wounded

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With only two common kitchen knives in tow, 16-year-old Alex Hribal chased his Franklin Regional Senior High School classmates in a stabbing spree Wednesday morning. As witnesses describe the incident, many reacted slowly to the school's fire alarm, expecting a common fire drill. By the time Hribal was subdued, 22 people in all had been wounded.

As sophomore Cameron Lazor described the experience, the image of a classmate attempting to wrestle the kitchen knife out of Hribal's hands looked like "a group of boys being immature and fighting," but the blood made obvious Hribal's intentions. Others described turning down a hallway to see a flock of students running away as Hribal hacked at anyone in reach. Doctors say most of the people Hribal slashed did not realize at the time what was happening and did not see the knife attack coming.

It was just before the start of class and the hallways were packed with students at their lockers or chatting with friends.

Police raid woman's home because she purchased organic plant food

DEA stormed home
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DEA agents stormed the home of Shorewood artist Angela Kirking at 5am on October 11th after an agent spotted her shopping at Midwest Hydroganics, an indoor garden center they had been staking out.

The Shorewood Patch reports: During the agent's stakeout, the agent noticed Kirking "exit the front door of the store carrying a green plastic bag containing unknown items."

The agent followed Kirking from Midwest Hydroganics back to her home in Shorewood, Illinois. The agent later acquired her electric bills from February 2013 through September. The agent then compared Kirking's bill to two of her neighbors, and noticed her bills were "consistently higher," according to the complaint for the search warrant.

An "investigative garbage pull" was performed at Kirking's residence three weeks later, at 4:15am, the complaint said. After scavenging through her trash, the agents allegedly reported finding "multiple green plant stems" that smelled strongly of "green cannabis."

Three days later agents and police pulled Kirking's husband over while leaving for work at 4:50 a.m., according to the police report. The husband was then presented with the search warrant and was asked to unlock this front door and give them access to the home.

Even though Kirking's husband cooperated agents entered the home with guns drawn according to his wife.

Swedish politician becomes a beggar for 5 hours: 'Only children looked at me'

Nikoletta Jozsa
© Tidningen Nu
Nikoletta Jozsa.
A Swedish local politician who pretended to be a beggar for five hours tells The Local about the shame, the physical pain, and being seen only by passing children and the few people who photographed her "like an object".

Nikoletta Jozsa was elected to municipal office in Järfälla, northern Stocholm, three years ago. Originally a social worker who volunteers in a soup kitchen in her spare time, Jozsa says she felt she had to experience what beggars in Sweden go through.

Pulling on a pair of jeans and a warm jacket, she headed to Drottninggatan, a main shopping fare in central Stockholm that is usually thronged with people.

"I was terrified. My first thought was, ''I'm going back home'," Jozsa tells The Local. "I stood there for so long hesitating before I sat down, until I felt I just had to do it. And when I was finally sitting, the first thing I felt was shame."

Unable to even look up, she sat pondering how she had made herself so vulnerable to other people. In the end, she looked up, but was saddened even more when she did.

"What upset me the most is that I no longer existed. People would either almost walk into me, because they hadn't seen me, or they'd make big detours to avoid me," she explains. "I'm not sure which was worse...."

"And some people would pull their kids away from me," says Jozsa, whose voice breaks down in a sob. "And that was the thing, if there was someone who saw me, who looked at me and looked in my eyes, it was always the children."

NATO commander says US troops may be deployed to Europe over Ukrainian crisis

Us troops
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The United States Air Force commander in charge of the NATO alliance's military presence in Europe said on Wednesday this week that US troops may soon be deployed to the region as tensions continue to worsen near the border between Ukraine and Russia.

In an interview with the Associated Press, US Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove said that forthcoming plans intended to ensure stability in Europe for the NATO partners in the area could involve the mobilizing of American troops.

Representatives from the 28 countries involved in the multinational organization have asked Breedlove - a four-star general who has since last year served as the supreme allied commander of NATO's European operations - to have a plan ready by early next week, according to the AP's John-Thor Dahlburg, to reassure partners in the region "that other alliance countries have their back."

Breedlove told the newswire that he has every intention of unveiling his proposal ahead of next Tuesday's deadline, and that he wouldn't "write off involvement by any nation, to include the United States."

More school hysteria! L.A. science teacher suspended over student project that resembled a weapon

marshmallow gun
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Obama and marshmallow gun collage
A beloved science teacher at a public high school in downtown Los Angeles has been suspended because a school employee was afraid that a kid's air pressure-related science project looked too much like a weapon.

The teacher, Greg Schiller, was suspended (with pay) back in February. He teaches - or taught - at the brutally futuristic-looking $232 million Cortines School of Visual & Performing Arts (also called Grand Arts High School).

Schiller got into trouble after two of his students turned in science projects designed to shoot little projectiles, reports the Los Angeles Times. One of the projects used compressed air (but was not actually connected to any air). The other one was coil gun: a tube surrounded by a coil and powered by a standard AA battery.

An unidentified school employee saw the air-pressure projectile device and got scared because, to her, it looked like a fearsome weapon.
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Pat Robertson asks God to 'deliver us from this president' - Is he asking for someone to assassinate Obama?‏

In the video embedded below, televangelist Pat Robertson beseeched God to remove President Barack Obama from office "before it's too late."

Robertson began by implying that Obama is not Christian but Muslim. He pulled a quote from a 2012 speech in which Obama said that "the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."

Robertson stopped there, but in the actual speech, which Obama gave in 2012, the president went on to say that the future must neither belong to people who attack Christians and Jews.
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One more banker down: Liechtenstein CEO murdered in underground garage

Juergen Frick
© bankfrick
Juergen Frick

Over the weekend the world was gripped by the drama surrounding the mysterious murder-homicide of the former CEO of Dutch bank ABN Amro and members of his family, and whether there is more foul play than meets the eye. However, that is nothing compared to what just happened in the tiny, and all too quiet Principality of Lichtenstein, where moments ago the CEO of local financial institution Bank Frick & Co. AG, Juergen Frick, was shot dead in the underground garage of the bank located in the city of Balzers.

Another dead banker! "Family tragedy" cited in death of Dutch CEO, wife, and daughter

Jan Peter Schmittmann
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Jan Peter Schmittmann, 57, and his wife and daughter were found dead at their home in the Dutch town of Laren, 32 kilometres southeast of Amsterdam.
Dutch authorities are investigating the deaths of former ABN Amro Netherlands' Chief Executive Officer Jan Peter Schmittmann, his wife and a daughter, whose bodies were discovered two days ago in their home after a possible murder-suicide.

"We are awaiting the outcome of an investigation of the bodies and on the basis of that information and other information we have gathered, we hope to be able to shed light on what has happened" within the next few days, Leonie Bosselaar, a police spokeswoman, said by telephone today.

Schmittmann, 57, and his wife and daughter were found at their home in the Dutch town of Laren, 32 kilometers (20 miles) southeast of Amsterdam, on April 5 after the police received a call from an acquaintance who said something might be wrong at the property. Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf identified the dead women as Nelly, 57, Schmittmann's wife, and their daughter Babette, 22.

Comment: For more on this suspicious rash of dead bankers see:

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Employers can identify turncoats through subtle changes in language

office workers
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Something fishy going on in the next cubicle? Check your inbox for clues
Most office workers send dozens of electronic communications to colleagues in any given working day, through email, instant messaging and intranet systems. So many in fact that you might not notice subtle changes in the language your fellow employees use.

Instead of ending their email with "see ya!", they might suddenly offer you "kind regards". Instead of talking about "us", they might refer to themselves more. Would you pick up on it if they did?

These changes are important and could hint at a disgruntled employee about to go rogue. Our findings demonstrate how language may provide an indirect way of identifying employees who are undertaking an insider attack.

My team has tested whether it's possible to detect insider threats within a company just by looking at how employees communicate with each other. If a person is planning to act maliciously to damage their employer or sneak out commercially sensitive material, the way they interact with their co-workers changes.