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May 29, 2003

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War on terror leaves world in fear, says Amnesty

By Kim Sengupta
The Independent
29 May 2003

The United States and Britain are using the "war on terror" as a pretext to abuse human rights and their oppressive actions have made the world "more insecure than since the Cold War", Amnesty International said yesterday.

In a hard-hitting and controversial report, the watchdog body claimed that Washington and London had used the 11 September terrorist attacks to introduce draconian laws.

"What would have been unacceptable on 10 September 2001 is now becoming almost the norm", said Irene Khan, Amnesty's secretary general, launching the report. "What would have been an outrage in Western countries during the Cold War - torture, detention without trial, truncated justice - is readily accepted in some countries today.

"The great supporters of human rights during the Cold War now readily either roll them back in their own countries or encourage others to do so and turn a blind eye...

"The US continues to pick and choose which bits of its obligations under international law it will use, and when it will use them. By putting the detainees at Guantanamo Bay into a legal black hole, the administration appeared to continue to support a world where arbitrary unchallengeable detentions become acceptable."

Amnesty said that the detention by the US of more than 600 foreign nationals, including Britons, at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba was a human rights scandal and that the prisoners should be released or charged. The UK, too, was accused of serious human rights violations. The report said that 13 foreign nationals had been interned without charge in "inhuman and degrading conditions" in high-security prisons under the Home Secretary's Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act. [...]

Comment: So how much more evidence do we need? We are no longer theorising, it is staring us all in the face and just about anyone with an ounce of objectivity can see it. We can now state categorically and with hard evidence that the current US administration is corrupt to the core and has time and again defaulted on its legal obligations to the America and the American people. The question is, what are you gonna do about it?

War on terror has heightened insecurity, Amnesty International says

CBC Online News
05:01 AM EDT May 29

LONDON (AP) - The U.S.-led war on terror has made the world a more dangerous and repressive place, Amnesty International said Wednesday in a report Washington dismissed as "without merit."

The international human rights organization singled out the United States and Britain for detaining terror suspects without trial, under legislation introduced after the Sept. 11 attacks. It also accused other countries, including the Philippines and China, of using security legislation to crack down on political opposition...

"The 'war on terror,' far from making the world a safer place, has made it more dangerous by curtailing human rights, undermining the rule of international law and shielding governments from scrutiny," Khan said.

"The great supporters of human rights during the Cold War now quite readily either roll them back in their own countries or encourage others to do so and turn a blind eye.

"What would have been unacceptable on Sept. 10, 2001, is now becoming almost the norm," she said.

The report said most of the 1,200 foreign nationals, mostly Muslim men of Arab or South Asian origin, detained in the United States during inquiries into the Sept. 11 attacks were either deported, released or charged with crimes unrelated to terrorism by the end of 2002...

Amnesty said the detention by the United States of 600 foreign nationals at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba was a "human rights scandal" and called on America to release or charge those imprisoned there. Spokesman Rob Freer said Amnesty has repeatedly requested access to Guantanamo, as recently as last week, but received no reply.

"Children are among them, the elderly are among them and undoubtedly there are people who were picked up for being at the wrong place at the wrong time," Freer said.

Ari Fleischer, the White House press secretary, denied that the United States was violating the human rights of prisoners at Guantanamo.

"I dismiss that as without merit," he said. "The prisoners in Guantanamo are being treated humanely. They're receiving medical care. They're receiving food. They're receiving far better treatment than they received in the life that they were living previously."

Meanwhile, Khan accused the United States of undermining international law by seeking bilateral agreements to exempt its citizens from charges of human rights abuses by the International Criminal Court.

"There's a dangerous approach now, picking and choosing which bits of human rights law to apply and which bits of international law to respect," she said. "That's a dangerous trend and something we have not seen for decades."...

Amnesty also said that while the human rights situation in Israel and the Palestinian areas occupied by Israeli soldiers was often talked about, it was the "least acted upon by the international community."

The White House deflected the criticism that its focus on terrorism and Iraq came at the expense of crises in other countries.

"I think that as the world increasingly sees the brutality, the horrors that Saddam Hussein carried out against his own people," Fleischer said. "And I think the world is rejoicing in the fact that, thanks to the efforts of the coalition, millions of people who were previously imprisoned are now free."

Comment: Unsurprisingly the facts directly contradict Fleischer here. Most Iraqis have had their lives torn apart by the US invasion. 7,000 civilians killed, looting in the streets, an occupying force using an increasingly heavy hand in a vain attempt to restore order to the disorder they created and the wealth from Iraq's oil being funneled into the pockets of Haliburton etc. This is "freedom" American style...

DubyaCo: It's Not So Funny Any More


Having destroyed Iraq, the United States now proposes to rebuild it with the money generated from the sale of Iraqi oil, which will be flowing again, we are told, within three weeks. Thus will Iraq's natural wealth be pumped directly into the coffers of Bechtel, Halliburton and other administration cronies. Call them DubyaCo.

You will perhaps have noticed that no one is telling us that electricity, water and the rule of law will be restored throughout Iraq within three weeks. These things are not feasible. But oil will flow.

"Iraqi oil belongs to the Iraqi people," says Ari Fleischer, famously referring I suppose to what will be left of it after DubyaCo "recoups expenses."

How long will the U.S. be in Iraq? Ask rather, how long will money flow from the spigot? And then ask how much American blood and treasure it took to get it flowing, right into the wallets of Cheney's pals and Bush's supporters. Everyone under the command of Tommy Franks was effectively part of a mercenary expedition, employed at taxpayer expense and deployed in the service of "American interests," i.e., DubyaCo...

The fact is that people have stopped laughing at Bush because he's no longer the village idiot. He's the village tyrant now. After what he did to Iraq, after he lied to this country to persuade it to go to war, nothing he ever does will be funny anymore.

Democrats: Profiles In Spinelessness

Arianna Online
May 28, 2003

"I a little bit disagree with Chairman Roberts on that."

That was Sen. Jay Rockefeller, the senior Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, kinda, sorta, uh, not really taking exception to Committee chairman Pat Roberts' assertion that we've turned the corner when it comes to keeping the peace in postwar Iraq.

But it could just as easily serve as the motto for the whole Democratic Party: "Vote for us -- we kinda, sorta disagree." The Party leaders are so timid, spineless, and lacking in confidence that to compare them to jellyfish would be an insult to invertebrates...

These dithering poltroons are so paralyzed by the fear of doing or saying something that could be turned against them in GOP attack ads they've rendered themselves utterly impotent when it comes to mounting any kind of challenge to President Bush on the two most important issues of the day: tax cuts and Iraq.

Exhibit A comes from Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle who, when asked on Meet the Press why the Democrats didn't offer a bold, full-throated alternative to the Bush tax cut plan, including the repeal of the 2001 cuts and a guaranteed balanced budget, timorously explained: "Well, we -- you got to take it one step at a time."

You do -- why? Is this an AA meeting? Bush doesn't take it one step at a time. He's comfortable leading by leaps and bounds. And he's taking us along with him -- straight over a cliff. We're facing a trillion dollars of new debt, incurred by a president with the worst economic record since Herbert Hoover, and the best the leader of the opposition party can muster is a meaningless cliche? Quick, get that man a dose of political Viagra! At least get the blood flowing somewhere. [...]

It is precisely this kind of craven vacillation that has made possible the triumph of the fanatics in the White House....

No Bunker where U.S. Bombs Targeted Saddam-CBS

Wed May 28, 2003 08:39 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Baghdad bunker which the United States said it bombed on the opening night of the Iraq war in a bid to kill Saddam Hussein never existed, CBS Evening News reported Wednesday.

The network quoted a U.S. Army colonel in charge of inspecting key sites in Baghdad as saying no trace of a bunker or of bodies had been found at the site on the southern outskirts of the Iraqi capital, known as Dora Farms.

"When we came out here, the primary thing they were looking for was an underground facility, or bodies, forensics, and basically, what they saw was giant holes created. No underground facilities, no bodies," Col. Tim Madere said...

Shortly after the attack, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters: "There's no question but that the strike on that leadership headquarters was successful. We have photographs of what took place. The question is, what was in there?"...

The fate of Saddam and his sons Uday and Qusay is still unclear.

Rumsfeld said earlier this month, "If you don't have evidence he's dead, you've probably got to assume he's alive."

Comment: Right. And if the world doesn't have any evidence that Iraq has WMDs, we've probably got to assume that they don't have any, which makes Bush, Rumsfeld and Co a bunch of liars, which meaks Bush eligible for immediate Impeachment.

Iraq war: Unanswered questions

Published: 2003/04/17 16:40:04 GMT

One feature of the war in Iraq was the speed and immediacy with which many events were reported by the media. Some of these turned out to be not quite what they seemed, others are still surrounded by confusion. Was this the fog of war, effects-based warfare, propaganda, or error? BBC News Online takes stock:


Coalition account: On day one of the war, 20 March, military spokesmen for the US and UK announce that "Scud-type" missiles have been fired into Kuwait. This was significant because Iraq was banned from having Scuds or other missiles of a similar range under UN resolutions.

Clarification: Three days later US General Stanley McChrystal reports: "So far there have been no Scuds launched."...

Cluster bombs Iraqi account: Officials in the Iraqi capital say that US forces have been dropping cluster bombs on civilian areas in Iraq. First reports of the use of cluster bombs in the war appear in the Western media on 3 April.

Coalition denial: US and British officials deny the use of cluster munitions. British military spokesman Colonel Chris Vernon said: "We are not using cluster munitions, for obvious collateral damage reasons, in and around Basra."

Later UK account: A military official in London tells BBC News Online: "We have used them elsewhere." He said they were an effective weapon of warfare, for example to target a convoy of military vehicles, but were only used in the open far from built up areas. UK Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon defends the use of cluster bombs in Iraq on 4 April, saying they are legal and not using them would put British soldiers at greater risk.

At Death's Door American Woman Travels Door to Door to Count Iraqi Casualties

By David Wright
Information Clearinghouse

BAGHDAD, Iraq, May 28 (ABC News) The Pentagon keeps a precise count of U.S. casualties in the war in Iraq. But the question of how many Iraqis lost their lives remains as mysterious as the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein or the location of all those weapons of mass destruction.

Marla Ruzicka, 26, from the San Francisco Bay Area, has been in Baghdad since the day Saddam's statue fell in the city center. She has been doing a headcount of the Iraqi injured and the dead. She's found more than she expected.

She has formed her own nonprofit organization, called the Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict, or CIVIC. She has organized 150 surveyors to fan out across Iraq. So far, they say they have documented 620 civilian deaths in Baghdad, 256 in Najaf, 425 in Karbala and as many as 1,100 in Nasiriyah. It is only a preliminary count.

"Somewhere between 5,000 to 10,000 people died in this conflict," Ruzicka said.

Rumsfeld concedes banned Iraqi weapons may not exist

By Rupert Cornwell in Washington
The Independent
29 May 2003

After seven weeks of fruitless search, the Bush administration has come the closest so far to conceding that, contrary to its pre-invasion scaremongering, there may not have been any chemical or biological weapons in Iraq.

Several US military officers involved in the hunt in Iraq have raised the possibility that the illegal arms might have been destroyed, but the official line in Washington has been that Saddam Hussein had artfully hidden them, and sooner or later they would be found.

But now, Donald Rumsfeld, the Defence Secretary and one of the leading hawks on Iraq, has admitted that the weapons may not exist. "We don't know what happened," he told the Council of Foreign Relations in New York. "It is also possible that [Saddam's government] decided they would destroy them prior to a conflict."

What Mr Rumsfeld did not discuss was when the weapons might have been destroyed - immediately before the war, or long beforehand (as suggested by Iraqi defectors, who said as long ago as 1995 that they had been destroyed). Experts also doubt that, in the past few weeks or months, Iraq could have got rid of chemical and germ warfare stockpiles of the size alleged by Bush officials, without it being picked up by US and British intelligence.

U.S. 'confident' over Iraq WMDs

Thursday, May 29, 2003 05:09 GMT


WASHINGTON -- U.S. intelligence officials say they are now "confident" that trucks laden with high-tech equipment found in Iraq were designed as mobile biological weapons production facilities.

One of the main premises for the invasion of Iraq was to rid the country of weapons of mass destruction, but despite the discovery of these apparent mobile weapons labs so far U.S. forces have found no banned weapons.

The report, produced jointly by the Pentagon and the CIA, concludes that the trucks must have been intended for weapons production because all other logical alternatives have been ruled out...

The equipment in the trailers was either new and unused, or had been thoroughly cleaned to remove any traces of the materials used, according to the report.

But the find has not convinced critics who say that the existence of the trucks does nothing to prove what the Bush administration predicted before the war -- that at least 100 metric tons of weaponized chemical and biological agents would be found.

Former U.N. weapons inspector Jonathan Tucker says the trucks could well be biological weapons facilities, but he says the Pentagon-CIA report does not present an open and shut case.

"This was clearly a very inefficient way to produce anthrax," he told CNN.

"The question is why did they invest such resources in a mobile facility if they could have simply hidden a fixed production facility in a very difficult to find location?"

Comment: You keep swallowin' and they'll keep shovellin' it in.

Buried WMDs Found ... In Maryland

FORT DETRICK, May 28, 2003

(CBS) U.S. weapons experts are struggling to deal with the remnants of a decades-old biological weapons program.

They are trying to find potentially dangerous materials once shrouded in secrecy with only poorly kept records and fading memories to go on.

Thousands of tons of hazardous substances like anthrax are at stake.

Only the hunt is not in Iraq.

It's in Maryland...

In what has become the Army's biggest remediation project ever, the cleanup of Area B has unearthed vials of live bacteria and nonvirulent anthrax. Some 2,000 tons have been scooped out of the ground to date, in a project due to end in 2003...

The site is so toxic that clean-up crews wear respirators and the materials sometimes burst into flames as they are dug up. Animals from the surrounding forest are autopsied when they die to see what killed them. At one point, digging released a gas that sent workers to the hospital.

The case for war is blown apart

By Ben Russell and Andy McSmith in Kuwait City
The Independent
29 May 2003

Tony Blair stood accused last night of misleading Parliament and the British people over Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, and his claims that the threat posed by Iraq justified war.

Robin Cook, the former foreign secretary, seized on a "breathtaking" statement by the US Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, that Iraq's weapons may have been destroyed before the war, and anger boiled over among MPs who said the admission undermined the legal and political justification for war.

Mr Blair insisted yesterday he had "absolutely no doubt at all about the existence of weapons of mass destruction"...

Mr Rumsfeld ignited the row in a speech in New York, declaring: "It is ... possible that they [Iraq] decided that they would destroy them prior to a conflict and I don't know the answer."

Speaking in the Commons before the crucial vote on war, Mr Blair told MPs that it was "palpably absurd" to claim that Saddam had destroyed weapons including 10,000 litres of anthrax, up to 6,500 chemical munitions; at least 80 tons of mustard gas, sarin, botulinum toxin and "a host of other biological poisons".

But Mr Cook said yesterday: "We were told Saddam had weapons ready for use within 45 minutes. It's now 45 days since the war has finished and we have still not found anything." [...]

Comment: What is palpably absurd is that the people of the UK and US aren't protesting en masse. Their governments have basically admitted to lying about Iraq's WMD, then tried to patch up the gaping holes in their story with more lies. Yet the vast majority of people barely seem to even blink. Their own flesh and blood are sent off to die in the desert for an unjust war of domination, and they do nothing but wave their flags. Their children are killed and sent home in body bags, and they weep and wave their flags. There will be a price to pay for such blind allegiance to tyranny.

Allies to Retain Larger Iraq Force as Strife Persists

New York Times

BAGHDAD, Iraq, May 28 Faced with armed resistance that has killed four American soldiers this week, allied military commanders now plan to keep a larger force in Iraq than had been anticipated and to send war-hardened units to trouble spots outside Baghdad, senior American officials said today.

Instead of sending home the Third Infantry Division, which led the charge on Baghdad, American officials are developing plans that call for most of its troops to extend their stay and be used to quell unrest and extend American control.

Allied officials said that about 160,000 American and British troops were in Iraq and that most were likely to stay until security improves and other nations eased the burden by contributing troops.

Iraqis Riot, Shoot Down U.S. Helicopter

Wednesday, May 28, 2003 @ 17:02 CDT
Report by

TORONTO ( -- Iraqis rioted through the town of Habt in the province of Anbar today, burning police stations, and shouting pro-Saddam slogans, Al Jazeera TV and eyewitnesses reported. The rioters blamed the U.S. presence in Iraq for the mushrooming inflation and lack of services.

Al Jazeera reported that a U.S. helicopter was shot down, killing four U.S. military personnel. Al Jazeera also reported that U.S. service men were seen quickly removing evidence of the downed helicopter. Meanwhile, an Iraqi police station in Anbar was blown up by no less than 20 hand grenades -- a reprisal attack for Iraqis colluding with U.S. forces, says Al Jazeera...

Comment: Let me quote Ari Fleischer's analysis of the situation: "I think the world is rejoicing in the fact that, thanks to the efforts of the coalition, millions of people who were previously imprisoned are now free." See anything wrong with the picture? Again, freedom American sytle, don't ya just love it? The popular and oft-used phrase "God bless America" in our opinion is in need of a slight amendment: "God bless America - it's gonna need it"

The Rape of Iraq


After the vicious and murderous assault on Iraq by the US/UK alliance, in which it was patently obvious that neither human life nor the rule of law deserved a modicum of respect from the Bush and Blair regimes, follow the bounty hunters: gangs of thieves raping Iraq, stealing its considerable archaeological resources and destroying the National Library in its entirety.

This army of looters is digging up everything it can from many of the country's 10,000 registered archaeological sites, taking vases, cuneiform tablets, statues, coins and urns of incalculable historical and cultural value, some of the artifacts three to four thousand years old. As the treasures of Iraq are ransacked by this bunch of thieves, many of whom are armed with semi-automatic weapons, nobody seems willing, or able, to stop them.

Where are the US troops, who under the Geneva Convention have the obligation to guarantee the peace as the invading force? The anarchy that reins in Iraq is proof that the United States of America has yet again failed to honour its duties under international law, something which is becoming the norm for the Bush regime.

Among the sites pillaged are the ancient cities of Isin, Uruk, Larsa and Fara. However, it is not only the sites which are being desecrated. In Baghdad, UNESCO estimates that between two and three thousand pieces are still missing from the National Museum, while the entire contents of the National Library have been reduced to a pile of ashes and up to 1,500 pieces have gone missing from the Museum of Fine Arts.

Mounir Bouchenaki, assistant director for cultural affairs at UNESCO, calls the situation "a cultural disaster", claiming that the affirmations by the US forces that "around 25 pieces" are missing, "a distortion of the truth". A "distortion of the truth"? Or blatant, barefaced lies? George Bush's forces have performed a replay of the barbaric deeds of Genghis Khan, the Destroyer of Civilization. History will draw its own conclusions about this Presidency of the United States of America.

U.S. Eyes Iraqi Use Of Mobile Labs

May 29, 2003

Washington - The nation's top spy agencies, under increasing criticism for their intelligence on Iraq, produced new details yesterday intended to show that two suspicious tractor-trailers discovered in northern Iraq last month were almost certainly mobile weapons laboratories.

A report by the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency cited the discovery of the vehicles as "the strongest evidence to date that Iraq was hiding a biological warfare program," while acknowledging that analysis has turned up no residue suggesting that the labs were ever actually used to produce biological agents. [...]

Comment: key words in the above "under increasing criticism" "produced new details". The Oxford dictionary gives for "produce": 1. Manufacture from raw materials; 2. Bear or yield; 3. Bring into existence.

Brazil and Bush’s War on Terror

by Robert Blumen

We are living in Brazil. The future as foretold by Terry Gilliam’s 1985 rich and multi-layered film masterpiece Brazil is upon us. First released fifteen years ago, Terry Gilliam’s Brazil was astonishingly accurate in forecasting political trends. In a previous essay, I examined the film as a critique of socialist central planning. In this piece, I will discuss how Brazil portends Bush’s War on Terror.

The world of Brazil shows a totalitarian society in which freedom has been forfeited for a false promise of protection from terrorist attacks. Gilliam shows how the threat of terrorism is manipulated by the state as a means of political control over the population. The threat of terror is created by the internal security police in order to generate public acceptance of totalitarian police powers.

Gilliam’s exposition raises some important questions: Is the terror created by the power of the state in the alleged pursuit of terrorism worse than the terrorism itself? And are they really any different? [...]

Iraqi weapons only one reason for war-Wolfowitz
By Reuters, 5/28/2003

The U.S. decision to stress the threat posed by Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction above all others was taken for ''bureaucratic'' reasons to justify the war, U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was quoted as saying in remarks released Wednesday.

Wolfowitz, seen as one of the most hawkish figures in the Bush administration's policy on Iraq, said President Saddam Hussein's alleged cache of chemical, biological and possibly nuclear weapons was merely one of several reasons behind the decision to go to war.

''For bureaucratic reasons, we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction, because it was the one reason everyone could agree on,'' Wolfowitz was quoted as saying in Vanity Fair magazine's July issue.

No chemical or biological weapons have been found in Iraq despite repeated assertions by President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair before the March 20 invasion that the threat posed by Saddam's vast stocks of banned weapons warranted a war to eliminate them.

Comment: Okay, thanks for clearing that one up Paul, so basically you are saying that you and your task-masters concocted the whole story to convince people that there was justification for the invasion of Iraq, the death of 10,000-15,000 Iraqi soldiers/conscripts, 7,000 civilians and an unknown number of American and British troops. We'll accept your resignation along with those of the entire US cabinet.

WMD: Will the real culprit stand up
By Jim Lobe

WASHINGTON - The failure of the US military to find any strong evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD), let alone links between former president Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda, is creating growing unease within both Congress and the administration of President George W Bush.

The administration sold the war it launched in March with it allies the United Kingdom and Australia based on its contention that Baghdad had massive quantities of WMD, some of which could have been transferred to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda or similar groups to carry out an attack against the United States or its allies.

But after seven weeks of uncontested control of Iraq's territory, it has yet to find even one gram of biological, chemical or nuclear material designed for weapons use, despite an intensive search by specially trained teams that have investigated all of the sites identified by the intelligence community before the war as most likely to hold WMD.

"The Bush team's extensive hype of WMD in Iraq as justification for a preemptive invasion has become more than embarrassing," said Democratic Senator Robert Byrd, the longest-serving lawmaker in Congress, who has emerged as its most scathing critic of the war.

"It has raised serious questions about prevarication and the reckless use of power. Were our troops needlessly put at risk? Were countless Iraq civilians killed and maimed when war was not really necessary? Was the American public deliberately misled? Was the world?" he asked in a blistering address on the Senate floor last week.

...Rumsfeld last year created an Office of Special Plans (OSP) under the direction of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and Under Secretary William Luti precisely because they were unhappy that the evidence compiled by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, particularly about alleged ties between Baghdad and al-Qaeda, was extremely weak.

As explained by W Patrick Lang, former director of Middle East analysis at the Defense Intelligence Agency, to the New York Times, the OSP "started picking out things that supported their thesis and stringing them into arguments that they could use with the president ... It's not intel," he said, using an insider's word for intelligence, "it's political propaganda."

The Pentagon naturally strongly denies this, and even the CIA, some of whose analysts were reportedly furious about what they saw as manipulation of intelligence by the Pentagon, insists that, while the al-Qaeda evidence was always considered shaky, its own evidence that Baghdad did retain significant quantities of WMD in violation of United Nations resolutions was strong.

Both agencies have offered explanations for why no WMD have been uncovered. Pentagon Under Secretary for Policy Douglas Feith recently told Congress that only about 20 percent of roughly 600 suspected sites have been investigated, although he conceded that most of those considered most likely to hold WMD have been examined.

"I am confident that we will eventually be able to piece together a fairly complete account of Iraq's WMD programs, but the process will take months and perhaps years," he testified this month. "We're learning about new sites every day."

Other Pentagon officials have suggested that perhaps Saddam did destroy all his WMD just before the war, or that he had a "just in time" weapons system that kept key chemicals separated in civilian neighborhoods or other unlikely areas until the moment they would be combined and used, or that the weapons remain hidden in remote mountain areas deep in the ground where they are unlikely ever to be discovered, or that all the suspect sites were looted before US troops could secure them, as happened with a major nuclear site.

Comment: Or the WMD turned into pumpkins at midnight and Saddam had them for breakfast the next morning. The situation in truth has crossed the line from the ridiculous to the absurd. Anyone who is not insulted by the fact that they actually believe we will swallow these screamingly obvious lies, should phone me about a nice tower in the center of Paris I have to sell them.

Comment from one of our readers:

With respect to your news clipping:
Is there really an Al-Qaeda group?
...from your May 28th Signs of the Times:
I am currently reading a book called Forbidden Truth: U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy, Saudi Arabia and the Failed Search for bin Laden by Jean-Charles Brisard, Guillaume Dasquie is an account of the definite Saudi involvement in central asia with the U.S. (and against the U.S.).
The big prize is of course big oil but also the minds of the Islamists who the Saudis have a big investment in.
So in terms of maintaining the blanket of ignorance upon a big segment of the Central Asian population...the Saudis have a lot to do with proselytizing their social fundamentalism.
The book also has an extensive history of Osama's family and the intricate Saudi brand of Mafia-ism which the Bin Laden Clan is a huge benefactor of and soldier for.
So to answer the question is there really an Al-Qaeda group? Absolutely just as there are other competing groups like Big Texas, British and Russian Oil groups and other fascist organizations who coalesce around power and wealth.
Columbian drug merchants are a good example... there are no borders or nationalities when it comes to power and the expansion of power.

Comment: Thanks BR. Agreed. The signs team's issue with the standard media coverage of Al-Qaeda is that they paint them as having nearly god-like powers, an unlimited budget with a world wide network and fail to show Clinton's, Bush jr and sr's, Cheney's, etc involvement with Al-Qaeda. They have created a target, using a magicians feint of hand, in an attempt to hide their involvement in 9/11, and are using 3000 American deaths to go an a pillaging campaign. Now Americans are standing by, while their freedoms are being taken away, and are sending sons, daughters, mothers and fathers to kill for Bush's own interests all due to trumped up fears of Osama under the bed. This administration appears to be deliberately fomenting unrest and creating the real threat of more terrorism than we ever dreamed possible. When we link to articles like the one above, we are showing that there are others who have similar doubts as to the administration's media spiel. To quote from the article:

"The Syrian leader's comments are not uncommon in the Arab world, where speculation is rife that the United States has manufactured or exaggerated the threat posed by Al-Qaeda in order to paint Muslims as dangerous."

Not only Muslims are asking these questions. We do think it is a good idea to know what those who are in Bush's crosshairs are thinking and saying.

On Cairo's streets, anxiety, anger toward U.S.

By Ellen Hale, USA TODAY

CAIRO ... More than six weeks after the fall of Baghdad, the Arab world is still spinning in shock. A chronic mood of uncertainty, fear and rage as thick as the layer of dust that permanently coats this city at the heart of the Middle East has settled over the region.

Already intensely skeptical of U.S. motives and foreign policy, many here now openly despise the United States and blame it for setting off a geopolitical earthquake they dread will make their difficult lives even harder. And while some hope the war may open the way for reform in the autocratic governments that dominate the Arab world, many more worry it has only fed the flames of terrorism and will result in harsh government crackdowns...

"Of course we need to change. But America has turned 'change' into a bad word," says Hesham Youssef, spokesman for the Arab League, the Cairo-based organization of 22 Arab countries. "The dilemma now is that the war in Iraq will create new classes of terrorists and may lead to more repression here to try and control it. It will only make reform harder. The situation is extremely volatile, and could erupt any moment."

More attacks like the recent ones in Saudi Arabia and Morocco are inevitable, Youssef predicts, as terrorists attempt not only to strike Western targets but to bring down the Arab governments supported by the United States. Here in Cairo, security has increased since the attacks. Additional soldiers are patrolling the streets. [...]

For decades, the United States was the "gold standard" of government for Egyptians, according to a Western diplomat. The diplomat says Egyptians seem to feel Americans no longer can be trusted.

"We had a belief that for a model of freedom and respect for humanity you looked to the United States," says Sakina Sadat, sister of assassinated president and peace pioneer Anwar Sadat.

"Now, no one believes in American democracy," she says.

Comment: Just as well, it never existed anyway.

Taiwan reports 50 more Sars cases

The Straits Times

TAIPEI -- Taiwan's health authorities on Thursday reported 50 new cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome, taking the number on the island to 660.

The number of fatalities stood unchanged at 81, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Of these 50 cases, 10 were recently reported ones while 40 were from reclassification of cases previously listed as 'suspected', the CDC said.

Northern Taiwan remained the hardest-hit with 505 cases, followed by the south with 111 cases and the central part with 36 cases. [...]

Two more Sars deaths in Toronto


Two more people have died from Sars in Toronto, hours after the Canadian prime minister said the virus was under control.

The latest victims, both women over 60, bring the total number of deaths from the flu-like disease to 29.

A school near Toronto shut on Wednesday, and 1,700 staff and pupils were quarantined, after youth went down with Sars symptoms. More than 6,000 people around Toronto are in quarantine after Sars resurfaced six days ago.

The Toronto area is the area worst-hit by Sars outside Asia. [...]

Russia Reports First SARS Case, 2 Die in Toronto

Wed May 28, 2003 11:08 PM ET
By Jeremy Page and Lesley Wroughton

MOSCOW/TORONTO (Reuters) - Russia reported its first case of SARS on Wednesday on its border with hard-hit China, while two more people died from the virus in Toronto, where a school was closed and thousands quarantined on concern the illness may be spreading outside hospitals.

The first confirmed case of SARS in Russia, a man living in Blagoveshchensk on the Amur river, which forms the frontier with China, came as Chinese President Hu Jintao tried to persuade the world his country could contain the disease.

FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES Study: Smallpox May Spur Malaria Defense


Filed at 5:47 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A one-two punch of malaria DNA virus and the virus used to vaccinate against smallpox spurs the human immune system to mount a powerful defense against malaria, researchers report.

This approach might provide a basis for preventive and therapeutic vaccination in people, scientists said in a paper that appears in Monday's online issue of the journal Nature Medicine...

Using a strain of the smallpox vaccine known as MVA, the researchers found it had ``a rare ability to selectively boost'' T-cells -- critical immune cells that attack invading disease -- that have been primed in advance by the malaria protein, Hill said.

Thus, Hill said, ``the immunization order is critical.''

Sharon's Unique Definition of Occupation
Samar Assad, The Electronic Intifada, 28 May 2003

The exhilaration of some over Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's utterance of the word occupation after over three decades of iron fist military control of the Palestinian people and their land has, like Israel's conditioned acceptance of the U.S.-drawn road map, received much undeserved credit. The rush to embrace Israeli leaders and their political statements has become a hallmark of the majority of U.S. officials and unfortunately the U.S. media.

Although Sharon was quick to clarify his unique understanding of occupation -- Israeli control over the Palestinian people and not the Palestinian lands -- those who do, or choose to ignore international and humanitarian law and conventions, and the concept of justice and lasting peace, will continue to champion Sharon's "generous" use of vocabulary and his "courage" to formally accept the U.S. road map.

Furthermore, in their euphoria, they will dismiss the fact that Sharon's definition of occupation contradicts the established international understanding of occupation. One should also keep in mind that Sharon's delayed acceptance of the road map came after a fourteen-point alteration to the U.S. plan.

This unjustified euphoria is not new. In 2000, U.S. politicians and the media jumped on the bandwagon of then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak hailing him as a true leader-someone who "dared" to go beyond what is expected of an Israeli leader when he agreed to discuss the issue of east Jerusalem and Palestinian refugees.

What they failed to mention was that Barak's generosity fell below the minimum rights guaranteed to the Palestinians by international law. East Jerusalem, like the West Bank and Gaza, was occupied in 1967 and must be addressed in the same status during negotiations. UN resolutions grant Palestinian refugees the right to return to their ancestral homes, not a return to a newly created Palestinian state in yearly quotas set by Israel. The message to Israel then as it is now, is that it can remain a country above international law, unencumbered by UN resolutions and insensitive to international consensus.

Sharon's declared understanding of occupation is in direct contradiction with the road map with which he says he is willing to work. Sharon does not recognize the West Bank and Gaza Strip as occupied land. According to Sharon, they are "disputed" lands. By using the word disputed when referring to the Palestinian territories, Sharon is attempting to convince the international community that Israel has a right to these lands and can decide their future status from a position equal to that of the Palestinians. He is disregarding the fact that in the eyes of the international community, the Palestinians are an occupied people negotiating an end to the occupation of their homeland. Furthermore, he is suggesting that Israel's presence in the Palestinian territories is backed by international law rather than condemned by international consensus.

If Sharon is truly interested in putting the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to rest he should expand his vocabulary when addressing the Palestinians to include the following terms: freedom, statehood, viability, justice, and equality.

U.S. mulled series of sanctions against Israel

Washington [Menl] -- The Bush administration has prepared a list of sanctions against Israel should it refuse to comply with a plan for a Palestinian state by the end of the year.

U.S. government and congressional sources said the list was prepared by the State Department and relayed to the National Security Council in April amid the administration's effort to press Israel to agree to the so-called roadmap. The roadmap, drafted by Washington as well as the European Union, United Nations and Russia, calls for an end to the Israeli-Palestinian war and the establishment of an interim state in 2003.

The sources said the State Department's proposed list of sanctions included an examination of the use of U.S. weapons in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israel has employed such platforms as the AH-64A Apache helicopter, the AH-1G Cobra helicopter and the F-16 fighter-jet in air attacks on Palestinian insurgents.

"It's hard to overestimate the anger within the administration toward Israel regarding the delays in the roadmap," a congressional source close to the administration said. "The White House doesn't regard the roadmap merely as foreign policy. It sees the roadmap as a major element toward the reelection of the president."

Comment: You can bet we will be seeing some movement on this issue as we get closer to the primaries and election year in the US. Sharon is willing to provide the "appearance" of progress on the roadmap in order to bolster Bush's chances of re-election which in turn will ensure another 4 years of Israeli genocidal policy towards the Palestinians and the Arabs of the middle east in general, backed economically and militarily by the US.

Sharon and Abbas Meet Before Summit with Bush

Wed May 28, 2003 07:00 PM ET

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - The Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers hold preliminary talks Thursday ahead of a meeting with President Bush next week to push forward a U.S.-backed Middle East peace plan.

Israeli diplomatic sources confirmed the meeting between Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas and Israel's Ariel Sharon. Earlier, the White House announced both men would meet Bush in Jordan when he visits Egypt, Jordan and Qatar from June 2 to 5...

In his first Israeli newspaper interview since taking office, Abbas said he would not settle for a temporary cease-fire by militants in a 32-month-old uprising for Palestinian statehood.

He demanded "absolute calm."

But in a disputed incident, Palestinian witnesses and security sources said Israeli forces shot dead a member of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's Force 17 security unit on Wednesday as he sat in his car. [...]

Palestinians seek explicit Israeli recognition of statehood at meeting

04:56 AM EDT May 29

JERUSALEM (AP) - Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas will ask his Israeli counterpart Ariel Sharon at their upcoming meeting for an explicit declaration accepting the Palestinians' right to statehood, Palestinian officials said Wednesday...

An Israeli government official said Israel would consider issuing such a declaration on Palestinian statehood but probably only as part of a package to be announced at the meeting with Bush which would include a credible Palestinian crackdown on Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other militant groups who have been attacking Israelis.

Israel has been insisting although the road map calls for parallel steps, it wouldn't budge until such a crackdown was evident...

Abbas "will insist on this declaration because that's the key...for him to go out and tell the Palestinians: 'Look, we've got the Israeli government to recognize the Palestinian state (and) we need two years in a peaceful, meaningful peace process'...It's a key for him to argue in front of Hamas and Jihad."

US Troops Hold Diplomat in Baghdad; Blair in Kuwait

Wed May 28, 2003 09:57 PM ET
By Alistair Lyon

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. troops detained a Palestinian diplomat in Baghdad Wednesday, while British Prime Minister Tony Blair arrived in Kuwait and was expected to become the first Western leader to visit Iraq since the war.

Blair, who gambled his political career on the Iraq war, was Thursday expected to visit the southern city of Basra where British troops are stationed. [...]

In another move toward giving government back to the people, a new council elected a Kurdish mayor in the volatile northern oil city of Kirkuk.

But the arrest of Palestinian charge d'affaires Najah Rahman was sure to anger Arab opinion, as the United States seeks backing for a "road map" to peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Soldiers handcuffed charge d'affaires Najah Abdul Rahman and four other men outside what ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's government recognized as the Palestine embassy.

The troops said the men had illegal weapons, but it was not clear what had prompted them to disarm a Palestinian diplomat in a city awash with arms seven weeks after Saddam's overthrow.

As a military truck took him away, Abdul Rahman denied he had been carrying a gun. "They searched the embassy...They are targeting the embassy," he told reporters.

A Palestinian source in Baghdad said later that nine other Palestinians, including the three guards at the mission, had also been detained. He said the U.S. troops put barbed wire around the building and locked the main gate. [...]

Comment: Sounds like a trial run for what is planned for the whole Palestinian population - barbed wire and locked gates.

Makow - The Jewish Century Kevin MacDonald's "The Culture of Critique" By Henry Makow, PhD 5-27-3

Kevin MacDonald book " The Culture of Critique" (2002) portrays the 20th century as a Jewish century. A hundred years ago, Jews were an impoverished people living mostly in Eastern Europe surrounded by hostile populations. Today Israel is firmly established in the Middle East and Jews have become the wealthiest and most powerful elite in the United States and other Western countries.  

More significantly, according to MacDonald, the Western intellectual world has become Judaized. Jewish values and attitudes now constitute the culture of the West. Because of deep-seated Jewish hostility toward traditional Western (i.e. Christian) culture, the founding peoples "have been made to feel deeply ashamed of their own history, surely the prelude to their demise as a culture and a people." (lxix)  

Specifically, Jewish organizations promote policies and ideologies aimed at undermining cultural cohesion while practising the opposite policies themselves. While they promote multiculturalism and internationalism in the West, they insist that Israel remain a racially pure national enclave for Jews.  

"The present immigration policy essentially places the United States and other Western societies "in play" in an evolutionary sense which does not apply to other nations of the world," MacDonald writes. "Notice that American Jews have no interest in proposing that immigration to Israel should be similarly multiethnic, or ... threaten the hegemony of the Jews." (323)  

Suicide bomb mastermind dies in custody


A man suspected of masterminding the suicide bombing attacks in Casablanca that killed 31 people has died in custody.

The man, who was captured in Fez on Monday, was identified as Abdelhak or Moul Sebbat, which means shoe-seller, said Alaoui Belghiti, the prosecutor general of the appeals court of Casablanca.

The suspect suffered from heart disease and died while he was being transferred to a hospital, Belghiti said... "His health unfortunately did not allow investigators to finish all the elements of the probe," Belghiti said...

Last week, three people who had been in contact with the bombers were arrested. The bombers were all Moroccans but authorities believe the attacks were the work of an international network.

Investigators are focusing on whether the attackers were linked to Muslim extremist groups like the clandestine Salafia Jihadia, a homegrown group suspected of possible ties to the al-Qaida terror network of Osama bin Laden.

Al-Qaida threat to U.S. water supply

By Shaun Waterman
UPI Homeland and National Security Editor
5/28/2003 7:55 PM

WASHINGTON, May 28 (UPI) -- A spokesman for al-Qaida has told an Arabic-language news magazine that the terror group is planning to try and use poisons to attack the United States, specifically threatening to contaminate the nation's water supply.

Abu Mohammed al-Ablaj told the London-based al-Majallah magazine that "al Qaida (does not rule out) using Sarin gas and poisoning drinking water in U.S. and Western cities."...

Some U.S. officials play down the threat, but others point out that al-Ablaj had communicated with the magazine prior to the suicide attacks earlier this month in Saudi Arabia, warning that al-Qaida was about to stage a major offensive in the kingdom.

"The consensus (in the intelligence community) seems to be -- and I concur -- that (al-Ablaj) is credible and does have a connection with al-Qaida," Ben Venzke, a counter-terrorism analyst who consults with U.S. government agencies, told United Press International. "The statements he makes should be taken seriously, especially in light of his apparent prior knowledge of the Riyadh bombings."

A U.S. intelligence official, who would not comment on al-Ablaj's credibility, played down the threat to U.S. water supplies in a brief interview with UPI. "It is very difficult to covertly poison a reservoir," the official said. "It would take many truckloads of poison, which would make it difficult to do secretly. That is not really a viable threat."

Comment: Maybe not but you get great "scare mileage" out of it, so who cares! Heck, the US public are so credulous that the next story is likely to be that Al-Qaeda have hijacked the moon and are planing on crashing it into a quiet American suburb - because they hate us because of our freedoms (like yummy hormone-stuffed Big Macs)

Anti-U.S. Russo-Chinese alliance may be in works

May. 28, 2003. 09:23 PM ASSOCIATED PRESS

MOSCOW Chinese President Hu Jintao called today for a "multipolar world" and a strategic partnership with Russia to counter U.S. dominance while oil executives signed a preliminary deal for a pipeline to carry Siberian oil to China.

"The trend toward a multipolar world is irreversible and dominant," Hu said in a speech at a Moscow university specializing in international relations.

A joint call for a "multipolar world," the term Russia and China used to describe their shared ambition to offset U.S. global dominance, has cemented the post-Soviet friendship between the two former rivals. [...]

Without naming the United States, Hu assailed unilateralism in world affairs and condemned the use of force in settling disputes.

"Peace can't be achieved through using force," he said.

On Tuesday, Hu and Putin issued a joint declaration urging North Korea to relinquish its nuclear ambitions but also voiced support for the North's demand for security guarantees and warned against using force to resolve the crisis. [...]

A PNAC Primer How We Got Into This Mess


Recently, I was the guest on a radio talk-show hosted by a thoroughly decent far-right Republician. I got verbally battered, but returned fire and, I think, held my own. Toward the end of the hour, I mentioned that the National Security Strategy -- promulgated by the Bush Administration in September 2002 -- now included attacking possible future competitors first, assuming regional hegemony by force of arms, controlling energy resources around the globe, maintaining a permanent-war strategy, etc.

"I'm not making up this stuff," I said. "It's all talked about openly by the neoconservatives of the Project for the New American Century -- who now are in charge of America's military and foreign policy -- and published as official U.S. doctrine in the National Security Strategy of the United States of America."

The talk-show host seemed to gulp, and then replied: "If you really can demonstrate all that, you probably can deny George Bush a second term in 2004."

Two things became apparent in that exchange: 1) Even a well-educated, intelligent radio commentator was unaware of some of this information; and, 2) Once presented with it, this conservative icon understood immediately the implications of what would happen if the American voting public found out about these policies. [...]

Everyone loves a winner, and American citizens are no different. It makes a lot of people feel good that we "won" the battle for Iraq, but in doing so we paid too high a price at that, and may well have risked losing the larger war in the Arab/Muslim region: the U.S. now lacks moral stature and standing in much of the world, it is revealed as a liar for all to see (no WMDs in Iraq, no connection to 9/11, no quick handing-over the interim reins of government to the Iraqis as initially promised), it destroyed a good share of the United Nation's effectiveness and prestige that may come in handy later, it needlessly alienated our traditional allies, it infuriated key elements of the Muslim world, it provided political and emotional ammunition for anti-U.S. terrorists, etc.

The CIA in Iran The Oily Business of Regime Change


About fifty years ago, in July 1953, the U.S. secretary of state held a press conference in which he stated, "The growing activities of the illegal Communist Party in Iran and the toleration of them by the Iranian government has caused our government much concern." On August 19, a pro-Shah demonstration arose spontaneously in a Teheran bazaar. The demonstration seemed to express public alarm at the plans of the Communist Party to declare Iran a republic. By the end of the day, a retired general and a former cabinet member, Fazlollah Zahedi, had taken over as the new premier. The deposed premier, 71-year old Mohammed Mossadeq, and his cohorts were either in hiding or had been captured. The Shah returned shortly to Iran, where he was given a rousing reception. The U.S. claimed another victory against the evil empire, saying Iran had been prevented from falling behind the Iron Curtain.

A minority argued that a coup d'etat had taken place but the majority accounts disputed that assertion. Time magazine said, "This was no military coup, but a spontaneous popular uprising." The Washington Post commented that Iran had been saved from falling into communist hands. That became the official version of history, and was taught in colleges and universities worldwide for the past five decades. The minority version has now been validated by the unofficial release of the C.I.A.'s secret history about the Iranian coup of 1953.

The 200-page document, which remains classified, discloses the pivotal role American and British intelligence services played in initiating and planning the coup. It shows that Washington and London-who constituted the coalition of two in the recent war against Iraq-shared an interest in maintaining the West's control over Iranian oil. Donald Wilbur wrote the document in March 1954, based on agency cable traffic and interviews with agents on the ground in Iran. Excerpts were published by James Risen in the New York Times in April 2000 and the entire document was subsequently posted on the Times web site. Recent events in Iraq have given Wilbur's history a new salience, and it is featured in the May 19 issue of Time magazine. [...]

Washington's anti-Iran propaganda meant to cover CIA links to Al-Qaeda:

Daily Tehran, May 28, IRNA -- Washington's latest round of baseless allegations against the Islamic Republic is nothing but an attempt to divert attention of world public opinion that the CIA once worked closely with the Al-Qaeda and probably still does, highlighted 'Tehran Times' on Wednesday. Washington has over the past two weeks been accusing Iran of harboring Al-Qaeda operatives and has even stressed its intention to destabilize the Islamic system. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi has condemned these accusations as blatant interference in the country's internal affairs and a breach of international protocols.

This is not the first time Washington has turned up the heat of its verbal attacks against the Islamic Republic. It has been doing so from the past two decades but their anti-Iran propaganda, no matter of what nature, has always backfired on them. This is no exception and interestingly, "the White House officials seem to be contradicting each other in their charges against Tehran," noted the English-language paper in its Opinion column. US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld recently said that he had received the information on the presence of Al-Qaeda members in Iran from certain media reports.

Strange indeed! the daily mocked. The defense secretary who has access to classified information gathered by the CIA and other US intelligence agencies is resorting to the media to collect information! Still intoxicated with its success in Iraq in toppling the Baath regime, Washington thinks it can pressure Iran into changing its position, the paper wrote.

The fact is that the White House is implementing its brainchild, the so-called "roadmap" to peace in the Middle East to change the momentum of the peace talks in favor of the Zionist regime, the daily pointed out. Washington is putting pressure on Muslim nations to force them to disengage from the Middle East peace talks to diminish the influence of Islamic countries and pave the way toward the realization of its goals in the region, it stressed.

But US leaders are sadly mistaken into believing that they can decide Tehran's fate and attain their sinister objectives in this country by their baseless propaganda, it pointed out. It is to be noted that the Algiers Declaration signed between Iran and the US clearly stipulates that "Washington is obliged to abstain from interference in Iran's internal affairs." However, current developments clearly suggest that the US is disrespecting the accords it has signed with other nations, the paper pointed out.

"Iran's position on international terrorism, particularly the Al-Qaeda network, is clear," highlighted the paper. Firstly, it is to be noted, the Al-Qaeda network was created by the CIA and always served the interests of the White House officials, the daily reminded. Moreover, the ideology and political viewpoints of the terror network sharply contrast with those of the Islamic Republic, it pointed out.

Iran has always taken a tough stance against Al-Qaeda which was allied with the Taliban, the paper highlighted. "Iran almost went to war against the Taliban after its troops killed several Iranian diplomats in Mazar-i-Sharif in 1998," a fact, the daily believes, Washington is well aware of. It can therefore be summed up that Washington's latest claims against the Islamic Republic are baseless and meant to cover up the CIA links to Al-Qaeda, the daily concluded.

Iran Accuses U.S. of Terrorism Double Standards
Wed May 28, 2003 07:37 AM ET
By Paul Hughes

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran on Wednesday denied U.S. charges it had secret nuclear facilities or links with al Qaeda and accused Washington of double standards in the war on terror.
U.S. officials have increased pressure on Tehran in recent days, accusing it of taking insufficient steps to root out members of al Qaeda in Iran who may have played a role in the May 12 suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said a "handful" of suspects was still being questioned and it was not yet clear whether the group includes senior members of Osama bin Laden's network who may have known about the Riyadh attacks.

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said on Tuesday the arrests had not quelled U.S. concerns that senior al Qaeda members were still in Iran. Asked about Fleischer's comments, Asefi turned the tables.

"On the contrary, we believe America is not serious about fighting terrorism. It adopts a double standard policy in confronting them which shows its indecision in dealing with terrorists," he told Reuters.

Iran has expressed concerns that the United States has not dealt firmly with its main opposition threat, the Iraq-based People's Mujahideen militia, despite the fact that it is listed as a terrorist organization by the State Department.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Washington was trying to force Iran to turn its back on Islamic government. "The main goal of America in stepping up pressure on Iran is to make the people and government give in to its superpower will," state radio quoted Khamenei as saying in a speech.


Reformist MPs and some leading clerics have said Iran's clerical establishment could suffer the same fate as deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein unless the Iranian people's desire for change was heeded.

But Khamenei, who has the last word on all matters of state, said calls for change were part of an enemy plot to destabilize Iran from within and would be resisted.

"Today if anyone turns away from Islam the people will ignore them and the Islamic system will go on as powerfully as now," he told legislators in an address.

Senior U.S. policymakers are due to hold a meeting on Iran on Thursday with the Pentagon reportedly pushing for a tougher line including actions to destabilize its clerical rulers.

Washington, which broke ties with Tehran after the 1979 Islamic revolution, has also accused Iran of interfering in neighboring Iraq. U.S. officials have also said they want the International Atomic Energy Agency to declare Iran in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The IAEA is due to report on the findings of a February visit to Iran on June 16.

An exiled Iranian opposition group on Tuesday said it had learned of two previously undisclosed nuclear sites. Iran says its nuclear ambitions are limited to generating electricity and that it has told the IAEA about all of its nuclear facilities.

"We don't have any site hidden from the IAEA," Khalil Moosavi, spokesman for Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, said by telephone. Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov was quoted as saying on Wednesday that Moscow would proceed with the construction of a nuclear power station in Iran.

"Russia cooperates with Iran in this area strictly within the framework of peaceful programs conducted under the jurisdiction of the IAEA," he told Interfax news agency.

Russia Won't Give Up Nuclear Cooperation with Iran


Russia has no reasons to give up the international cooperation with Iran in the sphere of nuclear power. A top representative of the Russian Ministry for Atomic Energy commented upon a statement of the US Administration insisting that Russia and other countries must stop any kind of nuclear cooperation with Iran. He said that "for the time being, Russia has no reasons to give up its international commitments in construction of the first unit of Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant." He added at that, forcible arguments are required to sever the international relations. But Russia hasn't yet got any convincing data proving that Iran is realizing nuclear programs or violating the non-proliferation treaty.[...]

G8 behind the barricades
By Pepe Escobar

GENEVA and EVIAN, France - Preventive war has arrived with a vengeance at the placid shores of Lac Leman - or Lake Geneva. The Group of Eight (G8) summit starts this Sunday in Evian, of mineral-water fame.

Evian, a modern deluxe spa clad in Belle Epoque architecture, lies on the south shore of Lake Geneva facing Switzerland, less than 45 kilometers from Geneva. By a splendid twist of history, this will be the place where the conqueror of Iraq, George W Bush, will set foot on "enemy" French soil - or continent for that matter, since in an overwhelmingly anti-war Europe millions of people bothered to display their displeasure with US foreign policy during mass demonstrations on February 15. This is also the first G8 summit in Europe since an Italian police officer shot dead Italian student Carlo Giuliani during the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001.

If George W Bush is able to sip his Evian alongside Vladimir Putin of Russia, the UK's Tony Blair and France's Jacques Chirac et al, this is because Evian the city will be literally under siege - already ringed by a series of concentric and ultra-tight security zones. Since this Wednesday, and until next Tuesday, June 3, 12,000 "lucky" Evian residents have to wear security badges. With no badge, you can't go anywhere, or even come back home: you will be literally expelled from your home town until next Tuesday. Much-feared French CRS (Compagnie Republicaine de Securite) special forces have been on constant patrol since early April (their initial mission was to prevent the spread of anti-G8 graffiti). Helicopters dance the Swan Lake in the skies: when Asia Times Online visited a few days ago, they were engaged in intercepting boats on Lake Geneva.

France and Switzerland signed an agreement through which French forces are allowed to intervene in the Swiss waters of Lake Geneva. The very charming square facing Evian harbor is now decorated with anti-missile vehicles. In the eye of the war zone, right-wing Mayor Marc Francina puts on a brave face, expecting to transfer to his community, the so-called perle du Leman ("the pearl of Lake Geneva"), the high-class popularity of its bottles of mineral water.

Evian was chosen because it's an enclave: surrounded by mountains, right beside the lake, and easy to protect. After the debacle in Genoa, the G8 summit in 2002 was in Kananaskis, Alberta, an isolated spot in the Rocky Mountains: journalists and activists were deported to another town. In Evian, cynical residents prefer to pretend they are in the middle of a James Bond movie. The whole security operation is overwhelming, and involves at least 25,000 people.

The French side deployed at least 11,000 officers, dozens of Mirage 2000 fighter planes, a number of Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) planes, 60 combat helicopters, a number of drones, batteries of surface-to-air missiles, and anti-chemical and anti-bacteriological units.

....Geneva airport is virtually surrounded. It's forbidden to fly over the city or navigate on Lake Geneva: even Swiss swans have to be extra careful, otherwise they could be blown up by submarine teams. The whole region was divided into three zones: the crucial one is Zone Zero, turned into a no man's land of 30 square kilometers where the heads of state and their teams of experts will congregate.

The border between France and Switzerland has been re-established from May 22 to June 4 - to an avalanche of protests and accusations of "fascism". The Swiss are used to crossing the French border to buy the odd fabulous bread or the odd splendid wine, and 20,000 French citizens commute every day to work in Geneva. Now they also must show their badges. There are new traffic jams around the clock. Customs officers, now with additional help from military personnel, examine practically every vehicle looking for possible troublemakers.

The combined gross domestic product of the United States, Western Europe and Japan is roughly US$20 trillion, 80 percent of the world's GDP. The so-called leaders of the free world may need to be barricaded to make (or rather ratify) decisions that affect the whole world.

A new, young, militant generation has come to life and has displayed its maturity - questioning neo-liberal mantras, yearning for more social, environmental and truly democratic justice, questioning the political, economic and military management of the whole planet. What the "troublemakers" are asking is how a small group of heads of state allegedly representing the world's privileged few (Russians included?) can get away with deciding for everybody else. No wonder world public opinion - represented by these "troublemakers" - is so dangerous that it warrants launching a preventive war in Lake Geneva.

Comment: Consider that these are the "leaders of the free world", congregating to agree on future policy. To do so they feel they must surround themselves with enough hardware to take out a small country, what does that say about their planned policies?

Labour faces ID cards rebellion

Home Office plan 'breaches civil liberties and is open to fraud'

Sarah Hall Saturday May 24, 2003
The Guardian

David Blunkett's plan for national identity cards will cause a "substantial" rebellion in the Commons, Labour MPs warned last night.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are to oppose the measure as a breach of civil liberties, but the government also faces opposition from its backbenchers, emboldened by revolts on trial by jury, foundation hospitals, and the Iraq conflict.

"There'll be a substantial rebellion on this," warned MP Neil Gerrard, secretary of the parliamentary Labour party's civil liberty group. "The scale is going to depend on the detail: the more compulsion there is, the more opposition."

Every adult would have to carry an identity or "entitlement" card as part of a package to tackle illegal working by migrants, and ensure the government's much- touted fall in asylum seekers (from 8,900 last October to 4,565 in March) is not temporary.

It is anticipated that a card would record name, date of birth, address, employment, sex, photo, and numbers for national insurance, passport and driving licence. It would also carry "biometric information", such as an eye scan or electronic fingerprint, to stop fraud. The scheme will be put before the cabinet in the next six weeks. MPs are expected to debate it from the autumn, and the cards would be introduced after the next election.

Big Mac feels the bite in the UK

McDONALD'S operations in the UK suffered a sharp fall in profits last year amid growing signs that the British public's 29-year love affair with its menu of burgers, shakes and fries is coming to an end.

The UK subsidiary - seen as one of McDonald's most lucrative overseas outposts - has been hit by a dramatic shift in consumer tastes towards healthier fast food alternatives, such as sandwich bars.

Comment: We have no words to express our joy

New test could identify killer psychopaths

By Steve Connor, Science Editor
The Independent
29 May 2003

Psychopathic murderers have a twisted perception of pain and suffering, and fail to see violence as unpleasant, a study has shown.

Scientists at Cardiff University have devised a test that could help to identify psychopaths before they commit serious crimes.

Their findings, published in the journal Nature, are based on interviews with 13 psychopathic and 17 non-psychopathic murderers at a secure mental hospital.

An Implicit Association Test (IAT) - previously used to unearthattitudes on race and gender - showed that psychopathic killers had more positive reactions to violence than either non-psychopaths or psychopaths who had not murdered.

Tropical storm leaves 19 dead in northern Philippines

The Straits Times

MANILA -- Tropical storm Linfa moved north-east of the Philippines towards Japan on Thursday after leaving at least 19 people dead and more than 8,000 displaced during four days of heavy rains and flooding, officials said.

Ten fishermen remain missing while at least seven people have been injured since the storm hit the main northern island of Luzon on Sunday, the National Disaster Coordinating Council reported.

At least 8,357 people were displaced in northern provinces and damage to crops and infrastructure was estimated at more than 60 million pesos (US$1.1 million).

Powerful new quake aftershock adds to Algerians' despair

Thursday May 29, 6:44 AM

Another aftershock rocked Algeria, the second in 12 hours, causing further despair in the troubled north African country after last week's massive earthquake killed nearly 2,300 people.

Radio stations broadcast appeals calling on people not to panic but also warning them to expect further aftershocks along the geological fault line that stretches across the densely-populated north of the country.

The epicentre of the tremor early Wednesday was in Zemmoria, a region already hard-hit by last week's quake and located some 70 kilometers (45 miles) east of the capital Algiers, state radio said.

Local seismologists said it reached 5.2 points on the open-ended Richter scale. [...]

Partial Eclipse of Sun

A partial eclipse of the Sun surrounded by strange circumstances is on tap for Saturday, May 31 and will be visible in parts of North America, Europe and the Middle East. The event could be quite spectacular at sunrise in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom.

The most impressive aspect of the event will be an annular, or ring eclipse, so named because the Moos disk will be too small to completely cover the Sus disk. The result is a ring of fire surrounding the black circle of the Moon. It's like a dull penny sitting atop a shiny nickel.

Annular eclipses can occur because the Moon's orbit around Earth is not quite a circle. When the Moon is closer to Earth than average, a total solar eclipse can occur. When it is farther than average, an annular eclipse can result. The annular eclipse will be visible across a sparsely populated swath of Earth from Scotland to the Canadian Arctic.

Extremely Large Planet-Forming Disks Around Seven Young Stars


# The NGC 1333 cluster in the constellation Perseus is embedded deeply in the Perseus giant molecular cloud, at a distance of 1,000 light-years from Earth. It is the home to several hundred young and forming stars with ages less than about one million years. The cold molecular gas in the cloud collapses under the pull of gravity to form the new stars. Prominent in this infrared image are outflows of gas being driven by the forming stars, and shocks where these outflows strike the cold molecular material in the surrounding cloud. This image was obtained with the University of Florida's near-infrared camera and multi-object spectrometer named FLAMINGOS, using the National Science Foundation's 2.1-meter telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson AZ. The three colors in the image correspond to near-infrared wavelengths: red (2.2 microns), green (1.6 microns), and blue (1.3 microns).More images Gainesville - May 27, 2003

An international team of astronomers has discovered seven extremely large circumstellar disks silhouetted against the forming stars that they surround. These new disks are 10 to 100 times larger than both our solar system and other planet- forming disks that have been imaged previously, suggesting that it may be possible for planets to form at much larger distances from their stars than previously thought...

Elston and Lada found these large disks as part of a major survey for newborn celestial objects in mammoth "molecular clouds" in the constellations Orion and Perseus.

Peruvian troops, cops clash with strikers blocking roads

04:56 AM EDT May 29 LIMA (AP) - Peruvian troops and police clashed with demonstrators blocking highways Wednesday after President Alejandro Toledo declared a national state of emergency to control spreading protests.

The country's 2,500-kilometre Pan American Highway remained cut in dozens of places by boulders and smouldering tires placed by striking farmers.

Soldiers and police fired tear gas and bullets at protesters blocking the highway outside Barranca, 160 kilometres northwest of the capital Lima. But the crowd resisted and hurled rocks...

Toledo went on national television late Tuesday night to announce the emergency measures.

"Tolerance has its limit," he said.

"We have the responsibility to govern for 26 million Peruvians. We have the responsibility to protect citizens and the public order," he said.

The 30-day state of emergency placed Lima and 11 other of Peru's 24 regions under military control and gives police and the military the authority to use force to clear the highways, restore order, detain strikers and enter homes without warrants.

It also limits freedom of movement and prohibits public assembly...

But the emergency measures also drew applause from many quarters.

"I think it was absolutely necessary," said Samuel Gleiser, a prominent businessman.

"It's the best showing by Toledo so far. He took the bull by the horns."

Massive Tsunami Sweeps Atlantic Coast In Asteroid Impact Scenario For March
16, 2880

University of California - Santa Cruz
May 28, 2003

SANTA CRUZ, CA -- If an asteroid crashes into the Earth, it is likely to splash down somewhere in the oceans that cover 70 percent of the planet's surface. Huge tsunami waves, spreading out from the impact site like the ripples from a rock tossed into a pond, would inundate heavily populated coastal areas. A computer simulation of an asteroid impact tsunami developed by scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz, shows
waves as high as 400 feet sweeping onto the Atlantic Coast of the United States.

The researchers based their simulation on a real asteroid known to be on course for a close encounter with Earth eight centuries from now. Steven Ward, a researcher at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at UCSC, and Erik Asphaug, an associate professor of Earth sciences, report their findings in the June issue of the Geophysical Journal International.

March 16, 2880, is the day the asteroid known as 1950 DA, a huge rock two-thirds of a mile in diameter, is due to swing so close to Earth it could slam into the Atlantic Ocean at 38,000 miles per hour. The probability of a direct hit is pretty small, but over the long timescales of Earth's history, asteroids this size and larger have periodically hammered the planet, sometimes with calamitous effects. The so-called K/T impact, for example, ended the age of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. [...]

..."Until we detect all the big ones and can predict their orbits, we could be struck without warning," said Asphaug. "With the ongoing search campaigns, we'll probably be able to sound the 'all clear' by 2030 for 90 percent of the impacts that could trigger a global catastrophe."

Rogue comets visiting the inner solar system for the first time, however, may never be detected very long in advance. Smaller asteroids that can still cause major tsunami damage may also go undetected.

Comment: Notice the contradiction in the above. Just about every article we have ever read on this topic states that the probability of an impact is very small. Yet by their own admission
they know little of what is out there.

Plane disappears after take-off
From correspondents in Luanda, Angola
May 29, 2003

A BOEING 727 passenger jet, grounded at Luanda airport a year ago, has disappeared after a mysterious unauthorised take-off, Angola state radio reported today.

The plane, chartered by the Angolan airline Airangol, was grounded after being banned from overflying Angolan territory on account of a series of irregularities, said Angola civil aviation director Helder Preza.

A witness to the plane's departure on Sunday, airport employee Luis Lopes, said he saw a white man start the empty plane and then take off after a few dangerous land manoeuvres.

Airport chief Celso Rosa said there was some evidence to believe the Boeing had been fuelled up at Luanda airport, and said he would provide this information to the transportation ministry's investigation into the incident.

Crew stabbed during hijack bid
May 29, 2003

A 40-year-old man who attempted to hijack a domestic jet stabbed two flight attendants with sharpened wooden stakes, federal police said. He was overpowered by crew and passengers as he attempted to force his way into the cockpit.

Federal agent Stephen Cato said the man made his attempt to take control of the Qantas plane 20 minutes after it left Melbourne for Launceston at 2.50pm (AEST) today. "We believe he was trying to take over the plane," Agent Cato said. The aircraft was forced to return to Melbourne where police were waiting to arrest the 40-year-old man.

Agent Cato said no motive had yet been established and it was unclear how the weapons - which would not have been picked up by metal detectors at the airport - were smuggled aboard. The officer described the actions of the passengers who intervened and overwhelmed the man before he could get to the cockpit as "quite heroic".

Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon said the man, believed to be an Australian national, rose from his seventh row seat and proceeded towards the cockpit armed with two sharpened wooden implements.

A struggle ensued during which the two flight attendants were stabbed. Passenger Joe De Costa, of Melbourne, said a male flight attendant appeared to have been stabbed around the back of his head or neck.

Mr De Costa said the man's back was covered in blood. Ambulance officers said the injured attendants were a man aged in his late 30s and a woman aged in her 20s. They were taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a stable condition with facial lacerations, Metropolitan Ambulance spokesman James Howe said.

Two passengers were also treated by paramedics at the scene for minor injuries.

Residents spot UFO

28/05/2003 09:34
Gergo Hoffman

Cape Town - Is it a star or is it an unidentified flying object?

People living in the Boland were asking this question on Tuesday after observing an unusual light phenomenon in the Worcester area. Many people phoned regional radio stations with the news that they had seen a UFO...

A man named Deon was travelling on the N1 towards Worcester and phoned to say he saw a cigar-shaped UFO right below the moon.

It was apparently gliding above the clouds with a smaller but very bright light alongside. He said he had been looking at the lights for quite a while and it was most definitely not an aircraft. [...]

Alien Abductions: The Real Deal?

By Kaja Perina
Psychology Today-- Publication Date: Mar/Apr 2003

Summary: Are alien abductions a misunderstood sleep phenomenon, or apocalyptic warnings? The answer depends on which constellation you work for at Harvard. People who believe they've been abducted by aliens have always resided at the farthest fringes of science, and the recent claim by a UFO cult known as the Raelians that they had cloned a human being does little to endear abductees to the mainstream. The sect's leader, Rael, maintains that he was plucked from a volcano by almond-eyed aliens who granted him an audience with Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad, each of whom confirmed that humans are descended from extraterrestrials.

But for every Rael, there are hundreds of workaday individuals who claim to have been abducted by aliens. These individuals do not flower into gurus; they struggle alone with memories of unintelligible messages, temporary paralysis and humanoid creatures hovering over their beds. Their stories don't always check out, but their minds do: Psychological tests confirm that abductees are rarely psychotic or mentally ill. Some 3 million Americans believe they've encountered bright lights and incurred strange bodily marks indicative of a possible encounter with aliens, according to a recent poll. It is a quandary that polarizes researchers at Harvard University.

One embattled psychiatrist, John Mack, M.D., argues that these experiences cannot be understood in a western rationalist tradition of science; researchers in the department of psychology, Richard McNally, Ph.D., and Susan Clancy, Ph.D., counter that the explanation--though multifaceted--is hilarious in its fundamental simplicity...

Mack is currently at work on his third book, which examines the clash between "scientific materialism and a nonrational point of view." He increasingly distances himself from the question of whether or not aliens exist in the physical world, focusing more on a "consensus reality" that precludes us from even entertaining such a possibility. "We void the cosmos of other intelligence unless it can be proven," states Mack. On the work of McNally and Clancy in the psychology department, a stone's throw away, Mack says, "We're in different firmaments."

And Finally....

The World Health Organisation today issued a new warning against non-essential travel to the entire Western hemisphere following renewed concerns about the spread of Severe Loss of Perspective Syndrome (SLOPS).

Officials are warning travellers not to visit the UK, the US, almost all of Western Europe, Canada and Australia, following further outbreaks of the disease, which has led to mass panic among the media, thousands of ecstatic children being kept out of school by their credulous and moronic parents, and increased profits for DIY stores as the idiot public rush to bulk-buy face masks and boiler suits.

A WHO spokesman said, "You'd be much better off going to somewhere like Taiwan or China, because all you've got to worry about there is SARS, and let's face it, you're about as likely to die from that as you are to get
kicked to death by a gang of zombie nuns."

The SARS virus has now claimed a staggering 500 lives in only six months, which makes it considerably more deadly than, say, malaria, which only kills around 3000 people every single day. Malaria, however, mainly affects only 'darkies' what speak foreign, whereas SARS has made at least one English person feel a bit iffy for a couple of days, and is therefore considered much more serious.

The spread of SLOPS has now reached pandemic proportions, with many high-level politicians seemingly affected by the disease. The rapid spread of SLOPS has been linked to the end of the war in Iraq and the need for Western leaders to give the public something to worry about. Otherwise, they might start asking uncomfortable questions about domestic issues, and that simply would not do.



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