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May 22, 2003

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'Vive la France! Vive le Canada!' hails PM

CBC Online News
Last Updated Thu, 22 May 2003 22:23:51

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Jean Chrétien says France and Canada must work together to restore trust with the United States after recent tensions over the war in Iraq.

Chrétien and French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin held a joint news conference Thursday in Ottawa...

Besides signing a number of co-operative agreements, Chrétien said both nations agreed the United Nations must be returned to the centre of international law.

The prime minister delivered the same message Wednesday night during a dinner in honour of Raffarin.

Chrétien said the tensions between Europe and the U.S. must not be allowed to weaken transatlantic relations.

He said Canada will work with France to restore what he called the traditional culture of co-operation and trust with the Americans.

Raffarin, for his part, said he's pleased Canada and France still agree the UN should play a lead role in international affairs.

He also said there must be an international order based on the rule of law, and such an order must be run by the UN.

Chrétien toasted his French guests, saying "Vive la France. Vive le Canada."

Most of the remarks at the state dinner were in French, and at least one VIP in attendance, American ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci, might have missed most of what was said.

The U.S. has a different view on the UN than Canada or France. The differences are sure to come up at a meeting of G-8 leaders in Evian, France, in 10 days.

Decision not to join Iraq war vindicated, PM says

The Toronto Star

OTTAWA (CP) — Canada's decision not to join the war in Iraq has been vindicated by the U.S. failure to uncover weapons of mass destruction, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien suggested today.

"They didn't find (weapons of mass destruction in Iraq) so far, and we did not participate either, so it is for the people to pass a judgment, it is not for me," he said at a news conference.

He quickly added, "I was of the view that there was a need for more time."

Chrétien, who said Canada would consider going to war only if a United Nations mandate was drafted and another deadline set, said other countries tipped the balance.

He said Americans and others in the coalition — which included Britain — were not "flexible" enough to allow a peaceful resolution.

"Perhaps if there had been a bit more flexibility not only on the part of Americans, but others, we might have succeeded, but we have done our best," he said.

Canada takes it on the chin from U.S.A.

WASHINGTON (CP) — There are always alarmed Americans scrambling to build barriers along the northern border. Listen to them and you'll hear that Canada has exported millennium bombers, a biblical plague (SARS), subsidized wheat and, now, tainted meat across the 49th parallel.

Canada's first case of mad cow disease in a decade has prompted keen-eyed U.S. Customs agents to serve notice: not one American will be slain by a salami sandwich. Turkey, ham and even spam are being seized at the border.

Marcy Viselli told the Detroit News she was queried about her luncheon meat before she crossed over the Ambassador Bridge.

"What are they going to do, open my pita and take the meat out?" Viselli asked on her way from Windsor, Ont., to her advertising job in Detroit. "It's just ridiculous."

These are dim days for Canada in the United States.

There are still members of the U.S. Congress who believe the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists must have somehow sneaked into the United States from Canada, rather than receiving their aeronautics training under their noses at various American flight schools.

The legislators who don't believe that myth are certain Canada is killing their family farms by shipping unfairly subsidized grain across the border or laying waste to the U.S. lumber industry by dumping softwood into their market.

Canadian companies are being shut out of lucrative contracts to rebuild Iraq because of Ottawa's opposition to the war to topple Saddam Hussein...

Canadian cows represent the current danger descending from the North. A single cow in Alberta has inflicted the latest black eye to Canada's image in the United States. The sickly Black Angus was slaughtered in January, but it was only this week that Canadian officials admitted the cow was afflicted with bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

The reaction was instantaneous: everyone from Kansas cattle ranchers to one of Boston's trendiest steak chefs began treating Canadian beef as if it were kryptonite.

Steaks from Canadian cattle are about 55 cents a kilo cheaper than U.S. beef, but it won't be served at Grill 23 and Bar in Boston's toney Back Bay neighbourhood...

Canada is the top foreign supplier of live cattle to the United States, making up 75 per cent of U.S. imports.

The Bush administration lavishly praised Canada's handling of the crisis, but quickly sent a team of its own experts to ensure all is being done to trace and contain the disease.

Time's attack on Canada doesn't ask right question

The Toronto Star

The cover of Time magazine's latest Canadian edition notes that our "nation's influence in the world is shrinking."

Inside this edition of the branch-plant magazine are 10 pages of features and columns on Canada's pint-sized military, dwindling diplomatic corps and shrinking foreign aid budget. Plus a reminder it's not too late for Canada to win a coveted prime ministerial invitation to George W. Bush's ranch in Texas by following the ennobling Aussie example of outsourcing your foreign policy to Washington.

The cover image is a map of North America in which there's a big empty space where Canada used to be. And the main headline: "Would anyone notice if Canada disappeared?"

Well, hypotheticals are tough.

What if Austria disappeared? Or Donald Rumsfeld? Or kabuki?

My own speculations run in the opposite direction.

What if George Orwell came back, or the Marx Brothers?

Would anyone miss Time, whose reporting on the Iraqi crisis lacked the investigative enterprise of Newsweek, the Washington Post and Britain's Guardian?

Iraq, and Canada's non-participation in the U.S.-led assault on that country, is of course what prompted this latest attack on our tender sensibilities.

Soon enough, editorialists and callers on the CBC's talk-back lines will respond to this latest slur.

They will argue that Canadian-inspired or heavily supported initiatives like the land-mines convention and the new International Criminal Court, and our break with the U.S. in ratifying the Kyoto accord on global warming and deciding not to join Iceland and the Solomon Islands in the "coalition of the willing" in Iraq, have projected our influence in the world far more substantially than any increase in our defence budget could do.

Canada is an act of faith, which like the Eucharist, cannot be reduced to a lapel pin. ...

For war supporters in the U.S., Canada's skepticism about White House war aims in Iraq was sharply irksome, relevant because America's friend and neighbour, of all places, was disputing their conception of a moral cause.

And Americans with an anti-war view seemed to feel that if Canada disappeared, North America would lose its last bastion of democracy and free speech.

An arguable point, for sure, but less so than the undeniable importance of Canada to Americans who dissented from what they perceived as a pro-war groupthink in their country.

Here's what some of them had to say:

"The people leading my country are very scary and at times I even consider moving to our neighbours to the North. Hopefully, this madness will only last for 1 ¾ years. And we can get a new administration with a more mature view of the world." -M.M., Washington, D.C.

"Thank God that we can read articles like yours distinct from the U.S. newspapers and media that do not travel in lockstep with our administration." - S.R., Olympia, Wash.

"I am an American, even a South Texan, but despise Bush and his insane cartel in this lunacy called `Iraqi Freedom.' I am pitifully grateful for rays of sanity from Canada. What has happened to the U.S.?" -J.J., Houston

"I read your column on Thanks from a Yank vet. Too bad we USA citizens need to get our best coverage from Canada and the Brit papers." -D.H. [no address]

"I live in the U.S. and the only place we can get any truth in the news is from Canada, or Europe. I'm afraid the Bush cabal is going after Syria next. You won't hear anything about this in the U.S. press, however, it's being censored." -M.B., South Haven, Mich.

"Thank you for a Canadian perspective. I truly believe that my country is no longer a `democracy' because this nightmare started with the installation of the Bush government. More than half of us did not vote for this man." -D.E., Soquel, Calif.

"I'm American and so you can imagine my profound frustration, surrounded by a population that just sucks up the deception and is oblivious of our collective denial." -T.W., Santa Fe., N.M.

"We have blind Americans hating dissenting Americans, even in `victory.' It's sickening." -C.N., Boston, Mass.

"I am an American, and am against this war. I love my country, but don't love its foreign policy. Unfortunately, your article will be dismissed as anti- American, just as everyone living in this country who disagrees." -S.J., Des Moines, Iowa

"The U.S. is bullying the world by the `Coalition of the Mindless.' I am an American but sadly not proud of it at this point in our history. Thank you for being one of the unwilling." -B.R., Honolulu

"Your Canadian perspective is sorely needed down here amidst the glut of flag- waving U.S. `journalism.' Three cheers for `Old Europe' and our friends in Canada." -M.M., Coventry, Vt.

Some of America's friends in Canada worried that the U.S. would look like a bully in this unequal contest, undermining its moral stature. Rather late, pro- war pundit Thomas Friedman of the New York Times during his travels in Iraq this week has discovered that Iraq was in no position to defend itself. And the depredation has only grown worse since the great victory was secured.

"With all due respect to the U.S. military," Freidman wrote yesterday, "in socio-economic terms, "we were at war with the Flintstones."

Something like 3 per cent of the world population agreed with this war. For the rest — watching the Philippine dissidents now being suppressed by the Pentagon, the U.S.-backed Christian Sudanese at war with the regime in Khartoum, the Chileans suddenly frozen out of free-trade talks by a vengeful White House — the question that should trouble Time's editors in New York is, "How many people in the world wish that America was a little less visible right now?"

Comment: Canada has long been a laboratory for US interests. With its long common border, the influence of US media through TV, movies and music (most Canadians have direct access to US TV at home), Canada is the country that has been most the thoroughly subjected to US brainwashing other than the US itself. Canada has been a firm supporter of US policies since the end of WWII. Eighty percent of Canada's foreign trade and forty-five percent of the US foreign trade or done between the two countries. US corporations own large sections of almost all sectors of the Canadian economy. On September 11, 2003, Canadians opened their homes to stranded US travellers who were unable to get home. One might wonder how much better "friends" two countries could be? And yet, at the first sign of "independence" of thought on the part of the Chretien government, the US has begun a propaganda campaign that flies in the face of the facts. No wonder Chretien and Rafarin had something to share during their meetings. Look at what the US has been saying about France!

Canadians should be aware of pre-WWII relations between Germany and Austria. The Bush Reich is laying the groundwork for the complete takeover of Canada, for in what other manner would it be possible for Canada to "disappear", as Time is suggesting?

Algerian Quake Kills 1,000, Thousands Homeless

Thu May 22, 2003 07:06 PM ET

By Hamid Ould Ahmed

BOUMERDES, Algeria (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of Algerians spent a second night sleeping in the open as rescue workers tore frantically at rubble for survivors from an earthquake that killed more than 1,000 people and injured 7,000...

Rescuers, many working with bare hands while others used bulldozers and cranes, said hundreds could still be under debris from the quake that struck the capital and towns to the east along a populous Mediterranean coastal strip Wednesday night.

[...] The quake, 6.7 on the Richter scale, sent many terrified people running into the streets. Others were killed when their homes collapsed in the quake, Algeria's worst in more than 20 years and felt as far away as Spain.

[...] The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake's epicenter had been 70 km (45 miles) east of Algiers. It said the quake was the biggest to hit Algeria since 1980, when one measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale demolished more than 70 percent of the city of El Asnam, west of Algiers. It was subsequently rebuilt as Chlef.

NORAD's Wag The 911 Window Dressing Tale

With a minute-by-minute chronology from 7:59 a.m. till 10:06:05 a.m., this article will dismantle the Wednesday September 18, 2001 North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Press Release. This press release encompasses the (supposed) response times of the United States Air Force on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

This article will explain to you exactly what happened for the almost one hour and fifty-three minutes that elapsed between the time American Airlines Flight 11 lost voice contact with air traffic control and was hijacked at 8:13:31, till the time United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:06:05.

When reading this article, please keep in mind the following five very significant pieces of information.

1) The United States Government will spend more on the military in fiscal year 2003, than all the rest of the countries on Earth combined. Current expenditures are 437 billion and our past obligations are 339 billion, this equals 776 billion. 46% of our Taxes go to the Military Industrial Complex: This figure doesn’t even begin to account for all of the off-budget, black projects, homeland security nor the 40+ billion the United States Government will spend on intelligence in 2003.

2) The United States Air Force (USAF) is the most technologically advanced, and the most dominate military force ever known to man. There were seven Air Stations that were armed and on full alert to protect the continental United States on Tuesday September 11, 2001. The Air National Guard exclusively performs the air sovereignty mission in the continental United States, and those units fall under the control of the 1st Air Force based at Tyndall Air Force Base (AFB) in Panama City, Florida. The Air National Guard maintains seven alert sites with 14 fully armed fighters and pilots on call around the clock. Besides Tyndall AFB, alert birds also sit armed and ready at; Homestead Air Reserve Base (ARB), Homestead, Florida; Langley AFB, Hampton, Virginia; Otis Air National Guard (ANG), Falmouth, Massachusetts; Oregon ANG, Portland, Oregon; March ARB, Riverside, CA; and Ellington ANG, Houston, Texas.

There were at least 28 other USAF bases that were in range of the 4 airliners on 911.

3) New York City and Washington D.C. are far and away the top two cities in the United States that would be targeted by terrorists.

4) NORAD is a binational United States and Canadian organization charged with warning of attack against North America whether by aircraft, missiles, or space vehicles, utilizing mutual support arrangements with other commands. Aerospace control includes providing surveillance and control of Canadian and United States airspace. The job of NORAD is to know every inch of the skies over North America.

5) Almost one hundred and thirteen minutes elapsed between the time American Airlines Flight 11 lost contact and was hijacked at 8:13:31 till the time United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:06:05. One hour and fifty-three minutes went by and the USAF did not intercept any one of these four "hijacked" airlines.

Comment: In short, the complicity of the current Administration in the 9-11 attacks is a certainty.

'The British officer took out his pistol and hit me on the head. There was a lot of blood'

From Michael Evans in Rumaila
The Times Online
May 23, 2003

THE Iraqi at the centre of the war crimes allegations against Colonel Tim Collins claimed yesterday that the British commander subjected him to a mock execution. Tracked down by The Times to Ramaila, a small desert village in southern Iraq, Ayoub Yousif Naser said that Colonel Collins put him and his son against a wall and ordered a soldier to kill them. They waited, but nothing happened.

Mr Naser also reinforced charges already made that the officer pistol-whipped him, kicked him in the shins and ribs, and fired at his son's feet.

If true, such conduct would breach the Army's rules of engagement and the Geneva Conventions. Colonel Collins is being investigated by the Army's Special Investigations Branch after a junior American officer made a complaint...

There appeared to be little sympathy for Mr Naser in the village. As the senior Baathist representative in Rumaila, he was both feared and despised, according to other villagers.

"The Average Civilian Casualty Episode"

The phrase "the average civilian casualty episode" was coined on April 8th 2003 by Jamie McIntyre, CNN's Senior Pentagon Correspondent.

For the occasion he wore, as almost always when on camera, a neatly tailored dark suit and tie. 

Just behind him was an American flag, and on the wall to his left was the same white symbol before which Donald Rumsfeld tosses crusty tidbits to the Pentagon press corps.

Comment: This link points out the sheer callousness of the Bush Reich media. Step by step he describes the process how this psychopathic phrase was coined. Highly recommended, but only if your stomach is strong enough. It may be a good idea for us all to strengthen our stomachs for as long as there is a Bush in the White House.

Cloudcroft chief stops Israelis with suspicious cargo

By Michael Shinabery
Staff Writer
Alamogordo Daily News
Monday, May 19, 2003 - 11:54:45 AM MST

CLOUDCROFT - That they were speeding through the school zone first got his attention. That they had Israeli driver's licenses and expired passports made him suspicious...

"They said this is a U-Haul truck and handed me a rental agreement (for) in- town delivery only in Illinois, (which) had expired two days before," Green said...

"We got them out and started digging a little deeper," Green said, "got permission to search the truck. They claimed they were hauling furniture from Austin to Chicago."

When officers advised the men they were not exactly en route from one town to another, Green said the two men claimed they were Deming bound.

"But they couldn't give us an address in Deming they were going to," he said. "Once we got into the truck, they had some junk furniture I wouldn't have given to Goodwill."

Also inside the vehicle were, Green said, "50 boxes" they claimed was a "private" delivery, but the men insisted they had no "idea what was in them."

At that point, the officers called for drug-sniffing and bomb-sniffing dogs. The men were turned over to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and U-Haul recovered the truck. Contents of the boxes remain unknown, pending investigation.

The New World 0rder's Fascist Pedigree

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
April 13, 2002

US President Theodore Roosevelt said in 1906: "Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of today."

Economist Robert Brady defined the Nazi state as "a dictatorship of monopoly capitalism. Its 'fascism' is that of business enterprise organized on a monopoly basis, and in full command of all the military, police, legal and propaganda power of the state." (Richard Sasuly, "I.G. Farben," 1947, p. 128)

The holocaust was very good business. Throughout the 1930's Wall Street investment banks participated in "aryanization" which meant getting Jewish owned breweries, banks, factories, department stores etc. for 30% of their true value. The gold from the teeth of holocaust victims ended up in their vaults. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Nazi war effort was financed by the Bank of England (which, for example, transferred the Czech gold reserves to the Nazis), Wall Street (Prescott Bush, W's grandfather was one of the leading Nazi financiers) and Jewish plunder. It was finessed by lawyer John Foster Dulles, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, who later became US Secretary of State. [...]

[T]he Third Reich was an early attempt at the New World Order. The purpose of this kind of "globalization" is to institutionalize the political power of the cartels. This is the hidden agenda behind the current "war on terror."

Bush equated with Hitler in 'Matrix' sequel?

Image of president shown with dictator in discussion of evil

By Joe Kovacs
May 22, 2003

Is President Bush equated with Adolf Hitler in the science-fiction flick "The Matrix Reloaded"?

The question is being asked in connection with a scene in the new movie where images of Bush and the German dictator are displayed during a discussion of evil in the world.

[...] During the scene in question, actor Keanu Reeves ( who portrays the hero "Neo" ) is standing in front of a large bank of video screens as he discusses mankind's history with the designer of the computer-simulated world which is called "the Matrix."

Images of wickedness begin to rapidly flash on the monitors, including photos of nuclear warfare and notorious killers.

"When the architect of the Matrix describes the folly of man," Scott Bowles of USA Today says, "look at the screens behind Neo, which show images of a historical monster and a contemporary president."

The historical monster to whom he refers is Hitler, and the president is George W. Bush, as well as his father for a brief moment.

[...] Messageboard threads on Yahoo and Free include a host of reactions which span the political spectrum:

"[Bush is] appropriately just to the right of Hitler."

[...] "I saw it. The TV monitors show Nazis, Hitler, and an atomic explosion, and somewhere in the midst of all that the face of George W. Bush can be seen for a second or so. Why would such a peace-loving president so emotionally engaged with the struggle of the common man ever be included alongside such dark images? What could the filmmakers have been thinking? Is it too late to start a boycott of this film? ... Maybe if enough pressure can be exerted, they can have the offensive image removed before they press the DVD!"...

Comment: Excuse me?! Peace-loving president? Emotionally engaged with the struggle of the common man? This comment is evidence that the lies and propaganda of the Bush Reich, disseminated through a complicit media, are having the intended effect of dumbing down and controlling the general populace.

How does one respond to brainwashing? To people who are so abysmally ignorant, blind and asleep that they do not even have a clue? So many of us have asked, over and over again, how could the Holocaust have happened in the 20th century? How could the German people have been taken in by Hitler? How could they have been so ignorant, blind and asleep that they didn't have even a clue? Well, brace yourselves. It's happening again. It seems that there are more pathetic people like Mr. Szorady, quoted above, than we can imagine.

This comment comes from a member of the QFS:

Yikes! I think that I have slipped into a parallel universe. "peace loving president so emotionally engaged with the struggle of the common man"?...Yup, I've flown through the stargate.

It is amazing the effectiveness of the MCS mind control programs. I got chewed out by a friend's wife the other night after dinner when I began talking about my opinion that Bush was going to tank the economy intentionally. She began screaming that she loves this country and will always support her president. I'm talking hysterical outburst here. I reminded her that it was ok to have that opinion and to express it, if that was her choice, but please don't attempt to impose it on me. It got very frosty after that.

The frightening thing was that she had never demonstrated any opinion in the past, when her hubby and I discussed the state of current affairs in her presence. The crucible kicks it up a notch.

Republic of Fear

Cultivating & Exploiting American Anxiety

May 22, 2003

By any reasonable calculation, members of the Bush administration should be looking for jobs as desperately as this year's college graduates. There are two million fewer jobs in the American economy today than on the day George Bush took office, and that fact alone should be enough for the voters in 2004 to turf out this ridiculous president and what Matt Taibbi calls his "small gang of snickering, stupid thugs whose vision of paradise is full of explosions and beautifully designed prisons".

[...] In the propaganda campaign for the Bush administration's second demonstration war against a helpless country, Kanan Makiya was a helpful player. His book Republic of Fear: The Politics of Modern Iraq (1989, republished in 1998) retailed the horrors of Saddam Hussein's government without much emphasis on the fact that they were accomplished with US aid and support. As Iraq became the official hate-object in America through the fall and winter of 2002, Makiya's prominence grew -- e.g., he became the capstone for an article advocating war in the "liberal" New York Times Magazine.

But the true "republic of fear," it was clear by then, is the United States of America. Only in America was government propaganda able to make citizens personally afraid of Saddam Hussein, sufficiently to promote a war for non- existent "weapons of mass destruction." 911 was a godsend to the Bush administration, for in all the world only Americans could be made to fear Saddam Hussein because of his supposed link to "terrorism."

[...] In America the fears of foreign attack are bracketed with much more reasonable fears of personal economic collapse. Can the Bush administration continue to cover one fear with the other, so that it can go on with its policy of imperial war abroad and transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich at home? Since no real critique will come from the "other" party (with an occasional exception), that seems likely. The policy of aggressive war has both domestic and foreign attractions for any United States government...

A Quick Transfer to Democracy? Forget It The Nether-Nether World of G.W. Bush

May 22, 2003

What is truly astonishing in light of the newest wave of terrorist bombings, the shredding of the Road Map, and the mounting problems in Iraq and Afghanistan, is the fact that, so far at least, none of this seems to be impacting on the popularity of G.W. Bush.

It's like Orwell's 1984 is here and gone; we're floating in some surreal Matrix Reloaded. Reality is either ignored or blatantly distorted; dialogue consists of eloquent non sequiturs.

There's show business even in the President's radio talks. Last Friday, for instance, surrounded by wounded veterans of Gulf War II, George W. Bush spoke glowingly of the valor of the troops, the technological wonder of the weapons, and historic speed of conquest and "the liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan"-as if Iraq was not sinking deeper each day into chaos and disillusionment (ditto Afghanistan). And U.S. troops which were supposed to start withdrawing from Iraq en masse by September, are now being augmented by tens of thousands of new soldiers. Plans for a quick transition to democracy-forget it.

The President went on: "we have removed allies of al Qaeda, cut off sources of terrorist funding, and made certain that no terrorist network will gain weapons of mass destruction from Saddam Hussein's regime."

Ignored, of course, the fact that the adminstration has yet to find any WMD. Most reports have it that the Pentagon is not even really seriously looking any more. But not to worry, according to latest public opinion polls, most Americans don't care if WMD are never found. Europeans still do, Americans apparently don't. And U.S. politicians who criticised Bush's rush to war, are now too timorous to speak out...

Afghanistan Drug Production Equals International Aid

05/22/2003 18:54

Afghanistan has become the world's largest producer of drugs

In 2002 Afghanistan became the world's largest producer of illegal opiate narcotics, according to statements by Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov at the conference "Routes to Deliver Drugs from Central Asia to Europe."

The minister said that, according to estimates by UN experts, this trend in the opiate narcotics production would continue to develop in 2003 too. The Russian minister pointed out that drug trafficking income in Afghanistan was $1.2 billion in 2002.

Routes to transport drugs from Afghanistan have already reached London. Igor Ivanov said that Afghan opium and heroine had conquered many world markets, including those of the United States, Japan and Australia.

The output of narcotics in Afghanistan is virtually comparable to the volume of international aid that the country has been getting. The Russian foreign minister said that a large part of that huge amount of money was used to fund international terrorist groups, imperiling the security of many countries.

Afghans' uranium levels spark alert

By Alex Kirby
BBC News Online environment correspondent
May 22, 2003

A small sample of Afghan civilians have shown "astonishing" levels of uranium in their urine, an independent scientist says.

Critics suspect new weapons were used in Afghanistan He said they had the same symptoms as some veterans of the 1991 Gulf war.

But he found no trace of the depleted uranium (DU) some scientists believe is implicated in Gulf War syndrome.

Other researchers suggest new types of radioactive weapons may have been used in Afghanistan.

The scientist is Dr Asaf Durakovic, of the Uranium Medical Research Center (UMRC) based in Washington DC.

[...] The UMRC says: "Independent monitoring of the weapon types and delivery systems indicate that radioactive, toxic uranium alloys and hard-target uranium warheads were being used by the coalition forces."

Shock results

It says Nangarhar province was a strategic target zone during the Afghan conflict for the deployment of a new generation of deep-penetrating "cave- busting" and seismic shock warheads.

The UMRC says its team identified several hundred people suffering from illnesses and conditions similar to those of Gulf veterans, probably because they had inhaled uranium dust...

To test its hypothesis that some form of uranium weapon had been used, the UMRC sent urine specimens from 17 Afghans for analysis at an independent UK laboratory.

It says: "Without exception, every person donating urine specimens tested positive for uranium internal contamination.

"The results were astounding: the donors presented concentrations of toxic and radioactive uranium isotopes between 100 and 400 times greater than in the Gulf veterans tested in 1999.

"If UMRC's Nangarhar findings are corroborated in other communities across Afghanistan, the country faces a severe public health disaster... Every subsequent generation is at risk."...

DoD: U.S. troops will remain in Iraq

By Pamela Hess
UPI Pentagon Correspondent
Published 5/22/2003 8:06 PM

WASHINGTON, May 22 (UPI) -- U.S. troops will remain in Iraq long after Iraqis have taken over day-to-day operations of their country, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Thursday. However, he refused to estimate how long and how many that would be.

"While it is our intention to withdraw relatively rapidly from Iraqi political life and day-to-day decisions, we will remain in Iraq as an essential security force for as long as it takes," Wolfowitz said.

"The problem is it's very difficult to predict that," he said, in a tense exchange with Delaware Democrat Sen. Joseph Biden.

Biden opened the hearing with a contentious challenge: that the peacekeeping deployment in Iraq is going to be longer and the reconstruction more costly than any other overseas commitment the United States has.

"When are you going to tell the American people that?" Biden asked Wolfowitz, who was one of the main champions inside the administration of the war...

United States Paves Way for Military Terrorism Tribunals

Thu May 22, 2003 05:26 PM ET

By Will Dunham

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon on Thursday named a chief prosecutor and defense counsel and began seeking civilian defense lawyers for trials of suspects seized in the U.S. war on terrorism in a key step toward bringing Guantanamo Bay prisoners before military commissions.

Air Force Col. Will Gunn, designated as acting chief defense counsel, called for a process "as open as possible within the constraints of national security." During a Pentagon briefing, he said the world would judge the United States "by virtue of whether or not the process was fair and just."

Gunn said chief defense counsel was not a job he sought. "When I was contacted about taking on this position, I immediately recognized that the glamour position here was that of chief prosecutor, the opportunity to be America's hero."

[...] Defense Department officials on May 2 issued instructions for the trials. Some legal experts argue they were crafted to make winning convictions and getting the death penalty as easy as possible. They point to a series of restrictions placed on defense lawyers -- including monitoring of all conversations with defendants -- and a lack of guidelines for what charges could bring the death penalty.

"To some extent, these things are not set up to give a fair trial, but set up to compel guilty pleas out of people," said Michael Ratner, president of the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights...

FBI Admits: No Evidence Links 'Hijackers' to 9-11

Exclusive To American Free Press
By Michael Collins Piper

The possibility that 19 Muslim men accused of being the Sept. 11 hijackers were not, in fact, the hijackers, is not so extraordinary an idea as it might seem.

After seven months of non-stop declarations by U.S. government spokesmen that there exists solid proof tying 19 Muslim men to plotting the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, FBI Director Robert Mueller has now admitted quite the opposite. That 19 Muslim men who have apparently disappeared have been named as the hijackers is not in doubt.

What is in doubt is whether those 19 men were actually plotting anything, either individually or together.

The amazing possibility remains that others carried out the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, using the identities of the 19 Muslims who have been assigned guilt in the tragedy. [...]

The FBI director explained away the absence of evidence by making the disingenuous assertion that the hijackers used “meticulous planning, extraordinary secrecy and extensive knowledge of how America works” to conceal their scheme.

Mueller made this claim despite the fact that in the immediate wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, a variety of U.S. officials and media sources speciously announced, almost instantaneously, that there was firm evidence not only that these 19 Muslim men were agents of Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda “network” but that they were indeed the individuals who hijacked the doomed flights on Sept. 11.

Mueller seems to forget that early government and media reports loudly hyped “discoveries”—letters and other documents—in the luggage and personal belongings of the presumed hijackers which “proved” that they were on a “mission for Allah,” etc etc.

Now Mueller’s comments seem to contradict everything that’s been said.

Expert tells of pre-9/11 failures: Undercover tester says FAA ignored warnings of lax airport security

Star-Ledger Staff

WASHINGTON -- U.S. aviation security failed on Sept. 11, 2001, because top Federal Aviation Administration officials did not heed earlier serious warnings on the system's vulnerability, a federal whistle-blower testified yesterday.

Comment: Yet again another article with the rather tired blame game of not enough security. "If we had total information awareness than you will be safe," is the subtle (or not so subtle, if one has the eyes to see) morphine drip the American people are being subjected to. Don't forget there where no Arabic people on those 9/11 flights.

Iraq War Commander Gen. Franks to Step Down

Thu May 22, 2003 06:11 PM ET

By Tabassum Zakaria

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Army Gen. Tommy Franks, who commanded the U.S.-led war against Iraq and the war in Afghanistan, will step down as U.S. Central Command chief in the coming weeks and retire from the military this summer, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Thursday.

Government sources indicated that Franks, who hails from President Bush's childhood town of Midland, Texas, was not interested in the job of Army Chief of Staff amid reports that Rumsfeld wanted him to replace outgoing Gen. Eric Shinseki, who leaves his post next month.

UN Votes 14-0 to Lift Iraq Sanctions

Thu May 22, 2003 06:49 PM ET

By Evelyn Leopold

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The U.N. Security Council voted 14-0 on Thursday to end 13-year-old crippling sanctions on Iraq and gave the United States and Britain extraordinary powers to run the country and its lucrative oil industry.

Despite misgivings by many council members, the vote was a victory for the Bush administration, which is struggling to bring order to Iraq and improve its devastated economy after invading in March to oust President Saddam Hussein.

Washington made last-minute concessions opening the door to an independent, albeit limited, U.N. role and the possibility of U.N. weapons inspectors returning to post-war Iraq.

[...] The resolution transfers legal control over Iraq's oil immediately from the United Nations to the United States and Britain. Oil revenues will go into a new Iraqi Development Fund for rebuilding the country, controlled by the two countries and overseen by an international board...

Behind the UN Vote on Iraq

The antiwar bloc at the UN has endorsed a U.S.-led occupation. Here's why

Thursday, May. 22, 2003

The UN Security Council's endorsement of the U.S.-British occupation of Iraq is simply a recognition of the facts on the ground. It has been abundantly clear for the past month to the member states who had most strongly opposed the war - Russia, Germany, China and France - that history could not be reversed by the power of Security Council veto. And trying once again to block the U.S. at the Security Council would further damage dangerously frayed transatlantic relations, render the UN irrelevant to a world managed by U.S. power, and prolong the humanitarian crisis facing the Iraqi people. Instead, they negotiated for a few weeks to salvage what they could by way of recognition of their commercial interests in Iraq and also of a visible, although mostly decorative, role for the UN in rebuilding the country, and then voted 14-0 for a U.S.-authored resolution lifting sanctions against Iraq, freeing up its oil for sale on world markets, and recognizing the U.S. and Britain as the de facto government of Iraq until such time as a functioning representative government is constituted - a process that could take months, or years.

The resolution creates a legal framework for the U.S. and Britain to run Iraq and sell its oil in order to help finance reconstruction. The antiwar nations had hoped to put the UN in charge of that reconstruction effort, and the political process of creating an Iraqi government, but Thursday's vote was a recognition that possession is nine tenths of the law - a UN special representative will be appointed to play an unspecified role in helping create a new government, UN officials will be appointed in various advisory capacities and weapons inspectors may yet be invited back in. But in whatever aspect of rebuilding Iraq, the UN's role is envisaged as an adjunct to the occupying powers. And the international body's vote to ratify the occupation of one member nation following an invasion to which most member nations were opposed is a dramatic indicator of the extent to which the UN has been subordinated to Pax Americana...

Iraq's free fall

By Imad Khadduri
Former Iraqi nuclear scientist Guest Columnist (Canada)

( -- There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. This apparently became the case a few months after the end of the 1991 war when Hussain Kamel, the man in charge of the nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs, ordered the destruction of the chemical and biological materials and their warheads. The nuclear weapon program had already come to a halt on the first night of bombing in January 1991. The weapons were destroyed secretly, in order to hide their existence from inspectors, in the hopes of someday resuming production after inspections had finished. Hussain Kamel disclosed the location of even those hidden documents during his futile escape to Jordan in 1995.

Yet, Bush, Blair and their senior cohorts kept brandishing their "intelligence sources" in order to whip up a fervor over the danger of Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction up until the last day before the invasion of Iraq. Once they were in Iraq, with their hundreds of "specialists," they promised to uncover the hidden weapons of mass destruction.

[...] America's threadbare credibility on Iraq's WMDs is stretched to the limit. Ari Fleischer declared on April 10, in the heat of the invasion, "That is what this war was about." Now Donald Rumsfeld is saying something to the effect that they are invading another country to eliminate its weapons of mass destruction, but he doubts whether they will find them unless people there tell the invaders where they are. Whatever happened to America's "intelligence" that was constantly touted as justification to attack Iraq?

To further underscore their utter intelligence failure, the Americans are now offering a $200,000 reward to any "noble Iraqi," as broadcasted on the radio, for providing information that may lead to the discovery of Iraqi WMDs, their locations and even the Iraqi scientists that participated in WMD programs. Were not these the same Iraqi scientists who were being chastised by the Americans, for cowering in fear from their government, for not coming forth when UNMOVIC and the IAEA inspectors were on the ground in Iraq last winter? What is stopping these scientists now from coming out to collect this reward, perhaps to be hand delivered by the same Iraqi defectors who were already paid similar amounts for spreading these lies during the past few years and who marched behind the American tanks during the invasion of Iraq?

[...] Bush, Blair and their senior officials have, in essence, lied to their people and waged a war-criminal invasion in lieu of this unintelligent "intelligence." Is this the democracy model for a "liberated" Iraq?

[...] The Americans have only proved that they excel in mobilizing armed forces and in dropping missiles and bombs, but not how to prevent a society from disintegrating. American intelligence is so flawed, that it is pathetic. In addition to their delusions about weapons of mass destruction, Bush and his neo-conservatives are nothing but war robots and see the world only through U.S. goggles. Preventing a society from disintegrating is not in the agenda or the thinking of these neo-conservatives. The Americans and the British have, in a sense, raped Iraq and left it bleeding. There they stand, with their pants down, licking their lips, just waiting to manipulate the oil industry...

Surveys pointing to high civilian death toll in Iraq

Preliminary reports suggest casualties well above the Gulf War.
By Peter Ford
Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

BAGHDAD - Evidence is mounting to suggest that between 5,000 and 10,000 Iraqi civilians may have died during the recent war, according to researchers involved in independent surveys of the country.

None of the local and foreign researchers were willing to speak for the record, however, until their tallies are complete.

Such a range would make the Iraq war the deadliest campaign for noncombatants that US forces have fought since Vietnam.

Though it is still too early for anything like a definitive estimate, the surveyors warn, preliminary reports from hospitals, morgues, mosques, and homes point to a level of civilian casualties far exceeding the Gulf War, when 3,500 civilians are thought to have died...

John Pilger: "Palestine is Still the Issue" Part I

Why Has This Documentary, Never Been Broadcast On U.S. Media ?

Twenty-five years ago, I made a film called Palestine Is Still The Issue. It was about a nation of people - the Palestinians - forced off their land and later subjected to a military occupation by Israel. An occupation condemned by the United Nations and almost every country in the world, including Britain.

But Israel is backed by a very powerful friend, the United States. So in 25 years, if we're to speak of the great injustice here, nothing has changed. What has changed is that the Palestinians have fought back.

Stateless and humiliated for so long, they've risen up against Israel's huge military machine, although they themselves have no arm, no tanks, no American planes and gun ships or missiles.

Some have committed desperate acts of terror, like suicide bombing. But for Palestinians, the overriding, routine terror, day after day, has been the ruthless control of almost every aspect of their lives, as if they live in an open prison. This film is about the Palestinians and a group of courageous Israelis united in the oldest human struggle - to be free.

US to review ties with France


The United States will reconsider its links with France following their disagreement over Iraq, US Secretary of State Colin Powell has said.

Mr Powell - who is in Paris for a meeting of G8 foreign ministers - said Washington was not seeking to punish Paris for its opposition to the war.

But he said past disputes had to be confronted.

Washington's top diplomat welcomed French support for the US-sponsored UN resolution on Iraq, calling the decision a "step in the right direction".

[...] Mr Powell told French television that the US had been "disappointed" that France was not on its side in Iraq.

"But since we have been friends and allies for so long, such a difference will not break an alliance or friendship," he added...

US drops France from "Red Flag" air combat exercise

WASHINGTON (AFP) May 22, 2003

The United States has scratched France from a major air force exercise in Nevada next year, preferring to give slots to countries "with whom we will likely be participating in operations in the future," a Pentagon spokesman said Thursday.

The United States also has reduced US military participation in the Paris Air Show next month in another sign of lingering US anger over France's opposition to the US-led invasion of Iraq.

The United States conveyed its decision to disinvite France from the Red Flag air combat exercise in a May 8 telephone call to the French military attache in Washington, French embassy spokeswoman Nathalie Loiseau said.

Asked if any explanation was given in disinviting France, Loiseau said, "Not really."


US slaps sanctions on Chinese, Iranian companies

WASHINGTON (AFP) May 23, 2003

The United Stats has slapped sanctions on two major arms companies from China and Iran, accusing them of working in concert to help the Islamist government in Tehran modernize and expand its missile arsenal.

The penalties, which took effect May 9 but were announced by the State Department Thursday, call for termination of all existing contracts between the US government and the North China Industries Corporation, or NORINCO, and Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group, a leader Iranian missile manufacturer.

The order also bans all US assistance to the concerns and calls for the revocation of all export-import licenses they may have held to conduct business in the United States, according to State Department spokeswoman Jo-Anne Prokopowicz.

The two arms giants are also barred from selling goods and services in the United States.

"These penalties were imposed because the US government determined that these entities contributed materially to the efforts of a foreign country -- in this specific case Iran - to use, acquire, design, develop, produce or stockpile missiles capable of delivering weapons of mass destruction," Prokopowicz told AFP.

The measures will remain in effect for two years and then expire.

Comment: That the US would criticize or punish any nation for selling weapons to another country or questionable regime is so hypocritical it's nauseating.

Congo Horrors Coming to Light

Paul Harris
Report by

TORONTO ( -- With a truce between Lendu and Hema militias holding for the moment around the town of Bunia, United Nations and Red Cross workers have been able to enter the area to assess the damage. This town of 300,000 in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (Background Report) was, until last weekend's truce, the scene of intense violence following the departure of Ugandan troops from the area at the end of April.

Investigators are hearing tales of cannibalism, mass murder, and unspeakable brutality. There are stories that Lendu militia have eaten the hearts of their Hema victims or have used their intestines as headdresses. While the investigators are not altogether convinced by these stories, they say they are too persistent to be entirely fictitious. They have uncovered a mass grave with as many as 30 bodies and that pushes the death toll over 300 from these recent clashes. Although it isn't clear if the bodies recovered were those of civilians or rival militia members, most of them had been shot at close range or hacked to pieces by machete.

In an editorial appearing The Monitor, published in the Ugandan capital of Kampala, writer Kintu Nyago refers to this as "the forgotten holocaust." He points out that this conflict has killed more people than any other conflict since World War II but "the attention of the West and the broader international community has been dismal at best." He questions the value of United Nations efforts to date noting that there are only a few hundred troops for an area larger than Britain and France combined and that their mandate doesn't allow them to intervene in the ongoing conflict. Nyago repeats the accusation of people in Bunia that the U.N. troops are only there to protect U.N. personnel...

U.S. researching N Korea's geological structure

Kyodo News
Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 06:51 JST

BEIJING - The U.S. Defense Department dispatched a research team to Japan and South Korea from late last year through early this year to collect information on the geological structure of North Korea, Japanese government sources said Tuesday.

Team members told Japanese and South Korean officials their purpose was to investigate the North's mineral resources, but experts said it is possible the United States began the geological survey with limited air strikes on North Korea in mind, given that it has important military facilities underground.

US lawmakers pass $400.5 billion defense bill

By Vicki Allen

WASHINGTON, May 22 - The U.S. Congress on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a $400.5 billion defense bill that ends a decade-long ban on research and development of small nuclear weapons, a step critics said may heighten risks of nuclear war.

The Senate voted 98-1 for its bill authorizing next year's defense programs that repeals the ban on study and development of "mini-nukes," which Congress imposed in 1993 to stem their spread to other nations.

The House passed its bill 361-68, but the White House said its measure did not offer enough leeway to explore the new generation of nuclear weapons because it keeps the block on their development.

[...] The White House has threatened to veto the huge measure if it keeps House restrictions on the Pentagon's plans to close and realign military bases, a potent issue for lawmakers with installations in their districts.

In other key differences, the House bill gives Rumsfeld power he wants to manage the Pentagon's 700,000 civilian employees, which Democrats said would strip them of civil service rights. The Senate bill is silent on that issue.

[...] The Senate passed a measure to force the Pentagon to open bidding on contracts for Iraq's reconstruction after complaints that Halliburton Co., formerly run by Vice President Dick Cheney, was getting huge contracts without competitive bids to revive Iraq's oil industry...

Ridge: Unmanned drones may patrol U.S. borders

By Jesse J. Holland

May 22, 2003 | WASHINGTON (AP) -- Unmanned aerial drones similar to ones used in the war on Iraq could be patrolling the U.S. border by the end of the year to help stem illegal immigration and increase security, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said Thursday.

"We are very serious in looking at UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) for both border applications, land and sea," Ridge told the House Select Committee on Homeland Security.

Predators and other remote-controlled aircraft can watch over a potential target and fly for hundreds of miles with cameras, sensors, communications equipment or missiles...

Utah prepares for firing-squad executions

By C.G. Wallace

May 22, 2003 | SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- The only state that dispatches condemned inmates by firing squad is assembling gunmen for back-to-back executions next month.

The nation's last execution by firing squad was in 1996.

Exercising their right under Utah law, serial killer Roberto Arguelles and Troy Michael Kell, a white supremacist who stabbed a fellow inmate to death, have chosen the firing squad over lethal injection and are set to die at 12:01 a.m. on June 27 and 28, respectively.

[...] Anti-death penalty forces are protesting, arguing that the firing squad amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. And the prison is bracing for large crowds of protesters.

Utah's use of firing squads predates statehood in 1896 and is a remnant of the early Mormon belief that bloodshed is a required punishment for taking a life, said Richard Dieter, director of the Death Penalty Information Center, which says it is neutral about the death penalty but critical of its application.

[...] The notion that murder must be atoned for in blood has never been part of official church doctrine, and the Mormon church has not taken a formal position on execution methods, said Robert Millet, Brigham Young University religion professor...

"The White House Reloaded."

Arianna Huffington

A White House Fluent In Language Of Fanatics

Maybe Karl Rove has moved his office into the "Matrix." Maybe Laurence Fishburne is auditioning for Ari Fleischer's job. Maybe it's all just a bad dream: "The White House Reloaded."

I've been racking my brain, trying to reconcile the ever-widening chasm between what the White House claims to be true and what is actually true. After all, we know the president and his men are not stupid. And despite the tidal wave of misinformation pouring out of their mouths, I don't believe they are consciously lying.

The best explanation I can come up with for the growing gap between their rhetoric and reality is that we are being governed by a gang of out and out fanatics.

Comment: "Fanatics" is the easy way out. The psychopath's take on reality is almost impossible for the rest of us to understand. Is the psychopath "lying"? Does the psychopath have any notion at all of "truth"? Or is everything related to feeding? For the psychopath, the only "truth" is self-preservation, and anything that serves that end is "true". Rational and healthy individuals can hardly understand this state of existence and are therefore at a great disadvantage when the psychopath takes over the store. Robert D. Hare, PhD., who has spent many years studying psychopaths, has suggested that they may even be a different species entirely. For more information on Hare's work with psychopaths, see his book Without Conscience: The disturbing world of psychopaths among us.

The Mists of Falsehoods

I love this administration's ability to remain cloaked in a mist of falsehoods. If you listen to them, everything is going swimmingly.

Retired Gen. Jay Garner and several of his staff are relieved of their posts in Iraq but, of course, have done a splendid job. There is still chaos, looting and a lack of clean water and power, but reconstruction is proceeding with great progress. America is doing a worse job than Saddam Hussein in feeding the Iraqi people, but everyone is so happy to see the tyrant gone — though where he has gone, we don't know. Perhaps he's with Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar. Not to worry, paradise is on the way.

As for al-Qaida, it has been decimated, crippled, rendered ineffective — except, of course, for those members who simultaneously blew up three foreign compounds and a business in Saudi Arabia.

Everything in Afghanistan is peachy-creamy — except, of course, that it looks remarkably as unstable and undeveloped as it did a year ago. The president has also committed himself to his "road map to peace," but never mind that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon refuses to accept it and again embarrasses Secretary of State Colin Powell by clamping down on Palestinians before the secretary has even shaken off the dust of Palestine from his shoes.

And, of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the American economy, except the absence of another round of tax cuts. The ability of this administration to live in a dream world, divorced from reality, is quite remarkable. Why, the falling value of the dollar is good for American exports. And the answer to the biggest string of record trade deficits in history is to have more free-trade agreements, never mind that they are the cause of the trade deficits in the first place.

Sometimes I think our whole country is on dope....

Prominent Bush Critic Alan Hale is Censored in Las Cruces

Alan Hale

Mr. Bush made a stop in Las Cruces, New Mexico, this past Saturday, primarily to raise campaign funds for Republican Congressional and Gubernatorial candidates.
I approached the Las Cruces Sun-News editors a week ago and reminded them that I'd been cooperative with them all the times they've interviewed me in the past, and also that three years ago they had broken the story about my first Iran trip before I wanted it to be broken (explicitly against my wishes), and that I believed they owed me one. [...]

Needless to say, they did not run it. Needless to say, they did not have the courtesy or decency to inform me of this. Needless to say, they ran a gushing, fawning editorial praising Mr. Bush ...

When I angrily called them this morning to find out why they didn't run my piece, I was told that the publisher "thought it would be disrespectful to the President [sic] to run it at the time of his visit." (The publisher is a guy named Michael C. Bush -- I don't know if there's any relationship.) They didn't have any good answer as to why they didn't inform me of this decision.

Comment: You can read his censored letter at the above link.

"Total Information Awareness" Revisited

You know about the name change. But what about the shadow sister agency?

The Bushmen are shrewd and feral political animals, unerring in their feel for picking moments of distraction to pounce on their prey. A recent case in point is this week's Total Information Awareness facelift. The most patently incendiary of Bush/Ashcroft's proposed domestic surveillance programs, TIA had come under fire even from within the Republican party for overreaching any reasonable interpretation of domestic security needs. 

Well, fear not, citizens: The name is now "Terrorism Information Awareness," and the president along with DARPA hopes that any confusion or alarm is thereby cleared up.

One would like to think there would be a huge fuss over such a transparently cynical gesture if everyone were not fixated on the terror alert level instead. Probably not, though. As I write the Democrats are busy going the opposite way, accusing Bush of being soft on domestic terror readiness. Libertarian conservatives are practically the only ones opposing Ashcroft et al. with real verve, and while they are a huge element in the public at large and on the internet, they don't have much clout in the Republican party.  

The rechristening of TIA isn't the real story here anyway. The real story has barely been told as far I can tell, apart from a single New York Times article with a thoroughly misleading headline. According to this piece by writer John Markoff, the official TIA program is itself a front for a more furtive, and ambitious, shadow version that is taking shape completely removed from public scrutiny under the auspices of the NSA. (Its official budget is only $100 million, but official budgets don't mean much in this sort of endeavor.) Markoff writes,

The research being conducted for the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency is being financed by a little known federal office called the Advanced Research and Development Activity, established during the Clinton administration to provide federal intelligence agencies with basic research capability similar to that of Darpa.

The agency has a budget of about $100 million a year, according to a former government official. Its research covers a wide range of areas from nanotechnology to quantum computing.

The agency is pursuing research in areas like facial recognition as well as basic image recognition technologies, according to computer scientists. In March 2000, for example, the organization reviewed 45 research proposals and made grants to nine organizations including corporations, universities and research centers that are studying various image recognition problems.

ARDA is also financing a program called "Novel Intelligence from Massive Data," which was begun after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The intent of the project is to give intelligence analysts early warning of "strategic surprises" in the same way that the Total Information Awareness system was intended to provide advance information about possible domestic terrorist attacks.

Both the Pentagon's Total Information Awareness project and the ARDA research project seek to detect hidden patterns of activity in vast collections of digital data.
The kinds of information engines envisioned here are potentially devastating mechanisms of social control, down to the most microscopic level--down to you and me. (Already we have learned that the California Anti-Terrorism Information Center is being used to surveill and report on anti-war protesters.) But that's not the only agenda in play. I direct your attention to LifeLog, another offshoot of the data collection efforts undertaken after 9/11.  

And what is LifeLog? It is a DARPA fantasy at the moment, but a telling one that may yet prove largely feasible. Noah Shachtman describes it thus at Wired News,
The embryonic LifeLog program would dump everything an individual does into a giant database: every e-mail sent or received, every picture taken, every Web page surfed, every phone call made, every TV show watched, every magazine read.
All of this--and more--would combine with information gleaned from a variety of sources: a GPS transmitter to keep tabs on where that person went, audio-visual sensors to capture what he or she sees or says, and biomedical monitors to keep track of the individual's health.

This gigantic amalgamation of personal information could then be used to "trace the 'threads' of an individual's life," to see exactly how a relationship or events developed, according to a briefing from the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency, LifeLog's sponsor......

Republicans will gut Endangered Species Act to Protect Pentagon

Oakland Tribune and wire reports

The most significant rewriting of the nation's endangered species protection law in 25 years heads to the House floor this week, the result of a Pentagon request for exemptions that was broadened to include all federal agencies.

Robert McNamara's Film Debut: Documentary Reveals Former Defense Secretary's Role

By Desson Howe
Washington Post Staff Writer

CANNES, France, May 21 -- American filmmaker Errol Morris introduced festival-goers and the world today to "The Fog of War," a stunning documentary about former secretary of defense Robert S. McNamara that casts new light on his role in major American political events of the 20th century.[...]
Culled from 20 hours of one-on-one conversations, "The Fog of War" spends all of its 100-plus minutes with McNamara, 85, a former Ford Motor Co. president who served as defense secretary under John F. Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis and Lyndon B. Johnson during the Vietnam War. McNamara speaks forthrightly about his behind-the-scenes involvement in those conflicts and others, including the firebombing of Japan in World War II. [...]

McNamara declares that both men "were behaving as war criminals" and, had the Americans lost the war, likely would have been tried as such. McNamara's comments are accompanied by compelling aerial footage of those devastating bombings. "I was quite unprepared," said Morris, referring to McNamara's forthrightness about this and other matters. "It almost made me feel useless" as an investigative questioner.

CIA kept prank threat to Santa under 'secret' classification

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US Central Intelligence Agency (news - web sites) classified as "secret" and withheld from public dissemination for nearly 29 years a prank terrorist threat against Santa Claus, according to documents released. [...]

Despite the dubious nature of the threat to Father Christmas, the CIA blacked out all references to it when the situation report was declassified in 1999, according to the documents.

Boos erupt at mention of Dixie Chicks' nomination


The Dixie Chicks were booed when they were announced as nominees for the Entertainer of the Year Award at the 38th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards.

But in a program strong on patriotism, some in country music showed they were not prepared to forgive the Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines for remarks critical of President George W. Bush and the war in Iraq.

The show repeatedly saluted the armed forces, including cheers for three freed POWs of the Iraq war who were invited on stage -- Chief Warrant Officer Ronald Young Jr. from Fort Hood, Texas; and Pfc. Patrick Miller and Spc. Shoshana Johnson, both from Fort Bliss, Texas.

Comment: Perhaps if they had flashed these pictures up on the big screens some of them may have been willing to give up their biochemical induced bliss of patriotism. The Bush Reich media is showing as few of these as they can get away with. Just enough so the old cliche "war is hell" can be trotted out, and everyone can go back to sleep.

New Type Of Vaccine Against Nicotine Addiction Developed By TSRI Scientists

Scripps Research Institute


Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have designed a new way to make vaccines against drugs of abuse that could become a valuable tool for treating addiction by helping the body clear the drug from the bloodstream. The latest vaccine they created using this approach induces the body to clear nicotine.

"These new vaccines greatly suppress the reinforcing aspects of the drug," says principal investigator Kim D. Janda, Ph.D. "Blocking it before it gets to the brain--that's the key."

[...] The new idea that they have developed is to take a chemical that resembles nicotine and use it to induce an active immune response. In this immune response, the body produces antibodies against nicotine that can neutralize it in the bloodstream. If a smoker later smokes a cigarette, the antibodies will clear the nicotine from the system before it reaches the brain...

Comment: It's not enough for the system to try and stamp out smoking around the world to prevent the barnyard animals from ingesting things that "spoil the meat." With this treatment, the body prevents the nicotine from reaching the brain, and special additives like mercury can be included in the vaccine to help dumb down the patient even more.


Paul Morledge Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. (Phone: 818/354-0850)

RELEASE: 03-179

Have you ever wondered what you would see if you were on Mars looking at the Earth through a small telescope? Now you can find out, thanks to a unique view of our world recently captured by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) spacecraft currently orbiting the Red Planet.

This first-ever image of its kind not only shows Mother Earth as a tiny alien world in the vast darkness of space, but also includes a view of the giant planet Jupiter and some of its larger moons. The camera aboard MGS photographed both planets in an alignment, as seen in the evening sky of Mars, at 9 a.m. EDT, May 8, 2003.

Sars 'from the stars'

By Richard Black BBC science correspondent

The virus believed to cause Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Sars) may have come to Earth from outer space, according to scientists writing in a leading British medical journal. In a letter to The Lancet, the scientists, led by Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe of Britain's Cardiff University, say the Sars coronavirus is so unlike other viruses that an extra-terrestrial origin is logical...

The idea that Sars comes from the stars relates to a theory called panspermia. This says that life itself evolved somewhere out in the cosmos, and is carried from one planet to another on comets...

Professor Wickramasinghe admits there is no hard evidence for his theory; and researchers who have been working on Sars reacted with a mixture of disbelief and ridicule.

Stretches of Rio Grande drying up

5/22/2003 7:06 PM

TERLINGUA, Texas, May 22 (UPI) -- Stretches of the Rio Grande —- one of the most famous rivers in the American Southwest —- are drying up in the Big Bend National park for the first time in 50 years, park officials said Thursday.

A lingering drought, upstream diversions for irrigation and municipal uses, and a reduced snow pack in the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado are blamed for the intermittent dry conditions, said David Elkowitz, a spokesman for the remote park in the southwest corner of Texas. "We're hopeful we will get a rainy season this year," he said...

"Although the river has been dwindling for years, this is an event of historical proportions," Park Suprintendent Frank J. Deckert said recently. "In places, the river bed is now a series of stagnant pools separated by reaches of bone-dry gravel beds."

The Other Side of Holocaust Denial

By Henry Makow Ph.D. May 19, 2003

[...]The Second World War was a human calamity. Over 55 million people died. Why focus on the Jewish experience? This is the cause of anti Semitism in the first place. Jewish power brokers are perpetuating a vicious cycle.

I am also troubled by the attempt to classify people like Ernst Zundel as a "hate criminal." Zundel's website claims only one million Jews were murdered, there were no gas chambers, and Hitler didn't intend genocide. Zundel's claims are repugnant, but he has a right to be wrong. Society needs people to dispute the historical record. One may be right. If spreading false information is a crime, shouldn't we also lock up Tom Brokaw? [...]

When questioning the truth becomes "hate", we have entered Orwell's "1984" era of thought crime. Don't kid yourself. This is the slippery slope to tyranny and Jewish organizations are partly to blame. We must stand up in defiance. [...]

Jewish powerbrokers use anti Semitism to disarm opposition to their political agenda. The promotion of the Jewish Holocaust maintains the Jews' status as the world's premier "victims." This gives them immunity from criticism. It makes people feel more favourable to them and more willing to accede to their direction and influence. [...]

To maintain victim priority, it's necessary for the Jewish establishment to practise "holocaust denial" when it comes to other people.

Jewish organizations dishonor Holocaust victims by using them for political purposes. It is tasteless to cast Jews as the world's premier victims. Humanity is one family and no genocide is more important than another. To use "hate" to disarm opposition to the Zionist agenda is also repugnant. It leads to tyranny and more anti Semitism.

For Ernst Zundel to deny or understate the Jewish Holocaust is grotesque. But it is not a crime. In these questions, only the truth matters. Let the truth speak for itself. Let Zundel be judged by it.

Let me close with an anecdote. In 1961 when I was 11, my family was travelling in Germany. We stopped at tavern-restaurant where some workingmen were having a loud conversation. They looked at us (a couple with three young children) and said, "We'd better shut up. There may be Jews present."

My family felt threatened. We ate and quickly left. But I realise now those workmen might have been afraid of us.

Hate is born out of fear. Let us expose the forces that make us fear each other for no reason.

On the trail of elusive panther

By Stephen Gibbs

May 23 2003

After days of debate over pedophilia and terminal illness, the state's MPs yesterday turned their attention to dancing bears and a mysterious monster moggie.

[...] Earlier this month the citizens held a public meeting to discuss a March 20 attack attributed to the cat on 17-year-old Luke Walker at Kenthurst.

"In a terrifying struggle with the creature, Mr Walker received deep lacerations to his right arm," the Hills Shire Times reported on May 6. "Sightings of the monster cat have been reported in an area stretching from Galston to Pitt Town since the Kenthurst attack."

The Mayor of Hawkesbury, Rex Stubbs, told the Times: "I believe there is significant danger and something needs to be done."

Mr Campbell said that in the past 30 years there had been about 60 reports of a large, cat-like animal savaging livestock and humans in Sydney's west, north- west, the Blue Mountains and Lithgow.

They're Flocking to See 'Python Boy'

Thu May 22, 2003 09:33 AM ET

SIT TBOW, Cambodia (Reuters) - Cambodians are flocking to see a three-year-old boy they believe was the son of a dragon in a former life because his best friend is a four-meter-long python.

Curled up for an afternoon snooze inside the coils of his scaly companion, the child, Oeun Sambath, attracts regular visits in the impoverished southeast Asian nation from villagers anxious to make use of what they believe are his supernatural powers.

"He has been playing with the python ever since he could first crawl," said his mother Kim Kannara, who is perfectly happy to allow her son to sleep cheek-by- jowl with the giant constrictor even though it could easily have him for dinner...

His special powers will probably make him a traditional healer at the age of seven, but meanwhile the bond between boy and snake is limiting the movements of the family.

Cockroaches to have Buddhist funeral

Cockroaches were popular pets in Thailand last year Thailand is preparing to cremate more than 1,000 giant cockroaches - and then hold a traditional Buddhist funeral to appease their owners. The mass cremation is the result of a government ban on the popular pets, after officials became concerned they might spread disease.

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