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May 22, 2003

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The video and pictures in this report contain images and descriptions,  depicting the reality and horror of the U.S. - UK invasion of Iraq.

Hey, War Supporters

by Thomas E. Woods, Jr

There’s no delicate way to say this, but to supporters of the Iraq war I have a little message.

All together now, people: you were scammed .

No "weapons of mass destruction" have been found. None.

Some of us figured as much, since the rationale for the war kept changing so frequently. And when the search for these weapons was carried out in such a lackluster manner, one had to assume the administration wasn’t really worried about them. (We were casually told that perhaps seven suspected Iraqi nuclear sites had been looted. Nice planning there.)

Some people will believe administration propaganda no matter what. In reply to an article I wrote for , one person wrote to the editor : "Contrary to Dr. Woods’ reference to the lack of Al Qaeda–Iraqi links, we have all read of the proof of links dating to before 9/11." Have we? That’s funny, because every news article one reads these days concedes that the link has not been made, and that experts prior to the war insisted the alleged link was a mere fantasy. I wonder what special intelligence briefings this critic received.

Some supporters of the war will doubtless plead, "But, but…that’s what Hannity and Limbaugh told me to think!"

Well, it’s time now to start doing your own thinking[...]

Comment: We have been musing as to why some Americans are unwilling to stare into the face of reality and see the Bush presidency for what it is. Is it a prejudicial belief that tyrants only take power in other countries, like Germany, or countries with those dark skinned peoples like in Africa? Is it because they are just so darned nice, and can't imagine evil on such a scale as is happening before their eyes despite historic precident and plenty of current evidence? Have they been dumbed down by years of the American educational system being dismantled? Mind control waves? No soul? Fear of a losing their protective cocoon from reality, and avoiding the dark night of the soul? ....

Sars patient arrested

20/05/2003 13:11 - (SA)

Beijing - Police in central Henan province have arrested a man infected with Sars for violating infectious diseases laws and escaping from Sars quarantine, an act punishable by death, hospital officials said on Tuesday...

Liu Baocheng was arrested upon his release from the Tanghe county hospital after recovering from severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) on Sunday, an official at the hospital named Li said...

Following his escape from a Taiyuan hospital on April 19, Li came into contact with 19 people in Shanxi province and 20 people in Henan province before police caught him and placed him in the Tanghe hospital, according to a report on the People's Daily website...

New record SARS toll in Taiwan after WHO travel alert

Thursday May 22, 2003

On Thursday a further 65 new cases - nearly double the previous daily record - were announced, taking Taiwan's tally to 483 infections and 60 fatalities, according to Department of Health figures.

The WHO has said Taiwan is battling the world's "most rapid" outbreak of SARS, and late Wednesday extended an earlier travel advisory imposed solely on Taipei to include all regions of Taiwan.

[...] SARS has left nearly 700 people dead and more than 8,000 infected in around 30 countries since it first emerged in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong last November.

China remains the worst-affected country, with latest figures putting the death toll at 296 with 5,249 cases. However China has seen a steady fall in recorded cases, with 12 infections and two deaths announced on Wednesday...

450 killed in Algeria quake, toll set to rise: PM

More than 450 people have been killed and at least 2,400 injured in a powerful earthquake around Algiers, Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia said.

Ouyahia, who is personally heading a crisis unit set up to coordinate rescue efforts, warned that the toll from the quake late Wednesday was likely to rise steeply with "hundreds of bodies still under the rubble," especially around the Boumerdes district 50 kilometres (30 miles) east of the capital.

[...] The epicentre of the quake, which measured 5.2 on the Richter scale was located at Thenia, about 60 kilometres (40 miles) east of from Algiers, according to the Algerian astronomy and astrophysics research centre.

The main quake lasted about five minutes, with aftershocks felt faintly up to about half an hour after the main jolt, residents said.

[...] Algeria is regularly hit by earthquakes, but residents said the latest was more powerful than usual...

Bush's message to Cubans gets ironical reply

AP [ THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2003 04:41:59 AM ]

HAVANA: Fidel Castro's government responded ironically on Wednesday to US President George W Bush's Cuban independence day message, thanking him for his efforts to liberate the Caribbean nation.

"Thank you, Fuhrer," was the title of the editorial on Wednesday in the Communist Party daily Granma.

"Mr Bush, author of bombings against cities that are transmitted by television ... promises that the Cuban people will soon be free and that dictatorships have no place in America," read the editorial, a response to Bush's brief radio message on Tuesday.

"That, unfortunately, is true," the statement continued, a reference to Havana's recent declarations that the United States is trying to form a worldwide fascist dictatorship. "The American people will get fed up with its ludicrous and fanatical ideas."...

"America's favorite conspiracy theory: the moral argument"

By Matthew Riemer Columnist (United States)

( -- Putting aside the usual lengthy and semi-philosophical discussions that attempt to accurately explain the term "conspiracy theory," let's turn to a brief summation much more useful for the purposes of this essay: A "conspiracy theory" is simply any explanation, reason, or cause that strongly offends or contradicts others' ideologies or historically-sensitive political systems and models. And, more generally, an explanation for events that seems wildly improbable and elaborate.

So to some, the idea that the United States fought a war in Iraq over issues other than weapons of mass destruction -- even though the expert global consensus was that Iraq had either none or very small quantities of WMD and Colin Powell presented forged documents to the United Nations when making his case -- is a "conspiracy theory" because of how they view U.S. foreign policy (this is the first definition). These individuals see the U.S. as a benign, almost naively bumbling, superpower guided only by altruism. Ulterior motives are spirited away by associating them with some kind of exaggerated and paranoid realpolitik. And it is this historical theory, filled with a kind of de facto racism and condescension, which is quickly becoming America's favorite conspiracy theory: the moral argument (this is the second definition)...

Iraq was no immediate threat to US, senator says in slam at Bush

US Senator Robert Byrd -- a senior Democrat -- issued a scathing denunciation of White House military and diplomatic policy, particularly of the recently- concluded war in Iraq.

[...] "The American people may have been lured into accepting the unprovoked invasion of a sovereign nation, in violation of long-standing international law, under false premises," Byrd said, in offering some of the most unvarnished criticism yet by Democrats of the US-led war on Iraq.

"Our costly and destructive bunker-busting attack on Iraq seems to have proven, in the main, precisely the opposite of what was the urgent reason to go in.

"This house of cards built of deceit will fall," said Byrd, a West Virginian and the most senior member of the US Senate, in comments delivered from the Senate floor.

The George W. Bush administration, Byrd charged, "assiduously worked to alarm the public and to blur the faces of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, until they virtually become one.

"What has become painfully clear in the aftermath of war is that Iraq was no immediate threat to the United States, and many of us here said so before the war," Byrd said.

After the war, the search for banned nuclear, biological and chemical weapons has come up empty, Byrd noted.

"The Bush team's extensive hype of (weapons of mass destruction) in Iraq as justification for a preemptive invasion war has become more than embarrassing -- it has raised serious questions about prevarication and the reckless use of power," Byrd said.

[...] The West Virginia Democrat also criticized as "spineless" his colleagues in Congress for voting to authorize the war.

Some Iraq nuclear material missing, says U.S.

Japan Today
Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 07:00 JST

BAGHDAD - About 20% of the known radioactive materials stored at Iraq's largest nuclear facility are unaccounted for, and U.S. nuclear experts have found radioactive patches on the ground where looters dumped out barrels believed to contain hazardous materials.

However, a senior commander said the great majority of the dangerous waste at the Tuwaitha nuclear complex was still secure and was not leaking radiation.

"Eighty percent of the barrels are where they were before," said Col Tim Madere, a specialist in unconventional weapons for the U.S. Army's V Corps.

It was unclear how many barrels were missing. About 100 barrels had been previously catalogued and sealed by international arms inspectors....

Comment: With only 80% of the barrels accounted for, the US commander declares the place "secure". Boy, that makes me feel "secure", knowing 80% of them are in the hands of known terrorists, state-backed terrorists at that, with all the power of the largest "defence" budget on earth.

Again, the question is: If the US thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and that the evil terrorists might get their hands on them, why weren't these radioactive materials secured immediately? Perhaps because the Bush Gang needed the nuclear complex to be looted since they didn't have any other justification for war. Now they can play on the fears of the population, out of one side of their mouths saying "Don't worry", while planting the seed of doubt by raising the issue. Ambiguity again...

NATO approves assistance for Poland to lead a peacekeeping force in Iraq

03:25 AM EDT May 22

BRUSSELS (AP) - The 19 NATO countries Wednesday unanimously agreed to start planning to help Poland lead a multinational peacekeeping force in Iraq, a move that should help heal the divisions suffered by the alliance in the run-up to the war.

Although the plans involve only modest technical assistance, the step also could mark a significant opening to a wider role for NATO in postwar Iraq. NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson said the decision was made unanimously.

"The first important and indeed critical step was taken today by unanimity," Robertson said...

Although limited, U.S. officials see NATO's involvement in Iraq - and a recent decision to take on peacekeeping in Afghanistan - as signs the alliance is making good on pledges to reinvent itself post-Cold War to face global challenges.


May 22 2003

From Chris Hughes In Baghdad
The Daily Mirror

I WATCHED first hand as Baghdad spiralled into lawless anarchy thanks to US troops.

The 4,000 US military police supposedly in Baghdad were nowhere to be seen. Instead, ordinary troops lounged on the backs of tanks in the baking heat or patrolled edgily.

Like the good soldiers they are, they were far more focused on self-preservation than bringing calm to a very volatile situation. I watched as troops from the US First Armoured Division forcibly disarmed an Iraqi policeman they mistook for a looter, despite the uniform he wore...

On the eastern road to Iran, I saw for myself how the wild east is now far more dangerous than the wild west ever was.

[...] It was the tactic we had heard so much about. Gangs block a car in, rake it with automatic fire to force it to stop and rob the occupants before killing them.

[...] At the town we passed earlier, three young men stood in the middle of the road firing automatic weapons at oncoming cars.

Back in Baghdad our driver returned from the garage shaking. He had seen robbers shoot dead an old woman driver, dump her body in the street and drive off in her car.

[...] Christopher Segar, the new British ambassador to Iraq, visited tribal leaders to discuss their requirements now there is peace and the war is over.

He refused to talk to us about the law and order crisis, and left the hotel flanked by six security guards armed to the teeth.

Allies to Begin Seizing Weapons From Most Iraqis

New York Times
May 21, 2003

AGHDAD, May 20 — Iraqi citizens will be required to turn over automatic weapons and heavy weapons under a proclamation that allied authorities plan to issue this week, allied officials said today.

The aim of the proclamation is to help stabilize Iraq by confiscating the huge supply of AK-47's, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons that are used by criminal gangs, paramilitary groups and remnants of the Saddam Hussein government.

Iraqis who refuse to comply with the edict will be subject to arrest. Only Iraqis authorized to use military-type weapons because of their police or military duties will be exempt.

"We are in the final stages of formulating a weapons policy to put rules on who can and cannot possess a weapon," Lt. Gen. David D. McKiernan, the chief allied land commander said in an interview. "We want to get explosives and AK's out of the wrong hands."...

The need to secure Baghdad and provide security elsewhere in the country is expected to slow the pace of American troop withdrawals from Iraq, allied officials said. The United States has about 165,000 troops in Iraq. It is likely to have 100,000 in the fall, more than American planners had projected just three weeks ago...

Allied officials are also considering a plan to bring Britain's 16th Air Assault Brigade to Baghdad. If approved by the British government, the British forces would be charged with training the Iraqi police and helping to safeguard the Iraqi capital, allied officials said.

Beaver Dam native dies a hero in Iraq

"I don't know if the helicopter turned over on top of him or someone grabbed him and wouldn't let go," the father said, his voice choked with emotion.

"That's Kirk's nature, to help somebody," his grandmother, Jan Helmer, said Tuesday, her voice quavering.

The father said he was angry at President Bush and disagreed with the war.

"He put our troops over there to finish what his dad didn't do. They found no weapons of mass destruction," said the father, who retired after 26 years of active Army and National Guard duty.

Comment: That's the actual headline at the above link. The selected excerpt is buried deep into the article. There may be many more angry, and deeply pained mothers, fathers, and grandmothers as they find out what the Bush Reich sacrificed their children for, and it looks like he will continue to sacrifice their children to his angry, vengeful god. . .

USA Deploys More Troops in Iraq


The post-war plans of the American administration in Iraq are failing

The continuing civil mess and the growth of criminality and looting has changed the schedule for withdrawing coalition troops from Iraq. On the contrary, more troops are expected to arrive in Iraq to replace those who are to leave, in order to provide more security.

There are some 165,000 servicemen in Iraq at present. About 100,000 of them will remain in Iraq in the autumn - much more than the command originally expected. This is another fact that proves that the restoration of the country and a return to normal life is a harder process than American military men thought it would be.

The New York Times wrote that the American administration is not hurrying to hand over control to Iraqi authorities. Instead, 4,000 servicemen and 300 vehicles are going to arrive in Iraq soon to toughen control over Baghdad and other large cities.

Next War Could Begin in December 2003

The Iraq war has so upset the Navy's carrier deployment schedule that admirals are shelving prewar plans and rethinking the strategy for dispatching naval power to faraway trouble spots.

In the meantime, with nearly a third of the fleet deployed or returning from wartime service, it may take up to six months before the Navy could deploy a similar force to handle another large-scale contingency, such as operations against a hostile North Korea.

"We'll be re-cocked and ready to go as early as December," said Vice Adm. Timothy LaFleur, who oversees the Navy's surface warships from his San Diego headquarters.


EXCLUSIVE 5,500 Paras ready to take control of Iraqi capital

By Tom Newton Dunn Defence Correspondent
The Daily Mirror
May 22 2003

COALITION chiefs plan to send 5,500 British Paras to Baghdad to save US troops from losing control of the Iraqi capital.

Central Command top brass are terrified that war-weary American soldiers in Saddam Hussein's former power base have turned the population against them.

Little if any peace keeping experience and only minimal training have been blamed for the growing disaster and continuing violence.

One senior British defence source said last night: "We have three months at best to get this right. It is absolutely crucial the people of Baghdad can be persuaded we are there to help them.

[...] "The American troops in Baghdad are not doing what is necessary. They are tired, they want to go home and they do not have the training for the job that needs to be done.

[...] The Paras' mission will be diplomatically called a "reinforcement". But it will be a deep embarrassment for US commanders - and an admission they may have won the war but have failed to win the peace.

Another British military source said: "Nobody is saying the US can't do soldiering. But war fighting and peace keeping are very different."

Comment: And the US certainly doesn't know much about keeping the peace...

[...] Aid agencies have accused America's 3rd Infantry Division of having too few military police on Baghdad's streets, failing to halt civil disorder and, when troops do intervene, of being heavy handed. Some suburbs are almost lawless bandit country, which US soldiers seldom enter...

US troops accuse war hero of abuse

British colonel who made rousing speech faces inquiry

Richard Norton-Taylor
The Guardian
Thursday May 22, 2003

A senior army officer praised for his morale-boosting speech to his troops before the invasion of Iraq is being investigated by military police after serious allegations of ill-treatment made by an American soldier.

Lieutenant Colonel Tim Collins who commanded the 1st Battalion of the Royal Irish Regiment and whose rousing speech to troops was praised by Prince Charles and President George Bush, is alleged to have pistol-whipped an Iraqi civil leader, shot at the feet of Iraqi civilians, and shot at the tyres of vehicles when there was no threat to the lives of his soldiers.

The allegations, which Lt Col Collins is understood to strongly deny, were made by an American major in charge of reservists responsible for helping to protect wells in the Rumaila oilfields, near Basra in south-east Iraq.

The Americans "fell out" with the colonel after he suggested they were not up to the job, defence sources said last night...

Where the heck are Saddam's weapons?

The United States's Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) Director George Tenet warned last fall that if the United States attacked Iraq, President Saddam Hussein might hand off his forbidden weapons to Islamic terrorists for a counterattack.

Some analysts say that scenario cannot be ruled out now that 60 days of searches by US troops have produced scant evidence of the doomsday weapons Saddam supposedly had.

Did they wind up in the hands of terrorists?

Charles Pena of the Cato Institute said if Tenet's speculation was correct, it would be the ultimate irony because, he said, the whole point of invading Iraq was to prevent Saddam from passing his weapons on to the al-Qaedas of the world.

There are more benign theories for the lack of progress in finding weapons though.

Peter Brookes of the Heritage Foundation said Saddam may simply have decided to hide the armaments. Or, he said, perhaps Saddam destroyed them to leave United Nations (UN) weapons inspectors with no smoking guns and thus diminish the possibility that President George Bush would make war against him. (The inspectors came up empty-handed, but Bush attacked anyway.) To Brookes, it matters little whether weapons are found.

"The important thing is that we've eliminated the regime's capacity to use these things," he said.

But, politically, the administration is eager for firm evidence of Saddam's arsenal because its existence was the main justification for the war...

Joseph Cirincione, of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, agrees that more time is needed.

But, he said, "It's obvious that the WMD [weapons of mass destruction] program did not exist on the scale that the administration claimed. If it did, we would have seen it by now."...

Bush professes no alarm.

"We'll find them, and it's just going to be a matter of time to do so," the US president said earlier this month. – Sapa-AP

Occupation of Iraq illegal, Blair told

Clare Dyer
Legal correspondent
The Guardian

Leaked advice from the attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, reveals that he warned Tony Blair two months ago that attempts at postwar reconstruction of Iraq by US-British occupying authorities would be unlawful without a further UN resolution.

Lord Goldsmith, the government's chief law officer, told the prime minister that the longer the occupation went on and the more the actions of the occupying authorities departed from their main task of disarmament, the harder it would be to justify the occupation as lawful.

The advice, published in today's New Statesman, was written in a memo to Mr Blair and circulated to a small number of government departments on March 26. The magazine says it follows oral advice from Lord Goldsmith at a cabinet meeting six days into the war, making clear that all activity beyond essential maintenance of security would be unlawful without a further security council resolution.

Critics incensed by WorldCom wireless contract in Iraq

Brian Bergstein
AP Business Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - The Pentagon made an interesting choice when it hired a U.S. company to build a small wireless phone network in Iraq: MCI, aka WorldCom Inc., perpetrator of the biggest accounting fraud in American business and not exactly a big name in cellular service.

The Iraq contract incensed WorldCom rivals and government watchdogs who say Washington has been too kind to the company since WorldCom revealed its $11 billion accounting fraud and plunged into bankruptcy last year.

Russia blocks vote on UN resolution on Iraq

NEW YORK - Russia and other UN members are holding up a vote that would give the U.S. and Britain legal control over Iraq indefinitely.

Six French journalists detained on arrival at Los Angeles, sent back to France

Reporters Without Borders today protested against the detention of six French journalists on arrival a week ago at Los Angeles international airport to cover a video games trade show and their forcible repatriation after being held at the airport for more than 24 hours.

"These journalists were treated like criminals - subjected to several body searches, handcuffed, locked up and fingerprinted," Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Robert Ménard complained in a letter to the US ambassador to Paris, Howard Leach...

The six journalists arrived at Los Angeles airport in two groups a day apart. The first group consisted of Alexandre Alfonsi of Télé 7 Jours, Stéphanie Pic of Télé Poche and Michel Perrot of TV Hebdo, who arrived at 2 p.m. on 10 May without press visas. Pic and Perrot passed through immigration without any problem, but Alfonsi was denied access to US territory on the grounds that he lacked the required visa.

Pic and Perrot tried in vain to find out from airport officials what had happened to their colleague. All three journalists were then detained and held for a total of 26 hours, which included a night in the cells of a US immigration detention centre.

They were subjected to interrogation sessions and six body searches. They were handcuffed while being moved from one place to another, and they were fingerprinted. One official told Alfonsi he would not be able to return to the United States again. They were put on a flight for France at around 4 p.m. the next day and were not able to recover their passports until the aeroplane made a stopover in Amsterdam.

The other group, which suffered an almost identical fate, consisted of Thierry Falcoz, editor in chief of Game One cable television, and two of his cameramen, Laurent Patureau and Alex Gorsky. They arrived at Los Angeles international airport at around 3 p.m. on 11 May. Falcoz and Gorsky passed through immigration without a problem but Patureau was stopped by an official who said he needed a press visa.

When Patureau's two colleagues protested, all three were detained. After being held for nine hours in an airport waiting room they were taken to a US immigration detention centre where they were held overnight in a cell. They were subjected to repeated body searches and interrogation. They were handcuffed when taken from one place to another, and they were fingerprinted. Finally, they were put on a flight back to France at around 6 p.m. the next day.

Chirac to embarrass Bush at G8 conference

Philip Delves Broughton
Pav Akhtar in Paris
The Daily Telegraph

President Chirac is preparing to embarrass President Bush at the forthcoming G8 summit in France by laying out an agenda heavy on environmental, development and economic issues and light on the fight against terrorism.

The summit at Evian on June 2 and June 3 will be the first time M Chirac and Mr Bush have met since their diplomatic war preceding military action in Iraq. However, M Chirac, as the host, is arranging the meeting on his terms.

He made clear yesterday that, despite the debacle over Iraq, he is clinging to his vision of a global balance of powers, with France as an alternative to America.

He said Evian's main goal would be "to build the institutions and rules of a global democracy, open and interconnected", a swipe at the American administration, which has little patience for such rhetoric.

The main themes of the summit would be reviving the world economy, solidarity with poor countries, responding to pandemics such as Aids, climate change and finally the fight against terrorism.

The White House would have preferred the fight against terrorism to head the list, but M Chirac is loath to let the summit become a victory lap for Mr Bush.

M Chirac said the summit was a chance for "nations to show that they can and want to get along, to act together in the service of mankind". He believes many countries are suspicious of America's leadership and prefer France's emphasis on international rules and institutions.


By: Dorothy Anne Seese

The "war on terrorism" via the Office of Homeland Security is working well in America, but only against American citizens. Said office has warned of another possible al Qaeda attack (it's always al Qaeda) on American soil, so bet your sweet Attends that one will come.  I just didn't expect it until just before, or just after, the Republican and Democrat National Conventions in the summer of 2004 when George W. Bush is likely to need one.  However, after the Iraq fiasco and the dissolution of all of Bush's reasons for invading Iraq, he might need one to divert attention again from what some economists are calling a "deflationary cycle" .. in plain English, a depression.


OMG!  If their cries get loud enough, they might have to be silenced by yet another distraction, another "event" of some kind that will throw us into a national emergency with roadblocks and a real military presence.  If the Constitution means nothing to the present administration, then the Posse Comitatus Act will mean even less. Right is what George W. Bush's cabal says is right ... whatever Karl Rove orchestrates.

The war on terrorism might not be stopping terrorists, but it is impeding Americans and any militia efforts, any efforts at self protection along our open borders, and any serious challenge to President Bush's justification for his actions as president.

Plus, terrorist acts always come in handy when you have your back against a wall with an election coming up.

US uses terrorism law in other crime probes: Report bolsters stand of civil liberties groups

By Dan Eggen
Washington Post

WASHINGTON - The Justice Department has used many of the antiterrorism powers granted after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to pursue defendants for crimes unrelated to terrorism, including drug violations, credit card fraud, and bank theft, according to a government report.

In a 60-page report to the House Judiciary Committee, officials confirmed yesterday for the first time that fewer than 50 defendants were secretly detained as material witnesses in the investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks. That number had not previously been disclosed.

The report provides new details about the federal government's domestic war on terrorism, which has largely been conducted in secret and has prompted widespread complaints from civil liberties advocates and Muslim groups. It had been sought by the House Judiciary Committee chairman, Representative F. James Sensenbrenner Jr., Republican of Wisconsin, and the committee's ranking Democrat, Representative John Conyers Jr., Democrat of Michigan.

Bin Laden deputy calls for a repeat of 11 September

Andrew Buncombe

With America already jittery over warnings of a possible terror strike in the US, an audio-recording purporting to have been made by Osama bin Laden's deputy was broadcast yesterday, calling on Muslims to repeat the attacks of 11 September.

Friends of the Earth: Whitman Resignation Leaves Legacy of Polluted Water, Dirty Air and Unhealthy Communities

Common Dreams

WASHINGTON - May 21 - As EPA administrator Christie Whitman announced her resignation, Friends of the Earth today criticized her agency for overseeing the weakening of critical health and environmental protections.

"Christie Whitman played a moderating role at times, but the facts are clear: the Bush EPA has made our water more polluted, our air dirtier and our communities more at risk from toxic dumps," said Brent Blackwelder, president of Friends of the Earth. "As unsatisfactory as her leadership was, evidently it was still too pro-environment for the Bush administration."...

Environmental groups have subsequently criticized Whitman's agency for dismantling an array of longstanding environmental laws. During the past two years, EPA has signed off on a rule allowing polluters to dump industrial waste into waterways and proposed a Clean Air Act change that would allow the nation's dirtiest power plants to expand. The agency has also cut the number of toxic cleanups in half and dramatically reduced its enforcement of pollution control laws, and is currently considering a Clean Water Act change that would remove 60 percent of streams from protection under the law.

Friends of the Earth pointed to these regulatory changes as part of a larger pattern, where administration officials use administrative procedures and budget cuts to surreptitiously weaken laws that enjoy broad public support. The group predicted that Whitman's replacement would continue using these tactics to pursue more environmental rollbacks.

Bomb explodes in Yale law school

Wednesday, May 21, 2003 Posted: 10:35 PM EDT (0235 GMT)

NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (CNN) -- A bomb went off in Yale University's law school building Wednesday, according to a U.S. government official, but no injuries were reported.

The official said local authorities in Connecticut have confirmed the explosion was a bomb but the facts of the case "do not indicate or bear the marks of an international terrorist incident."

Dorie Baker, a Yale spokeswoman, said an investigation is under way.

"We don't know what kind of a device," she said. "It was in an empty classroom, not in the mailroom. All sources are agreed there were no injuries."...

WHO adopts landmark anti-smoking treaty, elects South Korean to helm

Thursday May 22, 2:10 AM

The World Health Organisation (WHO) adopted a historic anti-smoking treaty aimed at curbing five million tobacco-related deaths a year, and elected a South Korean doctor to its helm.

More than 190 countries meeting at the WHO's annual assembly here unanimously approved the treaty, which is the first global treaty committing governments to deal with a major public health issue.

"Today we are acting to save billions of lives and protect people's health for generations to come," said Gro Harlem Brundtland, the outgoing WHO director general who championed the pact.

"This is a historic moment in global public health, demonstrating the international will to tackle a threat to health head on," she said.

The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, drawn up after three years of sometimes bitter negotiations, is designed to reduce smoking-related deaths and disease worldwide by imposing curbs on the advertising, sponsorship and promotion of tobacco.

[...] It will take effect after the 40th of the WHO's 192 member states ratifies it, which is expected to take several years. The document opens for signature at WHO headquarters from June 16...

Comment: Geez! What's up with THAT? It's okay to explode atomic bombs in the atmosphere over America, it's okay to use depleted Uranium ammo in Iraq, it's okay for people to starve or suffer malnutrition, to be bombed, to be treated like barnyard animals, but for god's sake, don't let them smoke! Hmmm... maybe there's a connection? After all, you don't want barnyard animals to ingest things that "spoil the meat."

The World Health Body ought to adopt a historic Anti-Bush Pact. Now THERE'S an idea!

Ari "the Fabulist" Fleischer Quits the Scene

The Liar's Gone, the Enablers Remain

May 21, 2003


White House flack and fabulist Ari Fleischer quits his post and says he is leaving because he wants to be with family, because he's been in government service too long and wants to go into the private sector, da-da, da-da--all the usual things people in government positions of power say when they abandon ship. Is there more to this though? We're talking about the public face of the super- secretive Mini-Bush White House. There are no places Fleisher could move to where he'd get the power, influence and public recognition he has obtained over the last two years. So could this be a case of the first rat leaving a doomed ship?...

Finally, there's the matter of that White House Press Corps. Some have speculated as to why Fleischer never resigned. I don't see why that is a puzzle. The man has demonstrated over the years that he has no principles. Like a flack for Exxon/Mobil or Grace Industries, he obviously sees the job of media relations as one big con job, so why would he suddenly feel the need to resign? No, the real question is why no one in the White House Press Corps has had the sense of principle and the courage to say that they would no longer participate in the charade that is being passed off as journalism. They all know that they've been lied to repeatedly, but they are the willing conduits of those lies to the American public. Night after night, one can watch them carrying Fleischer's water, not cracking a smile as they gravely report the latest politically timed raising of the terror alert level, not bursting out laughing as they report on the president's claim that Al Queda is no longer a problem...

Shuttle mystery 'blessing in disguise'

Wednesday, May 21, 2003 Posted: 4:52 PM EDT (2052 GMT)

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) -- Investigators may never pinpoint the precise sequence of events that caused the space shuttle Columbia to break apart, and if not, it could be a "blessing in disguise," the leader of the accident board said.

Retired Adm. Harold Gehman, head of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, said his panel's report instead will delve even more broadly and deeply into the culture of NASA than the Challenger accident review board in 1986.

"It may be the fact that we don't have a cause and effect is a blessing in disguise," Gehman said Tuesday.

[...] "I personally don't feel any unease about coming to a conclusion which does or does not pinpoint the exact failure," Gehman said. "It really is causing us to look much broader at contributing factors in the accident down to and including the climate and the atmosphere and leadership in management and safety programs."...

Comment: In other words, they don't want you to know that the shuttle was zapped out of the sky (see February 3, 2003 Signs of the Times ). So, they'll talk about complex systems and a broader look at multiple failure modes and safety processes, knowing that the American public will accept a non-answer if it is packaged in technical-sounding fluff.

Analysis: Israel weighing EU membership

By Martin Walker UPI Chief International Correspondent

Published 5/21/2003 1:16 PM

WASHINGTON, May 21 (UPI) -- The visiting delegation from the European Union was startled this week when Israel Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said his government was weighing an application to join the EU.

"It doesn't mean he is preparing the dossier for applying tomorrow," an Israeli spokesman said. "In principle, the minister thinks a possibility exists for Israel to join the EU, since Israel and Europe share similar economies and democratic values."

Shalom broached the subject Tuesday, but there is no immediate prospect of this happening, since under EU rules, new members must have no outstanding border disagreements with their neighbors. The incoming new members from Eastern Europe, particularly Hungary and Romania, had to resolve long-standing disputes to clear their path for entry.

[...] For the EU, Israel's impressive high-tech industry could be useful, but any economic advantages to Israeli membership would have to be balanced against the wider political costs to the EU, unless the Jewish state's relationship with its Arab neighbors is transformed. Even then, those European countries like France that already sneer at Britain as "America's Trojan horse" (and the German media that sneers at Poland as "America's Trojan donkey") might hesitate before admitting another such pro-American member...

Foreign Secretary was target for assassination by Zionist groups

Cahal Milmo

Files reveal terrorist plot to help achieve Jewish state and tell of struggle to unmask spy who betrayed atomic secrets

Jewish extremists planned to set up "IRA-style" cells in London with instructions to assassinate politicians including the Foreign Secretary to help achieve a Jewish state, MI5 papers released today show.

The Security Service was so worried about the threat posed by two Jewish militant groups in 1946 that they told Clement Attlee, the Prime Minister, to expect "indiscriminate" shooting of troops in Palestine and terrorist attacks in Britain.

Israeli troops kill two Palestinian children and 65 year old woman

Jerusalem: 21 May, 2003 (IAP News) Israeli occupation troops on Wednesday shot and killed a 17 year old Palestinian boy and a child at the village of Qarawat Bani Zeid, north of Ramallah, eyewitnesses said. In addition, Israeli troops shot to death a 65-year-old woman and wounded five others.

Voices of the other israel

The International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO) invites you to a seminar

Jeff Halper, Gila Svirsky and Ariel Levin

Even as talk of the impending Quartet "road map" fills the air, Israel is working frantically on the ground to complete its settlement enterprise begun 36 years ago, to "create facts" that make its Occupation irreversible, that foreclose forever the establishment of a viable Palestinian state. Settlement expansion, the ongoing expropriation of thousands of acres of farmland, the uprooting of olive and fruit trees (some 500,000 since 1967), demolition of hundreds of Palestinian homes (10,000 since 1967), construction of a massive system of "by-pass roads" that incorporate the settlements into Israel proper, the induced transfer of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians out of the country, and now the building of a "separation fence" five times longer and two meters higher than the Berlin Wall -- all this means that Israel's "Matrix of Control," as Jeff Halper has called it, is nearing completion. If a Palestinian state emerges eventually, it will be a truncated archipelago of four to six or more enclaves, non-viable, only semi-sovereign, subject to complete Israeli military control...

Comment: This seminar occurred on April 9th, 2003. Given that Israel and the Bush Reich appear to have been behind the WTC attacks, it is not unusual that the Israelis would engineer an attack on Norway to make it seem that fanatical Arab terrorists don't want peace. Israel wants to manipulate the world into destroying Arabs (especially the Palestinians), and at a higher level the NWO requires that all citizens of all countries live in fear.

Qaeda Tape Raises Fears of Fresh Attacks

Wed May 21, 2003 05:22 PM ET

By Miral Fahmy

DUBAI (Reuters) - A call for holy war on Americans and Jews, apparently made by Osama bin Laden's top aide, raised fears Wednesday of a new terror attack, as a source said Saudi Arabia foiled a Sept. 11-style hijack...

Al-Jazeera television aired an audio tape it said was from Ayman al-Zawahri, bin Laden's top lieutenant, who urged Muslims to strike at the embassies and commercial interests of the United States, Britain, Australia and, oddly, Norway.

A Saudi source said a suicide airliner attack had been thwarted by the arrest of three Moroccans, rejecting comments by Interior Minister Prince Nayef that no such plot had existed. Britain's envoy said the oil-rich kingdom was riskier than ever.

[...] The tape appeared to date from the early days of the U.S.-led war on Iraq, an invasion some experts had warned could spark revenge attacks by Muslim extremists. Britain and Australia sent troops to Iraq, though Norway opposed the war.

Norway's PM Taking Al Qaeda Threat Seriously

Wed May 21, 2003 07:07 PM ET

OSLO, Norway (Reuters) - Norway is taking the threat of terror attacks against its targets seriously, Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik said Wednesday, after his country was named in an alleged al Qaeda threat to embassies of the United States and other countries.

Qatar-based al-Jazeera television aired an audiotape it said was from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's top aide, Ayman al-Zawahri, urging Muslims to strike at the embassies and commercial interests of the United States, Britain, Australia and Norway.

[...] It was not immediately clear why oil-rich, NATO-member Norway, which did not send troops to fight in the Iraq war, was mentioned. Oslo's main role in the Middle East has been to help mediate between Israelis and Palestinians.

Fresh inquest into soldier's 'chemical tests' death

A coroner has set a date for a new inquest into the death of an airman who took part in secret military chemical warfare tests 50 years ago.

[...] The 20-year-old RAF engineer died at the MOD's Porton Down laboratories on Salisbury Plain in May 1953.

[...] The original inquest was held behind closed doors "for reasons of national security" but Mr Maddison's family and others have campaigned for decades for the truth to be revealed.

[...] Mr Maddison, from Swindon, Wiltshire, died after he was allegedly given a 200mg dose of sarin nerve gas.

It is said he was among many servicemen and women who believed they were taking part in experiments to find a cure for the common cold but say they were instead subjected to exposure of CS gas, mustard gas and hallucinogens such as LSD.

Police have investigated the cases of hundreds of people who say they were used as guinea pigs in germ warfare experiments at the Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment...

FCC: Public Be Damned

The Nation
[from the June 2, 2003 issue]

Cheered on by the Bush Administration and powerful media conglomerates, Federal Communications Commission chair Michael Powell is pushing ahead with a June 2 vote to gut longstanding rules designed to prevent the growth of media monopolies. If successful, Powell's push could, in the words of dissident commissioner Michael Copps, "dramatically [alter] our nation's media landscape without the kind of debate and analysis that these issues clearly merit." Copps and the other Democratic commissioner, Jonathan Adelstein, have asked for a thirty-day delay in the vote, but Powell has the upper hand--he and two other Republican commissioners form a majority on the five-member FCC. The chairman will not win without a fight, however, as his decision to force a vote on rule changes that have not been broadly debated or analyzed has provoked a fierce response from the widest coalition of critics ever to weigh in on an FCC rule- making decision.

Powell's contempt for public opinion, evidenced by his scheduling of only one official hearing on the proposed rule changes, is so great that he refused invitations to nine semiofficial hearings at which other commissioners were present. The hearings drew thousands of citizens and close to universal condemnation of the rule changes. Likewise, an examination of roughly half the 18,000 public statements filed electronically with the FCC show that 97 percent of them oppose permitting more media concentration. Even media moguls Barry Diller and Ted Turner have raised objections, with Turner complaining, "There's really five companies that control 90 percent of what we read, see and hear. It's not healthy."...

The stirrings in Congress prodded the Bush Administration and its allies. Commerce Secretary Don Evans urged Powell to proceed with the June 2 vote regardless of the opposition, and business-friendly members of the House echoed that call.

ACTION ALERT: Will the FCC Help Big Media Get Even Bigger?

May 20, 2003

...Among other things, the FCC's three Republican commissioners hope to revoke the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership rule, which prevents a company from owning a newspaper and a TV station in the same market, and to significantly increase the number of TV stations one company can own...

The FCC's rulemaking process is, by design, difficult to follow, but the potential impact of what the New York Times called (3/14/03) "the most important set of rules changes in decades" is alarmingly clear. Broadcasting & Cable reported (5/15/03) that the FCC's current proposals would allow a single company to own as many as three TV stations in any of the five biggest markets (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia), and permit ownership of two TV stations-- as well as a major newspaper-- "in nearly all of the largest 100 markets." In large radio markets, according to B&C, the changes would allow a company to own eight radio and two TV stations.

Imagine living in a community where one large, multinational conglomerate controlled eight radio stations, two major TV stations and the leading daily newspaper. Given the damage that media consolidation has already done to the quality and diversity of media offerings, such a scenario-- repeated in communities across the country-- has worrying implications.

For people relying on network television for news, however, it would be tough to know much about the changes in the works. ABC World News Tonight aired a May 15 report on FCC deregulation-- divided into "pro" and "con" segments-- and a May 18 report on radio deregulation. At CBS and NBC, there have been no mentions of the sweeping proposals on any of the nightly newscasts, and only three brief early-morning reports elsewhere on the network schedule (ABC World News This Morning, 9/9/02, 2/27/03; CBS Morning News, 5/13/03).

These networks are all owned by companies that stand to profit from the FCC's plan to re-shape the media landscape. Their scant coverage of these issues-- ranging from very little at ABC to none at all at NBC-- reflects a glaring conflict of interest.

Tarrytown judge's remark sparks outrage


TARRYTOWN — An Arab-American woman who fainted in village court said she suffered an anxiety attack after the judge asked if she were a terrorist.

Anissa Khoder has filed a complaint against Tarrytown Village Justice William Crosbie with the state Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Khoder went to court on Thursday to contest a pair of parking tickets. As she approached the judge's table, she said, Crosbie considered her name out loud and asked if she were a terrorist. She said she was stunned by the implication, but responded with a weak, reflexive smile.

"I felt offended, and I kept it to myself," she said, but then it got worse. After completing her explanation for why the tickets should be dismissed, she said the judge asked her, "You don't really want to pay these tickets, do you?"

"Then he said something like, 'You have money to support the terrorists, but you don't want to pay the ticket,' " Khoder said. "I could not believe I was hearing that."

She was unable to say anything in protest and, almost immediately, collapsed to the floor. A court officer and two Tarrytown police officers helped her and called for an ambulance, but Khoder soon recovered and declined medical attention.

Indian shot at by whites


PHOENIX, May 21. — In a hate crime case, an Indian Sikh immigrant was shot and seriously injured by a group of white men on Monday, police said.
Avtar Chiera (52), a truck driver, was apparently targeted by the white men because of his Sikh religious faith, Detective Tony Morale of the Phoenix Police said yesterday.

Chiera had parked his vehicle when the white men pulled up in a small red pickup truck and started yelling “get out of our country” or something to that effect. The men opened fire, hitting Chiera and seriously wounding him. He was not robbed and nothing was taken from the truck, Mr Morale said.

The shooting is being investigated as a hate crime, he said. Authorities were still looking for suspects yesterday. After the 9/11 attack, a Sikh man, Balbir Singh Sodhi, was shot dead in Mesa, Arizona, by a man who mistook him for a Muslim. The man now faces first-degree murder and other charges.

Author Booed Off Stage for Anti-War Speech

Comment: Below is an excerpt of the Rockford College graduation speech by Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize winner and author of a recent book that describes war as an addiction. He was booed and the dumb kids rushed the stage and twice cut power to the microphone. He decided to cut his speech short.


The censure and perhaps the rage of much of the world, certainly one-fifth of the world's population which is Muslim, most of whom I'll remind you are not Arab, is upon us. Look today at the 14 people killed last night in several explosions in Casablanca. And this rage in a world where almost 50 percent of the planet struggles on less than two dollars a day will see us targeted. Terrorism will become a way of life, and when we are attacked we will, like our allies Putin and Sharon, lash out with greater fury. The circle of violence is a death spiral; no one escapes. We are spinning at a speed that we may not be able to hold. As we revel in our military prowess -- the sophistication of our military hardware and technology, for this is what most of the press coverage consisted of in Iraq -- we lose sight of the fact that just because we have the capacity to wage war it does not give us the right to wage war. This capacity has doomed empires in the past.

"Modern western civilization may perish," the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr warned, "because it falsely worshiped technology as a final good."

Erie Police Investigate Possible Ethnic Intimidation In Teen Fight

Erie police are investigating an alleged case of violent ethnic intimidation Monday afternoon on the city's Eastside. 14 year old Zaman Abo-Zebiba who's of Iraqi decent says she was beaten by a classmate after they got off their school bus. She says a crowd of other Wayne Middle school students stood around, and yelled anti-Iraqi and anti-Muslim statements. "Yelling 'kill the Muslim girl. Get her, that's what she deserves'...I don't even feel safe in this country because everyone's messing with me." Zaman's father Adil Abo-Zebibi moved his family to Erie from Iraq ten years ago. "I come here to America. It is the number one free country in the world, and I don't feel free now." Meantime the other teenager in the fight has scratches on her chest, and denies that any anti-Iraqi or anti-Muslim statements were ever made.


It's a memory aid! A robotic assistant! An epidemic detector! An all-seeing, ultra-intrusive spying program!

The Pentagon is about to embark on a stunningly ambitious research project designed to gather every conceivable bit of information about a person's life, index it and make it searchable...

The embryonic LifeLog program would take every e-mail you've sent or received, every picture you've taken, every web page you've surfed, every phone call you've had, every TV show you've watched, every magazine you've read, and dump it into a giant database.

All of this -- and more -- would be combined with a GPS transmitter, to keep tabs on where you're going; audio-visual sensors, to capture all that you see or say; and biomedical monitors, to keep track of your health.

This gigantic amalgamation of personal information could then be used to "trace the 'threads' of an individual's life," to see exactly how a relationship or events developed, according to a briefing from the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency, LifeLog's sponsor.

Someone with access to the database could "retrieve a specific thread of past transactions, or recall an experience from a few seconds ago or from many years earlier … by using a search-engine interface."

Alchemy with light shocks physicists

19:00 21 May 03

Charles Choi
Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition

Claims of "unexpected and stunning new physical phenomena" are rare in the abstract of a reputable scientific paper. But the latest report by photonics crystal pioneer John Joannopoulos and his group at MIT, soon to be published in Physical Review Letters, does not disappoint.

The researchers document the ultimate control over light: a way to shift the frequency of light beams to any desired colour, with near 100 per cent efficiency. "The degree of control over light really is quite shocking," comments photonics expert Eli Yablonovitch at the University of California, Los Angeles.

[...] Photonic crystals, which are made by sandwiching together layers of material that bend light in different ways, can be designed to reflect some frequencies while letting others through. They are used to steer light through circuits in the same way that electronic circuits direct electric current.

From computer simulations, the team found that shock waves passing through a crystal alter its properties as they compress it. For example, a crystal that normally allows red light through but reflects green light might become transparent to green light and reflect red light instead.

[...] The team is now collaborating with researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to demonstrate the effect. Initially they will generate shock waves by shooting bullets at photonic crystals. This would destroy the crystal, but not before the light has had time to shift. Eventually, sound waves should do the job just as well, they say. "It's really practical, and potentially even easier to do than with actual shock waves," says Reed...

Six bodies found at Stonehenge

Wednesday, May 21, 2003 Posted: 20:23 GMT

LONDON, England (AP) -- Archaeologists who last year unearthed the remains of a Bronze Age archer at Stonehenge said Wednesday they have found six more bodies near the mysterious ring of ancient monoliths.

The remains of four adults and two children were found about half a mile from that of the archer, dubbed "The King of Stonehenge" by Britain's tabloid press. Archaeologists said he came from Switzerland and may have been involved in building the monument.

Radiocarbon tests will be done to find out more precise dates for the burials but the group is believed to have lived around 2300 B.C., during the building of Stonehenge at Amesbury, 75 miles southwest of London, said Wessex Archaeology, which excavated the site.

The latest bones discovered are about the same age of those of the archer, said Wessex Archaeology.

"This new find is really unusual. It is exceptionally rare to find the remains of so many people in one grave like this in southern England," said Andrew Fitzpatrick of Wessex Archaeology...

N. Korea issues grim nuke warning

Wednesday, May 21, 2003 Posted: 0418 GMT (12:18 PM HKT)

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- North Korea has condemned a recent summit between the leaders of the U.S. and South Korea and warned of an "unspeakable disaster" if Seoul confronts the communist state over its nuclear weapons programs.

The threat, made during inter-Korean economic talks in the North's capital of Pyongyang, was the communist state's first reaction to last week's meeting between U.S. President George W. Bush and South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun in Washington.

Bush and Roh said last week they would "not tolerate" atomic weapons in North Korea.

They said they would seek a peaceful solution to the nuclear standoff but would consider "further steps" if Pyongyang escalates tensions.

A senior Bush administration official has said "further steps" could mean military action as well as "a lot of things in the toolbox."...

Milena Tonkova: Bulgarian Archeology Project Is the Key to Ancient Mystery Rituals

Exclusive for 21 May 2003, Wednesday.

Bulgarian archeologist Milena Tonkova leads one of the most intriguing projects of indigenous archeology that explores a mysterious ancient sanctuary.

The sacred place connected to the cult of wine-god Dionysus and other gods of the earth thrived in the 4th-3rd century BC. Although it belonged to a rich Thracian kingdom, both ancient Thracians and Greeks flocked to it.

Putin will spray rain clouds to guarantee sunshine for celebrations

12:25 Wednesday 21st May 2003

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he can guarantee sunshine for the St. Petersburg's 300th birthday celebrations by ordering the Russian air force to spray chemicals on rain clouds.

Ten planes will be kept ready for action in case rain clouds accumulate around the city, the Defence Ministry in Moscow confirmed.

The planes will then spray the undisclosed chemicals on the clouds to make them rain outside the city and spare the celebrations from disruption.

More than 50 world leaders including Tony Blair and President Bush are expected to attend the event that commemorates the founding of the city by Tsar Peter the Great in 1703...

'Mad-cow' case latest blow to rocky Canada-U.S. trade

By Bradley Meacham
Seattle Times business reporter

First lumber, then wheat, and now beef. Canadian goods shipped to the U.S. are under siege, threatening to undermine the world's biggest trading relationship.

On Tuesday, the U.S. and other countries suspended imports of Canadian beef after the discovery of a cow in Alberta with "mad-cow" disease, a wasting brain disease that can spread through the food chain...

The worries over beef come just as trade between the two countries was recovering from heightened border security after the Sept 11 attacks. Icy relations between President Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and punitive U.S. duties on Canadian lumber and wheat continue to cast a shadow. [...]

Last year the U.S. imposed duties averaging 27 percent on Canadian wood exports to offset what the Bush administration said are unfair forestry policies. The tariffs have led to job losses in Canada, especially in British Columbia, where the economy depends on the timber industry. Most Canadians are aware of the dispute, which is commonly referred to even in Canadian fashion magazines.

In March, the U.S. placed separate duties on Canadian wheat exports, saying that Canada unfairly subsidizes those crops. At the time Canadians were already fuming about "friendly fire" deaths in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq — which most Canadians opposed.

More than half of Canadians think their relationship with the U.S. is deteriorating, according to Ekos, a Canadian polling firm. Before the Iraq war more Canadians saw President Bush as a threat to global security than Saddam Hussein, the poll said. Bush canceled a planned May 5 trip to Canada, and the dispute over softwood lumber continues to fuel anger.

Galactic boom-and-bust cycle revealed  

May 03
David L. Chandler news service

New X-ray images of two very distant galaxies have revealed what appears to be a boom-and-bust cycle in the early evolution of galaxies and galaxy clusters. The images, taken with the orbiting Chandra X-ray observatory, show huge clouds of high-energy particles surrounding two galaxies, 3C294 and 4C41.17. These are located 10 and 12 billion light years away respectively.

The particles can be traced back, using X-ray and radio observations, to jets emanating from supermassive black holes at the centres of the galaxies, and can therefore be identified as the remnants of explosive activity in these early galaxies.

"The galaxies may be revealing an energetic phase in which a supermassive black hole transfers considerable energy into the gas surrounding the galaxies," said Andrew Fabian of Cambridge University, UK, who led the study to be published in the Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society.

The finding may help explain some puzzling features of early galaxies and the largest clusters of galaxies, the team says. In particular, it explains why the gravitational accretion of matter does not just continue unabated until all the gas, dust and stars in a region have collapsed into far larger galaxies and much denser galaxy clusters, with more massive central black holes, than are actually seen.

The astronomers suggest that the huge energetic jets implied by new work provided an energetic wind that countered the accretion process and pushed everything outward again. This process is similar to the T-Tauri winds that sweep away all the gas and dust around newly-formed stars.

"It's as if nature tries to impose a weight limit on the size of the most massive galaxies," said Caleb Scharf, an astronomer at Columbia University in New York and author of a separate study on the Chandra findings being published in the Astrophysical Journal. The energetic winds, he says, provide a mechanism to regulate the growth of the galaxy by stopping the collapse for a few million years, after which the cycle begins again. [...]

The dark destroyer

A mysterious and powerful force - 'dark energy' - has made physicists change their view of the fate of the Universe. Now the race is on to find out more about it

By Marcus Chown
21 May 2003
Independent, UK

The fate of the Universe is to end not with a bang but with a whimper, as TS Eliot famously wrote. This is the current view of cosmologists, who believe the Universe will expand forever, its constituent galaxies becoming ever more isolated islands of burnt-out stars in an endless sea of space. However, physicists in the US have now pointed out a radically different cosmic endgame. "We call it the Big Rip," says Robert Caldwell of Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. "It's a nightmare scenario in which all galaxies, stars and even atoms are violently torn apart, and it's still just compatible with the observations."

The key to understanding the Big Rip is the "dark energy", which burst on to the scene in 1998 when astrophysicists in the US discovered that distant "Type Ia" supernovae - a class of exploding stars believed to detonate with a standard intrinsic brightness - were fainter than they ought to be, taking into account their distance from the Earth. Confounding all expectations, the Universe's expansion had speeded up since the stars exploded, pushing them further away than predicted and making them appear fainter.

This was a bombshell dropped into the world of cosmology. The Universe's constituent galaxies are flying apart like pieces of cosmic shrapnel in the aftermath of the Big Bang, the titanic explosion in which everything was born 13.7 billion years ago. The only force thought to be affecting their motion was the gravitational pull of each galaxy tugging on every other. It should be braking the expansion, not speeding it up. Evidently, the Universe was being controlled by something else - something which nobody had anticipated.

It was dubbed "dark energy" by cosmologists. Invisible and mysterious, it lurks in the blackness of space and is exerting a cosmic repulsion on the matter of the Universe, counteracting gravity and driving the galaxies remorselessly apart. It can be thought of as "springy space". As galaxies move apart from each other, ever more springy space is created between them, which has the effect of pushing the galaxies apart more forcibly.

There are several possible candidates for the dark energy, distinguishable by the way they behave as the Universe expands. Caldwell and his colleagues, Marc Kamionkowski and Nevin Weinberg of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, have investigated a type which they have christened "phantom energy". Its central characteristic is that the energy contained in a fixed volume of space increases with time.

This has a double-whammy effect. Not only does the repulsive effect on galaxies go up because springiness of space increases, it goes up because more springy space is created between the galaxies as they fly apart. "The result is a runaway expansion of the Universe which gets ever more violent," says Caldwell. So fast is the expansion that more and more of the Universe is stretched so far away from any observer that its light cannot reach them. "Consequently, every observer sees the visible Universe around them shrink ever faster, eventually down to a single point."

But the most dramatic consequence is that, as the phantom energy grows, its repulsive effect becomes strong enough to rip apart all systems held together with familiar forces, starting with galaxy clusters and rapidly going down the scale to galaxies, stars and planets. "At the end of time, as the visible Universe around every point shrinks to nothing, even atoms will be ripped apart," says Caldwell.

In a paper submitted to the journal Physical Review, Caldwell's team calculates one possible timeline for a universe dominated by phantom energy. The Universe reaches the Big Rip in 22 billion years from now, with the Milky Way destroyed 60 million years before the end, planets exploded half an hour before and atoms torn to pieces in the final billion billionth of a second.

Caldwell admits to surprise that such a violent end is possible in an ever- expanding universe when the received wisdom was that such a universe would end with a whimper. Even more surprising is that this doomsday scenario is still compatible with cosmic observations, including those of the fleeing supernovae and cosmic background radiation, the "afterglow" of the Big Bang which still lingers throughout space. "It's unlikely but it can't be proved impossible," says Martin Rees of the University of Cambridge, who has carried out calculations similar to Caldwell. "If humanoids survive, they could observe all but the final millisecond - that's when the cosmic repulsion gets up to the tensile strength of our bodies and tears us apart."

Despite the unpleasant end to the Universe, phantom energy may answer a nagging question about the dark energy. It had an extremely small effect in the Big Bang but it has been growing ever since. Only comparatively recently has it begun to dominate the Universe. Why now? According to Caldwell, the answer is simple. The Universe began in uniformity - the smeared-out hot gas of the Big Bang - and it will end in uniformity, with all matter ripped apart and spread evenly throughout space. There is only a brief period in between when structures such as galaxies and planets are possible - later than the time gravity has pulled matter together and before the time the dark energy is strong enough to blast it apart again. "Since it's the only time we can exist, we should not be surprised to find ourselves living at such a time!" says Caldwell.

The scenario is not without problems, though. Phantom energy's repulsive effect could be used to hold open "wormholes", short-cuts through space and time which are permitted by Einstein's theory of gravity but should snap shut the instant they form. This raises the spectre of time machines. Physicists find these very uncomfortable since in principle someone could go back in time and kill their grandfather, with obvious paradoxical consequences.

The strong possibility remains that the dark energy is in a form less extreme than phantom energy. The two frontrunners are a "cosmological constant", proposed by Einstein and later dismissed by him as his "biggest mistake", and "quintessence".

In the case of a cosmological constant, the energy contained in a fixed volume of space drops with time. But this is exactly compensated for by the extra space created as the Universe expands, so the cosmic repulsion never dies away but ensures the Universe expands forever. In the case of quintessence, the energy contained in a fixed volume of space drops less quickly. In an extreme case, it actually stays constant. (If banknotes behaved like this, if you held a stack between your hands and pulled your hands twice as far apart, you would double the number of bank notes.) Quintessence therefore boosts the expansion of the Universe far more than a cosmological constant, though not of course as much as phantom energy. If banknotes behaved like phantom energy, they would fountain out of control from between your hands.

What physicists need is a way of distinguishing between the three different incarnations of dark energy. They may get it before the end of the decade.

Astronomers are proposing a spaceprobe called the SuperNova Acceleration Probe (Snap). It will boast the largest camera ever put in space - 30 times bigger than the camera on Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope. Its task will be to make measurements of more than 2,000 supernovae as they detonate in far away galaxies. "It's one of the most important scientific projects of the next 10 years," says cosmologist Max Tegmark, of the University of Pennsylvania.

Snap is one of the US Department of Energy's highest scientific priorities. "How the dark energy changes with distance, or 'look-back time' is the key observation that will allow us to distinguish between the different types of dark energy," says one of Snap's originators, Greg Aldering of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in California. The plan is to launch Snap in 2008. Finally, we might get a handle on the nature of dark energy. Unless, of course, nature has another surprise up its sleeve.

Comment: One has to wonder, in light of the apparent Bush Reich Agenda to take over the Planet, just WHY "Snap" is "one of the US Department of Energy's highest scientific priorities." After all, making this planet safe and friendly, and solving the problems of humanity - as it exists - do not seem to be a very high priority. But then, of course, we notice in the above article the reference to "time travel." Ahh! Hyperdimensional space and all that! The very things we have been writing about on this website for the past five years or more. And we notice that everything in our world that points to "hyperdimensional space" and its denizens, is rapidly being dealt with by COINTELPRO by calling it "cultic" or "dangerous."

Recovered Meteor Reveals Solar Secrets


May 8, 2003 — The extraordinary find of a meteorite that was photographed as it plummeted to Earth has helped resolve some of the mysteries about the solar system's rocky wanderers, but also created new ones...

The astronomers traced the trajectory of the path they saw and on July 14 they found a 1.75-kilo (3.85-pound) chunk of the debris near the turreted castle of Neuschwanstein, in Bavaria.

It was only the fourth time that meteorites have been recovered from detected meteors, despite the sky-scrutinizing efforts of the European Fireball Network and others around the world...

Neuschwanstein, the astronomers were startled to find, came from the same "meteor stream" as the first of the four historic space rocks — a 4.5-kilo (9.9-pound) chunk found in 1959 in Pribram, in what was then Czechoslovakia.

But the Neuschwanstein meteorite is much older than Pribram — it spent 48 million years in space, compared to 12 million years — and has a quite different chemical composition.

It has less iron oxide, magnesium, silicon and calcium among its key elements and is more granular.

If Neuschwanstein came from an asteroid, the evidence challenges assumptions that the solar system's building rubble is comprised of similar chemical masses.

"It seems the meteor stream in which these objects were flowing is more heterogeneous than is usually supposed," said Jack Drummond, of the Starfire Optical Range in New Mexico, in an accompanying article in Nature.

"Looking skyward, knowing where these rocks came from, we may begin to understand something of the early history of our solar system."

Krystallnacht: The Night of the Broken Glass

Philosopher George Santayana warned the civilized world that those who ignored history would be condemned to repeat it -- and he was right. 9-11 was America's 'Krystallnacht' and we are indeed repeating it.

Generations of Americans have wondered how the German people allowed the evil of Hitler to come into being. It was easy. Most of the conditions in Germany that led to Hitler's rise to power not only exist in America today, they fill our daily news...

The level of propaganda in America since 9-11 has truly risen to Hitlerian levels and most Americans do not even care about the Bush administration lies. Many people have damned me as anti-Bush. I assure you, I am an equal opportunity Fed-basher and for new readers, you should read what I had to say about the Clintonistas...

Hitler had his propagandists and so does Dubya...the sad thing is both are financed by many of the same people. People did not listen then and they do not listen now.

All I can ask is for you to READ the news from all over the world, never depend upon network news that you hear in nightly 15 second sound bytes and to use the brains the good Lord gave you. Basically, you are being lied to and for a definite reason. Don't take my word for it or that of any other single source. Learn to search out your own facts, because I assure you...what you are told by major media and your government is NOT the truth!

The Darkening of The American Dream

Posted Saturday, May 17, 2003
By Stewart Nusbaumer
Editor of Intervention.

On a New York subway train yesterday in the middle of the afternoon surrounded by the safe Upper West Side, my daughter's wallet was stolen. Before she could arrive home and telephone the credit card company, numerous charges had been made: $135 for perfume, $263 for shoes, $59 for lunch, $210 for three subway passes, $88 for a railroad ticket to Long Island, $80 worth of wine.

While her wallet was being lifted, I was reading that the U.S. military is imposing security on the other side of the world, wealthy New Yorkers are paying enormous sums of money for lavish Manhattan apartments, and workers in Brooklyn and the Bronx are struggling to find any kind of work. I didn't read anything about New York crime, which is just as well. Statistics on crime in New York City are as trustworthy as statistics on SARS in Beijing...

It's doubtful the liberating one is from the army of economic emigrants living in New York and working for near slave wages, since most of them are riveted to the promise of the American Dream, immune to thoughts of injustice and stealing. Those living in proximity to 5th Avenue are already living the American Dream -- pushing dog- stocks is definitely stealing, but it's legal, and anything legal and profitable is the American Dream...

The American Dream is a material dream, the hope for a life of wealth. Everything else is secondary, including democracy and nationalism. This material American Dream helps keep our society together since little else glues us. However, with riches beyond reach, Americans are forced to settle for the occasional brush with opulence and a house on a small plot of land with an SUV in the driveway. Still, the Dream tends to hold and bind a people with less and less in common.

...The American Dream today is little more than the material possessions one can gather, little more than the United States of wealth. Still, it helps us to identify with each other and not go after each other's throats, most of the time.

G. W. Bush: A Designer President By Karl Rove

By Dorothy Anne Seese

The White House has taken a cue from the success of producer/director Steven Spielberg, a confessing liberal communicant, and Karl Rove has created from a patrician family's spoiled son, errant investor and baseball fan both a governor for the state of Texas and now, a true "designer" president for Americans who are hungry for a hero to worship and a leader to follow. In fact, Rove's masterpiece goes far beyond Spielberg's transformation of Liam Neeson into Oskar Schindler. Karl Rove, in his mastery of the chameleon politician, isn't looking for a few million on opening weekend, he's in for a minimum of an eight year run and perhaps following that, a succession of Bush boys in the White House. And hundreds upon hundreds of millions in whatever Rove wishes to invest. Unless they all get caught.

...The American public seems to love being fooled into believing in this creation by the White House's own version of Spielberg...

...Karl Rove has engineered public thought to believe W. Bush is a "conservative" and he isn't a conservative, he is a patrician with imperialist notions of grandeur and control over America -- and any part of the world that confronts US policy. Perhaps no greater tyrant has come to the forefront in America, but is it Bush, or Rove? That's the real mystery...

If Act One of Karl Rove's continuing drama was the governorship of Texas, and Act Two is the president who would be emperor ... and if his talent follows along Spielberg lines ... one has to ask:

Is Jurassic Park next?

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