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May 15, 2003

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Life is religion. Life experiences reflect how one interacts with God. Those who are asleep are those of little faith in terms of their interaction with the creation. Some people think that the world exists for them to overcome or ignore or shut out. For those individuals, the worlds will cease. They will become exactly what they give to life. They will become merely a dream in the 'past.' People who pay strict attention to objective reality right and left, become the reality of the 'Future.'
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American Airlines to lay off more than 3,100 flight attendants July 1

CNN May 15, 2003

"Today's announcement by American is indeed very sad for all of us at the APFA," said John Ward, president of the flight attendants' union. "The news that so many of our co-workers will now face unemployment is another in a long line of very disheartening events of late."

Comment: Thank you, Bush Reich!

"Human, almost human"

By Paul Harris Columnist (Canada)

Most countries have laws against acts of murder, arson, sabotage, wanton destruction, vandalism, kidnapping, and so on. Increasingly, countries are beginning to have specific laws against "terrorism" even though "terrorism" is usually accomplished by one, some, or all of those same crimes. Under the rubric of a "war against terrorism," countries have joined together in a loose alliance with the vague goal of "eliminating terrorism." Since they are apparently making a distinction between the crimes listed above and "terrorism," it has to be assumed that there is no war against those specific crimes, just the terrorist version of them. [...]

Consider the American Revolution; consider the resistance fighters in France during World War II; consider the Israelis in Palestine, and later the Palestinians in Israel. Objectively, there is no difference in their motivation, their actions, and some of their tactics; yet only the latter group is labeled "terrorist."

In reality, these laws against terrorism are actually laws against Arabs and Islamic people. [...] the current object of derision among westerners is the swarthy Ay-rab. Even the usual victims of racism have joined in this distrust and dislike of all things Islamic and this distaste has become so widespread and so acceptable in otherwise decent circles that it is becoming almost obligatory. [...]

What qualifies something as "terrorism"? We have all heard the notion that what is terrorism to one person is freedom fighting to another, that terrorism is in the eye of the beholder. The fact is that terrorism is anything someone declares it to be; generally, fighting for a cause you don't support with methods you don't like makes someone a "terrorist" and it allows you to declare that cause, those actions, and the perpetrator to be the ultimate evil. Even concepts like "mass murder" and "sabotage" don't carry the demonizing power of the word "terrorism." And yet the actions are almost always the same. [...]

When Churchill ordered the senseless bombing of Dresden during World War II, or the Shah of Iran ordered mass killings of his people, or Janet Reno ordered the attack on the Koresh compound in Waco -- what makes these actions escape being labeled as "terrorism"? [...] Any dispassionate analysis of the use of the word 'terrorism' also reveals that the choice to use or not to use the word is frequently based not on the act itself but on who is doing it to whom." (John V. Whitbeck) [...] [A]sk yourself if the leaders of the "war" have not openly declared that the quiet racism against Islam no longer needs to kept in the closet. It has become almost mandatory among "civilized" people. Arabs and Muslims have long been aware of a tendency to consider them something less than fully human, or at least not entitled to the same level of human rights as everyone else. The blinding hatred against them that arose after September 11 is a truly frightening thing.

A "war on terrorism" which labels all efforts by Arabs and Muslims to correct deeply felt wrongs as not only illegitimate but also criminal, and treats Arabs and Muslims as suspects with "terrorist" intent and unworthy of basic human rights, is almost certain to produce even worse instances of precisely what this war is supposedly intended to eradicate.

Therein lies the great peril before us: terror begets terror.

[The events on 9-11] succeeded in bringing about suspension or removal of many of the rights and liberties of the country claiming to be the freest on earth. [...]

Acts of terrorism are usually committed by the weak against the strong and generally the actions committed are the only useful options available to the weaker party. Most "terrorists" would far prefer to fight with sophisticated weapons, to drop bombs and missiles from the safety of the sky or the ocean, but such weaponry is not usually within their grasp. So they use the delivery systems they can muster, be that commandeered aircraft or their own bodies.

No one dares to criticize the countries involved in the war on terrorism. Even accepting that some people labeled as "terrorists" are truly reprehensible people, many others are simply idealists of one stripe or another motivated by very legitimate grievances which are completely incapable of being redressed in the absence of dramatic and catastrophic action.

In the United States, where a national fever has gripped since September 11 that calls out for revenge, civil liberties are shredded and constitutional protections are abrogated to thunderous applause in some circles, and at least quiet acquiescence in most others.

There is an old adage that if someone is cornered and the only way out is over the top of you, that's the route he will choose. We have repeatedly failed to notice when the other guy was trapped in a corner, or we have been so cocky as to assume he wouldn't dare. But the world must recognize that it is full of injustice. In a world where the only tool available to the oppressed in their efforts to alleviate their misery might be violence, it must be expected that violence will occur. Rather than fighting back with even greater oppression, it behooves those in power to seek to redress some of the concerns of the complainants; it may be very possible to avoid a lot of unnecessary violence and death. But if our only response is to fight fire with even more fire, then we better break out the asbestos suits.

Comment: The only problem we see with the above analysis is the simple fact that there has NOT been much in the way of "reprisals" against America in response to the War in Iraq. The recent bombing in Saudi Arabia - not in Iraq or Afghanistan, mind you - is more suggestive of further CIA COINTELPRO than anything else. We have frequently noted that the so-called Palestinian Sucide Bombers usually show up when there is a possibility of progress that is favorable TO the Palestinians than at other times. This is also strongly suggestive that it is Mossad COINTELPRO. How otherwise can we explain the consistent acts of "shooting themselves in the foot" that the Palestinians commit? Again and again what we see is that there is very likely a calculated, Machiavellian effort to demonize the Arabs. And again we say: it is only a matter of time before the rest of the Semitic peoples - Jews specifically - will find themselves in the same position vis a vis George Bush and the Skull and Bones gang.


Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
May 10, 2003

On the subject of the proposed "Defense Transformation Act of the 21st Century," which has been presented on behalf of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

1. Our U.S. Federal Constitution was crafted under the authority of that natural law stipulated by our 1776 Declaration of Independence and Preamble of that Constitution. The separation of powers is the principal functional distinction of that Constitution as a whole. In the matter of the proposed legislation, the authorities demanded for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld would be a grave material breach of that Constitution, a leak in the dike which opens the way for the kinds of dictatorial powers assumed by the Adolf Hitler regime on February 28, 1933, powers from which all the principal crimes of the Hitler regime ensued.

2. In this matter, we can not be blind to the fact that leading members of the present administration, such as Vice-President Cheney and Secretary Rumsfeld, have associated themselves with a philosophy of unconstitutional and other insurrectionary practices formerly identified as "Synarchist: Nazi-Communist." The stated premises for the most clearly objectionable features of the draft legislation are also peculiarly consistent with the Nazi legal doctrine of Carl Schmitt, a notorious confederate of the late Professor Leo Strauss and Alexander Kojeve whose synarchist connections and style in philosophy are those of relevant high-ranking officers of Secretary Rumsfeld's Department of Defense. The relevant language presented within the proposed legislation should therefore be outlawed, root and branch.

3. Such features of the proposed legislation might be grounds to seek impeachment of those who are considered as conspiring to destroy our Constitution through imitation of Nazi-like emergency powers.

Basic freedoms, R.I.P.

San Francisco Bay Guardian
By Nessie

Even the serious paranoids didn't see this level of crackdown coming.

[...] Terror reigns supreme. Whether it is grounded in fact or grown from propaganda is irrelevant. Either way, we're scared and it shows. Most of the world is against us, and if that doesn't scare you, it should. But wait. There's another front in this war that bears watching- the home front. It is here at home that the war on (some) terrorism is having what could easily prove to be it's greatest impact. While American air power crams what some call democracy down the throat of the third world, democracy at home is gasping for breath. Some would say it is already locked in its death throes. A case can be made that it's already dead.

Basic freedoms that every American once took for granted have become, at best, fading, cherished memories. The purportedly paranoid ravings of '60s-era leftist doomsayers had already become the commonplace reality of the '90s. Then came 9/11, an event so cloaked in mystery that even the official version of what really happened is a conspiracy theory. Conspiracy or not, it was certainly convenient. The forces of repression, never been far behind the scenes, found themselves unleashed with a speed and fury the world has not seen since right after the Reichstag fire. Compared to the stark reality of war on the home front, warnings we once dismissed as histrionic hyperbole now seem to have been understated at best. The paranoids, it turns out, were right all along. The Constitution really is nothing but a scrap of paper.

Rights? What rights? America's at war. Rights are on hold for the duration. This has not gone unnoticed by grassroots America, nor has criticism been forthcoming solely from urban progressives. Country music star Merle Haggard, longtime darling of the redneck right, for example, has been recently quoted as saying that he had more freedom as an exconvict on parole in 1960 than the average American has today. Progressives across the country have had to swallow our pride and admit that, at least as far as individual liberty issues go, the rednecks have been way ahead of us. Early grassroots, and overwhelmingly conservative, resistance to driver license fingerprinting seems strangely prescient these days. Why, progressives must ask, were we too not alarmedat what we see now was obvious writing on the wall? What are we, anyway, dumber than rednecks? Apparently so. What they saw coming, we didn't. [...]

Comment: We here at Cassiopaea DID see it coming. And we said so, and continue to say so. And there is MORE coming. You can take that to the bank.

Stop Him Before He Kills Again

John David Rose
Carolina Morning News

"The White House Lied" was the headline on the Web site on April 25. They weren't harking back to the days of Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Nobody died from Clinton's dalliance or his lies.

The ABC News report reveals a White House so depraved that it makes Clinton seem like a choir boy.

Wrote ABC News reporter John Cochran: "To build its case for war with Iraq, the Bush administration argued that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, but some officials now privately acknowledge the White House had another reason for war - a global show of American power and democracy."

That poor dupe Colin Powell stood before the United Nations narrating a slide- show of phony intelligence trying to convince the world that Hussein was a threat.

Was he lying or was he lied to?

"We're not lying," said a White House official to ABC News. "But it was just a matter of emphasis."

A matter of emphasis? Good lord, it's a matter of life and death!

Tell that "emphasis" story to [the] 150 American families now grieving over lost sons and daughters, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers. They thought their loved ones were sent to protect America from Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. Now they learn they died for a "show," a bit of entertainment for Rumsfeld and his warhawk friends.

This was no fight for freedom or to liberate Iraq. There were no huge stores of weapons of mass destruction that threatened us.

The United States didn't win a victory, we committed an atrocity.

Writes ABC News' Cochran: "Officials feared that young Arabs, angry about their lives and without hope, would always look for someone to hate - and that someone would always be Israel and the United States."

Give Arab youth hope by killing them? Shades of the Spanish Inquisition when people were "saved" for Christianity by burning them at the stake.

The brutal truth is that American soldiers were sacrificed for nothing that this nation can be proud of. No amount of White House "spin" or hype can gloss over it.

Congress - all those who voted to give Bush the power to mount an attack on Iraq, Republicans and Democrats alike - should be outraged at how they were misled and ashamed at what they allowed to happen.

Every American who did not protest against this war should get down on his/her knees and beg forgiveness from the parents of those who were killed. We sent their children on a cruel fool's errand.

We are not naturally a nation of brutish intimidators, attacking anyone who won't bow and scrape at our command, who don't pray to our particular interpretation of God. But we stupidly allowed such people into high office and now we and the rest of the world are paying the price.

Bush has got to go. Join those who are trying to retrieve our nation's honor by logging onto

Stop him before he kills again.

Your Bill of Rights repealed

By John David Rose
Think About It - May 9, 2003

In the Stalin era of the Soviet Union, Americans arrested for spying disappeared into the gulag without an opportunity for legal assistance or even to contact their families. My high school social science teacher illustrated how different America was from Russia by explaining to us the 14th Amendment to the Constitution: "No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law." We were proud to be citizens of a country where peoples' rights were guaranteed, protected against even the government. We foolishly believed those rights would last as long as the United States. Today, through presidential fiat, the 14th Amendment to the Constitution is no longer in force. The government can take liberty from American citizens without a trial. Attorney General John Ashcroft asserts that President Bush has the power to hold any American citizen incommunicado, in solitary confinement for a month, a year, even life if Bush designates that citizen an "enemy combatant." The accused may not have access to a lawyer or visits by a member of the family or even a priest. Shades of Joseph Stalin. The prisoner has no right to know what proof the government has of the offense and is given no opportunity to present a defense. If a court orders a hearing for habeas corpus, the government can assert that you're a danger to the country, and presto, even that right is revoked. Ironic, isn't it? To protect our "freedom" and preserve our "liberty," the administration takes away the most basic right of all, our right to life, liberty and property protected by the courts.

The Manipulation Of America

Diana Rogers
05/13/03: (Information Clearing House)

For months Americans have been kept in a whipped frenzy with daily bombardment of intense and stressing news: SARS, the unstoppable disease, the gut wrenching war on Iraq, and Israel's usual slaughter of Palestinians. But the past three days, the American media has been ominously silent. They've carried only a few brief reports on SARS and no mention at all of our loved ones still in Iraq, or even Israel's slaughters. Did the unstoppable disease of the century suddenly stop? Is the war on Iraq over and they simply forget to send our loved ones home? Or is this a calculated reprieve to set the stage for Phase Two: the whipping of the masses to support a war? For answers look to the news reported and the men who are making it. For several days Colin Powell's itinerary has subtly dominated the news. His location and next stop was so fastidiously reporte d Americans knew his schedule better than their own. Yet in stark contrast, not one report of Donald Rumsfield, who was dispatched to the Middle East a week ago and promptly disappeared. Had he fall en in a middle eastern black hole or is it simply the powers that "would be" wanted all eyes on Colin Powell, and the very coincidental bombing that occurred just as he arrived in Saudi A rabia? What a golden opportunity to reaffirm the war on terrorism, but more to REINTRODUCE Americans to the elusive and almost forgotten Al Queda. And to make sure we get it; Powell immediately goes on record as outraged "Secretary of State Colin Powell said the attack, which killed at least 29 people, had " all the fingerprints of an al Qaeda operation." .

President Bush promptly followed his lead, and to really make sure we got it Ari Fleischer reinterated: "White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said Bush was angered by the attack. "He is angry. Terrorists attacked our fellow citizens and took innocent lives. This is a war against terror and he is determine= d to wage it," Fleischer said. [...]

"We'll be on the hunt and we'll find them and they will be brought to justice," Bush said before flying to Missouri -- the home state of Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Richard Gephardt --to inspect damage by tornadoes in Pierce City.

Notice a pattern yet? If not, keep watching the news and you will. And brace yourself! Because I doubt it was coincidence that the one "reported" place in the world that warned more 9/11 attacks would occur in the US was itself bombed. And bombed seven days after the American media conveniently ran stories of Saudi Arabia notonly warning us of this but also foiling several US-aimed terrorist attempts in their country. Proof positive that terrorism was not only alive and well but still very active and working to get us. Yet somehow this same country that was so on top of it 7 days ago suddenly lagged enough to be bombed itself. And not just bombed by some errant or unknown terrorists but Al queda with a renewed vigor to get the US. Could the connection be more perfect? Could the swift assignment of blame be more planned? And by the very players who had assigned the same swift blame to 9/11. It seems we've been this way before, only this time in reverse. But then it wouldn't do to have those nasty, lingering questions hampering the next phase as it did the last. "Wasn't there foreknowledge? Why didn't they act on it?" This time they can safely say they did.

BushCo Reams Nation Good

By Mark Morford
SF Gate Columnist, May 14, 2003

No WMDs after all, no excuse for war, too late for anyone to care anymore. Ha- ha, suckers

Ha-ha-ha oh man did we ever get smacked on that one. Conned big time. Punk'd like dogs. Just gotta shake your head, laugh it off. They reamed us but good, baby! Damn.

Turns out it really was all a big joke after all. The war, that is. All a big fat nasty murderous oil-licking lie, a sneaky little power-mad game with you as the sucker and the world as the pawn and BushCo as the slithery war thug, the dungeon master, the prison daddy. You really have to laugh. Because it's just so wonderfully ridiculous. In a rather disgusting, soul-draining sort of way.

See, there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. No WMDs at all. Isn't that great? What's more: There never were. Ha-ha-ha. Gotcha!

No warehouses teeming with nuclear warheads, no underground bunkers packed with vats of boiling biotoxins, no drums of crazy-ass chemical agents that will melt your skin and turn us all into drooling flesh-eating zombies -- unless, of course, you count the sneering vat of conservative biotoxin that is, say, Fox News, in which case, hell yeah baby, we gotcher WMDs right here beeyatch.

Go figure. Those lowly U.N. inspectors were right after all. Who knew? It was all a ruse. We've been sucker-punched and ideologically molested and patriotically sodomized and hey, what the hell, who cares anyway, we "liberated" an oppressed people most Americans secretly loathe and fear and don't understand in the slightest, even though that was never the point, or the justification, or the goal. Go team.

But wait, is liberation of a brutalized and tormented people now the reason? The justification for our thuggery? That is so cool! So that means we're going to blow the living crap out of Sri Lanka and Sudan and Tibet and North Korea and about 47 others, right? Right? Maybe Saudi Arabia, too, second only to the Talilban itself in its abuse of women? Cool! As if.

Ah, but screw the liberal whiny peacenik U.N. inspectors, right? Let's ask the U.S. search teams themselves, ShrubCo's own squadrons of biologists, chemists, arms-treaty enforcers, nuclear operators, computer and document experts and Special Forces troops who've been in Iraq for weeks now, searching frantically.

Surely they've found something, right? Surely we can now prove that Saddam was fully intending to fillet our babies and annihilate Florida and poke the eyes out of really cute kittens on national TV for sadistic pleasure, right? Gimme a hell yeah!

Whoops. Bad news. As The Washington Post reports, the 75th Exploitation Task Force, the very serious-minded group heading up all U.S. inspections in Iraq, the group absolutely certain it would immediately find steaming neon-lit stockpiles of WMDs piled right next to Saddam's personal stash of gay porn and Britney Spears posters and opium pipes, is coming home with its tail between its legs. Found nothing. Nada.

Psychopatriots are a little nonplussed. Bush is merely "embarrassed." Peace advocates are sighing and drinking heavily. We have done this ghastly horrible inane hate-filled entirely unprovoked thing in the name of power and petroleum and military contracts and strategic empire building, our nation is numb and more bitterly divisive than ever and our leaders are not the slightest bit ashamed.

But of course you're not the slightest bit shocked. You knew it all along. The WMD line was just a ploy that, tragically, much of the nation bought into like a sucker pyramid scheme after being pounded into submission with hammers of fear and Ashcroftian threats and bogus Orange Alerts and having their tweezers confiscated at the airport.

And of course the capacity to be outraged and appalled has been entirely drained out of you, out of this nation, replaced by raging ennui and sad resentment and the new fall season on NBC. This is what they're counting on. Your short attention span. WMDs? That's so, like, last February. Hey look, the swimsuit model won "Survivor"!

It's all over but the shouting. And the screaming. And the endless years of U.S. occupation in the Middle East, the quiet building of U.S. military bases in Iraq so we can keep those uppity bitches Syria and Egypt and Lebanon in line, forge ahead with the long-standing plan to strong-arm those damn Islamic nuts into brutal compliance with Bushco's bleak blueprint for World Inc. What, too bitter? Hardly.

Should we care that Osama, the actual perp of 9/11, is still running around free? That terrorism hasn't been quelled in the slightest? That the Mideast is more of a U.S.-hating powder keg than ever, thanks to BushCo? That the economy is in the worst shape it's been in decades?

Should we care that we just massacred tens of thousands of Iraqi (and Afghani) civilians and soldiers and suffered a little more than 100 U.S. casualties and have absolutely nothing to show for it except bogus force-fed pride and this weird, sickening sense that we just executed something irreparable and ungodly and karmically poisonous?

Nah. Just laugh it off. Have a glass of wine, make love, go play Frisbee with the dog. Breathe deep and focus on what's truly important and try to assimilate this latest atrocity into your backstabbed worldview, add it to the list of this lifetime's spiritual humiliations, as you wait for the next barrage, the imminent announcement that we're about to do it all again.

Steel yourself. Protect your soul. Because man, they reamed us good. Slammed this nation like a bad joke. Gotcha! Ha-ha-ha.

Worldwide UFO Sightings On the Increase

George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern Filer's Files #20 5-13-03

Defendant obsessed with Bible

By Jerry Urban
The Daily News - Galveston - May 14, 2003

The man accused of trying to kill family members by driving a minivan into Offatts Bayou was obsessed with the Bible and responding to what he thought was a series of divine signs and orders from God, according to testimony Tuesday in a Galveston courtroom.

Sgt. Victor Trevino of the Galveston Police Department testified he interrogated Jose Arnulfo Rodriguez on Feb. 23, 2002 [...] Rodriguez, in the videotaped interview, told Trevino he had a dream the night before that suggested his final day on earth was coming. Then the first sign on the morning of Feb. 23 came when Rodriguez and his family went to a garage sale in Houston, Trevino quoted Rodriguez as saying. The garage sale to him "looked like Bethlehem. It was just like out of the Bible." [...]

Other religious signs followed, Trevino said, including family plans to go to Kemah after the garage sale to buy fish, somehow tying that to "be a fisherman of men." They never arrived in Kemah. As Rodriguez drove along Interstate 45 Southand near NASA, another sign came to him, one of rockets and their connectionsto the heavens. He then saw a white boat being pulled by a truck, Trevino said. Later testimony from a medical expert was that the boat reminded Rodriguez of Noah's Ark. Other signs included a red motorcycle, a color that he associated with saving lives - and then he the words Santa Fe. The exit sign that he apparently saw was another divine sign. Santa Fe means "holy faith." Trevino said much of Rodriguez's comments were "gibberish." "I'm thinking he's in another world," Trevino said. "He didn't appear to understand the gravity of the situation."

Slayings' similarities jar police

Pioneer Press Minneapolis - Wed, May. 14, 2003

In two unrelated shootings within 11 hours of each other and eight blocks apart, two men fatally shot women and then tried to kill themselves. "Not only were two women killed, but they (the men) both tried to kill themselves, and, thus far, both were unsuccessful," said Minneapolis police Lt. Mike Carlson. "It's very weird." Even stranger are other similarities in the cases, which occurred in Minneapolis. In each, a third person was present during the quarrels and witnessed some of the events. [...]

In about six years as a homicide detective, Carlson said he has not seen any unrelated cases with such striking coincidences and similarities. Danielle Kluz, spokeswoman for the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, said similarities occur but not to the degree of Monday and Tuesday's shootings.

Comment: You don't suppose it's those pesky EM waves again, do you?

Mysteries of Mexico's Past?

Harvard Crimson Wednesday, May 14, 2003

After nearly two decades of sitting in a cramped safety deposit box, a 16th century manuscript called crucial to understanding Mexican history has resurfaced, and scholars from Harvard are joining an effort to decipher the long-lost historical gem. Scholars from Harvard's David Rockefeller Center will join Mexico's Instituto Nacional de Anthropologia, to study, restore and publish their findings about the rare codex, which survived the Spaniards' purge of manuscripts in the 16th century. "The codex is, in terms of importance to scholars, like finding the Dead Sea Scrolls in a rural town in Mexico," said Ann Seiferle-Valencia, a third-year graduate student in anthropology who is writing a dissertation on the code. [...]

The codex has a long and murky history. In 1963 the codex was declared a national treasure of Mexico, but sometime after that it disappeared from the public eye - until Espinosa recovered it. The codex, painted on indigenous paper, dates back to the 16th century and tells the story of a community through pictoral representations of its history. In the 16th century Spanish explorers burned many documents, including many similar codices, Carrasco said. [...]

Espinosa, an art enthusiast who owns a private art museum, first heard about the codex almost two decades ago, when its previous owners contacted her and invited her to see it. "It is very powerful," she said. "If you asked a child to read it, maybe they could understand it better than we do...I saw it, and I kept dreaming about it." But the owners refused to sell Espinosa the treasure. After viewing the codex three times -folded and tucked away in its dark safety deposit box - andrepeated attempts to acquire it, the owners finally agreed to sell it to her.

Although the codex project will be privately funded, and the work itself cannot leave Mexico for legal reasons. Espinosa, a trustee of the David Rockefeller Center, approached Coatsworth about getting the Center involved with the project after a board meeting.

Comment: Wonder if this is going to be another "Rockybux Snow Job?"

Vampires or Aliens?

Wednesday 14th May 2003

Farmers in a Chilean village are reportedly blaming vampires or aliens for the deaths of 40 chickens.

According to El Diario Austral newspaper, the chickens were found dead with their insides scattered all over their owner's backyard in Perquenco. Juana Raasch, owner of the farm, said: "It was a horrible scene. But the strangest thing was that there was no trace of any other animal that could have done it. "I have owned this farm for seven years and I have never seen anything like that. "I would know if it were the work of a pig, dog, wolf or cat. What happened here was out of this world."

Police sent to the farm were puzzled by the fact that there was no evidence of an intruder, either animal or human. A spokesman said: "It seems silly to talk about vampires and aliens, but you never know around here.

"Policy through rose-colored pilot's goggles"

John Chuckman Columnist (Canada)CNN

Everyone, not attached by threadbare ideology or plain old war profiteering to President Bush's War on Terror, knows that even on its own terms, it can only fail miserably in a great waste of lives and substance. You cann ot fight a war against religious faith and opposition to injustice unless you are prepared to be as utterly ruthless as Stalin, and even then, when you lie pickled in your tomb, the roots you missed destroying will grow h ardy new plants, as they have in contemporary Russia. But I would never have expected stark evidence for failure to come so quickly.

Massive explosions in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, just before the arrival of Colin Powell for talks, have left a smoking mass of blood and charred bodies.

Before this, only hours after talks in Israel about easing restrictions on the Palestinians, Mr. Powell was rewarded by Mr. Sharon's sealing Gaza. Already Sharon had dismissed the new peace plan, and already he has publicly broadcast that Israel will continue to build new settlements.

Comment: Don't we find it interesting that this "explosion" in Saudi Arabia came just after Powell was talking to the Israelis about easing restrictions on the Palestinians??? Sharon "dismissed" the new peace plan, and then, as if to "put a period to the matter," the bombing occurred in Saudi Arabia just before Powell stepped ashore, so to say. Hmmm... those whacked out Palestinians must have been shooting themselves in the foot again, eh? Either that, or Sharon already KNEW something when he gave his answer... Naah! That's just TOO conspiratorial!

Two days before bombings, U.S. asked Saudis to hike security


Nail al-Jubeir, a spokesman for the Saudi Embassy in Washington, said: "Anything the United States asked for as a matter of security was delivered."

Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal conceded Wednesday that there were security "shortcomings" before the attacks and said: "We have to learn from our mistakes." But al Jubeir said warnings of a possible terrorist attack in the kingdom were too vague to have prevented Monday night's attack.

"Unless it was specific, it makes it difficult to go around and protect every housing project in Saudi Arabia," he said.

Comment: But it isn't every "housing project" that needs to be protected. The target was a building housing Vinnell Corporation, a company that has played a very definite role in maintaining the repressive Saudi regime in power. See the articles below.

U.S. warns of possible attacks in Africa, Asia, Mideast

The State Department has ordered all non-essential U.S. personnel and their families out of Saudi Arabia in the wake of Monday night's attack, and U.S. officials told CNN they have information suggesting that additional terrorist attacks have been plotted in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Targets could include official buildings such as embassies and consulates as well as "softer targets," but none of the information is considered "specific and credible," one official told CNN.

Comment: Welcome to the new world order of vague warnings of terrorist threats, and a protracted state of fear and loathing designed to keep everyone on edge, looking for Osama under the bed.

Firm was 'cover for CIA'

Times Online
By Ian Cobain

AS BEFITS a company that has been accused of being a CIA front, of recruiting 'executive mercenaries' and attempting to overthrow the Prime Minister of a Commonwealth state, the Vinnell Corporation kept a low profile in Riyadh.

Its discreet security fooled nobody, however: the bomb attack was the second it has suffered in eight years. In 1995 seven people were killed. This shadowy corporation is said to have been founded during the Depression. Dan Briody, author of The Iron Triangle, a study of Vinnell's one-time owners, the Carlyle Group, serialised last week in The Times, says that there is "no publicity, no press releases, no news clippings".

He adds: "No one knows who the original owners were."

Vinnell's work in Saudi Arabia dates back almost 30 years, when it won a contract to train Saudi troops to guard oilfields. A congressional inquiry found that it had agreed a 'no Jews' clause. In the 1991 Gulf War Vinnell employees were seen fighting alongside Saudi troops.

The company has helped the Saudis build their National Guard from 26,000 troops to around 70,000.

In the early Eighties Time magazine reported that two employees were embroiled in a failed attempt to overthrow Maurice Bishop, the left-wing Prime Minister of Grenada, and soon after that a former employee was implicated in the Iran-Contra scandal.

Vinnell Corporation: 'We Train People to Pull Triggers'

Special Series
By Pratap Chatterjee
Special to CorpWatch
March 20, 2003

Vinnell corporation ... has been controlled in the past through a web of interlocking ownership by a partnership that included James A. Baker III and Frank Carlucci, former U.S. secretaries of state and defense under presidents George Bush senior and Ronald Reagan respectively.

Perhaps the most important military contract Vinnell landed was in 1975 when the Pentagon helped the company win a bid to train the 75,000 strong Saudi Arabian National Guard, a military unit descended from the Bedouin warriors who helped the Saud clan impose control on the peninsula early in last century.

An article in Newsweek at the time described the company's first recruitment efforts with the aid of "a one-eyed former U.S. Army colonel named James D. Holland" in a cramped office in the Los Angeles suburb of Alhambra to put together "a ragtag army of Vietnam veterans for a paradoxical mission: to train Saudi Arabian troops to defend the very oil fields that Henry Kissinger recently warned the U.S. might one day have to invade."

"We are not mercenaries because we are not pulling triggers," a former U.S. Army officer told the magazine. "We train people to pull triggers." One of his colleagues wryly pointed out: "Maybe that makes us executive mercenaries."

The Perfect Enemy: Terrorists Who Can't Be Caught Because They Don't Exist Or Because They Are CIA Assets

by John Kaminski 5-11-3

[...] Today, we hear all sorts of childish whimpering about the terrorist threat, even though a cursory examination of recent history would reveal that most of these threats have been deliberately created by the nation doing most of the complaining about these very threats.  

[...] Al-Qaeda are claimed to the boogeymen who perpetrated 9/11 and were supposedly connected to Saddam.  

And yet when you go to find out about them, they disappear in a cloud of undercover spy dust, with no leads suddenly unavailable as to where they might have disappeared. How utterly convenient. The real reason is because their controllers live at the Pentagon and other prestigious Washington addresses, not to mention a few palaces in Saudi Arabia that have ties to many American corporations.  

Occasionally, the powers that be throw us a bone, like Moussaoui, or Richard Reid, just to try to prove there are actual terrorists out there. But how many more so-called terrorists have been allowed to slip away, under cover of CIA assistance? And, as in Yemen, how many more are prevented from being sought, lest they reveal their ties to the government in Washington?

[...] For endless war, you must have an enemy who cannot be caught, who is completely vaporous, therefore necessitating nonstop aggressive emergency measures, variously colored alerts and tough talk for those who are unable to understand words.  

The perfect enemy for a state that seeks endless war and seeks forever to pull the wool over the eyes of its own citizens for purposes of endless robbery and implementing slavery where freedom previously existed would be an enemy who cannot, under any circumstances, ever be caught. Osama and Saddam doubtless know this.  

In the literal sense, this perfect enemy does not exist, which makes him perfect for a society determined to make war, because he will never be caught, and the war can continue forever.  

The harder an enemy is to find and defeat, the better it is for those who seek to destroy that enemy. The CIA's creation of al- Qaeda is the perfect recipe for those billionaires whose objective is endless conflict from which to make more money. This is the new era in which we find ourselves.

[...] Only now it's worse, because the enemy is now a fabricated fiction, available for convenient blame in any and all disasters, no matter who actually perpetrated them.  

And thanks to media shills who don't ask real questions, well-bribed legislators devoid of conscience, law enforcers who help their patrons cover up crimes, and judges who have no interest in real justice, there is no end in sight for this war on freedom.

Panel Pans U.S. Over Saudi Arabia

By Carol Eisenberg STAFF WRITER
May 14, 2003

For the fourth year in a row, an independent advisory panel criticized the State Department for failing to designate Saudi Arabia as one of the world's most egregious violators of human rights and as an exporter of extremist Islam.

[T]he U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom released its annual report yesterday urging an investigation of the Saudis' propagation of radical Islam around the world, including in the United States. It also called on the State Department to press the country's rulers to overhaul school curricula that explicitly promote hatred of Jews, Christians and members of non-Wahhabi strands of Islam.

The report cites such examples as an eighth-grade textbook, published by the Saudi Ministry of Education, that labels Christians and Jews as "apes" and "pigs," and another that refers to Jews as a "wicked nation," characterized by bribery, deception and betrayal.

...Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest oil exporter and a longtime U.S. ally, has never been placed on the State Department's watch list of human rights violators, despite similar past recommendations. State Department spokesman Jeffrey Jamison said he could not comment on the latest report until it had been thoroughly studied but added that the government continues to try to work with the Saudis to improve its human rights record.

The 10-member advisory panel on international religious freedom - created by Congress to prod a State Department that is historically reluctant to emphasize human rights issues - also urged the protection of freedom of belief in the political reconstruction of Afghanistan and the use of economic leverage to halt religious persecution in Vietnam, China, Sudan, Russia, North Korea, Laos and Belarus.

In the 18 months since a U.S. invasion overthrew the Taliban in Afghanistan, the panel reported some progress but also "significant disappointments," particularly outside of Kabul, where tribal war lords continue a lawless reign.

"Many of the human rights abuses practiced by the Taliban are reportedly continuing today," the report found, "including political killings, torture, coercion to enforce social and religious conformity and abuses against women and girls, sometimes with the active support of the courts and police."

Copyright © 2003, Newsday, Inc.

Comment: We see what kind of "democracy" has been brought to Afghanistan by Bush's psychopaths. This is what the Iraqis have to look forward to. So, let's get this straight. Saddam was an evil man who killed his political opponents and tortured people. So, I guess the Saudis and the new Afghani government are OK because they also oppress women as well as practising torture.... Perhaps Saddam's real problem was that he wasn't evil enough for the fundamentalist Christians and Zionists in the Bush Reich and all those who give it explicit or tacit support who think women should be kept in the home to raise kids.

Jupiter's satellite count jumps by 23

CBC On-Line

HONOLULU, HAWAII - Astronomers have discovered nearly two dozen more satellites orbiting Jupiter. They say the study offers a window into what happened in the early solar system.

Scott Sheppard and David Jewitt of the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii found the satellites, which are between two and eight kilometres in diameter – the smallest yet spotted from Earth.

The newly found moons have irregular, tilted orbits. The orbits suggest they were lonely bodies wandering the heavens until they collided with Jupiter billions of years ago and were captured by its gravitational grip.

In a second study appearing in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature, Stephen Wiggins of the University of Bristol and his colleagues used mathematical models to explain how irregular satellites might be captured.

The new finds raise Jupiter's moon tally to 60; eight are regular with small, untilted, circular orbits, and 52 are irregular.

The discovery restores Jupiter's pre-eminence as the planet with the most moons.

"Although ever smaller moons around the giant planets will undoubtedly be discovered, it is likely that Jupiter, whose satellites appear brightest because of their proximity to the Earth and the sun, will continue to dominate the moon count for the foreseeable future," said Douglas Hamilton of the University of Maryland in a paper accompanying the studies.

Comment: Maybe these new "moons" are the remains of Nibiru? Just kidding. See Laua's latest article. Read it before the world ends later today. If not, we'll be back tomorrow with details...

These WMD are Right in Front of Their Noses America's Dirty Bombs


The Pentagon has announced plans to send several thousand specialists into Iraq to join the search for those "weapons of mass destruction" of Saddam Hussein's-- remember the ones that Iraq was supposedly brimming over with, and which were the stated reason for America's invasion? But while it is stepping up that effort, the Pentagon says it has no intention to do anything about the consequences of America's own "dirty bomb" campaign against Iraq. Although the U.S. and Britain reportedly dropped as much as 2000 tons of depleted uranium weapons on Iraq, including in the center of densely populated Baghdad, a Pentagon spokesman last month told the BBC that it has "no plans to do a DU clean-up in Iraq."

Nor is the U.S. allowing inspectors from the U.N. environmental Program into Iraq to look for signs of DU contamination. It seems that just as the U.S. government doesn't want U.N. weapons inspectors to come into Iraq where they might undermine any U.S. claims to have found evidence of Saddam's WMDs, they don't want any U.N. environmental inspectors to come in and find evidence of U.S. use of a weapon that the U.N. has condemned as a weapon of mass destruction.

...The notion of Baghdad, a city of five million, being dusted with uranium oxide, is grim, as it will likely produce widespread injuries and death, particularly among children, who are closer to the ground and who routinely play in the dirt.

No wonder the U.S. government is so anxious to keep U.N. environmental experts at bay.

Comment: Can it be any clearer, folks? The US believes it is above the law, that what applies to the rest of the world doesn't apply to them. WMD in the hands of the US warmongers is OK.

Congress moves to back tactical nukes

By Steve Schifferes
BBC News Online in Washington

The US House of Representatives looks set to approve funds for the research and development of a new generation of small tactical nuclear weapons which could be used to attack deep bunkers holding weapons of mass destruction...

The move would overturn a ten-year ban on such developments, and still has to be approved by the full House and Senate.

The shift of policy has been sought by the Pentagon since last summer, when it began to develop plans to reshape the US nuclear arsenal to take account of the new doctrine of pre-emption.

...the chairman of the committee, Republican Senator John Warner, said that it was a prudent step to defend the US against enemies.

...The new weapons under consideration include low-yield tactical nuclear weapons, which yield under five kilotons, less than one-third of the first atomic bomb used at Hiroshima, and a "robust nuclear earth penetrator", designed to bury deep into the ground before exploding.

The weapons of bloodless war

BBC On-Line

The idea of bloodless wars on the battlefield of the future has been the subject of much debate among war strategists for a long time.

But the massive media attention focused on the civilian casualties during the recent war on Iraq has again raised the question of how viable use of so-called non-lethal weapons may be....

"There is a misconception that war is about killing," said Dr John Alexander, formerly in the US Army with Special Operations and now a leading advocate for the development of non-lethal weapons.

"War is about imposition of will. Non-lethal weapons fit in the spectrum of this," he told the BBC World Service's Agenda programme.

Advocates of non-lethal weapons say they have been frustrated by international treaties covering certain ways of using weapons.

He added as a result of the laws, a different type of development was being tried.

"If we had the opportunity, we would develop hole-burners - that is where we are going to go.

"In the future we will have lasers on the battlefield, but they won't be intended to blind you, they will be intended to drill a hole in you, which is perfectly legal."

Comment: You can find out about John Alexander's past and curious connections reading the Sorcerers' Star.

U.S., U.K. Waged War on Iraq Because of Oil, Blair Adviser Says

Sir Jonathan Porritt, head of the Sustainable Development Commission, which advises Blair's government on ecological issues, said the prospect of winning access to Iraqi oil was ``a verylarge factor'' in the allies' decision to attack Iraq in March.

``I don't think the war would have happened if Iraq didn't have the second- largest oil reserves in the world,'' Porritt said in a Sky News television interview.

Bush Officials Change Tune on Iraqi Weapons

Wed May 14, 2003 12:51 PM ET
By Alan Elsner

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration has changed its tune on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, the reason it went to war there. Instead of looking for vast stocks of banned materials, it is now pinning its hopes on finding documentary evidence.

The change in rhetoric, apparently designed in part to dampen public expectations, has unfolded gradually in the past month as special U.S. military teams have found little to justify the administration's claim that Iraq was concealing vast stocks of chemical and biological agents and was actively working on a covert nuclear weapons program.

"The administration seems to be hoping that inconvenient facts will disappear from the public discourse. It's happening to a large degree," said Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies, a liberal think-tank which opposed the war.

Comment: More evidence that this illegal war was justified using lies, manipulation and disinformation, in other words, the usual bag of tricks of the psychopath.

Powell in Moscow for Iraq talks

BBC News On-Line

Powell will attempt to patch up America and Russia's strained relations United States Secretary of State Colin Powell has arrived in Moscow for talks with President Vladimir Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov.

The talks are expected to focus on the post-war situation in Iraq and Russia's nuclear co-operation with Iran.

But the war on terror, which united the two countries in the wake of the 11 September attacks, is likely to be high on the agenda following the bomb attacks in Saudi Arabia...

Comment: Yup, the show goes on. Disagreements here. Squabbles there. But they all have the same desire to control, manipulate, and deceive. This world is STS through and through. The shocks you get from SEEing the reality of the situation can be transmuted into AWARENESS. LOOK and SEE. And use the energy to DO.

Will Europe and Russia seek to curb US power?


Now that the United States has expressed its desire to weaken the United Nations politically and to create a new world order in which the U.S. can become the sole, unrestrained power in the world, it will be important to watch how Europe responds. Prior to the war in Iraq, the European states of France and Germany were unwilling to support a U.S. led invasion. With the weight of the Security Council behind these two states, governments around the world watched to see if the U.S. would defy the United Nations and thus upset the balance of world order. The Bush administration decided to attack Iraq without U.N. support, which sent ominous signals throughout the world that the U.S. would no longer be restrained by the decrees of the U.N.

In this new state of affairs, the U.S. will continue to stand unchallenged on the world stage until another state or group of states attempts to check its power. As of now, no such entity exists, and the members of the Bush administration have taken note of this situation and are thus pushing U.S. interests on the world. [...]

China, for example, has the potential to check U.S. power; however, its growth potential is reliant on good relations with Washington. Because of the Sino- U.S. relationship, it will be France, Germany and Russia that will most likely be able to check U.S. power.

Comment: Might one aspect of SARS be related to "stopping" China? We don't know, but the epidemic is having a definite effect on the Chinese economy.

The major power brokers within the European Union -- France and Germany -- are unhappy with the recent changes in world order. Until recently, France was able to influence global relations through its permanent member status in the United Nations Security Council. Now, with the U.S. replacing the U.N. as the formal center of world order, France's power on the world stage has been greatly diminished, if not eradicated altogether.

Germany is also unhappy with the United States limiting the power of Europe so it can become a global hegemon.

Russia, like France, has a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council; due to Washington's weakening of the U.N., Russia also lost considerable power in global affairs. For these reasons, France, Germany and Russia took a strong stance against a U.S. attack on Iraq.

But now there are signs that these states are willing to put up even more resistance. On April 29, the leaders of France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg agreed to work towards a European Security and Defense Union by the end of 2004. As part of this union, the four member states would combine resources to create a rapid reaction force capable of preventing conflicts and managing military problems anywhere in the world. [...]

New Iraqi TV complains of US censorship

REUTERS [ WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 2003 08:57:48 AM ]

BAGHDAD: The US-sponsored Iraqi television station began broadcasts on Tuesday after complaining of American censorship, including efforts to stop it airing passages from the Koran, the Muslim holy book.

...Deprived of any locally produced television since US troops ousted president Saddam Hussein, Iraqis watched canned interviews and decades-old music shows.

But the Iraqi Media Network postponed plans to air a half-hour live news programme because of disputes over editorial control.

...The charges of censorship could reaffirm for many Iraqis the perception that Washington is not allowing them a free hand in building democratic institutions.

..."This is not American propaganda. This is the first time in 25 years Iraqis are getting TV that is not propaganda," said Robert Teasdale, a US adviser to the network.

But North said the US-led administration's Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (ORHA) had requested the station's news programmes be reviewed by the wife of Jalal Talabani, a Kurdish leader and a major figure in the postwar politics of Iraq.

"Could you imagine a political leader being able to check the content of any Western media?" North said.

Comment: Here's a good one. Western political leaders don't have to check the media because the corporate watchdogs that own and run the media do it for them. What we are seeing in Iraq is just a blatant example of what happens with more subtlety in the west.

America challenges GM crops ban

Charlotte Denny
Wednesday May 14, 2003
The Guardian

President Bush launched a legal challenge at the World Trade Organisation yesterday, to force Europe to accept imports of American genetically modified crops.

U.S. trade deficit hits second-highest level on record

(AP) -- The U.S. trade deficit widened in March to $43.5 billion, the second-highest on record, as imports of foreign-made industrial supplies, including crude oil, rose to an all-time monthly high.

Fed Paints Itself Into a Corner

Last week, the Federal Reserve sent financial commentators and traders into a frenzy. It announced that, although it had left the federal funds rate target unchanged, it is ready to lower the rate aggressively if economic activity does not improve. Also, the central bank expressed concern that a strong downtrend in the growth momentum of price inflation, as depicted by the CPI, less food and energy, could pose a threat to the economy. [...]

It seems that the Fed is signalling to the market that it is shifting from its traditionally advertised role of fighting inflation to fighting deflation. Most experts, including Fed officials, are of the view that deflation is a much greater menace than inflation and therefore deserves special attention.

It is held that a fall in prices, which is termed deflation, causes consumers to postpone their buying of goods and services. In short, if people hold on to their money during deflation its purchasing power will increase and this will enable them to buy more goods some time in the future. It is for this reason, so it is held, that people choose to spend less once prices are falling.

It is further believed that since consumer spending is almost 70% of GDP this means a cut in consumer spending would slow down the economy. A slower economy in turn, would cause businesses to retrench labor, increasing unemployment and slowing consumer spending further. All this intensifies the economic slump and depresses prices further. According to this way of thinking, falling prices set in motion a vicious downward spiral that spreads economic havoc.

The usual examples cited are the U.S. 1930's Great Depression and the current Japanese economic slump. In the U.S. between January 1930 and May 1933 the consumer price index (CPI) fell by 26.3%. This fall in the CPI was accompanied by a sharp decline of 47% in industrial production between January 1930 and July 1932. [...]

Despite all the attempts that the Fed is likely to make in order to inflate the economy there is a possibility that it may fail. Why is that so? The main reason is that the current aggressive loose monetary policy, in addition to previous loose monetary policies, may have severely weakened the pool of real funding—the heart of economic growth. Various indications raise the likelihood that this pool is in trouble. For instance the income-to-consumption ratio is in free fall. In fact the fall in this ratio is currently much steeper than during the Great Depression.


Randolph T. Holhut
American Reporter Correspondent Dummerston, Vt.

DUMMERSTON, Vt. -- In the first two years of George W. Bush's presidency, more than two million Americans lost their jobs. He's well on his way to becoming the first president since Herbert Hoover to preside over an actual decline in employment in the U.S.

The unemployment rate now stands at 6 percent, the highest its been since the early 1990s. There are now more than 10.2 million unemployed workers in the U.S., and another 4.8 million who are working part-time because they can't get full-time employment.

The stock market has seen its biggest and longest sustained losses since the 1929 crash. The Dow Jones Industrial average lost about 20 percent of its value and the NASDAQ lost more than 40 percent of its value.

The federal deficit now stands at $6.4 trillion and is increasing at an average rate of $1.1 billion each day. Almost every state is in a budget crisis. Private bankruptcies are at an all-time high.

In short, the U.S. economy isn't in great shape right now.

President Bush entered office with the strongest economy in U.S. history. Unemployment was at its lowest levels since the 1960s. The federal budget was balanced and generating surpluses. And in two short years, he has managed to send every major economic indicator straight down.

This is why you won't likely hear President Bush talk about his economic achievements during the 2004 campaign. He hasn't any.

Instead, we Americans can expect a steady diet of fear and misinformation regarding the "war on terror" - a war without end against an ever-growing list of foes. The Bush administration seems to think we'll forget about our economic woes as long as they can keep us afraid.

Comment: "One of the main differences between Bush and Hitler as leaders is that the later built a nation out of rubble." Quote from Now and Then- Part I Hitler's Playbook: Bush and the Abuse of Power by W. David Jenkins III and Sara DeHart

Will the World End Tomorrow?

The Independent

The Earth is about to be zapped by deadly waves, according to members of Japan's Panawave cult. But even if doomsday doesn't happen, should we be worried by the nation's proliferation of bizarre sects?

[...] The question being asked, then, in homes and bars across Japan, is: are Panawave members harmless hippies or s omething more sinister? Certainly, they appear to be unlikely inheritors to the legacy of Aum Shinrikyo, whose articulate members came from the cream of Japan's universities. Even as their crimes publicly unravelled, the Aum leaders often ran verbal rings around their opponents in televised confrontations. [...]

By contrast, none of the Panawavists seem especially bright, and far from embracing the media age, the cult's members do not even watch television, fleeing from "radiation-emitting" cameras whenever possible. Few seem capable of winning the world over with a witty soundbite.

"It's become difficult to spread the word of Chino, so most of our studies are now done among ourselves." Chino's last public statement, issued on 5 May, said that the end would come "when electromagnetic waves strike the Japanese archipelago and the delicate gravitational balance between the Andromeda nebula and other nebulas is altered." [...]

Despite the looming doomsday, however, Fukui residents report nothing odd from their years living next-door to their kooky neighbours, unlike the locals around Aum facilities, some of whom were gassed in Sarin leaks. "They look weird, but they never did anything to me," says 70-year-old Miyoko Miyashita, as she bundles up vegetables on her allotment near the Panawave camp. "They seem to go away for long periods, then come back. To be honest, I hardly even noticed them any more until you media people came round."

Comment: In the worst case scenario, it's been nice knowin' ya'll. If not, see you tomorrow. For more on this, take a look at Laura's Tuesday column.

Autism Rates Double in California

Reuters: May 13, 2003

Autism cases in California nearly doubled over the past four years to more than 20,000 -- a phenomenon whose cause may be difficult to pinpoint because it is not related to population increases or the way the disorder is diagnosed, a state study said on Tuesday...

The report showed that the agency's caseload increased 97 percent -- from 10,360 in December 1998 to 20,337 four years later. [...]

"The study has proven two very clear things: the validity of the diagnosis has not changed and the kids are not moving to California for the services," the study's author, Dr. Marian Sigman, said. "That still leaves us with the puzzle of why are we getting this increase in number of cases."

Tornados Attacking US in Retaliation?


Last week's almost 400 tornadoes set a record for the number of twisters in the United States during a single week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Tuesday.

A preliminary count showed 384 tornadoes in 19 states between May 4 and May 10, NOAA's National Weather Service said.

Comment: In the final showdown between the US and Mother Nature, we don't need to tell you where the smart money lies. And, no, this wasn't CNN's headline. They don't read symbols: they read from the text handed to them by the Bush Reich.

Iran Warns US Against Creating "Other Crises"

The Washington Times

Iranian President Mohammed Khatami Tuesday:  "We warn the U.S. administration against creating other crises in the region and the world after the Iraq case," Khatami said on the second day of a three-day visit to Lebanon. [...]

Khatami's comments came as the United States has been exerting pressure on Lebanon and Syria over Hezbollah, which Washington regards as a terrorist organization. Iran is a key supporter of Hezbollah, which also has the support of Syria, the main power broker in Lebanon.

Referring to U.S. warnings to Lebanon and Syria over Hezbollah's activities, Khatami said: "Any party or group which enjoys credibility and respect with the Lebanese people should not be dismissed with accusations or threats."

In Lebanon, Hezbollah is regarded as a resistance group that fought and ended the 22-year Israeli occupation of the country.

"Defending the land and expelling occupation is resistance while terrorism is occupation of land and ousting its inhabitants and this is what Israel is doing," Khatami was quoted as saying by Hezbollah-run al-Nur radio.

Khatami said terrorism was "killing innocent people for achieving political interests" and described Israeli occupation of parts of Lebanon from 1978 to May 2000 as "the ugliest kind of terrorism." [...]

Khatami also warned that Israel would spare no effort to realize some of its historical ambitions since U.S. military forces have taken control of Iraq.

"Israel should not be given a pretext to find new excuses for recruiting the U.S. force to serve its goals," he said.

Iran, like most Middle Eastern nations, does not recognize the state of Israel.

Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Addresses UN Forces in Iraq

My name is Charlie Liteky, a U.S. citizen, a Vietnam Veteran, and a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. However, I renounced the Medal of Honor on July 29,1986 in opposition to U.S foreign policy in Central America. What the U.S. was supporting in El Salvador and Nicaragua, namely the savagery and domination of the poor, reminded me of what I was a part of in Vietnam 15 years earlier.

I placed the medal at the apex of the Vietnam Memorial Wall into which are etched the names of 58 thousand young American men. In depth study of the Vietnam War revealed political and military liars insensitive to the value of human life, inclusive of their own countrymen. The biggest liar was the Commander in Chief of U.S. armed forces, President Lyndon Johnson, who lied to Congress about the Gulf of Tonkin incident. It was this lie that motivated Congress to vote the money for the war. As a veteran of an ill-fated war, in the waning years of my life, I’d like to share some reflections on my country’s attack on Iraq.

Once again, I find myself in protest of a U.S. military action that no court in the world will declare legal. The U.S. attack on the sovereign country of Iraq fails to meet any of the necessary provisions of a just war. Iraq on the other hand, met the most fundamental condition for a country to use military force against an adversary, namely the defense of its homeland against an unjust aggressor. But, because of the incredible superiority of the U.S. military, there was no possibility of a successful defense.

In its attack on Iraq, the U.S. violated the UN Charter, international law and universal standards of morality. This is borne out by the worldwide condemnation of the U.S. attack by mainstream religious denominations and spiritual leaders.

Claiming liberation of the Iraqi people as a just cause for a war that kills thousands of innocents is hypocrisy at its worst. If liberation of an oppressed people were the real motive behind the invasion of Iraq - why did the U.S. wait 25 years to act? Why did the U.S. refrain from condemning Saddam Hussein’s use of chemical weapons in its war with Iran in the 80s? Why did the U.S. fail to prevent chemicals critical to the production of biological weapons from reaching Iraq? How is it that what we condemn today we approved yesterday? [...]

A two-time Medal of Honor recipient, General Smedley Butler, said that “War is a Racket” and that he spent his 33 year military career being a bodyguard for U.S. business interests. I submit that protecting U.S. business interests, sometimes referred to as “national interests” is still the primary mission of the U.S. military. Wartime profits go to a select few at the cost of many. Again to quote Gen. Smedley:

“War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

This letter containing some of my reflections is not meant to cast blame for an attack on Iraq on U.S. military personnel. I’m sure you believe that what you are a part of is right and just. I once believed the same of my participation in the Vietnam War. I share my thoughts and conclusions as gifts of truth revealed to me through years of studying U.S. foreign policy.

To Those Americans Who Waved The Flag And Cursed Those Who Didn't, WELCOME TO THE NEW AMERICA YOU HELPED CREATE…

By D. Rogers
05/12/03: (Information Clearing House)

Where FEAR and a new, improved sense of DUTY TO COUNTRY and PRESIDENT has turned every speaking American into a national spy whose soul aim is to keep the country pure of anti-America dissenters; such as: · Lawyers wearing Peace tee shirts in malls · John and Jane Citizen who participate in Peace marches · Mary and Dick Student who participate in a classroom discussion on presidential policies · Artists who voice disagreement about war

With your approval and assistance the New America can now arrest, harass, fire, or incarcerate for life these Anti-America dissenters, making the New America pure for Real Americans to enjoy benefits; such as: · Monitoring your reading, your credit record, your medical records, oh and what you may say in a mall, a classroom, at a luncheon, or basically anywhere, since every Real American is now a Real American Spy. · More cuts to your schools, your pension benefits, your medical benefits, and the benefits of your veterans, whom I'm certain you support. · No separation of state and federal government, now giving those few neurotic police a bit more authority to beat, harass and kill you and your loved ones. · More taxes to support the life style of your New American Congress, President, and of course his friends. · More tragedies like 9/11, more scares like anthrax, more drugs, and more cover-ups to keep you manipulated and swayed to the dictates of the New America. Your lack of questions about these last events assures more or as they say on the streets, "Stick with what works".

I've no doubt this New America will work very well for the future New & Real Americans, who by then should be dumbed down quite nicely by the educational cuts. I'm fairly certain they won't be smart enough to see the wool being pulled over their eyes. And if a few manage to, they will no doubt be too tired from paying all those taxes or too sick from not having proper health care to really have the time or energy to say so. But fortunately, the New America as the old one will make drugs and entertainment abundantly available to take the edge off. Perhaps they can combine the two in a new and improved entertainment show, something like "Drug Survivor/Bachelor/American Idol". I can hardly wait.

Now and Then- Part III Hitler's Playbook: Bush and the Abuse of Power by W. David Jenkins III and Sara DeHart

We all know that our European neighbors notice the similarities discussed in this series. They wonder when we are going to finally wake up. So many Americans have given their lives to defend that which makes this country a unique and special place. Will we let the noble experiment in democracy die in the 21st Century? Will we let it die at the hands of George W. Bush's version of the Third Reich?

Frauds R-Us

Information Clearinghouse

It’s as well to remember that the Web never forgets, at least the US pres should take note of this fact and be careful of his utterances and how they can come back to haunt him. In fact four generations of Bush family history and too many skeletons in too many closets to count are to be found on the Web.

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and those are the ones you have to focus on" – GW Bush

"You have to look at the entire Bush Family in this context -- as if the family ran a corporation called ‘Frauds-R-Us,’

George Jr.’s specialty was insurance and security fraud. Jeb’s specialty was oil and gas fraud. Neil’s specialty was real estate fraud. Prescott’s specialty was banking fraud. And George Sr.’s specialty? All of the above." -- Lt. Cmdr. Al Martin, US Navy,(Ret)

And given all the ‘pullpit pounding’ (more of which below) by ol’ Duyba and his minions, over the dubious moral character of Saddam and his cronies, much of which has underpinned the justification for the invasion and occupation of Iraq, it’s as well to compare the two sets of rogues. Not surprisingly, there’s little to choose between the two except that, in the case of the Bush gang, they have a ‘pedigree’ in perfidy which extends back almost a century and four generations that makes Saddam look positively angelic by comparison. [...]

Not content with digging up the ancestors, supporting Fascism,laundering Nazi money through a Dutch-based bank, selling weapons to the mullahs of Iran, trading guns for drugs, doing business deals with Osama bin Laden, the Bush family in the form of ol’ granpa Prescott was an early supporter of the Eugenics movement (or racial purity, to give it its real name). [...]

how can one family which has so many skeletons in the family closet, get away with such dirty dealings and over such a long period of time without being called to task? It’s as if the mass media goes deaf, dumb and blind when the name Bush comes up. For no matter what your politics are, left, right or indifferent, a family which has its fingers in so many dirty dealings has surely got to get you thinking about exactly what kind of country it is you live in (if you’re an American) and what kind of world is it that’s dominated by a country with a media (not to mention a legal system) that’s quite content not to challenge its president or his lying, thiefing family and their tenticular network of associations which includes: the Mafia, the Chinese Communist Party, Japanese Triads, the Vatican, Central American drug smugglers and gun runners, international arms dealers, the Ayotollah Khomeini (RIP), Cuban-American terrorists, money laundering, illegal arms sales, countless conflicts of interests, nepotism, coverups, tax avoidance, SEC fiddles and banking scams?

Bush Should Be Impeached

Common Dreams

[...] Here is what is coming clear. George W. Bush and his cabal lied to the American people so they could attack another country to seize its oil wealth. Bush has, as Doonesbury and others have pointed out, assumed the mantle of Julius Caesar. He is in the process of ruining the American republic and establishing an American/corporate empire. A favorite motto at the White House is “Let them hate us, as long as they fear us.” Emperor Caligula liked that saying too.

The American people should be clear about two things. History never judges kindly a rich, powerful nation that attacks a small, poor one. The second is that empires — all empires — end up on the ashbin of history.

George W. Bush should be impeached. After that, he should stand beside Saddam Hussein in the dock to be tried for war crimes.

Comment: We've been saying this for a long time.

Are We the New Nazis?

Gott Mit Uns. I felt a little shock and awe, actually disbelief, seeing the antique belt buckle for the first time.  Worn by a Nazi German soldier, the aluminum, World War II era buckle carried the imperial eagle of the Third Reich above the familiar Swastika.  Surrounding the eagle and Swastika was the motto, "Gott Mit Uns," or "God With Us."

Certainly the Nazi Germans, villains in history and Hollywood movies, couldn’t really have believed in God, could they?  Certainly the common German soldier fought with great courage, discipline and fervor, following orders given by the High Command. Yet the Nazis fought a ruthless war against smaller countries, attacking them after planting false evidence, overpowering them with a combination of vicious air strikes and crushing armored superiority and then installed corrupt or cruel puppet leaders.

The Nazis demonized and then destroyed their enemies, after first intimidating and then liquidating their domestic opponents.  The German propaganda machine cranked out misinformation and outright lies in the state-supported media, suppressing the truth and threatening anyone who dared to speak or print opposition to the war regime...      

Is it curious or ironic how Blitzkrieg resembles Shock and Awe?  Is it curious or ironic how Wolf Blitzer and Charles Krauthammer provide the running commentary for the war?  Is it curious or ironic how Rumsfeld and Rommel are so similar, how each needed a desert for a dramatic stage?  Yes, I know, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stated to the “free” media our “humanitarian” method of war, but then German general Erwin Rommel or Joseph Goebbels could have said the very same thing to the German press.

Are we the New Nazis?  Could it happen here?  Has it already begun?  Absurd, you say.  God is on our side.  The God of Christians and Jews...

God is on our side, but which one?  The vengeful God, the one guiding our radioactive armor-sheathed battle tanks as they slice through families of frightened civilians? Or the merciful one, providing protection to those same civilians?  Is ours the God of the Gospels and Torah--or the horrible, hydra- like god of cluster bombs?  Do our coins--comparable to the Nazi belt buckles--  really carry the motto, “In God We Trust"? [...]

Truthfully, to the rest of the world, we already are the New Nazis.

Comment: Those that do not pay attention to History are doomed to repeat it. Until you learn your lessons, you stay in the same grade.

U.S. Vigilantes Test Drones on Mexican Border

Reuters Tuesday, May 13, 2003; 7:40 PM
By Deborah Tedford

MONTERREY, Mexico (Reuters) - An Arizona vigilante group is testing homemade "drone" reconnaissance planes on the U.S.-Mexican border to monitor illegal immigrants entering the United States in lonely desert areas.

Glenn Spencer, head of the American Border Patrol vigilante group, said on Tuesday the group has been testing two Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for about a month and plans to have a fleet making passes over the border by early July.

...Hundreds of thousands of illegal Mexican immigrants cross the border in search of work every year. Three vigilante groups, some of them armed, have sprung up in Arizona in the last three years to monitor the border and hand over any illegal immigrants they find to U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Comment: The notion of the vigilante runs deep in the US. When you have a President who plays vigilante with the world, is it surpising that others will mimic those actions at home? The actions of the Bush Reich in flaunting international law are no different. If people want to take back control over their lives, they would be better off doing everything they can to impeach the would-be dictator who stole the 2000 election.

Police in Taiwan go house-to-house to enforce SARS quarantine

Canadian Press
03:37 AM EDT May 15

BEIJING (AP) - Police in Taiwan went house-to-house to enforce SARS quarantines Wednesday, while railway authorities in China installed thermal scanners at some train stations to check passengers for fevers and keep the disease from spreading via that country's vast rail networks.

"The infectious outbreak is our call to arms. Time is lives," said a front-page article in the newspaper Beijing Daily. As regional airlines cut more flights, the United Nations issued a new prediction about the economic fallout of the SARS outbreak: five million job losses in the global tourism sector this year, with Asia hit the worst.

...The number of deaths worldwide from the flu-like disease rose Wednesday to at least 588. Eight new SARS deaths were reported in east Asia - five in Beijing, two in Hong Kong, and one in Taiwan. Canada's death toll remained at 24, all in the Toronto area, with just 14 probable SARS cases still in hospitals.

...But Taiwan faced a worsening outbreak, and Singapore - which had hoped to deem itself SARS-free as early as this week - may have suffered a setback amid reports of a possible outbreak at its largest mental health facility, officials said.

The Institute of Mental Health was sealed off and all 1,800 patients and 1,600 workers quarantined as tests were run to confirm whether there was a SARS outbreak after some began showing symptoms Friday.

...Meanwhile, countries that have reported no SARS cases yet, adopted strict measures Wednesday to avoid an outbreak of the illness.

The Ukrainian government banned travel to countries hardest hit by SARS and instructed officials to deny entry to citizens from those countries, news reports said Wednesday. Two leading Ukrainian airlines have suspended flights to China.

Turkish airline also has suspended flights to China Wednesday because of reduced demand for the route amid fears over SARS. The company recently suspended flights to Hong Kong.

...The more than 10,000 Taiwanese under quarantine also face fines of up to $11,000 Cdn if they leave their homes. Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou said police would conduct house-to-house checks to make sure people obeyed orders to stay put.

Authorities will also phone those under quarantine between 8 p.m. and midnight "because we are afraid that some people will go out at night," Ma said.

Comment: Turning the terror and panic up another notch.

Lecturer discovers formula for making hit films


LONDON - A British university lecturer... claims she has discovered the winning formula to making successful movies...

Sue Clayton...says that a movie must have the right mix of seven essential elements to become a big hit.

She said the film must be made up of action - 30 per cent, comedy - 17 per cent, good versus evil - 13 per cent, love/sex/romance - 12 per cent, special effects - 10 per cent, plot - 10 per cent and music - 8 per cent.

...Clayton said she conducted a detailed examination on the top grossing films in the UK over the past 10 years.

Comment: Geez. What a load of horse hockey! Look at the criteria she used: the top grossing films, that is, the Hollywood formula. This is the OP view of "creation": the same-old same-old reworked in countless ways. Nothing new. Nothing really creative.

Moon could turn red Thursday night

Globe and Mail

The moon could turn an eerie shade of red Thursday night during the first full lunar eclipse in three years.

The best views will be in Eastern Canada, if there are no clouds.

Lunar eclipses occur when the full moon moves into the shadow of the Earth, which blocks sunlight that would normally reflect off the moon's surface.

In North America, the moon will be totally eclipsed for 53 minutes and should turn red or orange.

Comment: Or maybe it'll just be dust from Nibiru....

DNA study deals blow to Neanderthal breeding theory

CBC On-Line

FLORENCE, ITALY - Neanderthals and early human ancestors probably did not interbreed, according to Italian researchers.

Scientists know Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons were different species who both lived at the same time, about 40,000 years ago.

Scientists know that Neanderthals and early human ancestors were distinct species, even though they lived during the same period. However, there is controversy over theories that Neanderthals made a contribution to the modern human gene pool. A skeleton uncovered in Portugal appeared to show both Neanderthal and human features.

The latest research, from the University of Ferrara in Italy, compared genetic material from Neaderthals, Cro-Magnon humans and modern Europeans. [...]

They found that while, unsurprisingly, modern humans show clear genetic signs of their Cro-Magnon ancestry, no such link between Neanderthal DNA and modern European DNA could be established. The results, they say, indicate that Neanderthals made little or no contribution to the genes of modern humans. [...]

"This discontinuity is difficult to reconcile with the hypothesis that both Neanderthals and early anatomically modern humans contributed to the current European gene pool."

Comment: For a good look at how confused this issue is, how contradictory the evidence for the evolution of man, take a look at The Neanderthal Enigma. And to see how the "evolutionary record" is distorted and twisted to fit the Academy's preconceived ideas, check out The Hidden History of the Human Race.

Humans similar to Dolphins

[A} comparison of dolphin and human chromosomes shows that the genetic make-up of dolphins is amazingly similar to humans.

In fact, researchers at Texas A&M University have found that dolphins have more in common with us genetically than cows, horses or pigs. "The extent of the genetic similarity came as a real surprise to us," says David Busbee of Texas A&M University, who published his results in last week's Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics. [...]

"Dolphins are marine mammals that swim in the ocean and it was astonishing to learn that we had more in common with the dolphin than with land mammals," says Horst Hameister, professor of medical genetics at the University of Ulm in Germany.

Big fish disappearing from oceans

CBC On-Line

HALIFAX - The world's oceans have lost 90 per cent of prized tuna, swordfish and marlin since industrialized fishing began, Canadian scientists warned Wednesday.

Fisheries biologists Ransom Myers and Boris Worm of Dalhousie University in Halifax analyzed nearly 50 years of data on predatory fish catches worldwide.

Their findings debunk the notion that oceans are picture perfect blue frontiers teaming with life. "What we've done is sliced the head off of the world's marine ecosystem and we don't know the consequences," said Myers.

Grapes can fuel electric power without side-effects

ANI[ WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 2003 02:00:20 AM ]

WASHINGTON: Scientists in the US are now on their way to discover electric power from grapes and research shows that plants and animals can now power tiny sensors.

Adam Heller and his colleagues at the University of Texas at Austin have come up with a set-up called the "biofuel cell", which could harness metabolic energy without generating any toxic by-product.

Capable of producing only about 2.4 microwatts, the biofuel cell could be used to derive power from body fluids...

The device works best when there is plenty of glucose around -as in a grape.

Comment: We prefer getting our energy from grapes via a good bottle of wine....

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