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May 12, 2003

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September 11 Showdown

An imminent and potentially nasty confrontation over an independent commission’s authority to investigate the White House’s handling of the September 11 terror attacks was narrowly averted last week—just before President Bush landed a jet aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in a carefully crafted ceremony touting the toppling of Saddam Hussein as a major victory in the war on terrorism.

BUT THE BATTLE over the issue is far from over. In fact, NEWSWEEK has learned, President Bush’s chief lawyer has privately signaled that the White House may seek to invoke executive privilege over key documents relating to the attacks in order to keep them out of the hands of investigators for the National Commission on Terror Attacks Upon the United States—the independent panel created by Congress to probe all aspects of 9-11. Some commission members now fear a showdown over the issue—particularly over extremely sensitive National Security Council minutes and presidential briefing papers—could be coming in the next few weeks.

[...] Just two weeks ago, one commission member, Tim Roemer, a former Democratic congressman from Indiana, had sought to read transcripts of three days of closed hearings that had been held last fall by the House and Senate Intelligence Committees—hearings that Roemer, as a member of the House panel, had actually participated in. But when Roemer went down to a carefully guarded room on Capitol Hill to read the classified transcripts—he says to refresh his memory—he was stunned to learn that he couldn’t have access to them. The reason, relayed by a congressional staffer, was that Zelikow had acceded to a request by an administration official to permit lawyers to first review them to determine if the transcripts contained testimony about “privileged” material. Roemer called the deal “outrageous” and 9-11 family members victims bombarded the panel with angry calls. But late Tuesday, White House lawyers relented, thereby averting an embarrassing public escalation of the dispute—and inevitable charges of a White House cover-up—that could well have marred last Thursday’s highly publicized ceremony aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in which Bush declared the military action in Iraq “one victory in a war on terror that began on September 11, 2001, and still goes on.”

But that by no means settled the matter, sources say. Publicly, the White House has pledged cooperation with the panel ... But privately, talks have been far more problematic. ...White House chief council Alberto Gonzales, the president’s chief lawyer, [says] he “may seek to invoke executive privilege” over some documents sought by the commission.

Executive privilege is a doctrine traditionally invoked by all White Houses to keep confidential briefings or advice given to the president. But the precise boundaries of the doctrine are hardly settled. And it is far from clear how a White House attempt to withhold material from a congressionally authorized national commission on 9-11 will play out. Gonzales and the rest of the White House legal staff are known to feel particularly passionate about the sanctity of staff advice given to the president—a view that reflects Bush’s and Vice President Dick Cheney’s adamant opinion that internal executive-branch decision-making should be conducted without fear of congressional or media scrutiny. “Those are like the crown jewels—we’ll never give those up,” one White House lawyer predicted to NEWSWEEK recently when asked about presidential briefing papers that were likely to be sought by the commission.

...The invocation of executive privilege could fuel suspicions that the White House is stonewalling the panel in order to cover up politically embarrassing mistakes. “I think they have got to be worried about this,” says one panel member. “This is a bipartisan commission, and we’ve got the family members.”

Among the most sensitive documents the commission is known to be interested in reviewing are internal National Security Council minutes from the spring and summer of 2001 when the CIA and other intelligence agencies were warning that an attack by Al Qaeda could well be imminent. The panel is also expected to seek interviews with key principals—such as national-security adviser Condoleezza Rice and her chief deputy, Stephen J. Hadley—to question them both about advice they gave the president and about what actions they took to deal with the rising concerns of intelligence-community officials about the Qaeda threat.

An equally dicey subject, sources say, is the commission’s expected request to review debriefings of key Al Qaeda suspects who have been arrested—such as Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Ramzi bin al-Shibh—who played critical roles in the 9-11 plot. The intelligence community has treated those debriefs as among the most highly classified material in the government, and the Justice Department is stoutly resisting a ruling by the federal judge overseeing the Zacarias Moussoui case to make bin al-Shibh available to the defense. But commission members argue that they can’t possibly do their job to write an authoritative history of 9-11 if they can’t discover what the federal government has learned from Al Qaeda operatives who know the most about how the plot was put together.

Comment: Enjoy the spectacle, folks! Notice how rather than investigating the planning, organization, and implementation of the 911 attack from within the walls of the Pentagon itself (and from its basements), the public is being diverted into questions of supposed incompetence of US intelligence agencies. Remember a year ago when this started coming out, at the same time as Shrub's links to Enron and his poor little rich boy business bailouts. It didn't take long for the war hysteria to be whipped up to divert attention.

This commission is giving the impression of being tough, but it isn't asking the real questions. But here appears to be someone who is...

Conspiracy crusader doubts official 9/11 version

...As Vision TV's media critic for the past 15 years, and as a journalist with a long list of solid credentials (he's worked at The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star, taught at Ryerson University, and was awarded a Southam Fellowship at the University of Toronto), Zwicker should be safely out of the line of fire. It's a measure of his determination to challenge conventional wisdom that he has willingly kept his head up, instead of down, and tried to look facts right in the eye.

"You know, the people who just shrug off these questions with the `conspiracy theorist' epithet should be asked what they stand for. Unquestioning acceptance of the official narrative? Sure, there are outlandish theories out there - aliens, Atlantis - but there have also been real and huge conspiracies," Zwicker told me in an interview in his home office.

I knew about some of those conspiracies. Last January, I wrote a column about American declassified documents that verify a long history of top-level conspiracies. The U.S. government, its military and its secret service have plotted to justify wars and impose their control on other countries through intricate secret schemes of drug-running, gun smuggling and assassination. They even considered rigging fake terrorist attacks that would cost American lives in order to stir the public to war-ready outrage.

Immediately, I was deluged with hundreds upon hundreds of approving e-mails from American citizens. Some of them praised the TV work of Barrie Zwicker - a Globe and Mail colleague of my youth.

I sat down, with a fair degree of skepticism, to watch Zwicker's video, The Great Deception, which challenges the U.S. government's account of what really happened on 9/11. Slowly, a frightening chill came over me. These were the very questions I had asked myself on 9/11 and for several weeks after. Failing to find easy answers, I had locked the subject away.

Why did the United States Air Force fail to scramble interceptor jets - in defiance of all long-standing rules and well-established practice - for almost two hours after it was known that an unprecedented four planes had been hijacked?

How could the world's most powerful military fail to react throughout a prolonged, horrifying attack on the financial and political capitals of the nation?

How did the FBI know the exact identities of the hijackers within 24 hours of the attacks? If their files were so readily to hand, why hadn't they been apprehended earlier? After all, several conscientious FBI agents had raised the alarm about a number of known Al Qaeda sympathizers at U.S. flight schools, and had been ignored.

Why did Donald Rumsfeld call for a war on Iraq (not Afghanistan) the morning after the Saudi hijackers had accomplished their attack?

Why did the two squadrons of fighter jets at Andrews Air Force base, 19 kilometres from Washington, not zoom into action to defend the White House, one of their primary tasks?

Why did George Bush sit for half an hour in a Florida classroom, listening to a girl talk about her pet goat, after his chief of staff told him about the second plane? For that matter, why did he pretend that he first learned of the attacks in that classroom, when he had actually been briefed as he left his hotel that morning?

Why has there been no public investigation into the billions of dollars "earned" by insider trading of United and American Airlines stock before 9/11?

Comment: Trouble is, you start asking these questions, as well as the most pointed question of them all -What really hit the Pentagon? - and you see that the whole 9/11 "conspiracy" has its roots within the US government itself. Who else has profited from the events of 9/11 to extend its hegemony over the rest of the world, to backhand the UN and the rest of the governments from international policy-making? Discussions? Heck, they're just a waste of time! We have oil to grab and a fascist infrastructure to impose upon the most dumbed-down country in the world - the US of A!


One thing should be abundantly clear to the American people by now, and that is that the Bush administration and the secret agencies have something to hide, something they don't want anyone to know, and there has been a coverup going on ever since that day unknown parties flew two jets into the Twin Towers. Even from the beginning both Bush and Cheney took definite steps to block an investigation, which is such an unthinkable thing, not to investigate, which appears extremely suspicious, almost a confession of sorts right there.

[...] How can the leaders of America staunchly say "We must not look into this?" They are literally saying that they don't want the truth known regarding that infamous inhumane act. And in fact, when one considers the outrage and the shame of the American people should it become known that 911 was an inside job, it gives one pause a moment to wonder if perhaps ignorance IS bliss after all. The idea that the highest levels of government and the secret agencies could be involved in an attack on their own country is so horrifying to most people that they can't bear it. Because it is a depth of corruption that seems unbelievable. Denial is a natural reaction to a thought so frightening. And the result? America is now the enemy of all. All prudent nations should clearly beware of an administration that is out of control, or rather in the control of some very dangerous men.


Why are they refusing to provide these documents? What does it mean? It is the People's government, not the government of a single man, a dictator, which Bush has joked that he would like to be. The current administration is the most dangerous situation the Nation has ever been in. Perhaps the Founding Fathers should have been a tad more farther looking and seen the inevitable day when some powerful gang of criminal-thugs would take over the executive branch. What would they have done to ensure that could not happen? What must we do now to ammend their document, the Constitution, adding what they might have added, were they here with us now? How could this mean and ugly coup-de-tat have happened? And what are the people to do?

Sen. Bob Graham has evidence regarding the "stand-down" of the secret agencies, specifically the CIA, which suggests at least that the attack was purposely allowed to take place. Especially when it appears there was also a military stand-down going at the same time! It suggests possible corruption at the highest military level.
"The problem is that what [Graham] knows - and he knows some very damaging stuff about the Bush administration's failures before 9/11 to prevent 9/11 - he can't talk about because it's classified," he explained.

"He's got something on Bush. He just can't figure out how to use it," he explained.

For me, watching all the efforts of the Bush to squelch any openminded investigation and to BURY the truth of 911, to so clearly be against the TRUTH, that is a virtual confession of complicity. I no longer have any doubt it was an inside job. And that scares me.

And perhaps the whitewashers are right in one regard, that knowledge of this treason and betrayal, at the highest levels, might so enrage the public that there would be riots and civil unrest, and a lynch-mob fever.

Analysis Of White House Obstruction Of 9/11 Investigations

The Bush administration, the CIA, and the FBI are all refusing to cooperate with Congress as the latter tries to release for publication its 900-page report on the 9/11 terror attack on the WTC. The report contains numerous critical comments about administration and intelligence agency mishandling of forewarnings received by agents in the field-including a warning from an FBI agent that al-Qaeda supporters might be training in US flight schools...

This particular Congressional report is unrelated to the independent 9/11 Commission [] that was so slow in getting underway, and will be even slower at answering the questions presented by representatives of the victims' families []...

A couple of the victims' representatives did ask some crucial questions, such as why official Defense protocols were not followed, and why the NY Port Authority delayed evacuation of the second tower, but they failed to ask any of the really tough questions that point to government collusion and provocation:

* Why has the government refused to make public the recorded pilots' conversations with Air Traffic Control, notifying them of a hijacking in progress? We know these conversations took place because the FAA has confirmed having reported the hijackings to NORAD within minutes of their commencement.

* Why has the government denied having intercepted Flight 93 over Pennsylvania with 2 F-16s, despite the voluminous evidence that the airliner was shot down and shadowed to its crash by an unmarked jet leased to the government?

* Why were most military tower operators in the area told to ground all flights from taking off, including fighter interceptors?

* How and why were the reported cell phone calls from passengers on the hijacked airliners faked? Recent tests have shown that cell phones at high altitudes do not communicate with antenna towers on the ground. Almost all cellular and PCS systems utilize antennas which are only oriented for horizontal reception--not vertical.

* How did the US so quickly develop complete profiles and dossiers on all the supposed hijackers, including their night club activities, if these individuals were not previously being tracked by government agents? There is also the question of the long trail of incriminating letters, passports and flight manuals supposedly left behind by the hijackers at the airport or, in the case of the intact passport, miraculously recovered in the WTC debris.

* Why has the government never amended the list of alleged hijackers given that eight of these names belong to people still living? The government has never given a rational explanation for why hijackers would use their real names in any case.

* Why were the alleged hijackers whose names were on terror watch lists given visas, without the proper documentation normally required?

* What is the relationship between Huffman Aviation (the Venice, FL company that trained two of the hijackers) and the CIA, which leases space in Huffmanâs hangar through a front company?

* Why did the hijackers who could barely speak English attempt (unsuccessfully) to take flying lessons for small planes when there was an Arab-speaking flight school for major aircraft in Fort Worth, Texas? [They were covering for training on major aircraft received elsewhere.]

* Why did certain investors know to short the stocks of American airline companies prior to 9/11? Along the same lines, why has the government never attempted to subpoena Wall Street computer records to find out who these "lucky" investors were?

* Why have the testimonies of New York firefighters who heard bomb-like explosions in the towers during the evacuation process been suppressed?

Bush's actions on September 11

Bush's actions on September 11 have been the subject of lively debate, mostly on the internet. Details reported that day and in the week after the attacks - both the media reports and accounts given by Bush himself - have changed radically over the past 18 months. Culling hundreds of reports from newspapers, magazines, and the internet has only made finding the "truth" of what happened and when it happened more confusing. In the changed political climate after 9/11, few have dared raise challenging questions about
Bush's actions. A journalist who said Bush was "flying around the country like a scared child, seeking refuge in his mother's bed after having a nightmare" and another who said Bush "skedaddled" were fired. [Washington Post, 9/29/01 (B)] We should have a concise record of where President Bush was throughout the day the US was attacked, but we do not.

Comment: The chickenhawks all managed to find some way to avoid military service themselves. This animation by an ex-GI who did serve makes that point.

As for Shrub's own record....

Bush's Military Record

The question of George W. Bush's military record is working its way back into the public discourse, thanks to his ham- handed antics aboard the USS Lincoln...

Bush blew off his commitment to the Texas Air National Guard by failing to take a physical, and thereafter failing to report to his superior officers at his old unit for at least seven months. His flight status was revoked, and he never flew again -- at least, not until the Lincoln stunt.

These facts have never been disputed since they were uncovered, and in fact were acknowledged by Bush's spokespeople. Moreover, as Joe Conason has already noted, Bush actually falsified this aspect of his service in his ghost-written autobiography, A Charge to Keep, describing his pilot's training in some detail, then concluding: ''I continued flying with my unit for the next several years." In fact, Bush was suspended from flying 22 months after he completed his training -- a period that does not even generously fit Bush's description.


But forget all these unanswered questions. Just from what we know now, the question that needs answering is this: Why did Mr. Bush abandon his commitment to his country during wartime? Why did he blow off his valuable training and remove himself from flight status?

The question any serviceman should be asking is this: What if I were to treat my commitment to service just as Bush did? What if I trained to be a pilot and then refused to take a physical? And then failed to show up for any subsequent meetings of my unit? Dropped out of sight for seven months?

And then he ought to think about the big grin Bush wore along with that flight suit.

Comment: Typical Bush moves. He finds a rich boy's way out of his military service, is AWOL hiding under Daddy's skirts, lies in his autobiography, then starts packing off other American youth to fight his dirty war. And to top it off, he comes flying into an aircraft carrier in military garb to announce his "victory" in Iraq... Just what reality does this psychopath live in? And what about all those who eat up his antics and keep him in power?

The War Party is moving quickly to target Damascus, Teheran, and beyond.

As an indication of what we are in for, check out what Ms. Eleana Benador, the War Party's equivalent of Paul ("Swifty") Lazar, or Michael Ovitz, has to say. Ms. Benador, as the proprietor of Benador Associates, is the agent for Woolsey, Richard Perle, and a long list of neocon publicists, and she recently described her latest project to the New York Observer:

"Ms. Benador said her job was not only to work the phones for her clients, but sometimes to help polish their message. 'There are some things, you have to just state them in a different way, in a slightly different way,' she said. She described meeting with a new organization that plans to explore which rogue regime will be next in line for U.S. intervention following Iraq.
"'They said their agenda is to see who is next after Iraq,' she said. 'And I said, 'I don't think that's the right position, because 'Who is next?' is like you're asking for more war.' And I said, 'So you can ask, "What is next? What is going to happen next?"' So I made them change that slightly.
"'See, it's a little word,' she said, "but it makes a difference. If not, people get scared. …'"

Scared yet? You should be.

Comment: So as it starts to heat up at home once again for the Bush Reich, what is "next"? Well, war worked well the last time, why not try it again! There are a bunch of US troops in Iraq looking for something to do. They certainly aren't "keeping the peace" there.


[...] The United States has accused Iran of secretly embarking on a program to enrich uranium at Natanz in southern Iran, which it fears could be used to make nuclear weapons. They said US requests for support have gone out to Russia, France, Britain, Germany and other members of the 35-nation board - the key decision maker at the UN nuclear watchdog agency - ahead of its meeting next month.

[...] More recently, Tehran has said it would not recognise any US-installed government in Baghdad. And Washington signed a truce with the People's Mujahideen, which opposes Tehran's cleric-dominated government, allowing it to keep its weapons, although the Iraqi-based group is on the US State Department's terrorist list.

Iranian officials have said they have nothing to hide because their nuclear program is only meant to generate electricity.

Comment: Sounds about as dangerous as Saddam's stockpiles of Weapons of Mass Destruction. A month after the "liberation" of Iraq's oil fields, we still haven't been given any evidence that these stockpiles, the excuse for the war according to the chickenhawks in Washington, really exist.

I guess they'll find 'em when Bush's oil cronies start drilling for oil... that must be why the oil fields are so important to keep guarded while the Iraqui people starve.

Iraq in danger of starvation says UN

Iraqi agriculture is on the brink of collapse, with fears that many of its 24.5 million people will go hungry this summer, according to a confidential report being studied by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation. A special assessment prepared by the UN agency's staff in Rome, which has been seen by The Observer, reveals a catastrophe in the making, with crops and poultry being especially hard hit.

Comment: Is this the democratic state that we where going to bring to Iraq? Before starting off on the next chapter of the Bush Reich's program for bringing"democracy" to the world, let's check in and see what has been happening in Iraq, "yesterday's" war.

U.S. recalls top Baghdad official

The U.S.-appointed administrator for central Iraq, Barbara Bodine, is returning to Washington as part of a shakeup of the American and British operation to rebuild the country.

...Her replacement and the reasons for her leaving were not announced.

The departure comes amid growing criticism over the U.S.-led reconstruction operation.

Iraqis are increasingly frustrated that their lives remain in chaos, more than a month after Saddam Hussein was toppled.

Lawlessness remains a problem, government ministries aren't working properly and salaries aren't being paid.

Media reports say it may take more than two months to fully restore electricity service to Baghdad, a city for which Bodine was responsible. Raw sewage pours through some streets because of a failed pumping station.

"A lot of what was dysfunctional about Baghdad predates the war," Bodine told the Post.

Comment: So the problems in Baghdad predate the war. Something to do with the Gulf War, ten years of economic sanctions, hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi children, depleted uranium. But Bodine isn't the only official being recalled:

Frustrated, U.S. Arms Team to Leave Iraq Task Force Unable To Find Any Weapons

BAGHDAD -- The group directing all known U.S. search efforts for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is winding down operations without finding proof that President Saddam Hussein kept clandestine stocks of outlawed arms, according to participants.

The 75th Exploitation Task Force, as the group is formally known, has been described from the start as the principal component of the U.S. plan to discover and display forbidden Iraqi weapons. The group's departure, expected next month, marks a milestone in frustration for a major declared objective of the war.

Leaders of Task Force 75's diverse staff -- biologists, chemists, arms treaty enforcers, nuclear operators, computer and document experts, and special forces troops -- arrived with high hopes of early success. They said they expected to find what Secretary of State Colin L. Powell described at the U.N. Security Council on Feb. 5 -- hundreds of tons of biological and chemical agents, missiles and rockets to deliver the agents, and evidence of an ongoing program to build a nuclear bomb.

Scores of fruitless missions broke that confidence, many task force members said in interviews.

Comment: It can be disheartening when one first realizes your country has been lying to you for it's own dark reasons. Of course, I would not be surprised if weapons of mass destruction are suddenly "discovered". There may be an attempt to justify the destruction of Iraq, and perhaps something more than Colin Powell reading from a plagiarized dissertation would be handy. There is another war to sell to America and the world.

To restore peace, US hires Iraqi looters

BAGHDAD – US Army officials in the eastern part of the Iraqi capital are taking a novel approach to stop looters - offering some of them a job that pays better than stealing government property. In the three days since the experiment began, the number of looters in a massive multiacre warehouse and industrial stockyard run by the Iraqi power company has dropped from several hundred to zero.

[...] Ultimately, up to Iraqis

US reconstruction experts say that substantial rebuilding in Iraq cannot be undertaken until a majority of Iraqis understand and accept that the country no longer belongs to Mr. Hussein. It will be up to the Iraqi people to either destroy it or help rebuild it.

Comment: Of course, as long as the Iraqis are willing to be yes-men to the Bush family network of companies coming in to "loot" the country under the imprimateur of US imperialism...

And those Iraqis who disagree with Bush's business friends will likely be labelled terrorists and shot.

The Iraqi Quagmire The Omens of Occupation are Not Good The Iraqi Quagmire At a US military checkpoint on the road north of Kirkuk last week two American soldiers were holding up cardboard placards on each of which was a message written in Kurdish. One said 'Drivers must get into one lane' and the other read 'carrying weapons is forbidden."

The problem was that the soldiers, not being able to read Kurdish, had mixed up the placards and one of them was angrily waving the one forbidding weapons in front of a car which had tried to jump the queue. A hundred yards further down the road a harassed-looking American officer was asking drivers in English, which they did not speak, if they were armed and was receiving benign smiles and thumbs-up signs.

...But it is still extraordinary that the US should have spent so many months planning a military campaign with so little thought about the likely political consequences inside Iraq.

The mass looting of every Iraqi city should not have come as a great surprise. It is an old Iraqi tradition in times of war...

The failure to stop the looting has damaged American prospects for restoring even temporary stability to Iraq. So too has the slowness in restoring electricity, water and petrol supplies. Clearly Washington under-estimated the devastating consequences of the power vacuum which followed the sudden collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime. The US also seems to have imagined that the fact that Iraqis were anti-Saddam meant that they would be pro-US.

...Food rations under the UN's oil-for-food programme were distributed in advance by Saddam's government before the war. But 60 per cent of Iraqis are wholly dependent for survival on this elaborate and efficient rationing system. Without it they will starve. The US will face mass riots if, over the coming months, rations are not supplied.

The long term weaknesses of a US occupation ... will stem rather from whether or not Washington is in effect planning a classic colonial occupation, giving power only to Iraqis wholly dependent on the US.

The omens here are not very good. Asked about the visibly growing influence of the Shia clergy a senior member of the US administration was quoted as saying: "We don't want to allow Persian fundamentalism to gain any foothold. We want to find more moderate clerics and move them into positions of influence."

It is not an effort likely to succeed. Saddam spent decades unsuccessfully trying to coerce or co-opt the Shiah clergy through the noose, torture chamber or assassination squad.

[...] For the moment the US can probably control Iraq by main force, by garrisoning the main towns and getting the Iraqi administration running again. But in the longer term it is very vulnerable. With the exception of Kuwait none of Iraq's neighbours wanted the war or like its outcome. For the moment they are frightened by the large US land army on their door steps. But as US forces are reduced and fear dissipates they have every reason to make sure that the US occupation fails.

If the US is very careful and sensitive to the needs of Iraqis the occupation might stabilise for a few years. But with such an ideological and divided administration in Washington this is about the last thing to expect. Will it, for instance, be able to keep its hands off Iraqi oil? If there is one act of Saddam Hussein which remains popular it is his nationalisation of the oil industry in 1972. Iraqi nationalism may be an uncertain quantity, but all Iraqis are deeply hostile to any threat to their control of the oilfields.


In their present triumphant mood there is no sign that George Bush or Tony Blair appreciate the depth or extent of the morass which they have now entered. Six months ago an Iraqi friend told me that he was all in favour of the US going to war to get rid of Saddam Hussein, but he added: "My only fear is that before it starts, the US will realise that this war is much against its own best interests."

Comment: It seems that the long-term goal of the puppet masters is to annihilate the peoples of the Middle East. This is the real reason that the powder keg must be maintained. The different peoples of the region must be kept at loggarheads to keep them from uniting. Pure Machiavelli.

Iraq's Crude Awakening

Just to look at Iraq today, one would never know that it's an oil giant. it's a country nearly paralyzed by an energy crisis...

Why is Iraq such a prize? Not only does it have the potential to become the world's largest producer, but no other country can do it as cheaply. That's because, for geological reasons, Iraq boasts the world's most prolific wells. In 1979, the year before Iraq's oil fields were devastated by the first of three wars, its wells produced an average of 13,700 bbl. each per day. By contrast, each Saudi well averaged 10,200 bbl. U.S. wells, which are gradually drying up, averaged just 17 bbl. It would take more than 800 U.S. wells to pump as much oil as a typical Iraqi well. Consequently, production costs in Iraq are much lower. The average cost of bringing a barrel of oil out of the ground in the U.S. is about $10. In Saudi Arabia, it's about $2.50. And in Iraq, it's less than $1, according to Fadhil Chalabi, executive director of the Center for Global Energy Studies in London and former Under Secretary of Oil in Iraq. What's more, most of Iraq's known oil deposits are waiting to be developed. That's why everyone has cast a covetous eye on the country. And why each one of the world's major powers and international groups has an agenda for Iraqi oil.

Comment: How many times have the warmongerers denied that the reason for the war in Iraq was oil? Then how come the Oil Ministry in Baghdad was only one of two Iraqi ministries protected from looting?

Mexicans Outraged by Immigration/Oil Move

A move in the U.S. Congress to link immigration with opening up Mexico's state oil company to U.S. investment has outraged Mexicans, and newspapers Saturday accused American lawmakers of arrogance and blackmail.

The House International Relations Committee narrowly approved the measure Thursday saying that any accord on immigration issues with Mexico should include an agreement to allow U.S. companies to invest in the state oil company Pemex.

The measure is a nonbinding "sense of Congress" amendment in a broad State Department funding bill, and must still be approved by both houses of Congress.

It went nearly unnoticed in the U.S. news media - but created a storm in Mexico.

The 1938 nationalization of Pemex is celebrated as a symbol of national pride and was written into the constitution.

"Blackmail in the US: Immigration Accord for Pemex," a leading newspaper, El Universal, said in a front-page headline Saturday.

Comment: Can it be any clearer that the Bush Reich is after oil? In the process are they going to isolate themselves from the world?

When it gets that clear, you need to keep the press well-controlled. Can't have people pointing out the emperor has no clothes.

"The Lies Are Brilliantly Crafted" Greg welcome back to TO.
Your book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy is currently number 5 on The New York Times Best Seller list. Why?

GP: The USA is home to the largest, longest, deepest river of burbling bullshit known to man - home of the brave and of double-talk, nonsense, half-truths, Tom Brokaw, disinformation, baloney, CNN, white lies, black lies and Katie Curic - laughably called 'US media.' "And here, the President is waving to us from his helicopter!" ... And we're fed up TO HERE with it. So someone had to write a book with the facts that dare not speak their name in America: how the Bush clan fixed the election in Florida, spiked the investigation of the bin Ladins, peddled America like a cheap tart to every corporate John with campaign loot, let the World Bank eat Argentina for breakfast and encouraged Pat Robertson to commit unnatural acts with our Bill of Rights.
Those few citizens not yet Fox'd to death were ready for this book. And Michael Moore helped. By bringing over my stories through his talks and 'Stupid White Men,' he cracked the Propaganda Berlin Wall, opening the space for my investigative reports to rush through.
Plus, the new paperback has these cool illustrations by Winston Smith with 40% new material. Damn, what a bargain - who could resist? Some would argue that commercial journalism has so completely abdicated objectivity that it is no longer news, but rather public relations. Is the independent media the last bastion of the free press?
GP: "Independent'' media in America is better called "starvation'' media: journalists that want to do real reporting don't survive long - Bob Parry, who uncovered the Iran-Contra scandal, lost his job at the AP, Seymour Hersh was pushed off the New York Times - and I'm in exile. Investigative reporting is a quick career path to disemployment. The 'dependent' media is killing us with poisoned lies.
And some of the lies are brilliantly crafted. Let me give you an example: The New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle and god knows how many others ran a photo in June 2001 under the screamer, "100,000 MARCH AGAINST VENEZUELAN PRESIDENT.'' Hugo Chavez. It had to be true: there was the photo. And I was there, in Caracas, so I know it was true. But what the Times and Chronicle DIDN'T show you was the demonstration, nearly twice as large, of Venezuelans marching IN SUPPORT of their President. So the Dependent Media effectively Stalinized the photos.
Comment: Lets face it the popular media serves one purpose only, a vehicle for state propaganda. The daily papers and news form such an integral part of peoples lives that programming of the masses by the state is achieved with ridiculous ease. Our god-given ability to think for ourselves is no longer required and most defintely not desired.

New York Times: Reporter routinely faked articles

NEW YORK (CNN) -- The New York Times has concluded, after an extensive internal investigation, that one of its former reporters committed "frequent acts of journalistic fraud."
In a 7,500 word article published Saturday on its Web site, the prestigious newspaper accuses the reporter of making up reports from other cities while writing from his apartment in Brooklyn. The paper says the reporter invented quotes, wrote about scenery from published photographs and stole material from other news organizations.
The article, to be published in Sunday's print editions, details how reporter Jayson Blair, 27, was quickly promoted through the ranks from intern to the national desk despite a history of corrections, sloppy reporting and lectures from his editors.

Comment: How many other Jayson Blairs are there in the US media? Truth certainly doesn't seem to be a highly prized value.

Radical spy plan nearly sneaks in under the radar

It all happened behind closed doors, like government mischief typically does. The Bush administration and Republican leaders in Congress attempted to sneak through a provision in the intelligence authorization bill pending before Congress that would give the Central Intelligence Agency and the military the ability to investigate Americans.
Word of the pending amendment was brought to light last week through a leak to a public interest organization. (Thank you, whoever you are.) The amendment would allow the CIA and Pentagon to issue administrative subpoenas or national security letters to order businesses such as telephone and credit card companies and financial institutions to turn over their records on customers - all without court approval.
Up until passage of the USA Patriot Act in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, the FBI could use national security letters under highly circumscribed conditions: to obtain information for counterterrorism or counterespionage investigations only when there was reason to believe the person whose records were sought was a foreign agent or terrorist. But the Patriot Act wiped away those specificity and suspicion requirements. Now the FBI can demand whole databases of records on every customer without any individual suspicion as long as it is in the context of an authorized antiterrorism or intelligence probe. That means all our credit card data, Internet logs and other records are there for the taking upon the signature of the attorney general or his designee.
As flagrantly irresponsible as Bush and his inner circle have been relative to the separation of powers, they have to know it is sacrosanct to American liberty to keep both the CIA and the military from intelligence gathering on our soil. As Kate Martin, director of the Center for National Security Studies, says, "the whole point of the CIA is to operate outside the law." You remember, don't you? Assassination attempts, supporting military coups to protect overseas business interests and markets, a network of spies with no warrants required.

Comment: Seems like they are just trying to make official what runs naturally in the "heart" of all OPs and psychopaths, the desire to extinguish any and all difference. Here's what is going on in the US school system.

The War on Teachers and Students: The Devil in New England

Police states don't exist without help and acquiescence... Most recently, a cop in the small town of Barre...took it upon himself to do some reconnaissance in the Bush war on the world.

According to the Times-Argus (the daily paper that serves this region of Vermont), office John Mott had heard that one of the history teachers at the local high school was encouraging his students to think critically about the war on Iraq and other controversial actions of the Bush administration. The teacher, Tom Treece, is a pacifist who has made it clear that he opposes the current administration's warmongering. Although most of the high school's students don't seem to have a problem with Treece's stance and vocal support of it, certain citizens do. Indeed, some of them have gone so far as to form a small citizen's group called Citizens Advocating Responsible Education (CARE), to oppose Treece's teaching. An underlying motive of the group is to scuttle the school district's budget.

...The facts are these. At 1:30 in the morning of April 9, 2003, Officer Mott, in full uniform, convinced a custodian at Spaulding High School in Barre, Vt. To let him in to the high school and enter Treece's classroom. Mott was on duty at the time and was out of his assigned jurisdiction. Upon entering Treece's classroom, Mott began photographing a number of student projects concerning the war on Iraq and other aspects of Washington's current policies. Mott defended his actions in the Times-Argus, stating, "Having spent 30 years in uniform, I was insulted, I'm just taking a stand on what happens in that classroom as a resident and a voter and a taxpayer of this community." Mott's recon mission took place the day after he attended a school board meeting where CARE presented their complaints to the board regarding Treece's instructional approach. CARE's founders claim that the issue is not free speech. To them, "It's an issue of balance and it's an issue of professionalism."

...According to the Times Argus, one of the opponents of Treece and his class (called Public Issues) said: "The purpose of education is to teach students facts and how to use these facts to compete in the real world." Academic freedom, continued this speaker, is a waste of time.

...Mott has expressed no remorse over the forced entry into the school, nor has he expressed any doubt as to his right to use his police uniform to do so. It's clear that Mott and his supporters have forgotten (if they ever knew) the reasons that certain of our country's founders insisted on the Bill of Rights before they would approve the constitution. It's also clear that these folks' leaders in Washington like things that way. This is why the minds of the young are their battleground. After all, if young people can think critically about their government and its actions, they might want to change it. If young people start asking why their friends are being asked to go to war and why there are military recruiters in their schools and their mailboxes, they might decide to oppose those wars and the liars who try and sweet talk them into fighting them. If young people start questioning why policemen can use their uniform to commit acts that would be illegal for anyone else, they might want to rein in the police.

Comment: Big brother is alive and well and in a neighbourhood near you! Freedom of speech is most definitely a thing of the past, especially when even the teachers have been co-opted to act as state spys and dupes...

Students Investigated By Sercet Service

Some teachers in Oakland are rallying behind two students who were interrogated by the Secret Service. That followed remarks the teenagers made about the President during a class discussion. The incident has many people angry.

For years the classroom has been the setting for the free expression of ideas, but two weeks ago certain ideas led to two students being taken out of class and grilled by the United States Secret Service.

It happened at Oakland High. The discussion was about the war in
Iraq. That's when two students made comments about the President of the United States. While the exact wording is up for debate, the
teacher didn't consider it mere criticism, but a direct threat and
she called the Secret Service...

Even worse, they say, is the fact that the students were grilled by
federal agents without legal counsel or their parents present, just
the principal.

"When one of the students asked, 'do we have to talk now? Can we be silent? Can we get legal council?' they were told, 'we own you, you don't have any legal rights,'" Felson says.

Nearly 300 Twisters Reported

More tornado warnings were issued Saturday as the United States nears the end of the most active week of tornadoes on record.

There appears to be no end in sight for the series of storms that have battered the Midwest and South and killed 44 people. "We just don't have a down day; that's what's been very unusual," Rich Thompson, lead forecaster at the Storm Prediction Center of the National Weather Service, told The Associated Press. "It just doesn't stop." [...]

Nearly 300 tornadoes have occurred during the past week in the United States, according to the National Weather Service. States from Kansas to Georgia have suffered storm damage, injuries and deaths.

Virgin Mary Apparitions

The Virgin Mary usually arrives about 7:30 in the evening. Every day but Friday, believers say, she appears at Gianna Talone Sullivan's home overlooking a golf course near Emmitsburg to dispense words of wisdom, advice and, sometimes, warning.

To believers, the details of Mary's apparitions are well known: She wears a veil, has brown hair and blue eyes, and emerges from a bright light. Her visits vary in timing and duration. "It depends on what's going on," said Michael Sullivan, 53, Talone Sullivan's husband and spokesman. "If we're at home and were not going anywhere, it's usually between 7:30 and 8:30."

Sullivan, a tall, bearded doctor who favors polo shirts and tasseled loafers, does not see the Blessed Mother when she appears to his wife. Neither have the thousands who have flocked to Emmitsburg over the years to receive Mary's messages, transcribed by Talone Sullivan on spiral notebooks.