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Laura Knight-Jadczyk

2007/07/29: The Politics of History
2007/07/08: Transmarginal Inhibition
2007/06/04: Immigration: Ignota nulla curatio morbi!
2007/05/19: Al Gore and the Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy
2007/05/06: Book Review: The Haunted Universe by D. Scott Rogo
2007/04/23: To Bee or not to Be
2007/04/21: Beware The Ides of April: Cho Seung-hui and the Mosaic Distinction
2007/04/07: The Body Snatchers
2007/04/02: The Hope
2007/03/20: Forget About Global Warming: We're One Step From Extinction!
2007/03/16: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: The Wally-World of Wickedness!
2007/03/14: Climate Change Swindlers and the Political Agenda
2007/02/27: Tales From The Crypt: The Mummy Returns to Bring Religious War
2007/02/23: Amir Peretz and The Faith Based School of Politics
2007/01/13: Crocodile Condi vs Baby Babs Boxer
2007/01/11: Hasbara, Shmuel Rosner and the Israel Factor
2007/01/10: Fire and Ice: The Day After Tomorrow
2007/01/02: Stupid Is as Stupid Does
2006/12/14: Truth Is Public Property
2006/11/08: Post-Election Reality Check
2006/10/20: The Mystic vs Hitler
2006/10/02: America's Nervous Breakdown
2006/08/14: My Mother Will Never Dance Again...
2006/07/31: Alex Jones and the Scholars for 911 Truth: The Parable of the Shepherd
2006/07/24: Condoleezza Pregnant: Giving Birth to Monster
2006/07/11: World Cup: Zidane - Materazzi : Italy's Shameful Win
2006/07/06: V is for Vendetta
2006/06/10: The Cult of the Plausible Lie
2006/05/30: Making Sense of Political Complexity
2006/03/27: Signs of the Times Attacked by Pentagon sponsored Psy-ops!
2006/03/23: Signs of the Times Attacked by Psy-ops!
2006/03/18: Terrorism and the Three Sillies
2006/03/12: Is anybody getting it yet?
2006/03/08: EcoEnquirer: A Waste of Cyberspace
2006/03/04: Smokescreens, Snowjobs and Long Knives
2006/03/03: Some Days are Harder Than Others...
2006/02/25: Four And a Half Years...
2006/02/19: The Protocols of the Pathocrats
2006/02/13: The Real Enemy and What YOU Can Do
2006/02/08: What Can You Do?
2006/01/28: Abortion, Psychopaths and Mother Love
2006/01/30: Bridge Over Troubled Waters
2006/01/24: Abovetopsecret: Ethics and Google Bombs
2006/01/16: The Magus and The Swamps of Eugnosia
2006/01/15: The Cult of the Plausible Lie
2006/01/14: The Spider and The Fly: SkepticOverlord and COINTELPRO
2006/01/12: More Inside Scoops on!
2006/01/11: COINTELPRO Update 2
2006/01/10: COINTELPRO Update
2006/01/07: COINTELPRO Updates: Above Top Secret Forum
2006/01/02: How to Spot COINTELPRO Agents
2006/01/01: Is the Above Top Secret Forum COINTELPRO?
2005/11/28: Political Ponerology: Andrew M. Lobaczewksy
2005/10/31: 94%
2005/09/02: Additional Comments to Reductio ad Absurdum
2005/07/30: The Most Dangerous Cult in the World
2005/07/23: Mass Mind Control
2005/06/11: Book Review: The Lost Gospel
2005/06/03: The Most Dangerous Idea in the World
2005/02/06: The Canary in the Mine
2005/02/20: The True Identity of Fulcanelli, the Four Elements, the Da Vinci Code
2004/12/11: Is Bush the Antichrist?
2004/11/05: The Global Game of Survivor: America's Next Four Years
2004/10/12: High Strangeness
2004/06/12: Who Is Behind the "Aussie Bloke" Hoax? Some Further Discoveries
2004/04/06: Jupiter, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the Return of the Mongols
2003/08/12: The Fifth Column
2003/08/12: Hitler: As the German People Knew Him
2003/08/09: Born from the Ashes and Blood
2003/07/04: Independence Day
2003/06/22: Shocks and the Work
2003/06/13: The Mossad Happy Dance
2003/06/01: Mossad and Moving Companies
2003/05/16: Let the Games Begin
2003/05/13: Will the World End on Thursday?
2002/12/06: Mahmoud Ahmad and the Secret Cult of 9 11
2002/10/10: The Winds of Change: HAARP
2002/09/19: Comments on the Pentagon Strike
2001/11/01: William Milton Cooper Killed in Entrapment
2001/09/29: Philipov's Café: A Discussion of War
2001/09/18: We Don't Get Fooled Again: Commentary on War
2001/09/14: 9/11 The New Pearl Harbour: Who Benefits?
2001/09/13: Israelis Give Warning
2001/09/12: Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it
2001/09/12: "Xinoehpoel": Speculations on the Identity of the 9/11 Attackers
2001/09/11: World Trade Center Attack: What Next?
2001/09/11: Did Nostradamus Predict 9/11 and WWII?
2004/02/22: Is the World Coming to an End?
2003/12/23: Aliens and Cosmic COINTELPRO
2003/11/10: St. Malachy and the Toil of the Sun
2003/10/25: Truth or Lies
2003/09/21: The Causes of Hostility Towards Jews: An Historical Overview
2003/07/30: Official Culture in America & KAH
2003/07/28: The Companions Devoted to Liberty: Auch Cathedral
2003/07/17: ROSS Institute: COINTELPRO
2003/07/16: Mysterious Smoke Rings in the Sky?
2003/07/05: Christianity or Machiavelli and the ET's
2003/06/21: Discernment: The World inside the Devil
2003/06/xx: Discernment: Machiavelli and the ET's
2002/12/xx: Hope and Glory: Will the Cassiopaeans Move with Us?
2002/11/09: The Bogdanov Affair: Pale Rider at High Noon
2002/11/05: The Bogdanov Affair: COINTELPRO and the Speed of Light
2002/10/18: The Bogdanov Affair: The Basic Story
2002/10/11: Splitting Realities Introduction
2002/10/11: Splitting Realities Series
2002/10/06: To Be or Not To Be
2002/08/26: Something Wicked This Way Comes
2002/07/17: Ascension: The Quest for Holy Grail
2002/06/17: Commentary on Boris Mouravieff's Gnosis
2002/06/17: Boris Mouravieff: Polar Opposites or the Fifth Way of Love
2002/05/11: Darkness over Tibet
2002/05/11: The Weidner Correspondence
2002/04/25: Schwaller de Lubicz, Dr. Strange and the Fourth Reich
2002/03/07: The Bridges Letters
2002/02/15: Ark and Laura's Correspondence 1997
2002/01/24: The Adventures with Cassiopaea Series
2002/01/20: The Taste for Things That Are True
2001/12/13: Is Cassiopaea a Cult?
2001/11/06: Pathway to the Light Pole Shift Part III - The New Jerusalem?
2001/11/04: Pathway to the Light Pole Shift Part II - The True Teachings of Jesus?
2001/11/04: Meteor Clue to the End of Middle East Civilizations Found
2001/11/03: Who Wrote the Bible?
2001/10/31: Pathway to the Light Pole Shift Part I
2001/10/15: Swerdlow Controlled via Satellite? /AJ
2001/09/22: The Beast and His Empire
2001/09/08: The Stargate Conspiracy
2001/08/29: Picknett and Prince on the Cassiopaeans
2001/08/23: The Chilbolton Crop Circle and the Cassiopaeans on Crop Circles
2001/08/23: Crop Circles Analysis Image Catalogue
2001/01/16: Transient Passengers
2000/06/xx: Flying Black Boomerangs and Clapham Wood
2000/04/02: The Wave Series
2000/03/xx: A Case Suggestive of Reincarnation
2000/02/10: Monsters: Chicken Man, Demons, Ica Skulls
1999/12/04: Flight 990, Ong's Hat, Philip K. Dick, etc.
1999/12/01: Diet and Health Related Questions...
1999/11/17: EgyptAir Flight 990
1999/11/05: The Voice of Reason During the Millennial Madness
1999/10/30: Chemical Hallucinations, Mind Control, and "Dr. Jose Delgado"  - LKJ
1999/10/09: Q&A: The Matrix, DNA, Illusions and Alchemy
1999/10/03: Q&A: Cassiopaea in Russia!
1999/10/03: Q&A: The Great Cycle of Life
1999/10/03: Q&A: Dreams and Disinformation
1999/10/03: Q&A: Angels and Prayer
1999/09/21: Q&A: Enlightenment and Ascension
1999/09/21: Stalking - Michael Topper, edited and commentary by LKJ
1999/09/16: Q&A: Oneness with God?
1999/09/16: Q&A: The Cassiopaeans and Ra
1999/09/14: The Floyd Void: Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes
1999/09/13: O.H. KRLL, Val Valerian, the Cassiopaeans and Other Mysterious Beings
1999/09/10: Q&A: HAARP, Roswell Rods, and Other Mysteries
1999/09/10: Q&A: Spiritual Contracts and More on Chemtrails
1999/09/05: Has Nibiru/Planet X Been Sighted?
1999/08/2x: Q&A: Crystals, Shems, Music
1999/08/23: Q&A: The Evolution of Souls
1999/08/20: Hoagland, Hyperdimensions, Space and Time, and Assorted Strange Connections
1999/08/19: Q&A: Contrails and Chemtrails?
1999/xx/xx: 666: The Mark of the Beast?
1999/xx/xx: The Cassiopaeans on Ascension
1999/xx/xx: A Survey of Channeling
1999/xx/xx: Denver Airport Material
1999/xx/xx: The Grail Quest and the Destiny of Man
1998/08/xx: Binary Stars: Does Our Sun have a Dark Companion?
1998/xx/xx: Cometary Showers, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?
1994/xx/xx: Alien Abduction, Demonic Possession and the Legend of the Vampire

Prof. Arkadiuz Jadczyk

2006/2006/26: The Fall of Reason in The West

C. Scott Littleton

2007/05/24: Eyewitness to History: The Battle of Los Angeles

Joe Quinn

2007/07/29: Critical Thinking And The War On Terrorism
2007/07/28: Objectivity And The "Middle East Conflict"
2007/07/19: Contacting the Guardian Over Shoddy Journalism
2007/07/18: Senate Sleeps As The Middle East Burns
2007/07/02: Bush Overrules US Judicial System, Frees Libby, Can We Say Fascism Now?
2007/07/01: MI5's Proxy War Of Terror
2007/06/01: Madrid Bombings Redux - What Really Happened
2007/05/24: Creating Reality And The "War On Terror" - A 'How To' Guide
2007/05/09: No Conscience = No Shame
2007/04/28: Psychopathic Morals And The Fantasmagorical War On Terror
2007/04/13: "Suicide Bombings" - The Cover Story For US Military Ops In Iraq
2007/04/10: Peace Pressure and 'Passover'
2007/04/07: Two-Faced Tony Turns On Tehran
2007/04/04: Iranians Give The West A Lesson In Decency
2007/03/29: 'Hostage Crisis' Or End Game?
2007/03/12: The Hidden Hand Behind The "Hamas-Fatah Clashes"
2007/03/12: Iranian "Defector" Was Israeli-CIA Spy - Iran Attack Approaches
2007/03/10: The Cult Of Information And Fear
2007/03/08: Another "Drunken Liar" On The Horizon?
2007/03/01: We All Fall Down
2007/02/27: Israel To Bush Via The BBC And CNN: 'Attack Iran - Or Else
2007/02/21: American Red Cross - Humanitarianly Cheerleading Bush's Next "Terror" Attack
2007/02/20: More "al-Qaeda" Nonsense From The Bush Gang
2007/02/03: The Tale Of The Unwitting "Suicide Bomber" And SuperBowl XLI
2007/02/01: A New Definition Of Terror
2007/01/30: On This Day 1972: Bloody Sunday, Derry, N. Ireland
2007/01/29: The Myth Of The Palestinian Suicide Bomber
2007/01/24: MI6 And The Media - Manipulators Of The Mind
2007/01/16: 'Gathering All The Jews In One Place'
2007/01/15: Democracy Decapitated In Iraq
2006/12/13: The "Civil War" Industry
2006/12/01: Shoutwire, Spankwire And The ADL
2006/11/29: Litvinenko And The Apartheid State Of Israel
2006/11/27: Litvinenko - By Way Of Deception - Part 2
2006/11/24: Litvinenko - By Way Of Deception
2006/11/23: Gaza - An Experiment In Inhumanity
2006/11/22: JFK Shows The Way
2006/11/08: Yay Democracy! Long Live The Murdering Bastards
2006/11/06: The Capture, Trial and Conviction of Saddam Hussein - Another US Intelligence Farce
2006/10/25: Bush Reveals Real Iraq Policy: Mass Slaughter Of Iraqi Civilians
2006/10/11: Massive Death Toll In Iraq
2006/10/09: Foley, Hastert And The Putrid Body Politic
2006/10/03: Manufacturing Anti-Semitism's No Joke
2006/09/29: Murdering Children - Israel's Domestic Policy
2006/09/27: Zionism And The Iranian President
2006/09/20: 9/11 Conspiracy Doodles
2006/09/13: Kurt Sonnenfeld - FEMA's WhistleBlower?
2006/09/11: Spain's Second Guernica
2006/09/07: Bush's 'Strategy for Winning the War on Terror': An Analysis
2006/09/01: Flat Daddies and Bronze Poo - Something Is Rotten In The State Of America
2006/08/31: Talking Peace, Planning War
2006/08/24: Faking Palestinian Resistance
2006/08/15: Thank God For Non-Richochet Bullets
2006/08/14: When Contemplating the War On Terror - Beware of 'Baby Bombers'
2006/08/10: Blair Government Concocts Terror Threat - Scares British People Into Silence
2006/08/09 : Psychopaths Murder Children - You Pick Up The Tab
2006/08/06: Doctoring Photographs or Censoring War Crimes?
2006/08/04: Sleeping With The Enemy - The Answer To The "Why" Of War
2006/08/13: Mainstream Press Deliberately Misrepresents Iranian PM Yet Again
2006/07/28: A Planet On The Edge Of Anarchy?
2006/07/24: The History Of War Is The History Of Lies
2006/07/21: Cheerleading The Ethnic Cleansing Of The Middle East
2006/07/20: The Real Enemy
2006/07/12: Why You Should Think That The War On Terror Is A Sick Joke
2006/07/10: Zionist Israel - The True Enemy Of The Jewish People
2006/07/07: London Bombings - The Facts Speak For Themselves
2006/07/04: Osama, Death Squads and the Biggest Lie Ever Told
2006/07/03: Alan Dershowitz: Apologist For Inhumanity
2006/06/29: Racism, Not Defence, At the Heart Of Israeli Politics
2006/06/22: The Not So Strange Case of Philip Merrill
2006/06/20: Getting Rich From Phony Terror
2006/06/18: Sowing The Seeds Of Civil War
2006/06/15: UK Independent Reveals: The shrapnel evidence that points to Israel's guilt
2006/06/13: Killing Children - Israel's "War On Terror"
2006/06/12: Lies, Damn Lies and Spades
2006/06/09: The Zarqawi Show - A Pantomime For Children Of All Ages
2006/06/08: al-Zarqawi Dies Again
2006/05/30: Is The Mossad Planning To Carry Out An Attack At the World Cup?
2006/05/26: Zionism - An Existential Threat To The Jews of Israel
2006/05/22: From Holocaust To Armageddon
2006/05/17: New Doctored Video of Pentagon Attack Release - Confirms Boeing Was Not Involved
2006/05/03: Peace In the Middle East? - Over the bodies of 3 million Palestinians
2006/05/01: A Lesson In Essential Psychopathy
2006/04/26: Surprise Surprise! 'al-Zarqawi' Comes Out Of The Closet
2006/04/25: Surprise Surprise! Another "Terrorist Attack" In Egypt
2006/04/24: The 'Ponerization' of Humanity
2006/04/14: Government-Assured Deception
2006/04/12: More Patsies Take a Fall For Israeli, British and American Terrorism
2006/04/07: Another Shrine Bombing, More Conflicting Reports
2006/04/07: Is The Capitol Building Next, Or Do The Tunnels Go Deeper?
2006/03/30: Utterly Laughable Comment Of The Week
2006/03/30: Israel Plans More Palestinian Suicide Attacks
2006/03/27: Quote Of The Week
2006/03/27: Journalists blackmailed by Israeli embassy
2006/03/28: Moussaoui - Mind Programmed Patsy
2006/03/23: Armageddon Anyone? The Truth Behind The War On Terror
2006/03/21: Some Things Never Change
2006/03/20: Robert Fisk Backs Up Signs of the Times
2006/03/16: The Devil Rides Out
2006/03/16: Kenya, John Kerry, Diamonds and Mossad
2006/03/15: Oh What a Lovely War
2006/03/13: The 'Why' Of The War On Terror
2006/03/11: Governments, Conspiracies and You
2006/03/10: False News More Damaging Than No News At All
2006/03/08: More British Covert OPs in Iraq?
2006/02/25: Osama the Nihilist
2006/02/24: Testimonies of two eyewitnesses near the bombed Dome
2006/02/23: More On The Shrine Bombing
2006/02/21: Jack Straw Protests Too Much
2006/02/21: Baghdad bomb kills 22 - But Who Is to Blame?
2006/02/20: Trans-Generational Terrorism
2006/02/18: 7862 Iraqi Prisoners Murdered In U.S. Custody
2006/02/17: The British Government: Long-Time Sponsor of Islamic Terror
2006/02/16: Blair's Anti-Terrorism Law - Throttling The Truth
2006/02/14: Censorship in Modern 'Democratic' America
2006/02/09: Wake Up and Smell the Cordite
2006/02/04: Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Tells Lies
2006/02/03: Preparing the World For Another 9/11
2006/02/01: Big Oil and Bigger Profits - Fleecing the Sheeple
2006/01/31: Flight 93 Movie Ignores Officially Reported Facts About The Fate Of Flight 93
2006/01/30: The Future's Here and It Ain't Pretty
2006/01/27: Media Manipulation - How Subtle Does It Get?
2006/01/24: Lessons In Crass Deception
2006/01/20: New Osama Tape Backs Up Bush's Propaganda - Coincidence?
2006/01/19: Our Man in Afghanistan
2006/01/19: U.S. Foreign Policy - Pure Evil? Or Just 'The American Way'?
2006/01/18: Top Secret! Clear Evidence that Flight 77 Hit The Pentagon on 9/11 - a Parody
2005/12/31: Evidence That a Frozen Fish Didn't Hit the Pentagon on 9/11
2005/09/20: British Government's Agent Provocateurs Exposed
2005/06/24: Peace in the Middle East? Over Sharon's Dead Body
2005/06/14: Saddam's Capture: Another US Intelligence Farce
2005/06/14: Jim Hoffman: Booby Trap for 9/11 Truth-Seekers
2005/03/15: The Mechanical Popularity of Lies
2005/03/06: Mossad Murders Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri
2005/02/07: Co-Opting the 9/11 Truth Movement
2004/06/06: Will the REAL "Dr. Grant Gartrel(l)" please stand up?
2003/09/06: Cult-ivating Terror
2003/07/06: America: Who is Responsible?

Henry See

2007/07/19: Mind Control and HAARP
2007/06/09: Squatters Without Conscience
2007/04/06: Environment of Evil
2007/03/28: Hacking Democracy
2007/02/22: A Legal Question
2007/01/30: Just How Stupid Do They Think We Are?
2006/12/11: The Psychopath's Truth
2006/11/29: Chickens Coming Home to Roost
2006/11/15: Radical Rethink in Meteorite Impact Timing
2006/10/20: The Mathematics of Flying (or not)
2006/10/05: The Right to Bear Arms: Wishful Thinking and the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution
2006/10/04: Child Abuse: Christopher Bollyn Shows His True Colours
2006/10/03: The Times, Lies, and Videotape
2006/09/19: Time and Mr. Ahmadinejad
2006/09/13: A Pathocrat Speaks His Mind
2006/09/11: Five Years On: It's Worse Than You Think
2006/09/08: Remedial Reading: The Al Qaeda Connection
2006/08/06: Hope
2006/07/18: Hell
2006/22/06: Spiritual Predator: Prem Rawat AKA Maharaji
2006/04/18: More Thoughts on the French Demonstrations
2006/04/10: Vive la France!
2006/04/07: Feigned Emotion
2006/04/03: Diseased Minds
2006/03/07: The Afterlife
2006/02/24: The Daily Battle Against Subjectivity
2006/02/20: Crisis of the Republic
2006/01/31: "You lied to me..."
2006/01/30: Climate Change
2006/01/17: Silencing Kurt
2005/07/18: Belief Systems
2005/07/09: Who Speaks for the Truth
2005/03/14: Overcoming Mechanical History: Henry Makow and the Commie Threat
2004/01/01: Happy New World
2003/10/04: Living in Truth
2003/08/27: Big Lies, Little Lies, Brazen Lies
2003/08/07: The Psychopathology of Politics
2003/07/04: Oh Say, Can You See
2003/06/05: American Coup d'etat
2003/12/04: Cosmic Spam
2002/12/22: Depression as a Stepping Stone

Scott Ogrin

2006/07/17: Israel's Real Enemy
2006/02/09 Listen Up, America: It's Now or Never

Harrison Koehli

2007/05/05: Year Zero: This Is the Beginning
2007/03/28: Programmed to Kill
2006/12/14: The Protocols of Zion Protocol
2006/11/24: Psycho-Babel: A Ponerological Approach to Modern Doublespeak and the Distortion of Language
2006/11/10: In Broad Daylight
2006/05/09: The Pathocratic Nature of the Hunt

A. Saccus

2007/02/06: The New Pro-Semitism
2007/02/01: Of The Chameleon's (or Caterpillar's) Dish
2007/01/26: Paramoralisms Where You Least Expect Them
2007/01/22: An Answer To The Israel Lobby - Ponerology
2007/01/16: Optimism on Edge -- Stupid or Cointelpro?
2007/01/09: The New Hot Button And The Three Ironies

A Branson

2007/07/10: The Art of Deception
2007/02/01: Pathocracy Begets Idiocracy

G Saunders

2007/02/27: Media manipulation in action: How to disappear over 50,000 protesters
2007/01/22: Making rights wrong: U.S. Attorney General on Habeas Corpus

S. La Chance

2007/07/10: Ponerology of Apathy and War


2007/07/23: Israeli release of prisoners an example of Zionist propaganda

Justin Soutar

2007/07/23: Book Review: Why Is Peace "Missing"?


2007/06/24: If The Sociopath Is Next Door - Move Upstairs


2007/06/15: The Younger Dryas Impact Event and the Cycles of Cosmic Catastrophes - Climate Scientists Awakening


2007/05/01: Selling the Mea Culpa - Bill Moyers Journal "Buying the War"

I. G.

2007/07/20: The Problems Of Palestine -The Problems Of Cyprus


2007/06/19: Political Ponerology

Steve McFarland

2007/02/11: The Future
2007/02/09: I Hope: A Dixie Chicks and SOTT Special Presentation
2007/01/27: War Without End - But Who's To Blame?
2007/01/19: On the Turning Away

Andres Perez-Alonso

2005/12/28: Neoconservativism, the Israeli Lobby, other Power Relations

John Humphries

2004/04/19: Film Review: Is Mel Gibson the Modern Day Suetonius?
2002/08/05: The Star of Sorcerers

Pete Jamieson

2006/04/04: Metropolis

Mathew Kristin Kiel

2006/04/09: An Environmental 9/11
2006/04/06: The Real Reason Tom DeLay Quit
2006/03/16: Word Control Part 2
2006/02/06: Reaping The Genetic Whirlwinds
2006/01/31: Stealing Back Our Country and Our Rights
2006/01/01: We Grow Up, Now, or We Die
2005/01/14: Word Control, Thought Control, World Control


2007:04/20: Project Paperclip, MKULTRA, Dr. Greenbaum and Seung Hui Cho: Was the VA Tech Gunman Mind Programmed?


2006/04/11: Is Doomsday Coming For U.S. Forces In Iraq?
2006/02/10: Commentary on the Cointelpro War

Jonathan Metcalfe

2006/04/03: "War of the Worlds" or "Clash of Civilisations"?
2005/10/24: The Abyss
2005/05/26: The Bush Administration and 9/11: 100 Reasons for Dissent
2004/12/14: Fallen Stars
2004/10/01: The Blair Belief Project
2004/03/05: The Hype Dimension
2003/12/04: Executive Tyranny
2003/10/08: Once Upon a Time in Amerika
2002/10/19: Film Review: Signs of Ascension


2007/04/17: Harrison Koehli Ponerology Interview With Kevin Barrett
2007/02/12: BBC Radio Wales Interviews Laura Knight Jadczyk

Signs Supplements

2005/03/22: Signs Supplement: Climate and Earth Changes
2004/12/12: Signs Supplement: Anomalous Phenomena
2004/12/12: Signs Supplement: Mystery Muck
2004/12/12: Signs Supplement: Strange Clouds
2004/12/12: Signs Supplement: Crop Circles
2004/12/12: Signs Supplement: Strange Creatures
2004/12/02: Signs Supplement: UFOs
2004/09/01: Signs Supplement: The Suicide Bombing Cycle
2004/02/12: Signs Supplement: The Fortean Fire
2003/12/12: Signs Supplement: The Flu Threat
2003/10/31: Signs Supplement: The Kennedy Assassination
2003/10/31: Signs Supplement: A Scary Tale for Halloween
2003/09/11: Signs Supplement: 9/11 - 2 Years Later
2003/08/25: Signs Supplement: Super Volcanoes
2003/08/25: Signs Supplement: Ethnic Specific Weapons
2003/08/24: Signs Supplement: Sonic or Mystery Booms
2003/07/23: Signs Supplement: Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and NEO's

Signs Editorials, Presentations

2006/01/25: Wake The World Up Campaign
2006/01/18: Top Secret! Clear Evidence that Flight 77 Hit The Pentagon on 9/11 - a Parody -
2006/01/18: Battered Fish Confesses Under Duress
2005/02/27: Aliens Don't Like to Eat People That Smoke
2005/08/31: Signs of the Times - Relic
2005/07/04: You Lied - Away with the Fairys
2004/11/23: War as Mind Control
2004/10/22: Eye-Witnesses' Accounts of the Pentagon Crash Don't Add Up
2004/10/08: "Pentagon Strike" Makes Waves in Washington
2004/09/06: Pentagon Strike Flash Presentation - Darren Williams
2003/07/09: Graphic Photos of What the U.S. Terrorist Regime Has Wrought
2003/07/04: Dear Readers
2003/06/20: Replies to in Synch
2003/06/18: In Signs of the Times in Synch with Cassiopaea?
2002/10/27: Cosmic COINTELPRO Timeline
2002/08/26: Hidden in Plane Site: What Really Hit the Pentagon - LM
2001/11/16: Fluoride Compounds Make You Stupid

Psychopath Attack!

2003/08/16: Disclaimer
2003/07/20: Maynerd Most and Alvin Wiley: Majickal Mystery Tour Scam
2003/06/13: Dear Webmaster: A Study in Psychopathy
2003/06/12: Vincent Bridge's Post to the Cassiopaea Guestbook
2002/11/23: Letters from Readers About "Alvin Wiley"
2002/11/08: Statement by Terry and Jan Rodemerk
2002/11/08: Transcript of direct channeling via "Frank Scott"
2002/11/08: Reader's Comments on "Is Laura Hiding Something?"
2002/11/07: Reader's Comments on "Adventures with Cassiopaeans"
2002/10/28: Ongoing Study in Psychopathy: Death Threat
2002/09/03: Organic Portals: The Other Race - HS, JQ, TC, BT, JH
2002/06/06: "Dr. Strange" - Psychotherapist or Hacker and Thief?
2002/05/30: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
2002/05/11: The Weidner Correspondence
2002/03/07: The Bridges Letters
2002/02/15: Ark and Laura's Correspondence 1997
2002/01/24: The Adventures with Cassiopaea Series
2002/01/11: What is Laura Hiding? The Cassiopaeans Answer
2001/12/13: Is Cassiopaea a Cult?
2001/12/12: Montauk, Mind Control, Magnetite, the Holy Grail
2001/12/02: Sitchin's Webmaster
2001/12/02: Vincent Bridges Response
2001/11/25: Is Truth Defamatory?
2001/11/23: Dr. Strange, New Age Grifter or COINTELPRO?
2001/08/11: Retreat from Zaca


2006/02/12: Psychopath vs. Antisocial Personality Disorder and Sociopathy - Robert Hare
2006/02/12: The Psychopath in History - Hervey Cleckley
2006/02/12: Construct Validity of Psychopathy - Salekin and Others
2006/02/12: Psychopaths in Sheep's Clothing - George K. Simon
2006/02/12: Eight Ways To Spot Emotional Manipulation - Fiona McColl
2005/11/28: Political Ponerology: Andrew M. Lobaczewksy
2003/07/30: Official Culture in America & KAH
2002/12/06: The Psychopath as Physician - Hervey Cleckley
2002/12/06: Discussion of Psychopathy Traits - Hervey Cleckley
2002/12/06: A Basic Hypothesis of Psychopathy - Hervey Cleckley
2002/12/06: The Inner Landscape of a Psychopath - Hervey Cleckley
2001/12/01: Psychopaths: The Mask of Sanity

Loose Ends: Book Excerpts, Guest Articles

2006/02/10: They Thought They Were Free: The Germans 1933-45 - Milton Mayer
2005/03/21: Hyperdimensional Realities - Emil Pales
2003/10/04: Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, and Mouravieff on Lying
2002/10/27: Deaths Connected to the JFK Assassination - Tom Neale
2002/10/15: Why You Don't Create Your Own Reality - Michael Topper
2001/11/12: Enochian Magicians, Aliens, Nazis? - Louis Pauwels & Jacques Bergier
2001/05/21: The Greenbaum Speech: Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse - D.C Hammond
1999/09/21: Stalking - Michael Topper, edited and commentary by LKJ

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