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Atando Cabos - Nro.1


La primera semana de Junio está marcada por el proyecto PRISM de la NSA, que pone frente al ojo público la descarada vigilancia y espionaje gubernamental a la población civil. Que cabe notar, cada vez goza de menos libertades. Aunado a esto, es posible ver de manera más clara otras estrategias del gobierno psicopático, que apuntan a un mayor control sobre la población (¿Será que le temen a algo?). Escolarización moderna, alimentación industrializada, transgénicos, inhibición transmarginal y doctrina del shock, síntomas de una sociedad que cae en picado. Y hablando de caídas, se hacen notar un número cada vez mayor de bolas de fuego, estruendos, truenos y temblores, como lo han reportado la Sociedad Americana de Meteoros y otros observadores del cielo. Esto unido a fenómenos climáticos y eléctricos cada vez mas potentes, anómalos y comunes, hechos que los medios masivos de comunicación pasan de largo o tratan de normalizar, ¿de manera estratégica tal vez?

Running Time: 01:30:14
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SRT and Channeling

In our latest podcast, we discuss the nature of "Spirit Release Therapy" (SRT) and the early days of the Cassiopaean Experiment with Laura Knight-Jadczyk. Laura discusses how experiences she gained during her years as a hypontherapist led her to create a new type of more critical, scientific channeling.

Running Time: 49:42
Date: 2006-01-21
Large Download - 16.2 MB
Small Download - 7.1 MB

Reincarnation Part 2

In our latest podcast, we discuss the possible reality of reincarnation with Laura Knight-Jadczyk. In part one, Laura discusses evidence that she collected during her years as a hypontherapist. In part two, Laura shares a very personal experience that provided startling evidence to suggest that reincarnation is indeed a reality.

Running Time: 30:44
Date: 2006-01-14
Large Download - 10.1 MB
Small Download - 4.4 MB

Reincarnation Part 1

In our latest podcast, we discuss the possible reality of reincarnation with Laura Knight-Jadczyk. In part one, Laura discusses evidence that she collected during her years as a hypontherapist. In part two, Laura shares a very personal experience that provided startling evidence to suggest that reincarnation is indeed a reality.

Running Time: 27:54
Date: 2006-01-14
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The Cassiopaean Experiment Pt 1

For our first podcast of 2006, we discuss the Cassiopaean Experiment. Many of our listeners and readers may not be aware of the association between Signs of the Times and the other Cassiopaea web sites. Others are probably wondering just what the Cassiopaean Experiment is, and how it relates to our daily SOTT news page. In an effort to answer these questions, we begin a multi-part podcast with author, historian, and Signs of the Times founder Laura Knight-Jadczyk. Laura takes us back to the early days of the adventures with Cassiopaea, and sheds some light on just how intertwined the work of Signs of the Times is with the ideas and philosophies of the Cassiopaean experiment, derived through decades of hard work and painstaking research.

Running Time: 47:06
Date: 2006-01-07
Large Download - 15.4 MB
Small Download - 6.7 MB

The Cathars

For our final podcast of 2005, the editors of Signs of the Times discuss the Cathars and life in the Languedoc (southern France) in the 11th and 12th centuries with Pierre, a friend from Marseille. The Cathars were an integral part of the flourishing culture of the Languedoc until the Catholic Church began the crusade and the Inquisition in the early 13th century that wiped them out and brought the southwest of France under the control of the Frankish kings of the north.

Running Time: 31:57
Date: 2005-12-31
Large Download - 10.5 MB
Small Download - 4.6 MB

Surviving the Economic Crash

A reader sent in an interesting article by Dmitry Orlov that compares the former Soviet Union to modern-day America, which is currently falling into an economic abyss. This week, we analyse and discuss the implications of Orlov's article. We also address one of the biggest questions people have about the economic crash: how can I prepare in order to survive the turmoil I see ahead? To answer this question, we expand on Orlov's historical observations to provide a solution that is surprisingly simple - and probably not what most people have in mind...

Running Time: 32:28
Date: 2005-12-17
Large Download - 10.6 MB
Small Download - 4.6 MB

The Psychopath Next Door

The Signs of the Times editors invite Laura Knight-Jadczyk back to continue their discussion of Pyschopathology. Two weeks ago we discussed Psychopathology in general terms. One week ago we refined our discussion and looked at evidence of the hand of the psychopath in the world of global politics and big business. This week, we get a little more personal, and discuss "the psychopath next door".

Running Time: 41:46
Date: 2005-12-10
Large Download - 13.6 MB
Small Download - 6 MB

The 6% Solution

Discussion on the methods and tactics of the psychopaths in power. Although full-blown psychopaths constitute only a tiny fraction of the global population, many experts in the field of psychology - including Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski, author of Political Ponerology - tell us that the psychopath can and does influence a much larger percentage of the people to act in a "pseudo-psychopathic" fashion. Combined with the psychopaths themselves, this group is estimated to be 6% of the population. This week, we discuss the techniques and plans of this 6% of humanity. How do they control and influence the rest of us? How do they use war to further their goals? And how will their plans ultimately affect each and every one of us on the Big Blue Marble?

Running Time: 36:27
Date: 2005-12-03
Large Download - 11.9 MB
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Discussion on the origins, history, and effects of cults with guest Laura Knight-Jadczyk. In recent times, it seems everyone loves to label any group that disagrees with mainstream views as a "cult". We decided to take an in-depth look at the history of various cults, as well as the word itself. How is it that such a simple word can evoke such horrid emotional reactions from people when the US government itself doesn't even have a formal definition for "cult"? With Laura Knight-Jadczyk and the groundbreaking work of Dr. Andrew M. Lobaczewski, we delve into an analysis of the real cults in the world today that no one seems to even notice - even though these groups fit the generally accepted definition quite well. This is one podcast you don't want to miss!!

Running Time: 47:37
Date: 2005-11-26
Large Download - 15.5 MB
Small Download - 6.8 MB

New Age Physics

Discussion on the use of physics in support of New Age concepts with Dr. Arkadiusz Jadczyk, author of eighty scientific papers and three books in the field of quantum theory, and winner of multiple awards for scientific achievements and excellence in teaching. For many years now, ideas from quantum physics have been picked up and used to support many ideas in the New Age movement. Is it really possible to create our own reality? Can we bring "love and light" by simply ignoring the darkness? Most importantly, does quantum physics really support any of these ideas? These are just some of the very questions we ask Dr. Jadczyk in our latest podcast.

Running Time: 1:10:21
Date: 2005-11-19
Large Download - 23 MB
Small Download - 10 MB