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Man Claims To Have Video Of Alleged UFO

The military now says it was training over Stephenville the night dozens of people reported seeing UFOs.

But a video surfaced yesterday of the so-called sighting.


Texas: F-16s Were in Area Where UFO Reported

Fort Worth, Texas - Fighter jets were training nearby the night dozens of Stephenville-area residents reported seeing a UFO this month, Air Force Reserve officials said Wednesday, backtracking on earlier statements.


US: First Coast Woman Wonders if She Saw a UFO

Jacksonville, FL -- A woman from the River City is trying to figure out what's behind a mysterious flash of colored rays she saw in the sky.

Hope Sword says she's been around long enough to know the difference between a rain storm and a UFO, and this wasn't a rain storm.

Comment: From the description, it does sound that what Ms Sword saw, could have been a meteor.


Texans Share Stories of Alleged UFO Sightings

North Texans shared their stories of supposed UFO sightings at a meeting called by UFO investigators in Dublin.

Dozens of people crowded into Dublin's Rotary Club to talk with the Mutual UFO Network, a group of UFO buffs. Texas MUFON director Ken Cherry said the group "definitely" knows something is going on in Stephenville.

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Dozens of people crowded into Dublin's Rotary Club to talk with the Mutual UFO Network.


UFO sightings puts Gulf Breeze on extraterrestrial map

Gulf Breeze - Santa Rosa County Commissioner John Broxson was always a skeptical person.

He never believed the stories of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster or unidentified flying objects.

But something happened about 20 years ago to make him change his mind on at least one of those phenomena.


Despite ridicule, more people are reporting UFO sightings

Would you laugh if I said I had seen a UFO?

A pilot, county constable and business owners were listed as the witnesses for the recent UFO sighting in Stephenville. These credible, upstanding people reported seeing a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast. The size has been estimated as a mile long and half-a-mile wide.

When you report something like that, people are going to talk.

Comment: SOTT interviewed Richard Dolan. You can listen to the podcast here.


Investigators Take Statements from Hundreds of Texas UFO Witnesses

An organization called the Mutual UFO Network has been talking with residents who say they spotted something mysterious in the night skies over Stephenville.

Investigators from the group met over the weekend at the Stephenville Rotary Club Building with about 200 people who said they saw what may have been UFOs in the sky over the community in late December and early January.


Dozens Claim They Spotted UFO in Texas

Faster than a speeding bullet - and bigger than a Wal-Mart.

That's how residents near the west Texas town of Stephenville described an object they spotted in the sky one night last week.


More U-F-O Sightings: Do You See The Light?

Fireball over Stephenville, Texas, 19 January 2008.

(Stephenville) UFO fever continues in North Texas. After last weekends sightings in Stephenville, even more people have come forward with pictures and reports of the unexplained air-craft. One truck driver, Sean Kiel said, "I was just going across 20, and out of the clear blue I saw something out in the sky." Take a look for yourself. You can see an extremely bright fireball of light, with a long tail. Witnesses says the light seemed to disappear as the sun went down... And says it looked like a meteor entering the atmosphere.

Comment: Funny how, now that fireballs are becoming more and more common, they are calling them UFOs. Could it be that UFOs are less of a menace than fireballs? If you've been reading our SOTT pieces on comets, then you know the answer to that one.


Former Governor Symington: I saw a UFO in the Arizona sky (video)

Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington will be moderating a November 12 event at the National Press Club where he will discuss the Phoenix Lights incident. He says he will be joined by 14 former high-ranking military and government officials from seven countries who will share evidence from what they call their own UFO experiences and investigations.

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Fife Symington says he nearly had a close encounter while governor of Arizona.

Comment: CNN cover of the story.

It may seem encouraging that a public figure chooses to give his testimony and share his view with the public. But notice that at first Symington ridiculed the event, and even made a show in the city hall with his aid wearing an alien costume just to demonstrate his attitude toward the issue. A question arises how come he suddenly comes out and tells that he knew it was something otherworldly? We are given the usual and convenient excuse that Symington wanted to avoid public panic. But is it possible that he was given permission, or told to open the issue? And if it is so, for what purpose?