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Canada: Ex-defence minister joins search for aliens

A new group is pushing for full disclosure about extra-terrestrials, and they've enlisted a former Canadian cabinet minister to help make their case

"I have no intention of convincing anybody of anything," said Viggiani, 59, director of media relations for Exopolitics Toronto, a non-profit educational group pushing for full disclosure of the truth about off-world beings.

"What I do is point them to the evidence."

Exopolitics is a field of study that has moved far beyond the question of whether we are alone in the universe. Its supporters believe there is enough evidence out there that they can state as fact that a) intelligent, sentient, ethical extra-terrestrials exist; b) they have made contact; and c) they probably have light years of lessons to teach us about sustainable energy sources and countless other matters of global importance.

Comment: There's a sinister reason governments haven't been forthcoming with the "ET" presence. And they aren't here to help us - otherwise we wouldn't be in the mess we're in. Listen to Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State.


India: UFO puzzle has city in a tizzy

Kolkata: In the first such incident recorded in Kolkata, an unidentified flying object was spotted in the city's skies early Monday morning.

The fireball, that moved very rapidly and even seemed to change its shape and size, was photographed by a resident of Kalikapur in east Kolkata. Scientists couldn't identify the object though some believe it could be a meteor blazing a trail through the morning sky.

The object, as shown on a TV channel, seemed to alter its shape from a round object to a triangle and then turned into a straight line. It emitted a bright light that formed a circle - almost a halo - and also radiated a range of colours.

The strange object was spotted between 3.30 am and 6.30 am by a senior executive of a private company, who filmed it on his handycam and showed it to the MP Birla Planetarium director D P Duari.

NASA to search files on '65 UFO incident

NASA has agreed to search its archives once again for documents on a 1965 UFO incident in Pennsylvania, a step the space agency fought in federal court. The government has refused to open its files about what, if anything, moved across the sky and crashed in the woods near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Traffic was tied up in the area as curiosity seekers drove to the area, only to be kept away from the crash site by soldiers.

The Air Force's explanation for the unidentified flying object: a meteor or meteors.

"They could not find anything," one Air Force memo stated after a late-night search on Dec. 9, 1965. Several NASA employees also were reported to have been at the scene.

Comment: Don't hold your breath for any earth-shattering revelations!

While you wait for NASA's non-response, however, you may want to listen to our latest podcast with Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State.

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Roswell incident not explained to Richardson's satisfaction

Round Rock, Texas - If he wins his bid for the White House, Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson may be just the man to get to the bottom of the 60-year-old Roswell UFO mystery.

Answering questions at a townhall meeting Friday, a Dell employee asked Richardson about the 1947 incident in which many people still believe a flying saucer landed near the eastern New Mexico town.

"I've been in government a long time, I've been in the cabinet, I've been in the Congress and I've always felt that the government doesn't tell the truth as much as it should on a lot of issues," said Richardson, who is governor of New Mexico.

"When I was in Congress I said (to the) Department of Defense ... 'What is the data? What is the data you have?' "

Comment: Don't hold your breath that Richardson (or anyone else) will find out what truly happened at Roswell from governmental officials. The reader might want to read Richard Dolan's UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-1973, for more information on the subject of UFO's and the US government.


'Aliens' caused Sicily fires, say officials

Aliens were responsible for a series of unexplained fires in fridges, TV's and mobile phones in an Italian village, according to an Italian government report.

Canneto di Caronia, in northern Sicily, drew attention three years ago after residents reported everyday household objects bursting into flames.

TV news footage at the time showed electrical appliances as well as cookers, a pile of wedding presents and furniture smouldering.

Dozens of experts including scientists, electrical engineers and military boffins, arrived in the village 60 miles east of Palermo to investigate the phenomenon.

Comment: For more information and strange stories reported at the time of the fires three years ago, read the Signs Supplement: Fortean Fire.


Arizona: Strange lights spotted in sky over Havasu

A strange bright light appeared in the darkness of the pre-dawn sky south of Lake Havasu Thursday morning, hovering and glowing with an eerie amber light before disappearing suddenly, a Lake Havasu City man has reported.

"It was in the southern sky. It seemed to be hovering," said Trevor Lowder, 32.

Lowder arrived at work shortly after 6 a.m. when a co-worker alerted him to a strange light in the still-dark sky. Running outside, Lowder said the light was clearly visible with the naked eye, about half the brightness of Venus. Once outside, he watched the object for several minutes before it appeared to accelerate out of view.

"It was disc-shaped," Lowder said. "I'm very, very sure that it was not natural. I've got to tell you, this is the first time I've seen something like this."

When a commercial airliner approached from the east, the object dimmed, pulsated and then disappeared, appearing to accelerate rapidly. "I'm very sure that I caught a glimpse of a metallic reflection," Lowder said.
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US: Believe it or not Poll: One-Third Believe in Ghosts, UFOs

It was bad enough when the TV and lights inexplicably flicked on at night, Misty Conrad says. When her daughter began talking to an unseen girl named Nicole and neighbors said children had been murdered in the house, it was time to move.

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall - This famous photograph was taken in 1936 during a photo shoot for the magazine Country Life.

Comment: The article would like you to 'believe' that it is silly, in fact, ridiculous, to 'think' that anything else, other than the material world in front of your eyes, exists. Research from many different disciplines reports that cultures all over the world, both ancient and recent recognize the possible existence of a hyperdimensional influence. So, what do you really think?

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UK: UFO sighting in Crawley?

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Symone Clarke

An Ifield psychic claims she was buzzed by a UFO in the early hours of Monday morning.

Symone Clarke, from Ferring Close, reckons she was woken from her sleep by the mysterious visitors hovering outside her window.

UK: There's something weird up there...

Strange lights glowing in the sky over Exeter have left residents bemused, confused and feeling slightly silly.

Many people have now come forward after the Echo highlighted the first sighting this week - from a woman afraid nobody would believe her.

In fact, the report prompted a host of calls from residents right across the city who have seen something odd and are now not afraid to talk about it.

Just hours after the Echo reported on a bizarrely lit circular object seen over Redhills, another reader has said she saw something odd the day before, over Peterborough Close, Exwick.

UK: Exeter Housewife Sees UFO

An Exeter housewife claims she was left stunned after spotting a strangely lit, circular shaped object flying over the city.The woman, who has asked not to be named, lives in Redhills, and spotted the object between 10.50pm and 11.05pm on Sunday.

She said: "I am an ordinary, 58-year-old housewife and I know what I saw was not an aeroplane.

"I was looking out of my window towards Haldon when I saw an unusual orange light.

"I got my binoculars and went out on the balcony. The object was over Haldon and coming towards me. It was circular in shape and had lots of lashing strobe-like lights with a darker feature that seemed to change shape within the light."