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Law Officers Describe Unidentified Shape-Shifting Aerial Craft in Stephenville, Texas, Region

"The police officer said this huge thing in the sky turns toward the east, but it is no longer horizontal. It's vertical. And he says it is traveling at a low rate of speed and he cannot believe it was able to stay in the air after it turned vertical."
- Lee Roy Gaitan, Constable, Erath County, Dublin, Texas

Stephenville and Dublin, Texas - I was in Dublin, Stephenville, Brownwood and Glen Rose, Texas, between January 29 and February 1, to see for myself videotapes, photos, and drawings of the unusual aerial lights, craft and plasmas that have been reported by dozens of residents there since New Year's Day. In the first week of February 2008, there have also been reports of two more disc-shaped aerial lights and more unusual spherical plasmas at the infrared deer feeder cameras in Brownwood. At the center of many of the local investigations is Lee Roy Gaitan, the Erath County Constable in Precinct 2, Dublin, Texas. Lee Roy has been Constable about four years and a police officer for seventeen years. Not only is he investigating, he and his son were eyewitnesses themselves to remarkable aerial lights on January 8, 2008.

Lee Roy lives with his wife, son and daughter just south of Dublin. On Tuesday, January 8th, around 7 PM local time, he had walked out to his car to get a credit card so the family could rent a Direct TV movie. The 43-year-old Dublin law enforcement Constable told me that in all his life he had never seen such strange flashing and colors of lights in the sky.

Map of Texas
A triangle of three small towns (green circles) southwest of Fort Worth begins with Stephenville, the county seat of Erath County, Texas, population about 15,000. Dublin is about eight miles southwest and has a population of 3,754. Straight east of Dublin about ten miles is Selden with a full time population of about seven. Further east (red circles) are Glen Rose and Meridian.


US: More twists in the Stephensville UFO witness saga


Ricky Sorrells just wants answers. And, in light of what he's been through, it doesn't seem to be a lot to ask.

Witnessing an unidentified flying object four times since the beginning of the new year, then having military aircraft whizzing over his land and disrupting his sleep and livestock, followed by a string of mysterious phone calls and in person encounters from individuals demanding he "shut up" about what he saw, and landing unexpectedly in the international spotlight, has taken a toll on the 37-year-old man accustomed to the simple life.

"If you told me a while back that I would be sitting here talking to you about UFOs I would have said, 'No way, not in a million years," Sorrells said. " Now, I know for the rest of my life I'll keep looking to find out what it was."


US: UFO witness claims harassment

Ricky Sorrells is frustrated and a little angry.

Since his interview with the Associated Press, Sorrells has stayed quiet regarding the daytime UFO sightings on his property near Dublin.

And, there is more than one reason for his silence.

Sorrells believes military officials have been harassing him by flying military aircraft over his property at low altitudes, at all hours of the day and night. Sorrells runs livestock on his place and said the cattle don't react well to the disturbances. It's also been hard to get any sleep.


Northhamptonshire UK: Another UFO visits the county

An amateur cameraman claims to have seen and photographed a UFO over the county.

Click here to see the amazing footage.

As newly-released Ministry of Defence papers showed a total of 27 officially-recorded UFO sightings over Northamptonshire, the camerman from Moulton filmed what he said was a possible unidentified flying object over Moulton 12.36am last Sunday.

He has posted his brief video on YouTube, saying it was "a possible mother UFO, with green and pink lights...the orange lights are street lights, but the pink and green lights are really suspicious, there is definitely something going on around here..."


Local reporter on Texas UFO case leaves newspaper; integrity of local, national news media explored

The local newspaper reporter in Stephenville, Texas, who helped cover a UFO sighting case there is no longer working at the Stephenville Empire-Tribune newspaper, effective last Thursday, Feb. 7.

Journalist Angelia Joiner had been covering the UFO story which broke early in January and brought national and international news media representatives and researchers to Stephenville, other nearby small towns and the surrounding region.

Mainstream media such as the Associated Press, CNN and other major TV networks and newspapers covered the incident with great interest. The international press also paid special attention to the UFO sightings in Stephenville and towns in the area.

Media personalities such as CNN's Larry King and NBC's Today show host Matt Lauer explored the sightings on their shows.


UFO Sighting Report - Brazil

Last week I've been in the city of Riolândia investigating a recent and very interesting case. Riolândia (population 8,500) is located in the far Northwestern region of São Paulo State, 350 miles from São Paulo City. The case involved the sighting of a huge UFO in the night from Saturday, January 19th, to Sunday, January 20th, which resulted in an unusual crumpled vegetation in some places of a vast sugar cane plantation.



US: Texas residents rattled, but by what?

Denton County sheriff's dispatchers received nine calls from residents between 11:45 and 11:51 p.m. asking whether the shaking was an earthquake, a sonic boom, an explosion or something else altogether.

The earth moved Tuesday night for many Denton-area residents, but what caused it remains a mystery.

"I was laying in bed, reading a book when it happened. It seemed like a loud noise and the whole house shook for a second or two," said Susan Seaborn of Corinth.

She looked at her watch when the windows rattled. It read 11:34 p.m.

"But my husband said, 'I don't remember a bang.'"


Canada: Ice Chunks Crash Through Woman's Ceiling

A Canadian woman narrowly avoided getting hit by several chunks of ice that crashed through her bedroom ceiling Thursday, likely dropped from a passing airplane, officials said.

The Calgary, Alberta fire department said the woman was in her room and only a few steps away when debris "exploded" through her roof shortly before 9:30 a.m..


UK: UFO sightings on the rise says MOD

The apparent abduction by spaceship of a man's tent, car and dog was one of 135 reports of UFO sightings in Britain last year, according to details released by the Ministry of Defense (MoD).

Three pilots were among more than 100 - mainly anonymous - people who reported the sightings, which included a flying saucer in Staffordshire and a fast-moving triangular object in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Two of the pilots were flying over Alderney in the Channel Islands when they saw bright orange objects, they said, while the other saw a "balloon-like object" over the South-west.

The number of sightings rose from 2006, when 97 unidentified aircraft were reported. A number of callers insist they saw a "definite UFO".


US: California Gets Hit With Massive UFO Sighting

On January 26, 2008 residents from Orange and Los Angeles County, Anaheim, and Brea, California were witness to a very unusual but spectacular UFO event. Numerous people watched as an object fell from the night sky and to their amazement it came to a complete stop while in flight.

Most folks thought at first they were witnessing a meteor falling to earth until the object stopped and hovered, leaving everyone scratching their heads. While these objects sat and moved around the sky, aircraft were seen and appeared to be checking out these objects. As just about all of the eyewitnesses mentioned to me, they are baffled at no mention in any of the newspapers over the event, or media in general. I must admit, that makes me wonder why not, when so many people witnessed this really unusual event in the night sky.

HBCC UFO Research would love to hear from anyone else who observed the unusual UFO event. There has to be many other people out there who saw this interesting sighting. You can reach Brian Vike through his website.