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Sun, 07 Feb 2016
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High Strangeness


UK: International interest for Leader lightning story

A Louth Leader story about mysterious lightning seen during February's earthquake has sparked national and international interest.

The Times newspaper quoted the story on Saturday in its Weather Eye section.

light over Louth
©Martin Baldwin and Ian Holmes
An artist's impression of earthquake light over Louth.

It reports how people told the Leader they saw flashes of light at the time of the earthquake at 12.56am on February 27.

There is also a mention of the sighting of ball lightning in the Westgate home of Elvira Witney.


UK: Suffolk ranks highly for UFO sightings

It might sound like the stuff of science fiction movies.

But according to a top UFO expert, people living in Suffolk are more likely to experience a close encounter of the extra terrestrial kind than in most other parts of the UK.

The county has been placed sixth in a list of Britain's top 10 UFO hotspots, with 19 unexplained UFO sightings since 1961.

This includes a sighting made by a number of Bury St Edmunds residents in April last year who reported seeing five black flying spheres in the sky to police.

The research, compiled by the former head of the Government's UFO project, Nick Pope, looks at data since 1961 and has been conducted by Virgin Media to mark a month-long sci-fi extravaganza on its TV On Demand Service.


The Andover Poltergeist

Here's a familiar story. Two young girls are in bed one night when they hear a curious tapping noise coming from somewhere in the room. This happens on several consecutive nights. It seems to emanate from the wall, and they think at first it must be coming from the house next door. But then, weirdly, they realize that the noise is responding to them, even when they are whispering so quietly that no one outside the room could possibly hear. They find they can communicate with it, by asking questions and getting it to knock once for yes, two for no, and three for don't know. For more complex queries it will rap out the letter of the alphabet (five knocks for E, 13 for M, etc). The whole family soon gets involved, and gather nightly to ask the unseen entity about itself and get it to answer questions about themselves, which it often does correctly. The house is soon filled with neighbours, local clergy, police, mediums and investigators, all coming to wonder at the phenomenon and try to figure out what's causing it.


US: A UFO cold case

Capitola, California -- Private eye T.K. Davis has worked his share of oddball cases. Once he tracked down a one-armed woman wanted for child endangerment. He staked out a backyard to catch a guy throwing dirt clods into a pool. When you make your living answering life's mysterious questions at $100 an hour, you take a few calls out of the blue.

UFO Cold Case
©Robert Durell / Los Angeles Times
SLEUTHS: Private eyes Frankie Dixon, left, and T.K. Davis at a park in Capitola, Calif., where they're investigating reports that a UFO was photographed by a man with the Internet name of Raji, who later vanished into cyberspace.


Nigeria: How Mysterious Fire Rendered Villagers Homeless

A mysterious fire which started when there were no male members of a village has razed down most houses in Saifawa Unguwar Jajaye in Dawakin-Kudu local government area of Kano state. Pyramid Trust reports.

It is a popular saying among women in recent times that what a man can do a woman can do even better. Much as this saying remain an issue of debate, the women of Saifawa Unguwar Jajaye village in Dawakin Kudu local government area of Kano state have with their action proved the saying wrong. At a time when they were suppose to do something however small to curtail the spread of mysterious fire that started when every male member of the village was away to a nearby village for the Friday prayers, they fled their village paving way for the fire to ravage the village.


When 'weather balloon' excuse sounds more credible: 'Natural' explanation for 'strange' cloud in Australia

A strange looking cloud that appeared to the west of Cobar last Wednesday evening and then vanished in an instant, has been explained by the Bureau of Meteorology as a rare lens shaped formation or in technical terms an 'Altocumulus Lenticucaris'.

Green Street resident Denise Kosef said she and her mother were watching the unusual cloud at about 7.45pm when it disappeared in a flash.

"We couldn't believe what happened," she said.

"One moment the cloud was reflecting the last rays of the sun, then whoosh, it was gone. We had never seen anything like it before and were amazed.

Bizarro Earth

UK: Birmingham named "weirdest place"

It;s official - Birmingham is the weirdest place to live in the UK.

With freakish weather, including a tornado and a shower of frogs and tales of alien visits, the Second City comes first place in a spotters' guide to the country's real twilight zones.

Almost two-thirds of Brummies believe in the supernatural after reports of giant hailstones hitting city streets and Martians dropping in for mince pies at the Rowley Regis home of Jean Hingley in 1979.


Memphis, Tennessee, US: Saved By The... Smell? Odor Evacuates Germantown High School

Hundreds of students were evacuated from Germantown High School and officials can't pinpoint the mystery odor that drove everybody out. Whatever created the smell also made five cafeteria workers sick. They were sent to the hospital and investigators shut down part of the campus as a precaution.

Around 12-30, sirens blared from fire trucks at Germantown High as hundreds of students evacuated building 'A'. Chris Hanford, a sophomore, was among them. "We heard something about chemicals and that's all we knew," he says.

Officials say the five cafeteria workers went to the hospital complaining of itchy skin, trouble breathing and tight chests. Hazmat crews went in with special equipment, but found nothing. Whatever caused the noxious odor must have disappeared before they got there, surmised officials. The mystery odor sparked rumors of a stink bomb or pepper spray.


US: New Mexico and Wisconsin UFO hotbeds

The next time you're out at night, and there is clear weather, you might want to spend some extra time looking up at the skies -- and understand that folks in New Mexico are doing the same thing.

Wisconsin ranks second to New Mexico in number of UFO sightings. The two states are considered hotbeds of interest for those fascinated by such phenomena, and who or what might be visiting.

©Tim Hildebrandt
Tim Hildebrandt witnessed this from Dundee in 2000


England: Unexplained light above Halifax helps make West Yorkshire UFO hot spot

A large unexplained beam of light above Halifax has helped put West Yorkshire in top hot spot in a national league of close encounters.
Two people witnessed the circular beam of light above Halifax which moved quickly and erratically from side to side.

The Halifax UFO was one highlight among an astounding 34 unexplained sightings in West Yorkshire alone.

West Yorkshire is ranked number one in 'The Virgin Media Files' - a specially complied list of Britain's top 10 UFO hot spots.