High Strangeness


Russia: The Deadly Case of 9 Fleeing Skiers

Nine experienced cross-country skiers hurriedly left their tent on a Urals slope in the middle of the night, casting aside skis, food and their warm coats.

Clad in their sleepwear, the young people dashed headlong down a snowy slope toward a thick forest, where they stood no chance of surviving bitter temperatures of around minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Baffled investigators said the group died as a result of "a compelling unknown force" -- and then abruptly closed the case and filed it as top secret.


US: Pulaski pupil at center of rather shocking computer mystery

Syracuse, New York -- In the upcoming movie, Be Kind Rewind, Jack Black plays a man who becomes "magnetized" and erases all the tapes in the video store where he works. Joseph Falciatano III can relate.

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Joe Falciatano

Joe, 12, began calling himself "Magneto Man" last year, after his teachers concluded that his presence could crash the school computers.

"Another student could use a computer, and it would be fine. But if Joe was on it, weird things started to happen," said Marie Yerdon, computer lab teacher at Lura Sharp Elementary School in Pulaski. "I think there's something in his body chemistry, something in his makeup, that causes the computers to go haywire."


US: Unearthing the truth of UFOs

Group investigates reported sightings

Greg Berghorn and Mark Petty say their Framingham-based group, the Massachusetts Mutual UFO Network, looks into 50 reports of UFO sightings from across the state each year.

The craft was at a very low altitude and moving very slowly in the chilly air above Woburn last November. One witness said she saw the object as she was turning her car onto an exit ramp, and described it as having a triangular shape, three large white lights on the side, and a red light in its center.

Mystified, the woman, whose name was not released for confidentiality reasons, went home and filed an online report with the Massachusetts Mutual UFO Network, a Framingham-based nonprofit organization that investigates sightings of unidentified flying objects across the state.


Hong Kong: Young enthusiasts want scientific study of aliens

Most people dismiss studies of UFOs and extra-terrestrials (ETs) as nothing more than pseudo-science based on myths, hearsay and wild imaginations, but Don Mak Ho-ting, 23, does not agree.

The talkative event organiser believes the issue of aliens and flying saucers needs to be scientifically studied by academics from a wide range of disciplines.

"Most people think UFOs and ETs are nothing more than science-fiction plots. Most of the talk about aliens is confined to playful jokes about their funny-looking appearances. Instead of being make-believe and lacking any scientific evidence, the study of aliens is a serious academic pursuit spanning subjects like physics and astrology," said Mr Mak, one of the members of the Hong Kong UFO Club. He was a guest speaker on a local radio programme about supernatural beings for two years.


Truth about how UFOs affect cars is out there

June 21, 1954 -- Ridgeway, Ontario: A couple spotted a UFO while driving near Lake Erie. The UFO was metallic, shaped like a flattened sphere and the witnesses chased it in their car. When the car crossed the UFO's path, the car stalled. The UFO landed in the woods nearby and the car could only be restarted after pushing it some distance away.

May 1967 -- Vauxhall, Alta.: A couple saw a lit object in the sky. During the sighting, the headlights of their car flickered. Another motorist's engine failed during the sighting.

Winter 1995 -- Winnipeg, Manitoba: A car driving northbound to Selkirk stopped dead on the highway. The ignition failed repeatedly. A disc-shaped UFO hovered over the car for 15 seconds, then disappeared. After the departure of the object, the car functioned again.


Woodford Green, UK: MoD appeals for calm after UFO sighting

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has appealed for calm after a UFO was spotted over Woodford Green.

Two residents have contacted the Guardian saying they saw a strange object flying through the sky last weekend above the Winston Churchill statue on Woodford Green.

MoD spokeswoman Susan Coulthard said: "It's certainly common that people see something they don't understand.

"There are many possible explanantions for such sightings, whether it is aircraft, ballons or other similar objects."


Romania: Police blame ghosts for damage

Romanian cops have closed a vandalism investigation that left local houses in ruins by concluding ghosts were to blame.

Families living in Lilieci reported windows broken, bicycles flying through the air, objects moving on tables and candles blown out when there is no wind.

When they complained they were being hounded by evil spirits to police they were laughed at.

But after officers saw the evidence with their own eyes they filed a report saying that ghosts were to blame.

Mircea Hadimbu, 68, who says his house has now been completely wrecked, said: "The windows started to break one by one. I saw two bicycles moving through the air on their own."


US: Pig-grabbing space aliens are the talk of Tappen, North Dakota, and beyond

Pig-grabbing space aliens are the talk of Tappen, North Dakota, and beyond.

But Torrey Briese, whose family counts three close encounters with the inexplicable, doesn't much worry what others think.

"Some people probably aren't going to believe it. I'm not even trying to convince anybody. We know what happened," said Briese, a member of the Tappen School Board whose family operates a ranch outside of town.

Briese and his wife, Myra, spoke Thursday of three strange occurrences experienced by family members in the past year, two of which were reported by their son Evan, 16.


England: Retired police officer keeps up search for clues after UFO sighting in woods

A retired police officer is looking for clues in his bid to unravel a baffling UFO sighting on the outskirts of Boscastle.

John Dawn says he is keen to finally solve a mystery that unfolded in the early hours in woodland around half a mile from the village.

It was in October, 2003 that police were sent to investigate after a passing motorist reported seeing flickering lights off the Tintagel-Boscastle road.

One of the two officers drafted to the scene later told Cornwall UFO Research Group how he had expected to find a bunch of teenagers fooling around with fireworks.

Instead, he recalled: "I was first to see what looked like round white lights moving at all kinds of speeds in and around the trees.


Mississippi man shares story of 1973 alien abduction

Charles Hickson didn't need the recent reports of a UFO sighting in Stephenville, Texas, to stir up memories of what he says was his encounter with alien visitors more than 35 years ago.