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Peanut plant knew product was tainted with salmonella

The Georgia company whose peanut products have been blamed for a nationwide salmonella outbreak shipped some products even though they had tested positive for the bacteria and no other tests indicated they were safe, the Food and Drug Administration said Friday.

Previously, Peanut Corporation of America had said it shipped products only after subsequent tests on them came back negative. Items made with its peanut products have been linked to more than 500 cases of illness, including eight deaths.

The agency said the company's management told FDA inspectors last month during an inspection of the plant that they shipped products that first had tested positive for salmonella, but only if they later had tested negative.

England: Doctors baffled by mystery illness of Belle Isle girl - MMR Jab Implicated

Melody Brook
© Unknown
Six months ago Belle Isle youngster Melody Brook was full of life.

Now an illness baffles medics has left the five-year-old struggling to speak, walk, feed herself or even support her head.

Melody has been in hospital for months while doctors try to work out what's wrong.

Her mum Alicia Ellis said: "It's awful and unbelievable. I want her back like she was."

Melody started showing symptoms a few days after having her joint measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination in July.

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CPSC Decision to Delay Phthalate, Lead Rules Overturned

Small businesses have been fighting to have a chemical and toxin ban created to protect America's children overturned. While consumer groups and environmentalists are pushing for the phthalate and lead bans, small businesses have been fighting to keep it off the books, said the LA Times. As we reported earlier, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) had bowed to the pressure, and had announced it would delay the new rule for a year. But a federal judge has overturned the CPSC decision and ruled that manufacturers and retailers are prohibited from selling children's items containing phthalates and certain lead levels after Tuesday.

A dose of laughter: How one man overcame cancer with the help of humor

Cancer book
I had an incredibly full day Sunday, in fact, much busier than I like. I met an old friend for breakfast, caught two concerts, made three pick ups of donated winter clothes, dropped off a package, and went downtown to visit my mother. I did not watch the Superbowl.

While in transit, I caught part of Tavis Smiley's radio show. His guest was a comedian that I didn't know. Two things about that interview immediately struck me. Tavis didn't stop laughing the entire time. And, cancer was definitely an unusual choice of material for comedy. But, the more I listened, the more compelling Robert Schimmel became. He has taken a taboo and shone a bright light into its every nook and cranny. Not only has cancer become the soul of his routines; he wrote a book about it: Cancer on five dollars a day (chemo not included): how humor got me through the toughest journey of my life. Schimmel and cancer are clearly on intimate terms with one another.

School Shootings and Massacres - Interview with Joseph Lieberman

Scott Vogel, Communications Director of the Freedom States Alliance, recently conducted an in-depth interview with Joseph Lieberman, author of the new book School Shootings: What Every Parent and Educator Needs To Know To Protect Our Children.

They discussed the four categories of school shootings, the psychology of those who carry out these acts, and how we can begin to ensure such tragedies never happen again.

Illegal levels of dioxin found in milk on farms in Northern Ireland

Milk contaminated with illegally high levels of the chemical dioxin has been found on farms in Northern Ireland, it was announced today.

The contamination is thought to come from animal feed imported from the Irish Republic that was responsible for contaminated pork and beef being removed from the shelves just before Christmas.

Suspect Peanuts Sent to Schools

Despite Salmonella, Firm Sold to USDA.

peanut scare
© J. Scott Applewhite
Gabrielle Meunier of South Burlington, Vt., tells the Senate agriculture committee how her son Chris became ill after eating peanut-butter crackers. (By J. Scott Applewhite -- Associated Press)

Peanut Corporation of America sold 32 truckloads of roasted peanuts and peanut butter to the federal government for a free-lunch program for poor children even as the company's internal tests showed that its products were contaminated with salmonella bacteria.
Cow Skull

Scary Era of Playing God with Medicine Unleashed: FDA Approves Blood Thinner Drug from Genetically Engineered Goats

FDA OKs blood thinner made with milk from bioengineered goats, approval is a first for US

Washington -- The Food and Drug Administration made history Friday as it approved the first drug made with materials from genetically engineered animals, clearing the way for a new class of medical therapies.

GTC Biotherapeutics said regulators cleared its drug ATryn, which is manufactured using milk from goats that have been scientifically altered to produce extra antithrombin, a protein that acts as a natural blood thinner.

The drug's approval may be the first step toward new kinds of medications made not from chemicals, but from animals altered by scientists. Similar drugs could be available in the next few years for a range of human ailments, including hemophilia.

Nigeria: 84 children dead from teething formula

The number of deaths from a tainted Nigerian teething formula has more than doubled, with 84 children killed by the syrup that contained a thickening agent normally used in brake fluid and antifreeze, the Health Ministry said.

The victims have ranged in age from 2 months to 7 years old, the ministry said in a statement late Thursday. It indicated that about 75 percent of the 111 children who had been sickened since the poisonous batch of My Pikin Baby Teething Mixture hit shelves in November have died.

The Muddled Tracks of All Those Tears

© Jonathon Rosen
They're considered a release, a psychological tonic, and to many a glimpse of something deeper: the heart's own sign language, emotional perspiration from the well of common humanity.

Tears lubricate love songs and love, weddings and funerals, public rituals and private pain, and perhaps no scientific study can capture their many meanings.

"I cry when I'm happy, I cry when I'm sad, I may cry when I'm sharing something that's of great significance to me," said Nancy Reiley, 62, who works at a women's shelter in Tampa, Fla., "and for some reason I sometimes will cry when I'm in a public speaking situation.

"It has nothing to do with feeling sad or vulnerable. There's no reason I can think of why it happens, but it does."