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Toxic Babies: Why children increasingly share their parents' toxicity and nutritional deficiencies

I have to admit, even the title sounds disturbing! But I believe it's high time to stop sugar coating the reality we live in. I see in my practice more and more children who share their parents' nutritional deficiencies and toxicity. Yes, a pure, innocent baby who's barely starting life is also touched by the harsh environment we live in these days, and parents can pass down their imbalances to their baby.

This article is not supposed to offer a pessimistic view, but rather to help raise awareness, prepare and teach you about how to better take care of your children's health.

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Snakes in Suits

Starting work before 10am is akin to torture, says scientist

It's 9 am and under the the cheap hue of white fluorescent light, a daily workforce of cataleptic creatures crane their necks over an excel spreadsheet. According to Dr. Paul Kelley of Oxford University, this is what society's most prevalent form of torture looks like.

Dr. Kelley and a research team at the Sleep and Circadian Institute have confirmed something that has crossed everyone's mind as they watched someone helplessly nod off on early morning public transit—a 9 am start is just fucking inhumane.

This is because the human body runs on a biological timers. They're called circadian rhythms and they are genetically preprogrammed cycles that regulate human energy levels, brainwave activity and hormone production.

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Nurse's aide paralyzed by mandatory flu vaccine, awarded $11.6 million

© Photo courtesy of Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines
Nurses across America are standing up to mandatory flu vaccines, choosing to wear a mask instead, or sometimes losing their jobs altogether.
We have frequently reported here at Health Impact News the stories of brave nurses standing up for their rights to refuse mandatory flu vaccinations as a condition for employment. There are current cases pending in litigation over this violation of civil rights and recently a New Jersey appeals court ruled in favor of a nurse who was denied employment based on her refusal of the annual flu vaccination (see: NJ Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Nurse who Refused Flu Vaccine).

We have also reported that based on settled cases in the special vaccine court, the flu vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in the United States based on settled cases (see: Flu Vaccine is the most Dangerous Vaccine in the U. S. based on Settled Cases for Injuries). Most of the awards paid out for damages due to the flu vaccine are for cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS). Much like the symptoms of polio, GBS sufferers can become totally paralyzed. Medical authorities know that this is a side effect of the flu vaccine, but the official claim is that it is only one out of one million. A quick list of settled claims each quarter will show that it is obviously much higher than this, however.

The Morning Call of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania is now reporting that one nurse's aide has been awarded $11.6 million for being paralyzed with GBS after receiving a flu shot. This is newsworthy, because pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued in civil court for damages due to vaccines. Congress gave them total immunity to such lawsuits in 1986 and that law was upheld by the pro-Pharma Supreme Court in 2011. Sales of vaccines include a tax that is paid to fund a special court where government attorneys fight for the U.S. government to prevent paying out damages due to vaccines. It is a long and difficult process, so settled cases represent only a tiny fraction of the amount of vaccine damaged people in our society.

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Did Big Pharma kill President Eisenhower?

54 years ago, Eisenhower ended his presidency with his famous "Farewell Address to the Nation"...

A live broadcast where he warned of the "unwarranted influence sought by the military-industrial complex" - big defense firms who leveraged their political connections for profit.

And who tapped their media connections to manufacture enemies and crises - misleading the America public into one war after another.

Eisenhower's warning still rings true today - and the dangers of America being dragged into new wars... for private profits... still exists.

But, in the final 60 seconds of his farewell address - a segment previously censored until now...

Ike issues an ominous SECOND warning...A warning most Americans never heard.


The key to future cancer treatments: Starving cells of sugar

© Ed Uthman
Lung Cancer Cells
Cancer cells are cells that cheat death - rather than growing old and dying, as healthy cells do, they continue to grow and divide, changing their metabolism to continue proliferating throughout the body. It's that proliferation of malignant cells that gives rise to cancers and tumours, and the challenge for medical researchers is to prevent this abnormal behaviour from occurring.

One way cancer cells fuel their growth and expansion is by increasing their glucose intake, and researchers are now looking at the possibility of shutting this down to combat their spread. A recent study has identified the PARP 14 protein as being responsible for the additional glucose production, and it's overproduced in virtually every human cancer, but isn't found in normal, healthy cells.

Comment: Revealing the connection between sugar and cancer...again
Dr. Garcia-Jimenez went on to say something very simple and profound: "Changing diet is one of the easiest prevention strategies that can potentially save a lot of suffering and money." I'm sure everyone agrees with that one.
An increasing number of medical scientists and many alternative practitioners know that the most logical, effective, safe, necessary and inexpensive way to treat cancer is to cut off the supply of food to tumors and cancer cells, starving them with a lack of glucose. The therapeutic strategy for selective starvation of tumors by dietary modification (ketogenic diet) is one of the principle forms of therapy that is necessary for cancer patients to win their war on cancer.

Evil Rays

Health impacts of wireless radiation on children

As of this fall, Israel and Italy are officially recommending schools reduce children's exposures to wireless radiation.

The Israeli Ministry of Health has initiated a major public awareness effort to reduce wireless and electromagnetic radiation exposures to children. In similar action, the Italian State Parliament of South Tyrol voted to allow the application of the precautionary principle to replace existing wireless networks whenever possible with wired networks or those that emit less radiation.

The Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) recommendations are published in the Environmental Health in Israel Report 2014 which states that:
"Precautions should be strictly enforced with regard to children, who are more sensitive to developing cancer."

Comment: Wi-Fi is making your child ill
In February the French government banned Wi-Fi in nursery schools and restricted use in primary schools. The German government has recommended that the use of Wi-Fi in the workplace or home should be avoided where possible. LA has reduced student exposure to Wi-Fi radiation to 10,000 times below US government standard.

In 2000, a report commissioned by the Government concluded that no school should fall within 100 metres of a mobile phone mast; in 2007 a BBC Panorama programme found that the readings next to a classroom laptop showed radiation at double the level only 100 metres from a mobile phone mast.

A five-year-old absorbs up to 60 per cent more radiation than an adult due largely to their thinner skulls and the high water content of a young body. In Western countries brain tumours have overtaken leukaemia as the most common cause of cancer in children.


America's deadly love affair with bottled water has to end

© Shutterstock
Of the billions of plastic water bottles sold each year, the majority don’t end up being recycled. Those single-serving bottles, also known as PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles because of the kind of resin they’re made with, are recycled at a rate of about 31 percent in the U.S. The other 69 percent end up in landfills or as litter.
This spring, as California withered in its fourth year of drought and mandatory water restrictions were enacted for the first time in the state's history, a news story broke revealing that Nestlé Waters North America was tapping springs in the San Bernardino National Forest in southern California using a permit that expired 27 years ago.

And when the company's CEO Tim Brown was asked on a radio program if Nestlé would stop bottling water in the Golden State, he replied, "Absolutely not. In fact, if I could increase it, I would." That's because bottled water is big business, even in a country where most people have clean, safe tap water readily and cheaply available. (Although it should be noted that Starbucks agreed to stop sourcing and manufacturing their Ethos brand water in California after being drought-shamed.)

Profits made by the industry are much to the chagrin of nonprofits like Corporate Accountability International (CAI), a corporate watchdog and Food & Water Watch, a consumer advocacy group, both of which have waged campaigns against the bottled water industry for years. But representatives from both organizations say they've won key fights against the industry in the last 10 years and have helped shift people's consciousness on the issue.

Comment: Ditch Bottled Water and watchTapped, a film that examines the role of the bottled water industry and its effects on our health, climate change, pollution, and our reliance on oil.

Red Flag

Artificial sweetner Splenda downgraded to 'caution' after Leukemia found in mice

Splenda (sucralose) was downgraded from "safe" to "caution" in 2013 after an Italian animal study linked sucralose to a higher risk of developing leukemia. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) said at the time that it was awaiting the Italian study's review before deciding what long-term safety grade to assign to Splenda in its Chemical Cuisine guide to food additives. As of early 2015 this study review has not yet been published.

Hundreds of millions of people globally use artificial sweeteners, which are commonly found in a wide range of food and drinks, including food for diabetes, cakes, milkshakes, soft drinks, and even medications.

The steadily growing problem of obesity and type 2 diabetes in developed and middle income countries has led to rising demand for reduced-calorie foods and drinks. However, the growth of the artificial-sweetener market has brought with it concerns among consumers regarding the potential health consequences

Comment: The bitter truth about Splenda:


The best way to prepare tofu -- chuck it in the garbage

It's promoted as natural, gluten-free, low-calorie, no cholesterol and an excellent source of protein, iron and calcium. It's also one of the most common sources of protein for those who pursue plant-based diets. But let's be honest and bring tofu back to where it the trash.

As early as 1963, tofu was regarded as a dependable source of vegetable protein. Unfortunately, today 99% of soy is genetically modified and sources labeled organic or non-GMO are often exposed to the same problems as conventional soy. In 2011, the USDA uncovered a plot to import fraudulent organic certificates produced by an uncertified supplier in China. These types of things are happening every year and only a fraction are being discovered. Even domestically sourced organic soybean crops are now being investigated for having GMO origins. Organic soy also does not change the toxicity of unfermented sources so abundant in the food supply.

Comment: As if the above were not enough, tofu consumption has also been associated with brain degeneration.


Scents and essential oils that can help relieve stress

Jasmine tea
Ever wonder why some scents make you feel relaxed or energized? It's no coincidence and we have our olfactory system to thank for its intimate relationship with the brain, which affects both our memory and mood. Here are 10 scents which will enhance this system with just one whiff.

1) Lemon
Promotes concentration and allows the mind to calm especially when angry, anxious or very exhausted. Lemon boosts the body's immune system, improving circulation and is known to reduce anxiety and depression.

2) Cinnamon
The stimulating properties in cinnamon can help fight mental fatigue and improve concentration and focus. Researchers from Wheeling Jesuit University studied participants and found that those who took a whiff of cinnamon improved in cognitive functions like visual-motor response, working memory and attention span.