Earth Changes


Pygmy sperm whale and calf die after beaching on Neptune Beach, Florida

© Atlantic Beach Police/Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission
Pygmy sperm whale calf
A mother Kogia whale and her calf died Sunday after beaching themselves on Neptune Beach, according to a biologist at Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Allison Perna, a marine mammal biologist, said a person on Neptune Beach spotted the two whales about 7:50 a.m. and alerted the commission. The person reported seeing sharks in the water, but witness accounts of the mother being beaten hasn't been confirmed.

Two biologists with the commission and a team from the Jacksonville Zoo marine mammal response team attempted to rescue the beached whales, but were unsuccessful.

Biologists will now do a necropsy on the animals for clues as to what caused the beaching.

Cupcake Pink

Pink lakes so incredible you won't believe they weren't photoshopped

Lake Hillier, Recherche Archipelago, Western Australia
Indeed, the natural world presents some of the most unlikely sights the universe has to offer - so unlikely, in fact, that photographs of them could lead the skeptical to believe that the images have been manipulated on a computer. Such is possibly the case with these stunning pink lakes.

The unusually colored bodies of water appear utterly surreal, as if someone has poured a huge vat of pink food coloring into them. However, they're actually a completely natural phenomenon - something that only adds to the awe experienced upon first viewing them.

One such watery phenomenon certainly surprised 19th-century British explorer Matthew Flinders, who was also a renowned navigator and hydrographer - a scientist concerned with bodies of water. Flinders landed the Investigator off Middle Island in Western Australia's Recherche Archipelago in early 1802. After climbing the island's highest peak - now named after him - Flinders looked down to see a "small lake of a rose color;" this was something so incredible that Flinders made note of it in the first volume of his book A Voyage to Terra Australis. Flinders afterward dubbed the waters Lake Hillier, in memory of a crew member of the Investigator who had succumbed to dysentery.

Comment: Nature's diversity is in the pink! Colors are frequencies we count on and enjoy - both for esthetics and survival.


Thousands of dead fish found floating on lake in China


Thousands of fish, weighing 100 tonnes, have been found dead at a lake in Huizhou City in southern China's Guangdong Province
Thousands of animals have died overnight at a commercial fish farm in southern China's Guangdong Province after the lake became polluted.

More than 100 tonnes of dead fish were found floating in the water near Huizhou City on Friday morning by devastated farmer Mr Zhang.

Workers had rushed to clear the lake, using plastic baskets and nets to scoop them out, creating a huge mountain of rotting fish on the shore.

Others were sent to spread 2.5 tons of edible salt to try and restore the chemical imbalance of the lake which had become contaminated with ammonia, reported The People's Daily Online.


SOTT Exclusive: Mass whale beaching in Japan is a reminder of Earth-changing events surrounding the 2011 earthquake and tsunami

© AFP Photo/Toshifumi Kitamura
Local government officers stand beside melon-headed whales washed up on the shore of Hokota, northeast of Tokyo, April 10, 2015
156 melon-headed whales, also known as electra dolphins, were reported to have been washed ashore on Japan's Pacific Coast last Friday. The mass beaching has prompted fears of a repeat of the devastating 9.0 earthquake in Japan on March 11th, 2011, that led to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. A week prior to the massive earthquake, 50 melon-headed whales had beached themselves on the coast of eastern Japan.

Japanese officials minimized the importance of any such connection, while the AFP was quick to point out a lack of scientific evidence linking the events. Such a lack of evidence is expected. Science programs have long been held back from comprehensively exploring earth-changes phenomena due to the industrious and disproportionate funding of anthropogenic global warming schemes. Segmentation of science has also limited progress and insight as few researchers are supported in reaching outside the scope of their particular fields, often leading to inadequate explanations for anomalous events.

Senior researcher at the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tadasu Yamadao suggested the dolphins may have been confused and got lost.

"Sonar waves the dolphins emit might have been absorbed in the shoals, which could cause them to lose their sense of direction," Yamadao told the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper.

However, a coast guard official told the AFP, "We see one or two whales washing ashore a year, but this may be the first time we have found over 100 of them on a beach."


Woman attacked by bear in India


Bear prints
A 45-year-old woman was attacked by a bear in Kalvarayan Hills here on Sunday.

The victim was identified as Lakshmi, wife of Annamalai, of Thalakkarai of Kelnadu Panchayat.

On Sunday morning, while she was walking through forest area, a bear suddenly attacked her inflicting injuries.

On hearing her screams, people nearby rescued her from the bear.

She was taken to the Government Hospital in Attur and later to Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College Hospital in Salem. Forest officials said that human-animal conflict was rare in the area.

However, they are closely monitoring the area, they said.


Zoo chimpanzee knocks drone out of the air with a stick in the Netherlands


Take that!
A chimpanzee at Burgers Zoo in the Netherlands has been filmed using a stick to strike a drone that flew into his enclosure. The animal can be seen patiently waiting on a branch for the drone to approach. He then uses a stick to knock the drone out of the sky.

The video shows the drone tumbling to the ground only to be picked up and examined by the primate. However, the flying object does not manage to capture the chimpanzees attention for long.

The drone was used for filming for the Dutch television programme and nbsp;Burgers Zoo Natuurlijk. The zoo reports that while the drone was completely destroyed by the attack, the GoPro attached to it turned out to be fine.

Cloud Precipitation

Hailstorm kills and injures over 200 birds across Ahmedabad, India


Sunday's hailstorm killed a large number of birds. Parrots, kites and crows were among the 217 birds which died or were found critically injured at Vasna barrage, in Paldi and other parts of new west zone. At the Jeevdaya Charitable Trust, Gira Shah, one of the trustees of the veterinary hospital, was attending to 70 birds.

"Casualty figures have crossed 200. It is one of the rare instances when hail has killed so many birds," said Shah. Nanu Desai, an animal lover from Vasna barrage area, said: "Close to 60 crows in our neighborhood died. Around 22 parrots and 10 to 20 kites had also lost their lives."

Comment: See also: At least 5,000 birds killed by hailstorm in Bangladesh

Hailstorm kills 300 birds in Ivaiporã, Brazil

Large hailstones kill horses, birds and ravage cotton crops in northern New South Wales, Australia


Wildfire spreads quickly in Minnesota, destroying buildings

© AshLee Ervin-Tupper
A fire grew quickly east of Aldrich Saturday evening. Four fire departments were battling the blaze.
Several fire departments and the DNR continued to battle a large fire southeast of Aldrich into the early morning hours Sunday.

The fire spread quickly with windy, dry conditions. The Staples (Minn.) Fire Department was on the scene, along with fire departments from Wadena, Hewitt, Verndale, Sebeka and Menahga, Minn. The Department of Natural Resources also aided the fire departments with aircraft and grass units.

Todd County Sheriff Don Asmus issued a news release late Saturday night asking people to stay out of the area to allow firemen complete access to the area.

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100 acres burned by another wildfire in North Carolina

© WRAL News
Another wildfire burning in Black Mountain, North Carolina
The U.S. Forest Service said trails and roads are closed for a wildfire burning near Linville Gorge.

The Blue Gravel wildfire is burning in a remote area east of Shortoff Mountain outside of the Linville Gorge Wilderness area on the Pisgah National Forest.

The size of the fire is estimated at 100 acres.

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Colorado's wildfires continue to rage

© Park County Sheriff's Office
A wildfire burned Sunday afternoon in the area of US 285 and County Road 56 -- about 19 miles north of Fairplay and three miles southeast of Kenosha Pass.
The U.S. Forest Service says "human shooting" sparked the 250-acre wildfire that is burning in the area of US 285 and County Road 56 - about 19 miles north of Fairplay and three miles southeast of Kenosha Pass.

Authorities are calling it the Snyder Creek II Fire because there was also a fire in the same area last year.

As of 10 p.m. Sunday, the blaze was 10 percent contained. It's estimated to be fully under control by 6 p.m. Monday. The Snyder Creek II Fire was reported just after 4:20 p.m. Sunday.

Comment: While it is possible that the wildfire was man-made, it's also possible that the fireballs we've seen have had a role to play. Check out SOTT Worldview for a look at the wildfires and meteors just this week: