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Cloud Lightning

Millions faced with severe weather across central U.S. - Multi-day severe outbreak begins tonight; three severe thunderstorm watches issued

The severe weather outbreak is set to begin Sunday night, continuing through Monday and Tuesday as a deep dip in the jet stream swings from the Great Plains into the South.

In addition, the flash flood threat will be in play from this same system as locally heavy rainfall is wrung out over areas that have been soaked in past days.

Below, we have more details on severe weather and flash flood threats across the country. You can scroll down the page, or click on these links to jump to your area of interest.

The Weather Channel TV network will pre-empt regular programming nationwide to bring you continuing live weather coverage from midnight Sunday night (Monday morning) until at least 11 p.m. EDT Monday to cover this severe weather outbreak, along with Tropical Storm Gonzalo as it threatens the Caribbean. We will cut into programming at other times if conditions warrant.
Bizarro Earth

USGS: Earthquake Magnitude 4.0 - Near Mammoth Lakes, California

Event Time
2014-10-13 00:13:50 UTC
2014-10-12 17:13:50 UTC-07:00 at epicenter
014-10-12 17:13:50 UTC-07:00 system time


37.475°N 118.783°W depth=7.1km (4.4mi)

Nearby Cities
25km (16mi) SE of Mammoth Lakes, California
108km (67mi) NE of Clovis, California
108km (67mi) NE of Sanger, California
113km (70mi) NNE of Reedley, California
206km (128mi) SSE of Carson City, Nevada

Scientific data

Comment: Nearly 3 dozen small quakes in 24 hours - Volcanic unrest at Mammoth Lakes?

Cloud Lightning

11 Colombian Indians killed by lightning strike

© Reuters
A building in Colombia, where an indian tribe held a ritual, was hit by ligthing leaving 11 people dead and another 15 injured.
Bogota (AFP) - Eleven Wiwa Indians killed by lightning during a tribal ceremony in Colombia's Sierra Nevada mountains will be left unburied where they died according to their traditions, an official said Sunday.

The community of about 60 families will abandon their remote village in the wake of Monday's tragedy, but it was not yet clear where they would go, said Jose Gregorio Rodriguez, an advisor on the Wiwas at the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia, which represents the country's 800,000 indigenous people.

"The bodies will stay in the 'uguma' (ceremonial hut) where they died and the community will leave the site, as their customs and traditions dictate," Rodriguez told AFP.

The 11 men were killed on Monday when lightning struck the hut during a ceremony, also injuring another 20 participants who suffered second and third degree burns.

Comment: If there is any truth to the idea that the lightning strike on these people, known for their reverence of nature, was in some way connected to "man's turning his back on nature," imagine what mother nature has in store for the peoples of 'developed' countries.

Ice Cube

West Antarctic's Thwaites glacier likely melting from geothermal heat below, not from so-called global warming

A paper published today in Earth and Planetary Science Letters finds evidence that one of the largest glaciers in West Antarctica, the Thwaites Glacier, is primarily melting from below due to geothermal heat flux from volcanoes located along the West Antarctic Volcanic Rift System, i.e. not due to man-made CO2.
antarctic Volcano
© JoNova
CAGW proponents have alleged that West Antarctic glaciers such as such as the Thwaites Glacier and the neighboring Pine Island Glacier are rapidly melting due to man-made greenhouse gases and/or ocean heating, despite observations showing the air temperature in the Antarctic hasn't risen since 1979, Antarctic sea surface temperatures have fallen since 2006, and ARGO ocean heat content of the Southern Ocean shows no increase at any level of the top 2000 meters since the system was put in place in 2004. The authors find the neighboring Pine Island Glacier also overlies the same volcanic rift system and thus may also be melting from geothermal heat below.

The West Antarctic Volcanic Rift System is illustrated by JoNova below, and just so happens to correspond to the areas of notable glacier melt and alleged warming. In contrast, East Antarctica, which holds > 80% of Antarctic ice mass and does not have any known underlying volcanoes, is significantly increasing in ice mass.

Comment: This is another example of how Wall Street-based carbon trading elite (CAGW proponents) created global warming scare-mongering by cherry picking of earth changes data for its own benefit.

The paper joins several others finding geothermal heat largely if not entirely responsible for glacier melt in multiple regions in both Antarctica and Greenland, i.e. not anthropogenic.

Comment: And then there is this: Arctic Ocean leaking methane faster than anticipated


Nine people killed by feral dog attacks in Rumbek, Sudan

© Sudan Tribune
Packs of stray dogs are roaming the streets of Lakes state capital Rumbek in increasing numbers
At least nine people have died in Lakes state's Rumbek Central county after being bitten by stray dogs.

The public health department in Rumbek has confirmed the deaths, saying the presence of dogs in town is on the rise.

There has been more than 500 separate dog attacks on residents in Rumbek, while 40 people are also undergoing treatment.

Comment: See also: Dog attacks surging in Yarra Ranges, Australia


Pit bull attacks its owner in Newfane, NY

A South Main Street resident was taken to Erie County Medical Center by Mercy Flight on Sunday night after he was bitten by his own dog on both wrists.

The Niagara County Sheriff's Dispatch center fielded a call about the unidentified 27-year-old man about 7:30 p.m. Sunday.

The dog, a pit bull, was removed from the man's apartment by the Niagara County SPCA and the Newfane dog warden, according to the sheriff's office.
Cloud Precipitation

Tropical Storm Gonzalo joins Fay in Atlantic, threatens Puerto Rico with flash flooding, mudslides

Days after Tropical Storm Fay put an end to the quiet stretch in the Atlantic, another tropical storm has formed in the basin.

An organized area of low pressure has turned into Tropical Storm Gonzalo, just east of the Leeward Islands.

Heavy rain and strong winds will blast the Leeward Islands as Gonzalo tracks over them and heads towards Puerto Rico.

"Torrential rain will advance into the northern Lesser Antilles tonight into Monday," said Meteorologist Andy Mussoline.

Gonzalo will bring many dangers with it as it tracks westward. "Life-threatening flash floods and mudslides will threaten the region," said Mussoline.

Gonzalo will likely reach Puerto Rico by early Tuesday morning and will bring the threat for flooding rainfall, mudslides, and power outages to the island as well.

Warm water and low wind shear will allow the system to strengthen over the next few days and Gonzalo very well could be a category 1 hurricane when it strikes Puerto Rico.

"As a precaution, residents and travelers should prepare for prolonged power outages and cutoff of basic services," added Mussoline.

Another dog attack on owner: Pit bull mangles woman's arms in Portland

© Sara Schmeer
Kim Shay suffered serious injuries when a pit bull attacked her and a friend in Shay's Southeast Portland home on Oct. 2, 2014.
When Kim Shay opened the door to the basement apartment that she rents out, the 100-pound pit bull went for her friend, latched onto his arm and started violently shaking it.

Shay kicked the dog and yanked its collar, but the pit bull wouldn't let go. So she bit Smokey, first on the ear, then on the cheek, trying to get the dog's attention.

That's when Smokey attacked her, she said Tuesday.

The dog fastened onto her right arm and jerked it with powerful jaws. She put up her left arm, trying to fight the dog off while calling its name.

"Smokey, it's me," she pleaded.

Comment: A list of dog attacks on their owners or family members in 2014 - Elderly woman killed by her pitbull terrier

Family dog seized after baby's death in Wales

Couple released on bail over death of 11-month-old girl following dog attack in Blackburn, UK

'Out of control' dog put down after attacking owner in Inverness, Scotland

Liverpool woman mauled to death by her pet dog, UK

Second pet dog attack on a woman owner in Liverpool house within 2 months, UK

Man gets arm 'ripped off' by his two American bulldogs in High Pittington, United Kingdom

13-year-old girl victim of second Waikato dog attack, New Zealand

Hunter viciously mauled by his own dog in Austria

Child killed by family pet dog in Rome

Detroit: Naked man loses hands, feet in dog pack attack

Woman in hospital after dog attacked owner in Brighton, United Kingdom

Baby girl dies after dog attack in Daventry, UK


Three killed as cyclone Hudhud crosses Indian coast - speeds of 195-200kmph

A view from the Park Hotel in Visakhapatnam as the cyclone passed over
Three people were killed in rain-related incidents as cyclone Hudhud crossed the Visakhapatnam coast on Sunday uprooting trees and damaging power lines.

"Three deaths have been reported due to the impact of Hudhud cyclone. Two died after trees fell on them and one in collapse of compound-wall in Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam districts, respectively," Andhra Pradesh chief secretary IVR Krishna Rao said.


'I've seen many from here, but none like this': Astronaut tweets amazing image of super typhoon 'wasp' from space

An astronaut has tweeted an amazing image of the wasp typhoon from space.
Reid Wiseman, who is currently working for Nasa on the international space station (ISS), posted a picture which showed typhoon Vongfong (wasp) in all its glory.

The storm is expected to be Japan's strongest of the year, with winds of up to 146 mph.

'I've seen many from here, but none like this,' wrote Wiseman.

Comment: The "wasp" is just one symptom of a much more serious syndrome: