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Snow blankets the Middle East: New Ice Age around the corner?

Turkey snow
© Halil Ibrahim Tasel/Anadolu Agency
A kid slides down a snow-covered slope on a plastic bag in Kocaeli, Turkey on January 6, 2015
Parts of the Middle East were treated to an unusual sight on Tuesday as snow blanketed areas from Turkey to Israel.

Much colder-than-average air pushed into the region associated with an unusually sharp dip in the jet stream this week, bringing a storm with strong winds and in some locations, snowfall. For an area that doesn't often see widespread snowfall, the past two winters have seen significant storms blanket the Middle East.

In December 2013, a storm slammed parts of Syria, Jordan and Israel, dumping record snowfall on the area.

Comment: It sure doesn't look like it's getting 'warmer'. 'Climate change' can be explained, in part, by reduced solar activity, rather than human-caused CO2 emissions. In any event, human activity accounts - at most - for just 5% of total CO2 emissions. While overall warming may have been taking place until 1998, by the ISPCC's own admission the planet has since been cooling down. Thus 'Man-made Global Warming' can only be described as a hoax.

Read the book Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection to learn more about this topic. The New Ice Age might be just around the corner:

Comet 2

SOTT Summary Video - December 2014: Extreme Weather, Earth Changes, Fireballs, High Strangeness

Mother Nature was apparently determined to see out 2014 with a bang, ramping up the extreme weather and Earth Changes in December. Snowstorms buried cities in Russia's Far east and Northeastern China, where a waterfall on the Yellow River partially froze. Japan was hit with record-breaking snowfall for the second time in a year, while a deep freeze in Northern India claimed at least 150 lives.

A week of non-stop electrical storms brought hail, flooding and widespread damage to Sydney, Australia, while a huge sinkhole swallowed three cars in Melbourne. Fish and whales continue to turn up dead in large numbers on coastlines and in freshwater lakes and rivers, thanks in part to increased volcanic activity, demonstrated above ground in December via eruptions in Indonesia, Mexico, Iceland, Cape Verde, Hawaii and Japan.

Drought-stricken Sao Paulo was inundated with rain, turning streets into rivers. Waterspouts appeared in Australia and the Mediterranean, a tornado hit downtown LA for the first time in decades, while another 'unseasonal' tornado outbreak in the U.S. South killed 5 and left dozens homeless. The "worst flooding in decades" hit Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia and Sri Lanka, where some quarter million people had to evacuate their homes.

A trail of storms pummelled the US West Coast, with landslides, mudslides, blizzards, and flash-flooding washing away homes and roads. Across the Atlantic, a so-called 'weather bomb' hit the UK and Ireland, bringing monster waves and hurricane-force winds. This was followed by a big freeze that brought blizzards to Western Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean, where Malta received its first snow in over a half-century.

Spectacular meteor fireballs were filmed over Puerto Rico, Brazil, the US, Canada, Spain, and Japan. So-called 'mystery' booms shook homes in communities from the US to the UK. An incredible UFO sighting in Santiago, Chile, and the appearance of a bright glowing 'plasma light' over Lima, Peru rang in the New Year.

Buckle up for 2015; it's gonna be 'interesting'!


Strongest snowstorm for many years sweeping the Middle East

Damascus, Syria
The snowstorm starting Tuesday - the strongest for many years - is forecast to hit all of Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan, and will have consequences for Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other countries. The snowstorm is expected to continue until the end of the week.


Heavy snowfall disrupts life in Nepal

The continuous snowfall occurring here for two days has badly affected the life.The electricity supply is disrupted and air flights postponed. The 76-km long Beni-Jomsom roadway linking the district to the national highway has been fully blocked.

Although the snowfall decreased on Friday night, it is yet to be melted.

People are not able to go out of their homes. Similarly, the shops in the district headquarters are closed.

A local Kul Bahadur Thakali said, "The life is thrown out of gear here. All are dormant. Here is no light, no drinking water."

Technician at Nepal Electricity Authority in Mustang, Baburam Thapa, informed that more than half dozen electricity poles were crumbled thereby disrupting electricity supply.

Even the telephone wires are snapped. With the electricity cut off, mobile phone and internet are fully disturbed.

Rohtang Pass in India closed due to 5 foot of snowfall

© News24 Bureau
The Rohtang Pass at 13,050 ft in Himachal Pradesh, which acts as a key road link between Manali and Keylong, has been closed due to heavy snowfall in the area.

The pass has 5 foot snow due to heavy snowfall for the last two days due to which traffic has been closed on the Rohtang Pass, government officials informed.

Rohtang Pass is also used to transport supplies to the Indian Army posted along the China and Pakistan borders in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir.

GREF (General Reserve Engineering Force), a Border Roads Organisation (BRO) wing has removed its posts from the Pass.

The Pass will now open around May at the onset of summer.
Bizarro Earth

Magnitude-6.6 earthquake strikes off Pacific coast of Panama

© Associated Press
The U.S. Geological Survey says a magnitude-6.6 earthquake has struck off the Pacific coast of Panama. There are no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

The U.S.G.S. said the quake hit at 11:07 p.m. local time Tuesday with its epicenter 151 miles (245 kilometers) south of the coastal city of Punta de Burica, close to the border with Costa Rica. Its depth was measured at 20 miles (33 kilometers).

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says no tsunami threat was issued for the area following the quake.

In early December, two earthquakes with magnitudes of 5.8 and 6.6 struck in the same region without causing damage or injuries.
Snowflake Cold

Hawaii breaks 122-year old cold weather record

© W.M. Keck Observatory Webcamera
Icicles covered part of the lens of a webcamear at the W.M. Keck Observatory at Mauna Kea Monday morning as snow remained on the ground from a storm over the weekend.
The unusually cold weather over the last two days continued to break records in Hawaii, including a record for this date that goes back over 122 years in Honolulu.

The National Weather Service said Monday morning's low temperature of 57 degrees beat the low temperature for this date of 60 degrees of temperatures recorded at the Honolulu Airport.

It also beat a older low temperature record for Honolulu set in 1893 of 58 degrees.

On Kauai, the low of 57 degrees at the Lihue Airport beat tied a record of 57 degrees last seen in 1993.

It's the second day of record low temperatures.

Four low temperatures records were tied or broken Sunday morning.

The low of 54 degrees in Lihue and Kahului Sunday broke records for Kauai and Maui. The previous record of 59 degrees in Lihue was set in 2005. The low in Kahului broke a record of 55 set for this date in 1971.

In Hilo, the low temperature of 59 degrees broke the previous record of 60 set in 1999 on Sunday's date.

Honolulu tied a record low of 58 degrees set in 1979.

Temperatures should be a little warmer Monday night, ironically because of a weak cold front moving through the islands.

Comment: Cold records have been breaking all over the world. Reputable scientists have been predicting a coming ice age while the junk science of 'global warming' is spewed from every media outlet out there. Get prepared; it's going to get cold!

New Ice Age 'to begin in 2014'

The Little Ice Age predicted to start in 2014

Russian Scientist: New Ice Age to Begin in 2014

Bizarro Earth

Coyote attacks two residents in Groveland, MA

A coyote attacked at least two people outside their homes in a northern Massachusetts town on Monday night, sending one man to hospital with bite wounds, according to local police.

The Groveland police department issued a warning on Tuesday to residents of the town located about 35 miles north of Boston, saying the animal is on the loose and likely to have rabies.

"We are asking all residents to be watchful and when outside use extra care for your safety and the safety of your children and pets," said deputy chief Jeffrey Gillen.

Comment: Animals have been attacking humans with increasing regularity lately. Even beloved pets are turning on their owners. Perhaps the animal kingdom is reflecting the increasingly bizarre and deteriorating behavior that humans have been exhibiting recently.

Pack of coyotes chases man and dog through Burbank neighborhood, California

Coyote attacks second young girl in Rye, New York

Spike in coyote attacks on animal pets in Claremont, California

Woman and dogs attacked by coyote in front of her Kilworthy home, Ontario


Spate of deep sea beaked whale deaths puzzle experts in Scotland

© AP
The Cuvier's beaked whale is the world's deepest diving mammal.
Experts say they are baffled by a spate of mystery deaths around the west coast of Scotland by the world's deepest diving mammal.

Scientists at the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust says it has received many reports over the past two weeks from members the public of stranded cetaceans. Five were of Cuvier's beaked whales, a species that is rarely seen due to its offshore distribution.

"Despite being rarely seen however, they are native to Scotland, preferring offshore deep-water canyons and seamounts where they hunt for squid," said the trust.

"To our southwest in Ireland, the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group have recorded similarly high numbers of Cuvier's beaked whales. In December, five were found dead along the west and north coast which accounts for almost 10 per cent of all the records of this species since records began.

Comment: Something natural involved? Creatures from the deep signal major Earth Changes: Is anyone paying attention?

Or maybe something artificial? Navy sonar blamed for death of beaked whales found washed up in the Hebrides

Or maybe both?

Bizarro Earth

Flooding, landslides and power outages hit Washington state

Floods Carnation, WA
© Reuters/Jason Redmond
Elevated water levels of the Tolt River pass near a residence after heavy rains caused the river to rise in Carnation, Washington January 5, 2015.
An unusual burst of heavy rainfall in western Washington state caused landslides and flooding early on Monday, knocking three homes off foundations and forcing the evacuation of a nursing home, officials said.

Several landslides in rain-soaked coastal Grays Harbor County pushed muddy floodwater and debris across key state highways, county and rural roads, most of which remained closed at nightfall in and around Aberdeen and Hoquiam, the county's largest cities.

"It's not one of these snow-melt events, it's the inundation of rain over the last 24 hours," said Dave Porter, a spokesman for the Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Office, adding no injuries have been reported.

Drier forecasts for Monday night and Tuesday could aide emergency crews working to clear roadways, although it was uncertain when roads would be re-open, Porter said.

Comment: Devastating floods have been increasing around the globe. These bizarre weather events seem to be indicative of worldwide swings that will in all likelihood continue to become more extreme in the future. See the SOTT topic on floods for a listing of recent flood events.