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I-93 sinkhole shuts part of highway in New Hampshire

The sinkhole on I-93 in Concord, New Hampshire
The New Hampshire Department of Transportation says part of Interstate 93 in Concord has been closed because of a large sinkhole.

The northbound side of the highway was closed Wednesday afternoon between exits 13 and 14. Traffic was being diverted from exit 13. Drivers in the area were asked to seek alternative routes.

Workers surrounded the sinkhole as traffic in the area was severely delayed.

A worker inspects a large sinkhole on I-93

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Fifteen-foot sinkhole swallows ice machine in Athens, Georgia

© AJ Reynolds/ & Athens Banner-Herald
A 15-foot wide, 8-foot deep sinkhole swallowed an ice machine at a Baxter Street business early Tuesday, bringing an Athens-Clarke County utilities crew to the scene to determine whether any of the county's stormwater piping in the area played a role in the collapse.

Lynn Taylor, who lives on Collins Avenue immediately behind the Baxter Street Car Wash, said she began hearing noises shortly after midnight Tuesday, and continued to hear the noises intermittently throughout the early morning hours before discovering that the sinkhole had opened up next door.

"It sounded like somebody was ruffling my doors," Taylor said. She called Athens-Clarke County police, but did not know Tuesday afternoon what police did in response to her call.

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At least 4 missing following 3 landslides in Alaska

© James Poulson/AP
Construction workers and emergency crew members look at the damage caused by a landslide on Kramer Drive in Sitka, Alaska, on Tuesday.
Four residents of a neighborhood in Alaska were missing Tuesday after heavy rain caused several landslides, emergency responders said. The rainfall caused the City and Borough of Sitka to declare a state of emergency, according to CBS Anchorage affiliate KTVA.

Search and rescue personnel were looking for the missing people in Sitka, where three landslides were reported Tuesday morning after 2.5 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. One sinkhole also was reported.

The people who were unaccounted for were all in the same neighborhood hit by one of the landslides, Sitka fire spokeswoman Sara Peterson said. She did not know if the people were all together when the landslide occurred.

"The areas are so unstable," Peterson told KTVA. "We've got crews from the city that are out and about, from the fire department, from various agencies including the Alaska State Troopers and other volunteers are helping."


29-foot dead whale found on local beach in West Prince, Canada

© Eric McCarthy/TC Media
Darryl Donahue discovered the dead whale on the Roseville beach Tuesday morning.
It wasn't what Darryl Donahue expected to find on his Tuesday morning ATV ride.

Lying on the sand, near the water's edge on the Roseville beach, off the Kelly's Road, was a 29-foot long dead whale.

"When you see something that big you kind of figure it's a whale," he added. "It was in not too good of shape. You could identify what kind of whale it is."

Donahue, who frequents the beach on the shores of the Northumberland Strait, believes the whale washed up on shore sometime the previous night.

"I would say it was 10,000 pounds anyway. They are going to have to bury it or something. It's a fairly big whale. It's no blue whale, but it is a pretty fair size fish."


August snowfall in Colorado: Denver sets record low temperature

© Provided by Rocky Mountain National Park
Snow could be seen along Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park on Wednesday morning, Aug. 19, 2015.
Autumn is in the air across Colorado on Wednesday as the high country received a light dusting of snow and Denver set a record low temperature.

A web cam at the Alpine Visitor Center at Rocky Mountain National Park showed the light snow dusting early Wednesday along Trail Ridge Road.

Eric Thaler, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Boulder, said it is likely the first measureable snow of the season in Colorado.

At Denver International Airport on Wednesday, the mercury dipped to 47 degrees, marking a record low for Aug. 19 in the Mile High City. The previous mark of 48 was set three times, in 2002, 1967 and 1960.

Denver weather forecasters call for a high of 72 degrees in Denver on Wednesday under mostly sunny skies.

"It's just going to be a nice, pleasant, Autumn-like day," Thaler said.


Deep sea oarfish found on Catalina Island off California's coast, third one to wash ashore in two years


The oarfish was found on the shores of Pebbly Beach in Avalon, Calif., but perplexed researchers are looking for a reason why.
Stunned scientists fished for clues Monday to explain the origin of the giant oarfish that washed up on the shores of Catalina — the third massive marine mammal found on the island in two years' time.

Two California conservationists and a local marine biologist examined a 14-foot creature found on Pebbly Beach at 7:30 a.m.

A 17-foot-long oarfish was discovered in June, just 25 miles north of the beach on Emerald Bay and an 18-footer was spotted in October 2013.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Annie MacAulay, president and CEO of Mountain and Sea Educational Adventures, who was on the scene, told the Daily News.

The sleek silver fish was missing its pectoral fins and tail. The fish could have measured as long as 20 to 24 feet if it hadn't lost its tail, MacAulay said. But the lengthy fish can grow up to 110 feet, Live Science reported.

Comment: This type of once rare event has become increasingly common across the world over recent years and perhaps rather ominously often in association with a rise in seismic activity. Maybe the oarfish is known as the 'earthquake fish' according to Japanese folklore for a sound and solid reason borne of generations of first-hand experience? See in addition:

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High temperature records 'shattered' in California

© AP Photo/Richard Vogel
Visitors to Echo Park Lake near downtown Los Angeles shade themselves under an umbrella as paddle boats keep close to a large fountain to keep cool on Friday, Aug. 14, 2015. The National Weather Service says Southern California’s sharp warming trend will build into the weekend, with above-normal temperatures in many areas. Forecasters say the hottest conditions will be Friday through Sunday. Valley and desert temperatures will range from 100 to108 degrees, with highs from 85 to 95 elsewhere.
After Southern California baked under record-breaking heat Saturday, the triple-digit heat wave is expected to continue through the weekend before tapering back down toward seasonal norms during the week, according to the National Weather service.

Long Beach, Burbank and Ontario all saw records for the date, Meteorologist Joe Sirard of the NWS Oxnard office said.

"It's the usual," he said. "an upper level ridge of high pressure that built in from the east, and just brought in some hot air from over the deserts and parked it over us."

In addition, a "very shallow" marine layer rising little more than 600 feet also contributed to the Southland's sweltering temperatures, which hovered at 10 or 15 degrees above normal Saturday, Sirard said.

Burbank saw a high temperature of 104 degrees Saturday, shattering the previous record of 101 degrees set in 1977, Sirard said.

Long Beach Airport recorded a high temperature of 99 degrees, topping its 1992 record of 87 degrees, he said. And in the Los Padres National Forest, Sandberg, at more than 4,500 feet elevation, a high temperature of 99 degrees bested the previous record of 95 degrees, set in 2014.

Inland, a record of 100 degrees set in 2007 in Ontario was smashed after temperatures reached 105 degrees Saturday afternoon, NWS Meteorologist Scott Sukup said.

Comment: All over the world extreme weather records are being broken!

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Erupting mud volcano resembles a gigantic human eye from the sky

© Caters News Agency
This mud volcano in Russia is watching. Always watching...

This bizarre piece of land may look like a gigantic eye from the sky - but is in fact an erupting mud volcano.

The rare flare-up recently occurred at the Pugachevsky mud volcano on the east Russian island of Sakhalin.

From above it appears that the centre of the volcano is the pupil, which is surrounded by a muddy brown iris.

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'Geyser' erupts in New Zealand street

A bore eruption in the Rotorua city centre is not being linked to a change in the geothermal field, according to the Rotorua Lakes Council.

Water and gravel shot 15m into the air on Sunday from a bore in a service lane between Amohau and Eruera streets. Council geothermal inspector Peter Brownbridge said the bore was drilled in 1974 but it was not known when it was abandoned.

"The focus is on getting a water flow down into the bore it will die down and we can get into it to re-grout and close it off."

A digger was at the scene to clear the area around the bore so workers could see what they were working with.

"We've established we are dealing with a bore, rather than a bore feeder pipe, which will be much easier to fix," Mr Brownbridge said.

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Poland's drought sinks Vistula River to lowest level in more than 200 years

Poland's largest river the Vistula is pictured at its lowest water level since 1789 because of a recent drought in Warsaw, on August 18, 2015
Poland's longest river, the Vistula, on Tuesday hit its lowest water level in more than 200 years because of a drought ravaging the country, a weather official said.

Its level in Warsaw fell to 50 centimetres (20 inches), the lowest since records began in 1789, according to Grzegorz Walijewski, a hydrologist at Poland's IMGW weather institute.