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Another violent hailstorm hits the Altai region, Russia

Another hailstorm abruptly started in the Altai region a day ago. Hundreds of cars and buildings suffered, even the walls of buildings got holes, as the hailstorm was accompanied by stormy weather with high wind speeds.

Here we have almost fifty photos of the hailstorm's aftermath and the posts from the discussions boards. Here is one:

"Those are Americans testing meteorological weapons. Soon you'll see this in Moscow. Every day." - said one person.

"They have disturbed an ancient mummy in Altai, maybe they should put it back", says another. They really did.

Earthquake shakes central South Africa, one dead

© Image courtesy and copyright @Noxy_Duma

A 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit central South Africa on Tuesday, killing at least one man and trapping some miners underground, according to emergency services.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the tremor was centred in Orkney, a town around 120 km (70 miles) southwest of Johannesburg, an area with a high concentration of deep gold mines.

"One of the buildings collapsed on a man believed to be in his 30s ... by the time paramedics arrived there was nothing they could do for him," Werner Vermaak, spokesman for emergency service provider ER24, told local television.

"I have since been alerted to mines in the local area where they have received reports of various miners trapped," Vermaak added, without giving any figures.

Officials at AngloGold Ashanti, Harmony Gold, Gold Fields and Sibanye Gold said they had felt the tremors in their headquarters but had so far received no reports of anything untoward in their mines.

The area around Johannesburg is not prone to seismic activity but it is home to some of the deepest gold mines in the world. The quake is the largest in the southern Africa region since a 7.0 tremor in Zimbabwe in 2006.


One dead and thousands evacuated due to massive forest fire in central Sweden

© European Pressphoto Agency
A helicopter dumping water on the wildfire in the village of Rorbo near Sala, Sweden, Aug. 3. Firefighters believe it will burn for weeks or even months. It is classified as the worst forest fire in Sweden's modern history.
One man appears to have died in a massive forest fire raging in central Sweden, that has so far injured at least one person and prompted the evacuation of around a thousand people, authorities said on Tuesday.

The man in his 30s was found dead on a road north of Stabäck, Västmanland, an area affected by what is said to be Sweden's largest fire in over 40 years, police said. His body was badly burned and unidentifiable, but an identity card found on the body matched that of a man reported missing by relatives.

The fire was declared a national emergency on Monday night and currently engulfs an area of 15,000 hectares northwest of Sala, about 120 kilometers northwest of Stockholm.

Around 1,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, mostly in smaller isolated areas, and preparations have been made for a possible evacuation of Norberg, a town of some 4,500 people, according to information provided by the county of Västmanland.


Third mass die-off of anchovies in three weeks, Santa Cruz, California

© Patrick Tehan/Bay Area News Group
Volunteer Ben Rodman of Santa Cruz cleans up some of the thousands of lifeless anchovies that have inundated the water at the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor in Santa Cruz, Calif., Friday, August 1, 2014 where a fish die-off occurred Wednesday night. A massive clean-up is taking place and volunteers are requested to help with the effort. Boaters say the decomposing fish will ruin the protective paint on the hulls of boats in the harbor.
Trudie Ransom caught more fish Thursday afternoon than she'd caught in her life, just not the kind she wanted.

Ransom was using a net to scoop some of the hundreds of thousands of lifeless anchovies from the water of the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor where a massive fish die-off Wednesday night prompted the closure of part of the harbor.

For Ransom, the owner of the SUP Shack Santa Cruz, the fish kill was bad for business.

"The sooner I can get this cleaned up, the sooner we can get into operation," she said.

The fish kill prompted harbor officials to close the boat launch ramp while crews and volunteers work to skim the fish from the water.

"It's kind of a natural occurrence that happens from time to time," said John Haynes, acting harbormaster. "With the sheer number of anchovies we had in the bay this year, we had an idea it might happen, but we did everything we could."

The die-off is the third in three weeks. On July 18, thousands of white croakers washed up on Manresa State Beach likely caused by a squid boat accidentally catching them in a net. On July 25, scores of dead anchovies washed onto the beach at Capitola near Esplanade Park.

Comment: See also: Unknown substance found in water off Capitola Beach, CA - thousands of fish dead

Huge school of anchovies swarms off La Jolla, California - attracting hundreds of thousands of seabirds

Cloud Precipitation

2 more killed as flooding persists in Bulgaria

© Bulgaria Ministry of Defence
Miziya floods from the air
More flooding struck in Bulgaria on Sunday 3 August. This comes after weeks of flooding which has affected wider areas of the Balkans, including Romania and Serbia.
Two people died and over 500 people were evacuated from the town of Miziya, Vratsa Province, north western Bulgaria, after floods struck there yesterday. The displaced are being housed in a local school or are staying with friends or relatives.

© Bulgaria Ministry of Defence
The flooding came after the Skut River had burst its banks. Over 70 houses in the town have been completely destroyed and a further 500 damaged. Flooding also affected other villages in the area. Some reports claim that the floods are a result of two dams overflowing. It hasn't rained in the area since Thursday.

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Sudan flash floods leave trail of death and destruction

Around 6,000 homes were destroyed by the deluge, according to official statistics.

Mohamed Saleh invested ten years of his life and limited resources building a new family house in Salha, one of the largest districts in the Sudanese capital Khartoum.

They moved to the house only last week, after the end of the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan.

"It was a dream come true after ten long years," Saleh told Anadolu Agency.

But the joy was short-lived.

Three days later the home was destroyed by flash floods that swept Sudan displacing tens of thousands of people.

Around 6000 homes were destroyed by the deluge, according to official statistics.

As many as 21 people were killed in the eastern and western districts of Khartoum alone.


Adelaide wakes to its coldest August morning in 126 years

Cold Adelaide
© ABC News/Tom Fedorowytsch
Renmark had a frosty start with the mercury dipping well below zero.
Adelaide has woken to its coldest start to an August day in 126 years and it was colder across other parts of South Australia. At 6:30am (ACST) the temperature was down to 0.9 degrees Celsius. The weather bureau said it was the coldest August morning since 1888.

It was also the coldest day Adelaide has experienced in any month in six years. Senior forecaster Mark Anolak said the low temperature has been brought on by cold air from the Antarctic moving over Adelaide.

"Under a ridge of high pressure that we are experiencing at the moment, clear skies have led to very cold temperatures over the last couple of days," he said.

"Murray Bridge has had its coldest ever start to the day in August at -2.7 degrees this morning."

Most of regional South Australia woke to cold and frosty conditions. The weather bureau said it got down to -5.6C in Renmark, just above freezing in Lameroo and -3.9C in Loxton. Clear, sunny skies lifted the temperature as the morning went on.
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Tropical storm Bertha could hit UK by end of next week - heavy rains and wind expected

  • Bertha is expected to develop into a hurricane this evening
  • Storm likely to head north offshore and along the east coast of the US
  • It will then swing out and travel across the Atlantic
  • At the moment the storm looks like it will head in the direction of the UK
  • Meanwhile Wednesday is likely to be the wettest day of the week
  • Heavy showers are expected across most of the UK

Today Bertha was close to the Bahamas and is predicted to develop into a hurricane later this evening.
The tail end of an Atlantic tropical storm called Bertha is heading towards the UK and could hit Britain with heavy rain and winds at the start of next week.Bertha was today close to the Bahamas and is predicted to develop into a hurricane later this evening.Forecasters believe the storm will head north staying offshore from the east coast of the U.S. before swinging out and across the Atlantic.

At the moment the storm looks like it will head in the direction of the UK and continental Europe. If the storm continues the way it is going, it likely Britain will experience a summer storm from the start of next week including heavy rain and strong winds.

Unknown substance found in water off Capitola Beach, CA - thousands of fish dead

© Santa Cruz Sentinel/Terri Morgan - Contributed
Thousands of dead anchovies littered the beach in Capitola on Friday morning.
A bizarre scene unfolded at the beach in Capitola on Friday afternoon with thousands of dead fish on the beach and a paste-like substance in the water. Though it's unclear if the substance led to the death of the fish, police cleared the water as a precautionary measure.

About 3 p.m., there was a report of a tan, paste-like substance floating on the surface of the ocean near Esplanade Park, Sgt. Cliff Sloma said. "There's an unknown type substance in the water and as a precautionary measure, we've had people exit the water," Sloma said.

Central Fire and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife were on scene to assist as was Santa Cruz County's environmental health team.

While people were permitted on the beach, lifeguards were keeping people from entering the water for precautionary measures, Sloma said.


Rare tornado filmed in Istanbul, Turkey

Heavy rain, thunderstorms and even a tornado hit parts of Istanbul, Turkey, on Saturday.

The tornado, which started as a waterspout, moved inland dealing damage to parts of the Golden Horn and Eminonu districts of the city.

Meanwhile, other parts of the city that were spared by the tornado had to deal with flash flooding as a thunderstorms rolled through the city Saturday afternoon into Saturday night.

The video may contain profanity in a foreign language.