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Mexico's Colima volcano erupts, sending ash 3 miles into the sky

© Reuters / Bernardo de Niz
Colima Volcano
Volcanic ash leapt into the sky in a column three miles high on Friday, as Mexico's Colima volcano began erupting.
Located in the western region of the country on the border of the states of Jalisco and Colima, the 12,500 high volcano is less than 500 miles from Mexico City. One of the most active volcanoes in the country - and one of the most potentially destructive ones as well - Colima has certainly earned its nickname of the "Volcano of Fire" from locals.

The country's federal civil defense office said that ash has been raining down as far as 15 miles from the volcano. Super-heated glowing volcanic rocks were reported to be raining down the sides of the volcano over a mile from the now-erupting caldera. So far there have been no injuries reported by Colima's most current eruption, as officials say that this new one seems to be much less in intensity than other instances. The last major eruption of Colima, which occurred in 2005, saw local residents evacuating from the region.
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6 volcanic quakes at Philippines' Mayon Volcano in the last 24 hrs

Mayon volcano
At least six volcanic quakes were recorded at restive Mayon Volcano in the last 24 hours, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said Saturday. In its 8 a.m. update, Phivolcs also recorded an emission of white "moderate to voluminous" steam plumes that drifted west-southwest, west-northwest, northeast, and southeast. Also, it recorded a crater glow at Intensity I Friday night.

Phivolcs said Mayon's alert level remains at 3, meaning an eruption is still likely within weeks. More than 12,000 families were evacuated from their homes in Mayon's danger zone since mid-September, when Phivolcs raised the alert level at Mayon to 3.

Wild elephant tramples 11-year-old girl to death in Cambodia

Officials are calling an animal attack "unusual" after a wild elephant trampled an 11-year-old girl to death on Sunday near the Chi Phat eco-tourism zone in Koh Kong province.

At about 11am, the young girl, named Cheam Sokkhim, was fishing with her mother at a protected area when the male elephant emerged and went on a rampage, Koh Kong's Thmor Bang district police chief Saum Samei told the Post yesterday.

They ran, but the elephant started chasing after them, and then the daughter fell down.

The elephant then kicked and crushed her with its foot, according to Samei.

"This is the first time this has happened," Samei said. "Before, elephants used to be afraid of people, but now they chase people."

John Willis, director of programs for the preservation group Wildlife Alliance, which oversees Chi Phat, said elephant attacks are unheard of around the eco-tourism zone.

"There have been some elephant attacks in other provinces ... but we haven't heard of any elephant attacks in Chi Phat," Willis said.

Violent elk put down in Sweden after attack on woman

© Wikimedia Commons.
An elk which kicked and trampled on a woman in northern Sweden has been shot dead after the attack by the animal left her in hospital with numerous injuries.

The incident occurred in Luleå on Sunday afternoon when the woman was out walking her dogs. Local media reported that she was close to her home when she encountered the elk, who kicked her to the ground and then trampled over her.

Witnesses rang the emergency services and the woman was rushed to the local Sunderby hospital. Despite initial reports that the woman was severely injured, she was later released from hospital after having stitches on her lip and been treated for cuts and bruises.

"It ended happily after all but what if it had been a small child that had been attacked by an elk," the woman's partner Nils-Göran Berglund to the Kuriren newspaper.

Farmer injured in repeated attacks by cow in New Zealand

A farmer injured after he was repeatedly attacked by one of his cows has been discharged from hospital.

The Tauranga-based Trustpower TECT Rescue helicopter was called to Opotiki about midday on Saturday where a 50-year-old local farmer had been injured.

A rescue helicopter spokesman said the farmer and his wife were working in the yards on their property with a herd of cows when one attacked the man three times.

The man suffered serious chest injuries, he said.

St John ambulance staff transported the man from his Otara Rd property and drove him to the Opotiki airfield, before he was airlifted to Whakatane Hospital.

Gorilla in Berlin zoo throws rock at tourists

© YouTube
Gorilla roams around enclosure as unsuspecting tourists film it
This gorilla at Berlin zoo shows a group of unsuspecting Irish tourists exactly what he thinks of their company, as he throws a rock at them from close range

A gorilla at Berlin zoo shows a group of Irish tourist exactly what he thinks of their company as he throws a rock directly at their group.

According to his Youtube account Stefan Nolan and his friends were waiting for a flight back to Ireland when they decided to visit Berlin zoo.

Finding themselves at the gorilla enclosure Stefan decided to film the impressive creature on his phone.

The gorilla approached the group then seemingly out of nowhere threw a rock at them from close range.

According to Mr Nolan, "apparently gorillas aren't a fan of the Irish ..."

Video courtesy Stefan Nolan - YouTube
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Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes Sichuan province in China

earthquake sichuan province

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes remote region of Sichuan province
An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 hit a remote part of China's southwestern Sichuan province on Saturday, with one death reported so far, the official Xinhua news agency said.

The quake struck more than 40 km from Kangding town at 4:55 p.m., at a depth of about 18 km, according to information from the China Earthquakes Network Centre.

The quake caused buildings to shake violently and an elderly woman was killed after being hit by broken glass.

Residents of Chengdu, the provincial capital, also felt the quake strongly.

Earthquakes frequently strike in China's southwest. A quake in Sichuan province in 2008 killed almost 70,000 people.

Rogue kangaroo attacks elderly man in Queensland

© Max Fleet / NewsMail
ROO ATTACK: Bargara resident Bevan Irwin wants something done about the rogue kangaroo that attacked him in his backyard, fearing it may kill a child.
The Bundaberg Regional Council is hunting a rogue kangaroo which hospitalised an elderly man, but some within council believe killing the animal would be doing the State Government's dirty work.

Bevan Irwin was locking his car outside his home at Bargara on September 14 when he was violently attack by a large male kangaroo.

Mr Irwin suffered severe gashes to his head and stomach and spent two-and-a-half weeks in the hospital at Bundaberg, including two visits to the intensive care unit.

The 67-year-old considers himself lucky he wasn't killed.

Despite calls for the animal to be destroyed and reports of the same kangaroo behaving aggressively towards other people, it is still on the hop.

Almost two months after the attack, the Bundaberg Regional Council and the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection are still in disagreement over who should deal with the rogue roo.

Queensland woman fights off angry kangaroo with backpack

A Queensland woman has recounted the moment she fought off an angry kangaroo while walking to work.

Last Thursday's incident was the second time in a year a kangaroo has attacked someone in Toogoolawah, a small town about 120 kilometres northwest of Brisbane.

Petra Oligmuller suffered grazes and scratches in the most recent encounter, which happened while she was walking to her job at the local aged care centre at 6am.
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Central Japan hit by 6.8-magnitude earthquake

A 6.8-magnitude earthquake has hit central Japan at a shallow depth of 10 kilometres, Japan's Meteorological Agency reports. No tsunami warning has been issued.

The quake struck at 22:08 local time (13:08 GMT) and was centered in the Nagano Prefecture on the main island of Honshu, about 16 kilometers northeast of the city of Omachi.

An official from the village of Ogawa, near the epicenter of the quake, told Japan's NHK broadcaster that the residents felt a long shake and saw documents falling off the shelves.
Magnitude 6.8 Intensity 6- earthquake 22:08 Nov-22 JST at Nagano-ken Hokubu (36.7N/137.9E) Depth 10 km #earthquake

- Japan Earthquake (@jEarthquake) November 22, 2014
The authorities from Nagano Prefecture haven't reported any casualties or damage yet.

According to the USGS, the quake was registered at a magnitude of 6.2 on the Richter scale.

- ニュースな話題つぶやき@移転作業 (@new_2_twit) November 22, 2014
The tremor was felt as far away as the capital, Tokyo, which is about 170 kilometers northwest of the epicenter. The JMA said there was no direct threat of a tsunami after the quake. The cities of Hotaka and Suzaka, also in Nagano Prefecture, are also in proximity of the tremors - 33 and 36 kilometers away, respectively.