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Temple mutt elephant tramples mahout to death in India

© Deccan Chronicle
Elephant Maloloan that trampled 21-year-old Ganesan
An elephant reared in a temple mutt at Tambaram on Wednesday trampled its mahout. The 21-year-old animal keeper, who joined as the assistant mahout early this month, died at a private hospital."He is 18 years old and had always been an obedient animal. The untoward incident was an accidental reflex action after victim R. Ganesan stepped on the foot of jumbo, while making an attempt to chain the pachyderm. The elephant misjudged Ganesan as some strange object and kicked him", explained eyewitness M. Sivarajan, mahout of Malolan.

"Ganesan joined us recently for a salary of Rs10,000 and was performing as Kaavadi (assistant to mahout). He was taking back the jumbo to its enclosure after the routine morning prayers, "Sivarajan added.Meanwhile, forest department has begun investigations on the animal behaviour and dispatched its Vandalur zoo veterinarian Thirumurugan.
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SOTT EXCLUSIVE: Worst Supercell thunderstorm in decades hits Brisbane, Australia and injures 39 people

Supercell thunderstorm hits Brisbane
© Bureau of Meteorology
Radar image of the supercell storm that hit Brisbane.
Deja vu or what! Only a week after one of the worst thunderstorms in years hit Brisbane, then another massive storm arrives. This time a destructive supercell thunderstorm hits Brisbane. Here is a report from PressTV:

Nearly 40 people have been injured after a powerful storm hit Australia's third largest city of Brisbane.

The storm struck southeast Queensland on Thursday, with winds moving over 140 kilometers per hour, before reaching Brisbane and injuring 39 people there.

Only 12 of those injured have been hospitalized. Reports say there were about 6,000 lightning strikes.

As a result of the storm, described as being the worst in decades, a number of houses, trees and cars were damaged, while several streets were also flooded.

According to Australian officials, some 100,000 homes have also been left without electricity.

Australian Minister for Energy and Water Supply Mark McArdle said staff members with electric power distribution company Energex and Ergon were working to restore power.
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Royal Society report highlights 'significant and increasing' risks from extreme weather

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'Extreme weather' is becoming more 'normal'. NY State Thruway in Buffalo. The town recently had more snow in a single day than some cities have in a whole year!

University of Exeter researchers have played a crucial role in creating a comprehensive new report indicating that the global risk from extreme weather is set to intensify.

The critical report, published by the Royal Society, indicates that exposure of human populations to extreme weather is set to increase as global climate and population size, location and age continue to change.

A Working Group consisting of 15 world-leading academics, including Exeter professors Peter Cox and Katrina Brown, were brought together to produce the influential report, published on Thursday, November 27.

It presents new maps showing the combined impact of climate and demographic changes across the world on the exposure of people to extreme weather. The maps highlight those areas where there is the greatest increased risk of populations being vulnerable towards to end of the century.

Comment: To see just how "extreme" our weather is becoming, check out the monthly SOTT Earth Changes Video Summary.


One person dies and another injured in jumbo attack, India

© Satish Hanumantha Rao
Elephant charging.
One person was killed and another injured in an elephant attack on Tuesday evening near Heggadde in Sakleshpur taluk, in the Kempuhole reserve forest area.

The deceased has been identified as Yuvaraj (45) and the injured as Manjaiah (60). The two persons had gone into the forest in search of their cattle when they were attacked by the elephant. While the latter, who fell unconscious, returned to the village later, the former did not. The villagers, who went in search of him on Wednesday morning, recovered his body.

Deputy Conservator of Forests Ganesh S. Bhat told The Hindu on Wednesday that the officers were waiting for the injured person to recover to know how the incident happened. Mr. Majaiah is being treated at Sakleshpur hospital.

Man injured in wild boar attack in Yamaguchi, Japan

A 71-year-old man was injured by a wild boar while walking near his home in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, police said Monday.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 4 p.m. Sunday. TBS reported that the man suffered injuries to his head, arms and legs.

The boar fled into the garden of a nearby house. About 20 hunters and police captured and destroyed it two hours later.

Police said the boar was 1.2 meters long and weighed about 100 kilograms.
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1 dead and 3 missing following flash floods in south-east France: Over 7 inches of rain in 24 hours recorded

A heavy storm triggered flash floods in south east France yesterday, Thursday 27 November 2014.

Later on Thursday the French Interior Ministry confirmed that one woman had died in the floods and 3 were still missing. Three other people have been reported as injured.

The fatality occurred in the village of La Londe, Var department. The woman was believed to have been in her vehicle near a river at the time it was swept away. Her young daughter was also in the vehicle at the time. Emergency services are carrying out searches for the missing child. Two other people are missing after being swept away by a swollen river in the same area.

Flooding also affected the tourist area of St Tropez, where around 30 students were trapped in a school building by flood water in Grimaud. They were eventually rescued late in the evening.


Grey seals kill porpoises and could attack humans, Dutch scientists warn

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Grey Seal bulls fight at sunset near the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust's Donna Nook nature reserve in Grimsby
Swimmers have been warned to keep clear of grey seals after scientists discover that they attack and kill porpoises

Grey seals may be a danger to swimmers after scientists discovered they were responsible for the widespread slaughter and mutilation of North Sea porpoises.

Wildlife experts have long been divided over what caused the horrific injuries seen on the bodies of hundreds of beached harbour porpoises. Some blamed boat propellers while others claimed the animals had become entangled in fishing nets and left at the mercy of scavengers.

Now DNA analysis of their injuries has led to an intriguing conclusion. It seems they are regularly attacked and killed by grey seals which tear strips of nutritious blubber from their bodies.

And scientists have warned that the seals could target human swimmers in a similar way.

Stranded long-finned pilot whale died from starvation on Essex coast, UK

The whale was found on a beach with "partial rigor mortis", said cetacean experts
The first long-finned pilot whale to beach in the southern North Sea for 22 years died from starvation, post-mortem tests have found.

The whale, among a 40-strong pod seen along the East Anglian coast, washed up near Goldhanger, Essex, on Thursday afternoon.

Marine experts successfully encouraged most of the whales from the shallow Blackwater Estuary into deeper waters.

But one - a 2.18m female - was found dead.


Record snowfall in Pennsylvania; 11.2 inches recorded

© Review/Eric Hrin
The only thing area motorists could be thankful for Wednesday was safely reaching their destinations.

And for some, that didn't happen.

A pre-Thanksgiving snowstorm made roads a treacherous mess, sending vehicles slipping, sliding and some even overturning. The snow set a record.

As of 7:30 p.m. in Towanda, Wayne Vanderpool, National Weather Service Co-Op Observer, reported that he measured 11.2 inches of snow, "with it still snowing lightly."

He said it was "the most snow ever measured in Towanda on any November day, since records began back in 1895."

Also, Vanderpool said Wednesday's total set a 24-hour snowfall record for Nov. 26. The old record was 2.5 inches, which he said was set back in 1898.

The snow kept emergency responders busy with calls.

"It's all over the county," said Alan Painter, an assistant chief with the Troy Volunteer Fire Department. "The departments are getting called everywhere." Painter said that with all the snow, there was "no traction" on the roads.

On Wednesday night, Painter stood beside a truck that lay on its side, following a crash, with no injuries, that occurred on Route 14 in Troy Township. He said it was caused by the bad road conditions. A man, who was the only person in the truck, refused treatment.

"It's pretty slippery, a slippery snow," Painter said. "It's one of the early ones. People aren't used to it yet."

Comment: Winter is coming - Ice age fever


Pygmy sperm whale found dead on Anglesey beach, Wales

Gwynedd Council worker Rhys Jones found the young pygmy sperm whale at Dinas Dinlle beach, a week after it had been refloated by rescuers.

A whale that was rescued and freed back into the sea last week has died.

The young pygmy sperm whale was spotted washed up on a beach at Dinas Dinlle today, opposite Newborough beach where it was originally found stranded and rescued, last Thursday, November 20.

It was discovered by Gwynedd council worker Rhys Jones.

A post-mortem will be carried out by the government's Marine Environmental Monitoring body to try to find out what caused the animal's death.

Dr Peter Evans, Director of the Seawatch Foundation, said it was not surprising that the whale had died.