Earth Changes


Mystery surrounds dead fin whale found on beach in Cullera, Spain

© Guardia Civil
Guardia Civil agents spotted the whale in shallow waters on Monday morning.
Zoologists in Valencia are investigating the death of a six-tonne whale that washed up near the shore this week.

Guardia Civil agents patrolling the area spotted the whale in shallow waters on Monday morning. They said it was floating lifelessly towards the shore and deployed a boat to protect the animal from oncoming vessels.

Five hours later, the whale washed up on a beach in Cullera, a town about 30 miles south of Valencia. Police at the scene confirmed it was dead.

Zoologists from the University of Valencia have been investigating the animal's death. They confirmed it was a fin whale, one of the most common species in the Mediterranean.


100 rare saiga antelope found dead in Kazakhstan

Saiga antelope drink from a lake outside Almaty. The saiga is a critically endangered species, with most of the surviving animals in Kazakhstan, parts of Mongolia, and Russia's Kalmykia Republic.
Kazakh authorities say some 100 saiga antelope have been found dead in a northern region, with few clues as to what killed the critically endangered animals.

The Kazakh Agriculture Ministry says local forest inspectors found the animals' remains in the Amangeldy district of the Qostanai region on May 11.

It is the latest mass die-off to strike the increasingly rare ungulates in the Eurasian steppe region.

In May 2012, nearly 1,000 dead saiga antelope were found, also in Qostanai. Environmental activists blamed those deaths on the landing in the region of a Russian spacecraft carrying a Russian-American crew from the International Space Station less than a month earlier.

That connection has never been proven, and the Agriculture Ministry later said the deaths were the result of an infection carried in the mouth and breathing passage called pasteurellosis.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods leave 12 dead in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


This is Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania.
Floods have been affecting Dar es Salaam and other regions of Tanzania, including Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Tanga and Kagera, for the last 6 days.

Streets of Dar es Salaam have been under water after 85 mm of rain fell in 24 hours on 07 May 2015.

Local media say that Dar es Salaam Police have confirmed that at least 12 people have died in the floods. There are fears that more are still missing or unaccounted for. Further heavy rainfall yesterday is causing problems for authorities to fully assess the situation. A better picture of the damage caused by the floods will only become clearer once the flood waters start to recede. As quoted in IPP, Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone Commander, Suleiman Kova said:

"As the intensity of the rains reduces and the level of waters decreases, the effects of the floods are becoming more vivid,'

The worst affected areas in Dar es Salaam are said to be Kinondoni and Temeke. Both districts are affected by flooding on a regular basis. Last week, Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner called for those in the affected areas to move to safer areas.

In Kilimanjaro region, as many as 3,000 people have been displaced after floods destroyed houses near Arusha Chini town in the Moshi rural district.


At least 200 camels die of mysterious disease in Pakistan


Dead camels.
At least 200 camels have died of an unconfirmed viral disease during last one week and around hundreds are suffering from it in Noorpur Thal area, according to local media on Monday.

Local livestock department said, the animals suffered shivering and bleeding from the nose accompanied by coughing and finally died.

"The villagers and traders have lost more than 200 animals so far", official said.

"The local people have been asked not to eat meat till the further advisory, a warning alert had also been issued in this regard", he further explained.

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Lament for Babylon

I thought I'd wax a little Biblical today. As many of you know, my very first book was a commentary on Revelations entitled The Noah Syndrome. I was quite struck by the fact that the descriptions given by the alleged "John of Patmos" were so similar to the descriptions of the plagues in Egypt as reported in Exodus and that is what started my research into cataclysms, Earth Changes, etc. That was back in the mid 80s; a lot of water has gone over the dam and under the bridge since then and my most recent book, Comets and the Horns of Moses covers the topic more broadly with scientific backing for what is likely to come on the Earth in the not-too-distant future. Following that volume, my research helper, Pierre Lescaudron, wrote Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection based on certain ideas that had developed in "Comets and the Horns..." which he understood a lot better than I did so I said "you write it!"

Anyway, as the horror increases daily on our planet and I feel more and more like I have awakened into a nightmare because of the rampant psychopathy on an almost global scale; as I observe the back and forth between Israel and the US, Israel and Gaza, the US and Russia, the manipulations of the US in Ukraine; Ukraine against its own people; wars in Africa, ISIS in Iraq; the growing peril of Ebola (and probably worse to come); the onward march of global climate change (not warming, oncoming Ice Age) burning, blasting, destroying; one thing keeps running through my head: Revelations Chapter 18. You see, even if the religious parts of the Bible, all the God said/did stuff, is hokum in my opinion, I still think that there were some fundamental texts that were utilized to create Judaism/Christianity/Islam, and those texts were descriptions of real events - cataclysmic events that we haven't seen the likes of since Rome was destroyed by similar processes. So, even if the book of Revelations might have been written much later, (and I don't think that Jehovah/Yahweh/any other God was doing things, and I think that 'angels' were actually descriptions of comets), I do think that it is possible that the Information Fundament of our reality can inform and inspire writers in ways we don't understand. That is, literary foreshadowing, drawing on unknown characteristics of the Cosmic Information Field, might be a valid channel of real prophecy.


Torrential rain causes flooding in Wellington, New Zealand

© Getty Images
Wellington had an unusually wet morning with parts of the city flooded and firefighters called out to deal with the deluge.

The capital was enjoying clearer skies this afternoon after a wild morning.

The Fire Service said its staff were called out to about eight flooding or rain-related incidents in Wellington today, mostly in relation to surface flooding.

Wellington City Council said it sent staff to tackle surface flooding in Taranaki Street. A video the council posted to Instagram showed fast-flowing water made a manhole "dance" in the road.

MetService said 34.2mm of rain fell in Wellington this morning. Most of that -- 23.2mm -- fell in just the last two hours of the morning.

Parts of a low-lying road in Mt Cook, Wakefield St in Te Aro and the Kent Terrace sidewalk in Mt Victoria were flooded.

Forecasters at MetService expected sunnier spells for the rest of the day.

Bizarro Earth

Powerful 6.8 earthquake strikes off Japan's Honshu island

A powerful 6.8 earthquake has struck off the eastern coast of Japan's Honshu island, USGS and Japan Meteorological Agency report. Shaking has been felt in Tokyo.

The quake struck at 6:13am local time at a depth of almost 50 kilometers. While USGS originally reported the quake at 6.9 magnitude, JMA measured it at 6.6. No casualties or damage have yet been reported.

No tsunami warning was issued by JMA and according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, based on all available data a "destructive pacific-wide tsunami" is not expected. No warning has been issued for the US state of Hawaii.

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Large sinkhole opens up in Burnaby, BC

A large sinkhole has opened up in Burnaby near the 4800 block of Albert Street on Monday evening.

Metro Vancouver crews estimate the sinkhole is 16 feet long, six feet wide and three to four feet deep.

An investigation is underway into what caused the road to collapse, says Metro Vancouver spokesman Don Bradley.

"There has been a considerable amount of infrastructure, work performed in the area over the past several years but the investigation will determine the cause and appropriate next steps," he said.

Albert Street is closed for one block between Gamma and Delta Avenues. A security crew will watch over the sinkhole overnight and cleanup crews will be back Tuesday morning.

Cloud Precipitation

Extensive, widespread reports of flooding in Arkansas

Channel 7 News has received numerous reports of flooding across the state following heavy rains and storms over the weekend into Monday morning.
© Esther Chapman
Lake Hamilton, Arkansas
The Arkansas River Trail on the North Little Rock side is "basically closed" due to the high water from the Arkansas River. As of 3:30 p.m. Monday, the river is at 15 feet and beginning to encroach on the trails. By Tuesday night the river will be at 21 feet and most of the trails will be completely underwater. Specifically, the trail is closed from the entrance to the Big Rock Quarry to the Big Dam Bridge. The closure is expected to last for at least a few days.

Toad Suck Park in Bigelow, just outside of Conway, was evacuated Monday due to increased flow of the Arkansas River. No flooding has been reported yet, but the Corps of Engineers says it is anticipating flooding overnight into Tuesday.

National Weather Service meteorologists continue to monitor releases from Remmel Dam in Hot Spring County. The water is rushing from Lake Catherine down to the Ouachita River. Officials are warning residents of significant flooding downstream.

In Garland County, officials are also monitoring the waters flowing from Carpenter Dam into the Ouachita River. There are several reports of flooding at Lake Hamilton, with water covering many boat docks and rising over yards. Several county roads have been washed out.



Young girl dies in possible bear attack at Garden Hill, Manitoba


Sources say the girl was Theresa Robinson from Garden Hill First Nation.
A northern Manitoba community is in shock after an 11-year-old girl was found dead, her body showing signs of a possible bear attack.

Teresa Robinson went missing on May 5. Her body was discovered six days later, on Monday.

David Harper, Grand Chief of the Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak, said Robinson's remains were found near her Garden Hill First Nation home. He told The Canadian Press that it appears the girl was mauled by an animal, and that a bear in the area could be the culprit.

"Bears were seen wandering there Tuesday night on the east side," he said. "It's just awful ... no one's heard of this happening before."

Investigators have yet to release an official cause of death for the girl. Harper said wild dogs also live in the area, and it could be up to 48 hours before it's clear exactly what killed Robinson.

Comment: See also: Camper killed by black bear near Mackenzie, British Columbia