Earth Changes


4.4 mag earthquake in Sarajevo, several more minor ones in Turkey

Date & time: Sun, 12 Apr 00:05:33 UTC
Magnitude: 4.4
Depth: 10.0 km
Epicenter latitude / longitude: 43.77°N / 18.54°E [Map]
Nearest volcano: Vesuvius (471 km)
Primary data source: GFZ

Comment: There were also several minor earthquakes in Turkey yesterday up to 3.7 mag.


Man killed by elephant in Dooars, India


Asian elephant
A herd of elephants entered Karbela tea garden of Dooars on Sunday morning and started a rampage which cost life tea worker working there at the time.

The deceased has been identified as Nelson Munda. He was a contractual worker working at the garden when suddenly the elephant herd entered into the tea garden. The jumbos killed him before he could escape with his life. This caused a panic among the other workers and the work was halted for some time.

Angered by the repeated incidents of elephant attack on the tea workers there, the workers demonstrated against the tea garden authority and the forest department demanding security for working there. Later police retrieved the body.

Cloud Precipitation

Hailstorm of 'white snowballs' hits Egypt


April 2015: Large quantities of hail fall in Egypt
Should be headline news, but the media ignores it.

White fell west of Alexandria and on the road to Alexandria in the Cairo Desert, due to the increasing wave of bad weather that has hit the province since the dawn.

Also, different parts of Alexandria saw heavy rain, which led to confusion traffic on the Corniche and the main street.

Urgent News-Egypt News-Snowfall on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road

News Egypt-Snow on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road
"I triple checked this news to make sure it is not a hoax," says Argiris. "I found three sources that confirm April snow on the Egyptian desert road Cairo-Alexandria. This should be headline news, but the Dutch MSM keep quiet about it."

Comment: Translations of the Egyptian articles actually describe "white snowballs" as having fallen. Apparently they're not used to seeing hail because they have no word for it!


Man survives an attack by 3 grizzly bears near Wapiti, Wyoming


Grizzly bear
A Wapiti man is charged by three large grizzlies at once, and he survived. Larry Dickerson said he also taught the bears a lesson they won't soon forget.

This is the time of year that grizzly bears are just out of their dens, and very hungry. That's why Wyoming's Game and Fish Department is holding bear seminars to keep people safe in bear country. That's most of Northwest Wyoming.

Biologists say grizzlies are not necessarily forest animals. They evolved in open grassy areas, like this right behind me. So, they could be found in a lot of places in Northwest Wyoming where people don't expect to find them."

But, Larry Dickerson is not surprised to find grizzlies anywhere near his home. He's encountered them many times in Alaska, and Wyoming. He took the Alaskan grizzly on his wall with a wooden bow.

He faced three charging bears while horn hunting in the back country April 3rd.


77 year old pensioner eaten by wolf in Russia

© CEN / Getty
'Living in fear': Neighbours say they want police to act quickly
The beast is now being hunted by armed police after the 77 year old was found in a pool of blood

A pensioner eaten by a wolf was just 50 metres from her home when she was savaged by the beast.

The half-eaten remains of Lima Ankudinova, 77, were discovered in a pool of blood by horrified neighbours.

The elderly woman was making her way home through thick snow when she was attacked by the animal, which is now being hunted by armed police.

Comment: See also: Another atypical animal attack on humans: Villagers viciously attacked by a pack of starving wolves in China

Timber wolves attacking dogs and approaching people in Grand Marais, Minnesota

Russia: Wolves Attack People in Karelian Town

Teacher Candice Berner mauled to death by wolves in Alaska

'Super pack' of 400 wolves terrorise remote Russian town after killing 30 horses in just four days

Black Cat

Leopard attacks boy and father in Dhar, India


Two people, including an eight-year-old boy, were seriously injured when they were attacked by a leopard at Pipli village in Dhar district under Nalcha police station in the wee hours of Friday.

The incident happened when Gulabsingh and his son Sunil were sleeping outside their house. According to Gulabsingh, the animal first tried to pull Sunil into the forest.

"As soon as the leopard pulled him by the ear, he awoke and raised an alarm. On hearing his cries, I ran towards the wild cat to save my son," he said.

When Gulabsingh tried to chase the leopard, the animal let go off Sunil and attacked his father before fleeing.

The injured were rushed to the district hospital by locals.

Black Cat

Leopard kills three-and-half-yr-old girl in Rampur, India


A three-and-a-half-year-old girl was mauled to death by a leopard in Khaneri village in Rampur, 135 km from here, on Friday night.

Riya was attacked when she went out to answer the call of nature. Her mother realised Riya was missing when she did not respond to her calls. The mother immediately raised the alarm and a search was launched. However, night-long effort by local residents and Forest Department staff bore no result.

The mutilated body of the girl was found on Saturday morning, about 500 m away from where she went missing.

The Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), Rampur, sanctioned an interim relief of Rs 25,000 for the family.

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Sinkhole opens up in Longview, Texas - closes streets

© Unknown
A sinkhole on one of Longview busiest roads is delaying traffic.

The 2 1/2 foot wide, 3 foot deep hole is in the outside northbound lane of the 1600 block of Judson Road, between Iris Circle and Montclair Street. Longview police and street crews are on the scene, barricading the lane and waiting to fix the problem.

Judson Road handles more than 17,000 cars a day.

Comment: More than 70 sinkholes have opened up around the globe in just the past week, including one that locals said 'leads straight to hell'.


Major Earthquake activity along the U.S. West Coast, multiple 4.0M+ events at volcanic areas

Cerro Prieto Volcano, Baja, CA
Another magnitude 4.2 earthquake has occurred off the coast of Oregon.

In the past 7 days, up to 2am CDT April 11, 2015, there have been a series of noteworthy earthquakes along the Southern, and Western portions of the North American Craton.

A series of earthquakes began off the coast of Oregon at the fresh undersea lava fields, moving South to the undersea lava fields (and actual volcano) off the coast of Northern California, moving further South to Pisgah Volcano + Red Mountain, then even further South to Cerro Prieto Volcano in Baja California/Mexico border region.

These volcanic locations are VERY old, and have been dormant for eons. To see earthquake activity at these locations means pressure is building in the region for a larger release of energy.

Information on this current 4.2M in Oregon from the USGS

Here is the 4.2M event off the coast of Oregon from April 11 2015

4.7M off the coast of California near the Gorda ridge volcanic fields

4.3M + 4.0M back to back events at Cerro Prieto volcano in Baja

Comment: Cause and effect, rock and roll. If the theories are correct, we have a ticket to ride. The involvement of volcanos and earthquakes come as an interesting pairing with cosmic circumstances and earth changes in the making. The earth's slow-down in rotation can produce devastating effects such as earthquakes and volcanic activity. The immense reservoir of energy stored in the Earth's rotation is susceptible to any change in the rotation rate. Volcanoes sense pressure changes below the lithosphere causing them to vent, which can cause or add to earthquake magnitude.
-Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection, Pierre Lescaudron


Another woman trampled to death by elephants in Chhattisgarh, India: Eleventh recent fatality in district


Elephant on a charge
Another woman trampled to death in elephant attack at Mayapur at Surajpur district on Tuesday. Herd of about 35 elephants present in the region have already destroyed a dozen homes in last two days.

Forest officials said that 25-year-old Pushpa was going towards her home with her two and half-year-old daughter when elephants attacked on her from behind. The incident took place early in morning when it was dark, official added.

Pushpa was pushed and chased few meters and she threw her daughter off the ground, before tuckers trampled her to death. Officials say it's eleventh death in tusker attack in north Chhattisgarh, while on Sunday, three women were also trampled to death at Korba district.