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Viking Chief Tore Hund and his successful resistance against Christian conversion

© Wikimedia Commons
The death of King Olaf at the hands of Tore Hund, Viking chief
When Christians made their theological push into Europe, suppressing native religions and supplanting them with a foreign God, some pagans resisted by secretly practicing their old religion, while others resisted by meeting force with force. One such case of forceful resistance was by Tore Hund or Thorir the Hound, a powerful Viking born around 990 AD, during the first incursions of Christianity into Norway.

Today, many people around the world still resort to violence over religion, more than 1,000 years after Tore Hund killed King Olaf II or Saint Olaf, who reportedly made a deal to impose Christianity on Norway in exchange for the help of other European powers. Tore killed Olaf at the battle of Stiklestad. There, an army of farmers and laborers overwhelmed the king's army.

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1920's eugenics exhibit reveal the elitist mindset

This is an exhibit about Eugenics, dated 1926.
According to eugenics, "some people are born to be a burden on the rest".

You see, the eugenics movement — which steadily gained popularity for the first nearly 40 years of the 20th century and is the direct reason for forced sterilization laws implemented across America — sought to "breed out" people the elite that ultimately funded and promoted it (the Carnegie Institute and the Rockefeller Foundation, etc.) determined were genetically defective "riff raff" by way of pseudoscience parading as science.

Comment: See also: The fascinating history of eugenics


King Tut's tomb reveals two secret chambers

© Nevine El-Aref
Antiquities minister Mamdouh Eldamaty (in yellow shirt) during examinations in Tutankhamun tomb.
Antiquities minister Mamdouh Eldamaty announced on Monday that the first examinations carried out by himself and British archeologist Nicholas Reeves in Luxor on Tutankhamun's tomb have revealed that the tomb's northern and western walls both hide chambers.

There are scratching and markings on both walls like those found on the entrance gate of Tutankhamun's tomb when it was discovered in 1922, Eldamaty explained.

"This indicates that the western and northern walls of Tutankhamun's tomb could hide two burial chambers," Eldamaty told Ahram Online.

Nicholas Reeves said their investigations showed the tomb's ceiling extends behind the northern and western walls. He is now almost convinced his theory suggesting the existence of two undiscovered chambers is correct.

"After our first examination of the walls we can do nothing more until we receive the all-clear from the radar device to confirm the our findings," Reeves told Ahram Online.

Eldamaty has promised that on 4 November, the same day Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered, the radar results of scans on the two walls will be announced.

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The Empire Files: Abby Martin interviews Chris Hedges - American myths, war, and revolt

Abby Martin interviews Chris Hedges on American myths, war and revolt. Hedges explains the 'folly of Empire,' the dangers posed by right-wing extremism and the urgent need for a new system.

Chris Hedges is a former New York Times journalist and winner of the Pulitzer Prize. He is the author of several books including his most recent, Wages of Rebellion: the Moral Imperative of Revolt. He publishes a weekly column on and is the host of Days of Revolt, airing every Monday night on teleSUR english.

Comment: Chris Hedges lays out the U.S. history most have either forgotten, or were never told.


Top secret: The worst nuclear disaster in US history

The United States government deliberately hid "the worst nuclear disaster in U.S. history," according to experts and an in-depth investigation by NBC4 Southern California. Whistleblowers have also come forward to expose the little-known catastrophe, which occurred north of Los Angeles in 1959 and leaked over 300 times the allowable amount of radiation into surrounding neighborhoods. That contamination is now linked to up to a 60% increase in cancer in the area, but the government still refuses to acknowledge its colossal mistake.

The ongoing tragedy was driven by America's darkest demons, from dogmatic militarism to aggressive corporatism, and ongoing government and corporate efforts to cover-up the disaster are nothing short of staggering.

Comment: Additional ongoing tragedies 'driven by America's darkest demons':


Out-of-place artifacts suggestive of ancient high-tech civilizations

In Beyond Science, Epoch Times explores research and accounts related to phenomena and theories that challenge our current knowledge. We delve into ideas that stimulate the imagination and open up new possibilities. Share your thoughts with us on these sometimes controversial topics in the comments section below.

According to the conventional view of history, humans have only walked the Earth in our present form for some 200,000 years. Advanced civilizations appeared several thousand years ago, but much of the mechanical ingenuity we know in modern times began to develop only around the Industrial Revolution a couple hundred years ago.

Oopart (out-of-place artifact) is a term applied to dozens of prehistoric objects found in various places around the world that seem to show a level of technological advancement incongruous with the times in which they were made.

Many scientists attempt to explain them using natural phenomena. Others say such explanations ignore the mounting evidence that prehistoric civilizations possessed advanced technological knowledge that was lost throughout the ages only to be redeveloped in modern times.



Vasili Arkhipov: Cold War Russian hero

You may have never heard of Vasili Arkhipov. And yet life as we know it on this planet could have ended if it were not for his crucial intervention during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Born in 1926, Arkhipov saw action as a minesweeper during the Soviet-Japanese war in August 1945. Two years later he graduated from the Caspian Higher Naval School, serving in the Black Sea and Baltic submarine fleets - just in time for the start of the Cold War, which would stay with him for the rest of his service.

During the 1950s the Soviets became very concerned about the US' lead in submarines. They eventually rushed the development and construction of the K-19, the first of two new Hotel-class ballistic missile submarines. However, things did not go smoothly. Eleven people died due to accidents and fires during the construction phase. To top everything off, the champagne bottle used in the inauguration ceremony failed to break.

These were frightening omens for the crew. But they could scarcely imagine the events that would unfold soon after.

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Russian boy unearths 3,000yo King David era treasure in Jerusalem

Historical seal found in 'confiscated rubble.'
A 10-year-old Russian tourist has discovered a rare 3,000-year-old artifact relating to the periods of King David and Solomon that may shed light upon the mystery of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Predator and prey...interesting how Israeli's interpreted it.
The young boy, called Matvey, happened to come across a brown limestone seal that features two animals, one on top of the other "perhaps representing a predator and its prey," the Israeli media cited archaeologists as saying on Friday.

The Russian schoolboy volunteered to take part in the Temple Mount Sifting Project for just one day. It is dedicated to recovering archaeological artifacts from 300 truckloads of soil removed from the place of worship.

The seal was deciphered only recently and is claimed to be "the first of its kind to be found in Jerusalem," Dr. Gabriel Barkay, the co-founder and director of the project, said as cited by the Breaking Israel News.

Comment: Whether the artifacts historically validate Biblical texts, those who need this result will likely make it so, found or otherwise. With so much recent tension surrounding the al Aqsa/Temple Mount area, non-Israeli children with a stone or any facsimile thereof, are probably, most likely yes, indeed terrorists. There seems to be debate as to whom these 300 truckloads of soil belonged and its true archeological location.


New evidence suggest ancient civilizations characterized by forgotten high science and technology

Humanity has grown so old that it has forgotten its infancy, and the origin of man is shrouded in mystery.

Conventional wisdom states that humanity was primitive in the past and then things started evolving until people emerged from the state of barbarism to become smarter and more capable. New evidence however suggests otherwise; it suggests that maybe the dawn of history was characterized by forgotten high science and technology that far exceeds modern man's expectations of the distant past.

This view is as old as history. The ancients spoke of their past as being glorious. The account of Atlantis in Plato's dialogues Timaeus is the most vivid memory we have of this golden age.

Comment: For more background information on ancient civilizations and the myths as well as the evidence supporting past global cataclysmic events, see:

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The Munich Betrayal: How Western powers 'sold' Czechoslovakia to Hitler

© AP Photo
The Munich Agreement of September 30, 1938, concluded by Europe's major powers with Adolf Hitler, allowed the Nazis to absorb parts of Czechoslovakia and hammered the final nail in the coffin of the concept of European collective security pushed ahead by the USSR, Canadian professor of history Michael Jabara Carley told Sputnik.

On September 30, 1938 in Munich, Europe's major powers (Britain, Germany, France and Italy), excluding Moscow and Prague, negotiated an agreement permitting Nazi Germany's annexation of portions of Czechoslovakia, paving the way for Hitler's European triumphant march; the agreement marked the failure of the USSR's numerous attempts to build a European anti-Hitler coalition.

"Beginning in late 1933, the Soviet government pursued a policy of collective security in Europe. It was League of Nations jargon, but in reality it was plain old great power alliance building. The Soviet idea was to contain Nazi Germany, or to defeat it in war, should containment fail. Soviet diplomats tried to promote their policy just about everywhere in Europe and in the United States. At first the USSR made progress, but one by one, Soviet would-be allies fell away. I call it the Grand Alliance that Never Was," Professor Michael Jabara Carley of the University of Montreal told Sputnik.

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