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Pesticides in paradise: Hawaii's spike in birth defects puts focus on GM crops

© Christopher Pala for the Guardian
fter four separate attempts to rein in the companies failed, an estimated 10,000 people marched through Honolulu’s Waikiki tourist district.
Pediatrician Carla Nelson remembers catching sight of the unusually pale newborn, then hearing an abnormal heartbeat through the stethoscope and thinking that something was terribly wrong.

The baby was born minutes before with a severe heart malformation that would require complex surgery. What worried her as she waited for the ambulance plane to take the infant from Waimea, on the island of Kauai, to the main children's hospital in Honolulu, on another Hawaiian island, was that it was the fourth one she had seen in three years.

In all of Waimea, there have been at least nine in five years, she says, shaking her head. That's more than 10 times the national rate, according to analysis by local doctors.

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Virginia shooter's manifesto included racial grievances and Charleston shootings as reasons for attack

Vester Lee Flanagan, who was known on air under the name Bryce Williams, has reportedly cited Charleston church shooting as a trigger for his attack on WDBJ news crew. His tweets also reveal his frustrations.

Williams killed Alison Parker, a 24-year-old reporter, and Adam Ward, a 27-year-old cameraman, during a live broadcast at 6:45 a.m. local time.

Flanagan wrote a 23-page manifesto, in which he details his grievances. He faxed it to ABC News about 2 hours after the shooting took place and called them on the phone, saying that authorities are after him and "all over the place" and hung up. ABC immediately sent the fax to the authorities.

While ABC has not released the full text, they have published some excerpts. The shooter said that he was suffering from racial discrimination and sexual harrassment at work, as a homosexual African-American.

A large part of his motivation appears to be as revenge for the Charleston shooting, where a white man killed nine black people in a historic church.


Fire at Dublin Airport prompts suspension of flights

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Dublin airport
A fire has been contained at a hangar of the Dublin airport after the blaze prompted the suspension of all incoming and departing flights for about an hour.

Four fire engines were at the scene to deal with the fire, which started at 0715 local time (0615 GMT). The Dublin airport's firefighters were also tackling the fire. No injuries have been reported.

Comment: It appears an unusual amount of buildings have been catching fire or exploding lately. In Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection, Pierre Lescaudron presents the possibility that certain types of buildings or factories can act as attractors for dramatic electrical discharges, whether 'sparked' by incoming comet fragments or atmospheric electrical conditions. So could something similar be responsible for some of these fires?

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Global pedophile dark net investigation nets arrest of key administrator in Australia

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A 10-month operation by an Australian police anti-pedophile taskforce put an end to a global 'dark net' of child abusers that had 45,000 members. An Australian administering a pedophile 'bulletin board' was sentenced to 35 years in jail for child abuse.

Queensland's Taskforce Argos targeting child abuse disclosed a clandestine pedophile ring, saving potentially hundreds of children from sexual exploitation, reports the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Members of the ring residing in Australia, Europe, United Kingdom and the US ranked inside the network in accordance with the quantity and originality of materials they uploaded for common use inside the site. The name of the network, using encryption software to hide identities and mask people's browsing history, has not been publicly disclosed by a South Australian District Court.

Investigation of a global child abuse led Argos to Australian national ringleader, who turned out to be Families SA (South Australia) employee Shannon McCoole from Adelaide. He was childcare worker with the agency from 2011 to 2014.


Russian serviceman shoots and kills officer and two soldiers, then commits suicide

© Taras Litvinenko / RIA Novosti
A Russian serviceman has taken his own life after killing an officer and two soldiers. Two other soldiers are reported injured in the gunfire.

The shootout happened in a military field camp in Russia's Kostroma Region on Wednesday.

"On August 26, in a guard house of a military field camp in Kostroma Region a military man fired a gun. As a result, an officer and two soldiers are dead, two other servicemen were injured," says statement by the Defense Ministry press service.

The gunman killed himself, and according to preliminary investigation results he was guided by personal motives in his actions.

"The injured military men are receiving all medical assistance they need," the ministry's press service added. A criminal case has been opened against the deceased attacker, says a statement published on the Russian Investigative Committee's website.

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Make way for airport-style security at rail stations

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Armed guards: Coming to a rail station near you?
Should trains get airport-style security? With a Papal visit next month and the increasing number of passengers along the Northeast Corridor, some say the rails are vulnerable soft targets. It's also a concern after Americans thwarted a train attack in France.

Investigator Mike Hellgren has more on what's being done here.

Amtrak has a 500 officer force. There's also MTA police and a TSA program that assists with security—but the fact is that many smaller train stations have little security...and that makes them appealing targets.

There's video of the frightening attack on a high-speed train bound for Paris. Three Americans took down a man armed with an AK-47 and other weapons.

Comment: Three out of four people traveling between DC and New York will now have to experience the "security theater" conditioning them to the burgeoning police state.


Cop to motorist: Buy these tickets or I take your car

"EITHER YOU buy these or I take your car, 'cause it's unregistered."

Officer Matthew Zagursky didn't mince words Thursday when he flashed tickets to the Hero Thrill Show, a fundraiser that supports the families of fallen officers and firefighters, to two men after pulling them over.

And yesterday, hours after a recording of that exchange went viral, Commissioner Charles Ramsey didn't either.

"No part of that video is good," Ramsey said of the footage, which also shows Zagursky spouting homophobic slurs. "It's just bad all the way around."

Ramsey said Zagursky, 32, has been pulled from North Philly's 24th District and placed on administrative duty as the Internal Affairs Bureau investigates the video, posted to Facebook by a user named "Rob Stay Faded."

"He used the tickets as a lever to not do his duty; that's extortion," Ramsey said of Zagursky. "Whether or not it's criminal is a decision above my paygrade."


Gunman opens fire and kills reporter, photographer during live broadcast; disgruntled former employee main suspect

A gunman opened fire on a TV news crew conducting a live broadcast from Virginia shopping center on Wednesday, killing a reporter and cameraman. The shooter is still on the loose.

WDBJ confirmed that reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, were killed in the shooting.

WDBJ's general manager also appeared live on air to deliver the news.

"It's my very, very sad duty to report...that Alison and Adam died this morning," the manager said.

Comment: Several media outlets are now reporting that the shooter is Vester Lee Flanagan aka Bryce Williams. It is reported that he attempted to commit suicide but is currently in critical condition.

Dollar Gold

Former Gordon Brown advisor warns the public to prepare for a devastating financial collapse

For years we've been told that everything is just sunshine and rainbows with the global economy. Everyone from politicians to media personalities to mainstream financial analysts, have all been guilty of coddling the public with fudged numbers and reassuring news of an economic recovery that never truly manifested. Ever since 2008 (and arguably before then) they've done everything in their power to keep us in the dark, and they've saturated the airwaves with the same dog and pony show, over and over again, in the hopes that we would never realize how screwed we are.

So how would you feel if one day, a political figure suddenly reached out to the public, dropped the act, and started telling you to prepare for a devastating economic collapse? What if someone with establishment credentials started talking like the end of the world was upon us? That would be kind of strange and unsettling right?

Well that's exactly what just happened in the UK.

Comment: Should one prepare for a collapse or not?
  • If you prepare for collapse and it doesn't happen, then you look a tiny bit foolish.
  • If you don't prepare for collapse and collapse does happen, then you look a tiny bit dead.
Now, which would you prefer to be, foolish or dead?


American Gulag: US has more prisoners than the old Soviet Union

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For decades, the Soviet Gulags under Joseph Stalin had been considered some of the worst prisons in all of history. But now things have changed.

The United States has far exceeded the horrific tolls of the gulags. In the Soviet example, there were more than 18 million victims during the gulags' use over four decades.

Around a million people died in the gulags over the years.

Now, as of 2009, the United States tolls soar higher than 7 million in prison, on probation or in some way caught up in the American prison system.

On the surface that might sound like a lot less than the gulag total above. But when you factor in all who have been put through the US prison system, we find a total that is higher than 19 million. That's more than the 18 million locked up in the gulag system over those forty years.

Just like the Soviet Gulag System, the American Prison-For-Profit industry sells itself with the pitch that it is about "rehabilitation." The government even has the audacity to call the prison system the "U.S. Department of Corrections."

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