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Moscow: Launching anti-sect program after police bust major cult

God Kuzya, sect leader accused of torture and fraud.
Moscow's City Hall intends to create a special memo detailing the dangers of destructive sects and containing advice for those who fall under influence of such groups.

Renat Laishev, of the Moscow Duma committee for public movements and religious groups, said in comments with M24 news site that in the very near future the legislature would discuss the format and content of the much-needed memo. He added that the document must contain two key points: how to determine a destructive sect and who to address in case of any problems with destructive cults.

The head of the Ethnic Policy and Tourism department of Moscow city government, Vladimir Chernikov, said that once the memo is created it would be distributed by all available means, including internet advertising and handing out leaflets near churches and in public places.

Aleksandr Korelov, of the Russian Association for Research into Religions and Sects, called the initiative very important, adding that people under stress need to have it explained to them that joining a sect can cost them their property, health and in some extreme cases even their life itself.

Comment: Stressful times breed crazies worldwide, not just Western society weirdness.

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Dallas whistle-blower forced out of job for reporting predatory teacher

MariBeth Thomas, right, stands with her attorneys, Victoria Neave, center, and Debbie Sanchez. Thomas believes Prosper was more concerned about protecting its image than protecting a student who alleged that a teacher engaged in sexual misconduct.
There's only one way to handle a student's allegations of sexual misconduct by a teacher: Let law enforcement handle it. Prosper High School Principal Greg Wright is to blame for the uncomfortable scrutiny his school now faces after he placed a higher priority on positive public relations than on protecting students from an apparently predatory teacher.

Reporting by Dallas Morning News staff writer Jennifer Emily makes clear how far Wright was willing to go to tamp down allegations of a teacher's sexual misconduct — even to the point of admonishing a whistle-blower who alerted local police. Prosper ISD owes an explanation to students, faculty and parents and must pledge nothing short of strict law enforcement whenever a teacher makes sexually suggestive advances on a student.

Comment: A person who is charged with the well-being of children only seeks to protect his and the school's image at their expense. Anyone with a shred of conscience would have reported the predatory teacher immediately, rather than covering up the situation.

SOTT Talk Radio: Predators Among Us - Interview With Dr. Anna Salter

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Sombrer-no! Students' union bans 'racist' Mexican hats in UK

© Carlos Jasso / Reuters
A Mexican restaurant has been banned from handing out sombreros to students by the University of East Anglia's student union, who deemed the marketing scheme "racist."

The traditional straw hats were given out to new students at the freshers' fair from Pedro's Tex Mex Cantina, but union officials later recalled the novelty items, saying they promoted "stereotypical imagery."

General Manager of the restaurant Matthew Ward insisted the promotion was a celebration of Mexican culture.

"As we handed out the sombreros we were told it was 'culturally indifferent', which we think is a shame because we are not doing anything to offend and we are just celebrating the culture," he said.

Comment: This claim of "stereotypical imagery" is really getting absurd. People aren't allowed to just have fun anymore.


New anti-terror law: Canada revokes passport of jihadist for 'violent disloyalty'

Jihadist Zakaria Amara, Toronto18 ringleader, loses Canadian citizenship.
For the first time, the Canadian government has revoked the citizenship of a convicted terrorist under its new anti-terror law. The ringleader of a 2006 Al-Qaeda-inspired terror plot in Toronto had demonstrated "violent disloyalty," said Defense Minister.

Zakaria Amara, who is serving a life sentence in a Quebec penitentiary, received a letter from the government on Friday, notifying him that he was no longer a Canadian, The Canadian Press reports. The Jordanian national had dual citizenship, so he could be deported to the Middle Eastern country if he is released early, but he still has 60 days to appeal.
This is the first time the government has used its new power to denationalize convicted terrorists or spies if they are also citizens of another country. The legislation, which was proposed by the Conservatives, came into force in May, and several Canadians have already been notified that their citizenship is being reconsidered.

Comment: Amara was sentenced to life in prison in 2010 with no chance of parole until 2016 for his role in plotting a series of terrorist attacks with the Toronto 18. The group supposedly wanted to draw Canadian troops out of Afghanistan. According to court records, the group's plan was to detonate bombs in U-Haul rental trucks in downtown Toronto and to attack nuclear power plants, RCMP headquarters and eventually target the Sears Tower in Chicago or the UN headquarters in New York City. Police thwarted the plot -- dubbed the "Battle of Toronto" -- in a sweeping series of arrests in 2006.

Comment: As Canada's choice (Bill C-24), by default Amara is now exclusively a Jordanian citizen Question: Are there any ramifications for the Canadian gov in imprisoning, for life, a (now) foreign national?

Gov answer: Now that Amara's Canadian citizenship has been revoked, a plan has been set in motion to deport him to Jordan (Bill C-43, Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act). However, it has been confirmed he will not be deported until his time has been served. Currently behind bars in a Quebec prison, he is eligible for parole in 2016.

Canadians feel that streamlining the deportation of convicted criminals from Canada will make their country safer. Besides Amara, there are apparently three other convicted terrorists for which stripping citizenship has begun. Bill C-24 is a new piece of untested, unpredictable legislation, perhaps a slippery slope.


Police abuse their authority, threaten youth coach with a year in jail for calling off-duty cop a 'dick'

What happens when a little league coach calls a heckler at a girl's basketball game a "dick"? Well, when that heckler is an off-duty cop, she ends up arrested and facing three years in prison! Jessica Curs, the 31-year-old mother and veteran youth league coach, is crying foul, and the local police department is firing back.

Now, Curs is taking to the media to tell her story. She first discussed the incident Monday on KTXA TV in Dallas. The very next day, the Alvarado police chief Brad Anderson posted a victim-blaming 1,100-word Facebook post which he has since deleted (see full text below) which criticized KTXA for telling the victim's side of things.

What everyone knows for sure is that when the incident happened, Curs was coaching a 4th grade girls' basketball game. Her team was the Burleson Youth Association and they were playing against Alvarado. These two cities of Burleson and Alvarado, are about 10 miles apart with a classic rivalry.

Alvarado police captain Gary Melson was there keeping score. He was sitting right behind Curs, on the side that had been reserved just for coaches. Melson was in street clothes, off duty. He sat there the whole time heckling Curs.

Curs said Melson offered a snide comment to a call.

Comment: Cops just love to abuse their authority. Call someone a dick at a sporting event? Make sure they don't have a badge....

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GMO pesticide contamination and crop drift pushing organic farmers toward financial ruin

Monsanto has many weapons in its arsenal when it comes to eliminating competition from non-GMO and organic farmers. After more than two decades of pushing their products onto US farmland with purposely flawed safety studies, the sheer presence of genetically modified crops poses an existential threat to the business of traditional and organic farming.

A new report has come out showing the extraordinary costs that non-GMO and organic farmers incur from GMO contamination of their crops.
Results from the newest USDA survey indicate that of the farmers who chose to answer the question, 92 had experienced monetary loss between 2011 and 2014 averaging approximately $66,395 per farmer during that timeframe. Overall, GMO presence cost organic farmers at least $6.1 million over four years. This figure is 77 times that reported during the 2006 to 2011 timeframe—a staggering increase.

Comment: The whole idea behind biotechnology is to mass contaminate, it's the norm, once GMO seeds are in nature they take over, they are bred to survive toxic herbicides, and contrary to statements by companies like Monsanto and Bayer, these isolated incidences do have food safety and environmental impacts:
The greater truth is that Monsanto is itself a corporation of global sabotage that destroys agriculture, contaminates the planet with genetic pollution, threatens farmers with lawsuits for planting common seeds, and then blames activists when its own dangerous experiments go haywire.

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Poland sending army to secure possible Nazi gold train

Soldiers prepare to inspect site of alleged lost Nazi train.
The Polish Army has sent military engineers to where a lost Nazi train full of stolen gold and jewelry may be located near the town of Walbrzych in western Poland. They must ensure the safety of any subsequent excavations. "Our goal is to check whether there's any hazardous material at the site," said Colonel Artur Talik, who is leading the search that began on Monday and is expected to last till Saturday.Talik's troops are using mine detectors and ground-penetrating radar to study the location of the potential treasure.

...could be a golden opportunity to uncover the past or see how greed 'becomes us.'
The discovery of the buried gold train was announced last month by two enthusiasts, Piotr Koper and Andreas Richter, a Pole and German respectively. They said they had found an almost 100-meter train carriage buried about nine meters underground. The carriages mostly contain weapon prototypes, but there may be historic documents, precious minerals and art objects as well, according to a local legend.

Two such trains are said to have disappeared in the area in 1945, where the Nazis constructed a network of secret underground tunnels. The trains are presumed to be booby-trapped, which sparked safety concerns and prompted the participation of the military.

Comment: If they find it, and it is indeed a lost treasure...what then? The list of potential beneficiaries has become a proverbial: 'stand in line and take a number!'
See also:
Nazi treasure train 'found' in Poland, journalist claims, may contain Russia's lost Amber Room

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US Border Patrol agent who used Mexican child for target practice indicted for murder

Lonnie Swartz may become the first US Border Patrol agent to be convicted of murder in a cross-border shooting.

A federal grand jury indicted Mr. Swartz for second-degree murder on Wednesday in the 2012 death of 16-year-old Mexican citizen Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez.

The teenager was standing in Mexican territory, unarmed when the predatory agent shot him 10 times through the border fence. Rodriguez's family said he was simply walking home from a basketball game.

The Border Patrol claims that their agent's life was in danger, and Rodriguez was part of a group throwing rocks. Even if the teen picked up a rock, it is known that agents will open fire instead of simply moving out of the way, according to a report published in June.

Sean Chapman, Mr. Swartz's attorney, said his client will plead not guilty at an Oct. 9 arraignment. He tried unsuccessfully to get the lawsuit thrown out based on the claim that the Mexican teenager has no Constitutional rights. A court has agreed with this stance in previous cases with similar circumstances.

Predictably, the Border Patrol Union criticized the indictment, suggesting their agents are the victims of "a world of political agendas and armchair quarterbacking."


Sanctions be damned: Tehran boosts tax revenue now greater than oil revenues

© Raheb Homavandi / Reuters
This year Iran's government has collected more revenue from taxes than from oil revenues, something that hasn't happened in half a century, a senior official in the National Iranian oil company (NIOC) said.

"For the first time in 50 years, the government's share of the oil revenue is less than what it is earning from tax, including VAT," Ali Kardor, NIOC deputy managing director, told British newspaper The Guardian the sidelines of the Europe-Iran forum in Geneva. "Only around 10 percent of Iran's GDP is currently dependent on oil."

Iranian oil revenue was hit by a combination of plummeting crude price and years of sanctions imposed on its oil sector by Washington and its foreign allies, primarily the European Union. At the same time taxation has been a week spot in Iranian governance for years, with widespread tax evasion and exempts for certain entities.

Comment: Good to see Iran and Russia aren't buckling under the US backed sanctions. More signs the US is losing its grip on the world.

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Bad idea: Erie County to place CPS workers in schools

© Unkown
Erie County, N.Y. suburban school districts are currently setting up a way to house a CPS official inside of their schools during school hours. The partnership would be between the Erie County Social Services and the local school districts as a way to "expedite" any investigations which may arise. They are calling it "faster access to child welfare expertise." I can't think of anything worse than CPS when it comes to "child welfare expertise."
(via will have to provide and office to a CPS work, who can then investigate reports involving any children who attend that school. The Social Services staff will also provide guidance in preventative and children's services.
This is Government overreach at its finest, all under the familiar guise of offering support to parents and school. This allows schools to turn into a Government arm that can make decisions regarding how children are raised. If the Government wants list of kids who've been vaccinated by the HPV vaccine, they have someone on-sight. This slippery slope could play out in a lot of different very sinister ways.