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Mother exposes Common Core for the nightmare that it is

Karen Lamoreaux addressed the Arkansas Board of Education in December 2013 to discuss the negative effects of Common Core on the local students. Mrs. Lamoreaux said that she represented more than 1,100 parents, educators, and taxpayers of Arkansas "who have very serious reservations about the Common Core initiative." The mother of three children accused the board of falling for the same empty sales pitch that Common Core would be a "set of rigorous, college-ready internationally bench-marked standards that prepare our kids to compete in a global economy."

Mrs. Lamoreaux instructed the members of the school board to participate in a Common Core math problem by getting their pencils out.
Are you smarter than a Common Core fourth grader? Let's find out. The problem is: Mr. Yamato's class has 18 students. If the class counts around by a number and ends with 90, what number did they count by?
After restating the math problem again, Mrs. Lamoreaux asked if anybody on the board knew the answer. One board member answered "five" by dividing 18 into 90. Mrs. Lamoreaux confirmed:
You know why? Because that's what makes sense, right? That's the way we were taught to do it in the fourth grade level.
Then she held up a Common Core math lesson that teaches students to solve this problem in a different way.

Red Flag

Unemployment soars for UK ethnic minorities under Cameron

© Reuters / Darren Staples

Comment: As in the U.S., so it is in the UK. If you're not part of the 1%, you are no longer considered important enough to worry about by the system. These are the conditions and value that West is trying to shackle to the rest of the world. They should all take notice and refuse such a pathological system.

The number of ethnic minority youths unemployed for over a year has risen by around 50 percent since the Tory-LibDem coalition came to power, according to new Labour figures.

That is despite data from the National Office of Statistics suggesting that overall unemployment fell by nearly 190,000 last year.

The figures suggest that there are now over 40,000 black, Asian and minority ethnic people (BAME) between the ages of 16 and 24 who had been unemployed for over 12 months.

It represents a rise of 49 percent since the coalition government came to power in 2010, according to figures from the House of Commons library.

Labour immediately used the figures to strike out at its rivals.

Shadow equalities minister Gloria Del Piero told the Guardian: "The government's failure to get to grips with BAME youth unemployment shows their complacency towards Britain's ethnic-minority communities.


Tanker catches fire on I-94 outside Detroit from "blast" while flames burn in sewer system manholes

A tanker has caught on fire after a blast on I-94 near Detroit, local media report. Both directions are now shut down in Dearborn, Michigan.

At least two vehicles are on fire, WXYZ Detroit reports. Flames are also coming from sewer system manholes.
Tanker fire #i94 and Wyoming in #detroit #local4

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No injuries have yet been reported. Firefighters are working to extinguish the blaze.
#Sky4 over large tanker fire on #I94 near Wyoming #local4 #Detroit

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#i94 closed at Wyoming. Crews arriving on scene. #local4 #breaking

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UPDATE: Photo gallery shows massive tanker fire that has closed I-94. View pics:

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#LIVE: Massive tanker fire, I-94 closed in both directions in Dearborn: #detroit

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Firefighters from Dearborn and Detroit trying to control fire from tanker explosion

— Local 4 WDIV Detroit (@Local4News) March 11, 2015


Shopping mall fire and collapse leaves 1 dead, 13 injured in Russia

One person has died and over 30 others have been injured in a shopping mall blaze in the Russian city of Kazan. Two hundred people have been evacuated, while the cause of the fire is being determined.

"Some 4,000 square meters has been affected by the blaze, the fire doesn't spread any further, and we're putting out separate spot fires. The left part of the building has collapsed, the firefighters units can't enter as there is a danger of further destruction," Emergency Ministry representative Marat Rakhmatullin told TASS.
Казань, пожар в ТЦ "Адмирал" локализован.Открыта горячая линия

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Over 30 people have been injured in the fire, according to local law enforcement. Over 20 of the injured people have been hospitalized, while others have sought medical assistance. One person is still missing.


Crimean prosecutor: "I'd rather be in prison than work for fascists"

© RIA Novosti / Konstantin Mihalchevsky
Crimea Prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya

Comment: Crimeans should feel lucky. If there were more people with the courage and principles of Ms. Poklonskaya then perhaps the neo-Nazis fascists would not be in power in Ukraine.

The chief prosecutor of Russia's Crimean Republic says Ukrainian law enforcers threatened her with prison and death for accepting the post, but failed to make her fear them.

"Agents from the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office called me and threatened me, said that they would throw me in prison, that they would kill me, tear me into pieces," Natalya Poklonskaya told TASS in an interview just before the completion of her first year in office. The Supreme Legislature of the Crimean Republic appointed Poklonskaya to the post of chief prosecutor on March 11, 2014.

"They said openly and directly that if I quit the Crimean Prosecutor's Office that very moment they would take it as a voluntary decision to stop criminal activities. They added that a van with a crack squad was already on its way to arrest me and they would throw me into a prison cell," she told reporters.

"I replied that I would rather be in a prison cell than work for fascists."

Poklonskaya also revealed previously undisclosed details of her appointment to the position, saying she had received a proposal from then-Crimean Prime Minister Sergey Aksyonov, who had known her for only a few days. At first the Crimean legislature had approved another candidate for this post, but that man turned down the offer at the very last moment.


U.S. Army helicopter crashes in Florida, 11 feared dead


11 US troops are feared dead after helicopter crash in Florida.
The helicopter was reported missing at around 8.30pm local time yesterday and search and rescue crews found debris from the crash at around 2am.

Seven marines and four soldiers were feared dead today after a US Army helicopter crashed during a night training exercise.

Eglin Air Force Base in Florida said the marines are part of a special operations group and the soldiers are from a Louisiana-based National Guard unit.

The Ch-60 helicopter was reported missing at around 8.30pm local time yesterday and search and rescue crews found debris from the crash at around 2am.


Delusional judge bars Washington DC man from smoking in his own(ed) home after neighbors sue

Edwin Gray smokes outside his Northeast D.C. home.
Under D.C.'s new law, anyone can smoke pot in their home. But a temporary decision by a Superior Court judge means one man in the District can't light up anything at his home—including pot and cigarettes. The 7 On Your Side I-Team found the decision could also impact you.

Edwin Gray loves a cigarette to relax, but now he's got to smoke them outside.

"You want me to stop what I've been doing in my house, all my life," he said.

Gray is not quitting cold turkey by choice. Instead, it's by a temporary order of the court that Gray can no longer light up in the Northeast D.C. home that's been owned by his family for 50 years.

"We were floored," said Gray's sister, Mozella Johnson.

Johnson says she was shocked a lawsuit filed by neighbors who moved in last year could now dictate what the family can do inside its home.

D.C. real estate attorney and Washington Post columnist Benny Kass was also surprised to learn a judge recently issued a temporary injunction in the civil lawsuit filed by Gray and Johnson's neighbors. Court filings show the couple that moved in next door has one child and another on the way. They claim they're being harmed by smoke they say sneaks into their home through a hole in the basement.

"I think it's an excellent precedent to start, so people can realize you can't just ignore your neighbor," Kass said. "Your home is no longer your castle."

Comment: This is a completely Fascist decision by the dingbat judge. It's no surprise that this is happening in Washington, DC. Coincidentally, Hitler was also an anti-smoker! What is more astonishing is that smoking tobacco has significant health benefits.


Houston Ship Channel closed after tanker collision causes leak of volatile gasoline additive

The Houston Ship Channel remains closed after acollision between two ships, but the shelter in place has been lifted.
The Houston Ship Channel is still closed following a collision yesterday between two ships.

The ship channel is expected to remain closed until the U.S. Coast Guard has the situation under control. Officials at LaPorte Command did not have a timeline because one of the ships was carrying a dangerous chemical that is not easy to clean.

A shelter-in-place that had been in effect for residents in Morgan's Point was lifted overnight.

Captain Brian Penoyer says just after 12:30pm Monday, two ships -- a Danish flagged Carla Maersk chemical tanker carrying 216,000 barrels of MTBE and a Liberian flagged Conti Paridot bulk carrier with steel on board -- moving at significant speeds collided. Methyl tert-butyl ether is a gasoline additive used as an oxygenate and to raise the octane number. It is a volatile, flammable, and colorless liquid that is sparingly soluble in water.

The U.S. Coast Guard says its immediate response to the area was to assess any risk of fire or explosion from vapors and human health protection. Coast Guard officials plan to send a chopper this morning after sunrise to survey the area. They couldn't fly yesterday near the Ship Channel because of fog and rain.


Naked, unarmed man killed by DeKalb police

© Reuters/Shannon Stapleton
The naked, unarmed man shot and killed by DeKalb County police Monday afternoon has been identified as 27-year-old Anthony Hill of Chamblee.

And his name has already become a hashtag on social media, a platform hundreds of people have used in the hours since the shooting to express sadness, confusion and outrage.

"Something must be done about police training," @historygal517 wrote in a Twitter post. "How could a naked unarmed man be dangerous enough to shoot? #AnthonyHill needed help. #Dekalb"

Comment: There doesn't appear to be any urgency for the police departments to fix this problem of shoot first then ask questions later.


10-year-old New Jersey boy jumps from elementary school window in apparent suicide

© Viorel Florescu/Staff Photographer
Parents waiting to pick up their children at Grant School in Dumont after a 10-year-old boy jumped from a second-story window. He later died.
A 10-year-old fifth-grader at the Grant School in Dumont was fatally injured Friday afternoon after jumping from a second-story window at the school and falling to the concrete below, police said.

Borough Police Chief Joseph L. Faulborn Jr. said the boy, taken to Hackensack University Medical Center, had succumbed to his injuries around 5 p.m.

The boy jumped from the window around noon, police said. Authorities have declined to provide the boy's name or further details of the fatal incident.

The drop from the window to a concrete sidewalk appeared to be about 25 feet.

Authorities have declined to provide details of what led to the tragedy. But the boy may have jumped after a dispute earlier in the morning with another boy over a chess game, according to a student who was in the classroom at the time.

The student added that before the boy jumped, he wrote a note that another student then passed to an adult in the room. A law enforcement source on Friday evening confirmed that the boy wrote a note before he jumped. The source did not describe it as a suicide note but said suicide is among the possibilities being investigated.

Elmer Pascia, said that he was removing snow from in front of his house across the street from the school when the boy jumped. He did not see the boy fall, he said, but afterward the boy appeared to be conscious and moving. A number of people immediately ran to help the child, while at the window above, a woman appeared frantic, Pascia said.

Superintendent of Schools Emanuele Triggiano declined to provide details of the incident Friday afternoon. Earlier in the day, he called the incident a "terrible thing," adding, "The most important thing is to make sure that the child is in our prayers. We just hope that everything works out for him."

Comment: Suicide at an elementary school? A place that is supposed to nurture and protect children, no less. According to NBC, the child got into an argument with a classmate while playing chess earlier that morning - the same child he passed the note to. Children in our society don't seem to know how to properly express their frustrations, anxieties and other emotions due to the lack of teaching those things at home or society-at-large. What a sad state of affairs.