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The new center? International condemnation of Israel may serve Israel's ultimate cause of subjugating Palestinians

holocaust survivors condemn gaza genocide
© Agence France-Presse
This is part of Marc H. Ellis's "Exile and the Prophetic" feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page.

The Holocaust civil war in major newspapers around the world continues. Last week it was Elie Wiesel's paid statement that accused Hamas of using children as human shields. Yesterday it was other Holocaust survivors "disgusted and outraged by Elie Wiesel's abuse of history."

These Jewish survivors aren't mincing worlds:
Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors and victims of Nazi genocide unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza.

As Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors and victims of the Nazi genocide we unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the ongoing occupation and colonization of historic Palestine. We further condemn the United States for providing Israel with the funding to carry out the attack, and Western states more generally for using their diplomatic muscle to protect Israel from condemnation. Genocide begins with the silence of the world.

We are alarmed by the extreme, racist dehumanization of Palestinians in Israeli society, which has reached a fever-pitch. In Israel, politicians and pundits in The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post have called openly for genocide of Palestinians and right-wing Israelis are adopting Neo-Nazi insignia.

Furthermore, we are disgusted and outraged by Elie Wiesel's abuse of our history in these pages to justify the unjustifiable: Israel's wholesale effort to destroy Gaza and the murder of more than 2,000 Palestinians, including many hundreds of children. Nothing can justify bombing UN shelters, homes, hospitals and universities. Nothing can justify depriving people of electricity and water.

We must raise our collective voices and use our collective power to bring about an end to all forms of racism, including the ongoing genocide of Palestinian people. We call for an immediate end to the siege against and blockade of Gaza. We call for the full economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel. "Never again" must mean NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE!
Aside from the use of the Holocaust by both sides in the Jewish civil war, is the Holocaust relevant anymore or has the Holocaust become ancient symbolism trotted out for its last curtain call?

Comment: Israel is trying to play a long game. The Universe may have other plans.


Thousands protest police violence in New York, call for justice in Eric Garner death

© AFP/Stan Honda
Protesters at a rally against police brutality in memory of Eric Garner August 23, 2014 in Staten Island, New York. The New York City medical examiner's office ruled that Garner, the 43-year-old father of six, died from a chokehold and chest compressions while being arrested by the police on July 17, 2014.
Thousands of people gathered on New York's Staten Island on Saturday as they protested against police violence and called for justice in the case of an unarmed man killed by an officer via an illegal chokehold.

Organized by Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network advocacy group, the #WeWillNotGoBack march attracted close to 3,000 people from across New York City and New Jersey, according to initial estimates by the police.

Protesters marched through the streets, chanting against police brutality and holding up numerous signs, many of which read, "Respect Human Rights." Others featured statements like, "The police are criminals, not our youth," and, "We seek justice, not violence."
People playing music, singing "don't shoot" to voice opposition to police brutality
- Jordan Mammo (@jordanmammo) August 23, 2014
The event specifically highlighted the death of Staten Island resident Eric Garner, who was killed in July after a New York Police Department officer placed him in a chokehold for allegedly selling loose, untaxed cigarettes. With the additional help of other law enforcement officials, the 43-year-old father of six was taken to the ground, where he repeatedly complained that he could not breathe. However, video of the incident shows that police did not seem to respond to his objections.
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Sierra Leone imposes jail time for harboring Ebola patients, flights barred and borders closed due to outbreak

Ebola continues to spread in West Africa as Sierra Leone voted to pass a new amendment imposing jail time for anyone caught hiding an Ebola patient.

With 142 new cases recorded, the total number is now 2,615 with 1,427 deaths, the World Health Organization said Friday. The group added that the magnitude of the Ebola outbreak has been "underestimated."

"Many families hide infected loved ones in their homes," the organization wrote in an assessment. "Others deny that a patient has Ebola and believe that care in an isolation ward - viewed as an incubator of the disease - will lead to infection and certain death. Most fear the stigma and social rejection that come to patients and families when a diagnosis of Ebola is confirmed."
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Crooked cops in the U.S.: Cashing in on overtime scheme uncovered when a police officer cited a colleague for speeding

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It's all right for some; one cop might have made $ 158,000 within these past three years, but committed suicide while being investigated
A Houston police officer handed another man a speeding ticket and probably didn't realize that the offender he was citing was also a cop. What this ticket-receiving officer noticed on his paper slip though has led to a department-wide investigation.

"I immediately [knew] that something's hinky with the ticket," the man KHOU-TV only identified as Jerry said. "There was no other officer, he was the only officer there."

The ticket, however, listed another officer as an additional witness.

Comment: This is how ponerization works. The elite robs us blind and cops just follow in their footsteps.

"On the macro scale, this is the infection of a group with pathological individuals, resulting in a ponerogenicunion (that is, a group that contributes to the formation and development of evil). Primary ponerization (which gives rise to primary ponerogenic unions) creates groups that are obviously deviant, like mobs and gangs, and they are generally rejected by the society of normal people. Secondary ponerization (which gives rise to secondary ponerogenic unions) is the method by which pathological individuals infiltrate and subvert the ideology of a group of normal people. On the micro scale, this is the process of "transpersonification" whereby pathologic individuals resonate to the pathologic essence of pathocracy. There are probably degrees of ponerization, those who are "transpersonified" (6% of the general population) being those ponerized to the highest degree, while a greater percentage of the population are ponerized to a lesser degree (i.e. the pathological material "hooks" a pathological element of their personality, which could be an intellectual, emotional, moral, even physical weakness, thus causing the individual to act based on a "lower" level of their psyche). Thus, you could say that an individual or group is ponerized to the degree that it acts based on lower instincts (often under the guise of higher ideals), as opposed to truly "higher" ideals and humanistic principles."


Swedish horse police brutally trample protestors at anti-Nazi rally

© AFP Photo / Drago Prvulovic
At least 10 people were injured in the Swedish city of Malmö after local police unleashed a mounted charge at participants of a rally against Sweden's neo-Nazi party. Clashes with police erupted as anti-fascist activists attempted to block a rival rally.

Around 1,500 people on Saturday gathered at the Limhamn square in the center of Malmö to protest the planned speech by Stefan Jacobsson, the leader of the neo-Nazi Svenskarnas Parti (The Swedes' Party).

The tension mounted even ahead of Jacobsson's appearance, with demonstrators throwing fire crackers and smoke bombs, the Local reports.

Comment: In a world ruled by psychopaths, the normal people are seen as the enemy. That is true everywhere.

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Economist says Eurozone austerity policies are stunningly destructive and dismal failure

snimok edrana
Stunningly destructive" and "dismal failure" is how Nobel laureates describe growth in the European Union after destructive austerity policies and the euro crisis.

Economists are casting doubt on the effectiveness of monetary policy in the 18-member eurozone, which is yet to fully shake off recession and produce sustained growth.

Data from earlier this month shows that economies have broken down, and growth has come to a standstill. The three largest economies- Germany, France, and Italy- all failed to grow.

Nobel laureate and Princeton University economist Christopher Sims warns that the euro countries hit worst by the crisis may be looking for an exit from the failed currency experiment.

"If I were advising Greece, Portugal, and Spain, I would tell them to prepare contingency plans to leave the euro," the 2011 Nobel Prize winner said.

Comment: Even before the sanctions imposed on Russia, the euro-zone economies were devastated by failed economic policies. The EU countries were warned against adding fuel to the fire by imposing sanctions, yet they cow-towed to the US, and their impoverished citizens are now paying the the price.

No money, no jobs: Growing desperation in Europe
Association of European Businesses: U.S. sanctions will hurt Europe
Economics 101: Putin - 'U.S. imposes sanctions against Russia to gain business advantage in Europe'

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Food insecurity US: Thousands of poor and elderly wait in line for food in Miami under scorching sun

miami food queue
© CBS4
More than a thousand locals lined up Friday morning for several hours under the scorching sun and heat in Miami for a box full of food.

The event located at the Central Shopping Plaza at 3825 NW 7th Street started at 9:00 a.m.

Participants got a box of free vegetables, meats and bread worth $100 until 12:00 p.m. - or until supplies lasted.

Those who didn't want to stand in line could wait in their car for the drive-thru portion of the event.

Brittany Payne, a mother of three, stood in line for hours with her baby boy.

"It's something I have to do to feed my kids," said Payne.

Payne joined Miami residents lined up under the scorching sun and heat.

"It's a blessing because if it wasn't for them I couldn't eat today," said Payne.

Comment: Sadly, this is not an unusual day for many people in the US. Poverty levels have skyrocketed, putting the most vulnerable at risk, and many food banks run out of food regularly. What kind of country allows its people to go hungry, while finding billions to fund global wars of terror causing an ever escalating spiral of devastation and poverty?

Food insecurity in US a national problem
US poverty Levels: 49.7 million are poor, and 80% of the total population is near poverty

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Shocking video: Israel destroys entire residential building in Gaza

Gaza strike video
Amateur video emerged on Saturday of the moment an apartment building in downtown Gaza City was hit by Israeli missiles. (Aug. 23)

Comment: This is far from over. Through their actions, the Israeli government is demonstrating what it is really after: ethnic cleansing.


Ramping up the fear: Ex-Homeland Security adviser says ISIS may have crossed US border

Joshua Katz, an Army veteran and former CIA operations officer who served as Senior Policy Advisor to the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said it is "very, very, true" that ISIS may have crossed the southern border.

Katz reported that Gov. Rick Perry's (R-TX) recent comments that it was a "very real possibility" that ISIS had already crossed the southern border were "very, very true" on Friday's "Fox and Friends" on the Fox News Channel.

"ISIS is a group that will do whatever it takes in order to accomplish its goals. It's very brutal. It's very aggressive. They're going to do anything, and if that means working with cartels, if that means working with other enlisted groups in order to attack the homeland, they will do that. Other groups like Al Qaeda, or other terrorist groups who have a desire to hit the homeland will also use that ... we have this sort of this double front aggression toward American borders" he added.

Comment: The PTB keep the terror threats coming, just like Osama bin Underthebed: be VERY VERY afraid and remember why you need US!

Department of Homeland Security terrorizes Americans with another made up terrorist threat


TSA admits allowing illegal aliens to enter U.S. using easily reproducible forms of ID

TSA agent
© Reuters/Brad Graverson
A new letter from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) admits that illegal aliens were being allowed to board planes using Notice to Appear forms they received after entering the U.S. illegally. The revelation directly contradicts a TSA statement last month denying such allegations to various media outlets, including Breitbart News. In July Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby broke the news that the TSA was letting illegal aliens board planes using Notice to Appear forms; subsequently, a TSA spokesperson publicly attacked Darby on Twitter, insisting that his report was "completely wrong."

The newly-surfaced TSA letter was penned on August 7, according to the Gateway Pundit. It was reportedly sent from the TSA to Rep. Kenny Marchant (R-TX), a member of the Border Security Caucus. The letter confirms that illegal aliens are being allowed to board planes using a Notice to Appear form (also known as I-862), as Darby revealed in July

Comment: The Obama administration is allowing unprecedented access to the US to millions of immigrants when the economic system can barely support the current population. Most of these people are fleeing horrific conditions generally due to the covert or not-so-covert U.S. involvement in the finances and internal policies of their home countries. They are desperately seeking a better life, but unfortunately, they may ultimately find themselves being exploited as the psychopathic elites have no long-term intentions to assist them.

Missing the point: Why is Obama encouraging illegal immigration when we can't care for millions of our own citizens?
US poverty Levels: 49.7 million are poor, and 80% of the total population is near poverty