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Olympic Athletes Leak Village's Sex, Drinking and Drug Secrets

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Let the games - and the wild, drunken sex and debauchery - begin!

In the run-up to the 2012 Summer Olympics, which kick off July 27, a new book reveals just what goes on at Olympic Villages worldwide - and no matter the host country, it's always a struggle keeping booze and condoms in strong supply.

According to the anonymously authored exposé The Secret Olympics - written by a former British competitor - organizers supplied 70,000 condoms to athletes at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. The stockpile ran out in a week.

While alcohol and drugs are banned at Olympic Villages, competitors often fill water bottles with booze and smuggle in weed and doping agents.

"When I'm there, I'm in two different gears," says one female US Olympian, who spoke to The Post on the condition of anonymity. "I'm so focused that I see nothing else, or I'm partying my butt off."

While officials don't condone such behavior, they don't condemn it, either - the only thing that matters, say those who spoke to The Post, is that the image of the Olympics remain unsullied.

Or, as the anonymous author writes: "What happens in the Village stays in the Village."
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Murder of Model Eva Rhodes was Covered up to Protect Hungarian Police Officer, Sister Claims

The murder of model Eva Rhodes was covered up by the Hungarian authorities to protect a policeman who was involved in her death, her sister claimed today.
Eva Rhodes
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Mrs Rhodes rose to fame as a model and actress in London in the 1960s
The battered body of Miss Rhodes, a friend of John Lennon, was found in woods near her home near Gyor, 65-miles from Budapest in 2009 - months after Hungarian and British authorities had ruled out foul play.

Her caretaker Csaba Augusztinyi admitted killing her, setting fire to her body and was sentenced to 13 years in prison after an appeal in 2010.

But her sister Judith Majlat told Westminster Coroner's Court at a pre-inquest hearing she believed the Hungarian authorities had covered up the murder investigation to protect a local police officer.

For 12 years the 65-year-old grandmother and former beauty queen had cared for abandoned cats and dogs at a sanctuary funded partly by donations from animal lovers in England and a gift from Yoko Ono.

Mrs Rhodes had been the target of a hate campaign and had clashed with local police while running the Puss in Boots Animal Trust.
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Family Slugged with 'Carbon Tax Fee' for Funeral

A Melbourne family who claim they were slugged an extra $55 "carbon tax charge" when burying a relative were told "even the dead don't escape the carbon tax".

Erica Maliki and her family were burying her father-in-law at Springvale Cemetery when she was told the price per burial plot had increased because of the carbon tax.

Her father-in-law died on June 30, the day before the carbon tax was introduced, and was buried early last week.

"I thought to myself, 'What carbon could possibly be used by putting a man in a grave?'" Ms Maliki said.

"All they did was put the dirt back in. How can they charge us a carbon tax for burying someone?"

Man Holds Knife to 3-Year-Old's Face, Threatened to Cut Out Tongue

Vernon, Connecticut - Police in Vernon are investigating reports that a man held a knife to a child's face and threatened to cut out his tongue.

On Friday, a woman named Heather Bonneville called police to inform them that a family acquaintance, who has been identified as Roman Fein, held the knife within inches of her 3-year-old son's face before making the threat to cut his tongue out of his mouth.

Bonneville said that the incident occurred while she was working, and her son was under the care of a babysitter.

Police said several witnesses provided the same information about what occurred.

Fein admitted to police that he had been flipping a knife open in the area of a child, but he said he denies purposely holding the knife towards the child, police said.

Fein was arrested and charged with breach of peace, reckless endangerment and risk of injury to a child.
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'Delirious' Blood-Covered Naked Man Selling Candy Kills Motel Worker In Violent Rampage

  • A naked man who may have been on drugs was arrested Saturday for killing a Tracy motel employee.

    Andrew Carreiro, 25, is behind bars accused of killing the 62-year-old woman who cleans rooms at the Hacienda Inn on the 600 block of West 11th Street.

    Witnesses say they found Cerreiro covered in blood and standing near the partially naked body of the woman, say witnesses.

    "[It's] most definitely the craziest thing I've seen in my life; most definitely," said Jermaine Haynes, a motel resident who made the gruesome discovery.

    The scene is something Haynes says he wishes he'd never witnessed, and says he knew the victim.

    Norway Hours Away from Oil Shutdown, Eye on Government

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    The first total shutdown of Norway's oil industry in more than 25 years may be hours away if the government does not intervene in a tussle between striking offshore workers and employers and allows a steep cut in European oil supplies.

    The strike over pensions has kept oil prices on the boil as the market is surprised by a lack of government action to avert a plan by the oil industry to lock out all offshore staff from their workplaces from midnight (2200 GMT).

    Under Norwegian law, the government could force the striking workers back to duty and has done so in the past to protect the vital industry on which much of the country's economy depends.

    The dispute - now in its third week - has raised eyebrows in Norway, where oil and gas workers are already the world's best paid, raking in an average $180,000 a year. [ID:nL6E8I67WH] Offshore workers clock 16 weeks a year but cite tough conditions for their call for early retirement at 62.

    The oil industry has refused to budge.

    "The companies are now ready to close down production on the Norwegian continental shelf if the government doesn't intervene before midnight," Eli Ane Nedreskaar, a spokeswoman for the Norwegian oil industry association (OLF), told Reuters.

    Leif Sande, leader of Industri Energi, the biggest of the three unions, said he had not heard from the OLF, nor received any signals of potential government moves.

    "Our members are preparing for the lockout and will travel back to land at midnight," he said.

    Kim Dotcom Declares: 'MEGA Will Return'

    kim dotcom
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    Kim Dotcom
    As Americans spent July 4 celebrating the anniversary of the United States' independence from Britain, German-born Kim Dotcom was reveling in a re-birth. According to the founder of Megaupload, his file storage site will rise again.

    In a tweet to his followers this week, the man behind the world's most famous file-locker site - and one of the FBI's biggest foes - hinted that Megaupload will be brought back to life.

    "SOPA is dead. PIPA is dead. ACTA is dead. MEGA will return. Bigger. Better. Faster. Free of charge & shielded from attacks. Evolution!" reads a tweet from the official @KimDotcom Twitter account. Dotcom - born Kim Schmitz - is currently being targeted by international authorities over his role with the website, which American official say was the centerpiece in a vast online piracy conspiracy.

    By masterminding the operations of Megaupload, the Federal Bureau of Investigations insists that Dotcom caused the American entertainment industry to lose $500 million in revenue. Law enforcement agents raided his home this past January in a highly publicized sting that has since been condemned by not just Dotcom and his supporters but even justices in New Zealand.
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    Florida Girl, 15, Says Cop Forced Her to Strip and Prove She Wasn't Having Sex

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    Miramar Police Capt. Juan De Los Rios
    A Miramar, Florida police captain is being investigated by the department over allegations that he insisted that a 15-year-old girl strip in front of him so he could inspect her body to make sure she wasn't having sex.

    Miramar Police Capt. Juan De Los Rios, 46, is free on bail after being arrested on Friday over lewd conduct charges stemming from a January 18 incident. According to the victims - a 15-year-old girl and a 19-year-old male - Capt. De Los Rios approached a parked car the teens were in earlier this year, interrogated them and then insisted that the female passenger disrobe and demonstrate to the officer that she was not having sex.

    The two teenagers say that they were parked outside of a Miramar, FL industrial complex when a man dressed in dark blue and brandishing a gold badge approached their car and began questioning them through the window.

    Police Brutality: Three Florida Cops Charged in String of Immigrant Beatings

    © Reuters/Bret Hartman
    Three South Florida police officers are on administrative leave from the force after posting bond this week. All three cops are being charged with a string of beatings that targeted immigrants.

    Officer Giovanni Soto, 40, Sgt. Lizanne Deegan, 44, and Sgt. Jeffrey Rome, 56, are all believed to be involved in a rash of incidents that started as early as February 2011.The Homestead Police Department officials were brought into custody this week after arrest warrants were filed following the culmination of a year-long investigation that involved the FBI and local law enforcement, during which all three officers were placed on extended paid leave.

    According to Internal Affairs Detective Antonio Aquino, on February 6, 2011 Sgt. Rome attacked a man outside of Celio's Latin Quarter Bar in Homestead, FL near Miami, a known hangout for Spanish-speaking migrant workers. The establishment had been rigged with undercover surveillance cameras due to a human trafficking investigation, which also caught the cop on film allegedly beating a man with a metal baton. The footage has also been described to the media to show Officer Sotto involving himself in the attack. The victim allegedly called 911 for assistance after the incident, to which Sgt. Deegan was dispatched to file a complaint - the officer did not follow through, though.
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    Norway Builds Psychiatric Ward for Breivik

    Anders Behring Breivik
    © Agence France-Presse/Pool/Heiko Junge
    Norwegian right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik (C) arrives on June 22, 2012 in the courtroom in Oslo on the last day of his trial.
    Norway has approved plans to build a specially-designed psychiatric ward inside Oslo's Ila Prison to hold Anders Behring Breivik, the self-confessed mass killer responsible for the massacre at a Norwegian youth camp.

    Regardless of whether or not Breivik is found criminally insane, he is likely to remain in the prison where he has been held since the July 22 attacks. Norway's Health Directorate has therefore agreed to a plan to build a new psychiatric ward there, AP reports.

    The 33-year-old right-wing extremist who carried out the twin attacks that claimed 77 innocent lives has admitted to murder but pleaded not guilty. The key issue now is deciding his mental state. The court ruling is expected to be announced on August 24.

    If he is found sane he will be sentenced to a maximum sentence of 21 years but could be held longer if considered a danger to society. If Breivik is ruled to be insane, he could be held indefinitely.