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Israeli police clash with Palestinians at Jerusalem holy site

Al Aqsa Mosque

Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israeli police arrested 16 Palestinians at one of Jerusalem's most revered and politically sensitive holy sites on Sunday as they dispersed protesters opposed to any Jewish attempts to pray there.

A police spokesman said officers used stun grenades to disperse dozens of rioters, who threw rocks and firecrackers at them at the site revered by Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and by Jews as the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem's walled Old City.

Two officers were slightly injured and treated at the scene in the brief clash, the spokesman added. Five Palestinians were also slightly hurt, a Muslim clergyman said.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the plaza near the al Aqsa mosque had remained open to visitors during the clash, which was confined to a small area. Police did not enter the mosque, he said.
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Big Brother in Compton: How police spied on an entire city

A sergeant in the L.A. County Sheriff's Department compared the experiment to Big Brother, even though he went ahead with it willingly. Is your city next?
This is the future if nothing is done to stop it.

In a secret test of mass surveillance technology, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department sent a civilian aircraft* over Compton, California, capturing high-resolution video of everything that happened inside that 10-square-mile municipality.

Chicago craziness: At least 9 dead, 32 injured in shootings over weekend

© AFP Photo / Justin Sullivan
Nine people have been killed and a further 32 injured in weekend shootings in Chicago which started on Friday afternoon and lasted until Monday morning. Five of the injured are children.

The kids were victims of a drive-by shooting in the city's southern Park Manor district. A group opened fire from a car.
"I thought it was firecrackers but I saw everyone running," eyewitness Kimyana Bryant told NBC Chicago.

"My mom ran over to us. I was trying to get all the kids from the park. I brought them over here so they could be in the house with us."

However, police did not confirm the witness' claims.

Stay home! Michele Obama hit with 1,000-signature petition against speaking at high school graduation 'because it would overshadow the students' big day'

Brown v. Board of Education
© Google
A high school senior started a petition against Michelle Obama speaking at Topeka High School's graduation
  • Taylor Gifford, 18, started an online petition on Thursday with over 1,200 signatures asking that Michelle Obama not speak at Topeka High School graduation
  • Obama's speech is tied to the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education outlawing segregation in schools
  • Some students feel that the speech would overshadow student accomplishments and others feel limited seating will be a problem
If expanding the guest list to include Michelle Obama at graduation for high school students in the Kansas capital city means fewer seats for friends and family, some students and their parents would prefer the first lady not attend.

A furor over what the Topeka school district considers an honor has erupted after plans were announced for Obama to address a combined graduation ceremony for five area high schools next month an 8,000-seat arena. For some, it was the prospect of a tight limit on the number of seats allotted to each graduate.

For others, it was the notion that Obama's speech, tied to the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education outlawing segregation in schools, would overshadow the student's big day.

A high school senior started a petition against Michelle Obama speaking at Topeka High School's graduation
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Warrantless bag searches become ubiquitous for Boston subway, bus travelers

Transit Police
© Bay State Examiner/YouTube
Transit police conducting a warrantless checkpoint in Boston.
Massachusetts - Warrantless bag searches at have become commonplace at travel checkpoints in Boston as concerns for Homeland Security have overridden citizens' right to be free of unreasonable searches. Travelers are forced to "security inspections" of their handbags, briefcases, and other personal possessions.

Large signs indicate that public spaces under the authority of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) are void of privacy rights. The first bullet point on one of the signs displayed the following:
For the protection and the security of the riding public, all persons choosing to use the MBTA transit system will be subject to security inspections of their handbags, briefcases, and/or other carry on items.
The signage goes on to claim that all persons will be stopped and searched and that declining a search will result in an order to leave the station. Those who object will be arrested and charged with trespassing - on public property - which could result in a $100 fine and up to 30 days in jail.
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U.S. Special Forces' suicide rates hit record levels

© AFP/Don Emmert
The suicide rates for U.S. military members who serve in special forces, like the Navy SEALs and the Army Rangers, have hit all-time highs, said Adm. William McRaven, the head of Special Operations Command.

The rate's been high for two years, he said, Newsmax reported.

"And this year, I am afraid, we are on path to break that," he went on at a conference in Tampa. "My soldiers have been fighting now for 12, 13 years in hard combat - hard combat - and anybody that has spent any time in this war has been changed by it. It's that simple."

Climate change in the American mind: 1 in 4 think global warming isn't happening

© Yale
The most recent national Climate Change in the American Mind survey found that 1 in 4 Americans think that global warming is not happening, and half say they are "worried" about it.

Other highlights include:
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Pets no longer just part of furniture in France

© Alamy
Pets in France will no longer be considered as pieces of furniture, after parliament voted to grant them new rights.

This should make it easier to prosecute cases of animal cruelty and help courts to decide who gets custody of cats or dogs when couples divorce, campaigners said.

The vote in the national assembly on Tuesday night followed a long campaign by animal welfare groups, but it still has to be approved by the Senate.

MPs decided to review the status of pets after 678,000 people signed an online petition. Among them were a number of French scientists, academics and a former education minister.

Reha Hutin, head of the animal protection society, 30 Millions d'Amis (30 Million Friends), which started the petition, said it was "ridiculous to see pets as pieces of furniture that can walk by themselves".

BNP banker, his wife and nephew murdered in Belgium

In the beginning it was banker suicides. Then about two weeks ago, suicides were replaced by outright murders after the execution-style killing of the CEO of a bank in otherwise sleepy (and tax evasive) Lichtenstein by a disgruntled client. Then on Friday news hit of another execution-type murder in just as sleepy, if not so tax evasive, Belgium, where in the city of Vise, a 37-year-old Director at BNP Paribas Fortis was murdered alongside his wife and a 9 year old nephew in a premeditated and orchestrated drive-by shooting.

L'venir reports:
According to Marcel Neven, Mayor of Vise, nothing can yet explain what caused the violent shooting that rocked the neighborhood sports hall of his town this Friday, April 18, late at night. A man of 37 years, Benedict Philippens, bank manager Ans-Saint-Nicolas, was shot. A little 9 year old boy, living in Dolhain, was also killed. A lady, the wife of the man and the boy aunt and godmother, Carol Haid, 37 also died of his injuries on Saturday, in the morning. She was hit by three bullets in the back, said a judicial source.
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China: At least 4 Police inspectors beaten to death by angry crowd after they killed a man documenting their brutality

Riots in southeastern China after brutal police-inspector killed a man with a hammer in broad daylight. People smashed several police cars and were attacked with tear gas.
At least 4 Chengguan, the most hated police-inspectors in China, were beaten to death by angry people in Cangnan County of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province (located in the industrial southeast), after they killed a man with a hammer. The police-inspectors hit the man with a hammer until he started to vomit blood, because he was trying to take pictures of their violence towards a woman, a street vendor. The man was rushed to hospital, but died on the way.

Thousands of angry people took to the streets, surrounded the police-inspectors in their van, attacked them with stones, bats, and beat them to death. People were shouting that the police-inspectors be killed on the spot for what they did: "Kill them! Kill them!"

Comment: More images at original article.