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Cleveland police pepper spray Black Lives Matter activists after conference

© Felicia Mandoza/You Tube
Cleveland police have used pepper spray against activists attending the national convention of the Movement for Black Lives. Scuffles and arrests were reported after the weekend conference wrapped-up and people poured onto the streets.

Hundreds of activists from across the nation gathered at Cleveland State University this weekend for the first national conference to discuss escalating tensions between US police and black communities.

Following the closing session on Sunday, as most of the attendees left, dozens of people remained in the streets. Police, apparently concerned by the crowd potentially blocking traffic, moved in to disperse the gathering.

Pepper spray was used on at least one occasion, with videos being posted online showing a police officer spraying it virtually at a camera operator.

Mr. Potato

Ridiculous: City orders man to keep the smell of BBQ from leaving his property

Who knew that the all-American tradition of backyard barbecue could result in a visit from the State, in the Land of the "Free," giving you a warning for firing up the pit? Well, it happened in Pinellas County, Florida to Scotty Jordan earlier this week.

In a video uploaded to Facebook on July 22, Joe Graham from Air Compliance is writing a complaint form for "objectionable odor" from Jordan's property where he was barbecuing. A neighbor living across the street called to complain, as she has apparently done many times before.

This time she found a willing co-conspirator.

"I can smell it again right now, but I'm on your property," Graham tells the group. "You're allowed to have it smell on your property, so that doesn't count, but when I'm on the street, that's when it counts."

"So we're supposed to control the smoke and the wind and where it's blowing it?" he asks.

The Environmental Specialist says, "What you're doing looks like it may be counter to the rule as far as the objectionable odor," as he looks at his clipboard for reassurance.

"You have smoke leaving...that's prohibited. I saw smoke leaving your property." So he's going to "write it up and send it to our department."

The ridiculous nature of this visit results from the fact that in Pinellas County, "Commercial barbecue cookers are not exempt from causing a nuisance odor," according to their website. It is part of a larger set of rules regarding air quality, normally reserved for things like asbestos and trash burning.

However, Mr. Jordan should have nothing to fear. The Frequently Asked Questions goes further to state, "If a sufficient number of complaints, representing different households, are reported and an Inspector witnesses the problem, they can issue a Warning Letter."

According to this, he could not get a Warning Letter unless more than one neighbor complained. And this is unlikely to happen, since, according to Jordan, "Everybody else cooks out around here."

The cameraman says, "We've been living here for 40 years, and this is the first time this happened."

He is referring to the visit from Air Compliance. Since the neighbor moved in three years ago and began complaining, she has called the police and fire departments. "They tell me to go ahead on" and keep barbecuing, according to Jordan.

Graham has an answer for this too. "The police and the fire department are looking at different parts of the rule."

And so continues the endless splitting of hairs, red herrings, and absence of common sense that characterizes nanny state bureaucracies.


Malmo, Sweden hit by grenade blasts; 4th attack in under a week, 30th this year

© Johan Nilsson/TT
Forensic teams investigating the scene of the latest Malmö explosion on Friday.
Four grenade attacks this week have rocked Malmo, the third largest city in Sweden, prompting police to sound an alarm over the increasing violence. Multiple explosions, shootings and arson struck the city, which has a large migrant population.

On Sunday, the southern Swedish city of Malmo saw the fourth grenade attack in under a week as the a hand grenade was detonated in a car park in the district of Värnhem in the morning, local media reported.

The attack came after a blast on Friday in the Solbacken neighborhood, which occurred less than 12 hours after another explosion in the residential area of Limhamn in the west, and two days after a car bomb attack that injured a man outside a community center in the south.

"It is the thirtieth explosive attack since the New Year. We have a situation that is serious," said the Malmö police chief, Stefan Sintéus, about the explosion on Friday, as quoted by the on Saturday.

The local police have called for expert help from the national police operational department. "We have asked for shared expertise on various issues," said Lars Förstell, a spokesperson for the city's police, as quoted by the media.

This week's unrest continues a series of numerous shootings, explosions and arsons that have occurred since the beginning of the year in Malmo, infamous for high crime rates, multi-ethnic and gang-related violence.

Comment: See also:


Several hundred rally in Warsaw, Poland in rival demonstrations over immigration

© Still from Ruptly video/Ruptly
Several hundred people took to the streets of the Polish capital in rival demonstrations with far-right protesters rallying against accepting migrants into the country and pro-migrant activists welcoming the refugees.

Some 300 far right and anti-immigrant activists marched through Warsaw on Saturday expressing their outrage at the government's decision to accept migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, according to AFP.

Meanwhile about 100 people gathered at Warsaw's central railway station with bread and salt - a symbol of hospitality in many Slavic countries - to welcome migrants who seek asylum in Poland.

Poland decided to accept 2,000 migrants from North Africa and Syria by 2017 as a part of an EU plan to alleviate the migration crisis in southern Europe.

Comment: NATO is the root cause of Europe's migrant crisis

Green Light

Paris police fire on car attempting to crash through Tour de France barricade

© Stefano Rellandini/Reuters
Paris police opened fire on car that tried to crash through a Tour de France barricade, according to police officials.

The car managed to evade police fire with the people inside apparently being unscathed, Luc Poignant, a spokesman for the SGP police union told AP.

Security forces are on high alert, looking for the driver.

The incident happened at Place de la Concorde at about 8am, the local RTL broadcaster reported.

There were two people in the vehicle, local police officer Luc Poignant told Le Parisien. The two were apparently unarmed, AP reported.

Police are now investigating CCTV footage to identify the driver and the passenger.

The vehicle was reported to be a Renault Twingo.

"This is a minor incident. It wasn't aimed at the Tour de France, it's not terrorism, it's just a simple refusal to comply, as there are many every day," a police official told Reuters.


Hundreds protest in New Jersey against police brutality, murders

© Eduardo Munoz / Reuters
Hundreds of people took to the streets of Newark, New Jersey, to protest against police brutality and racial injustice. Many carried signs bearing slogans such as: "Stop Racist Violence," and "Black Lives Matter."

A crowd of demonstrators demanded justice after a black activist, Sandra Bland, was found hanged in a Texas jail cell just three days after her detention for a minor traffic violation.

"There is a burgeoning police state in the United States," Larry Hamm, a social justice activist and People's Organization for Progress Chairman told protesters on Saturday, according to PolitickerNJ. "Stop killing us! Stop killing us! Stop killing us!

He added: "We want an end to police violation of Constitutional rights. We want an end to police murder and torture and terror. We are not going to be paralyzed with fear. We are going to fight back every day of our lives. ...This is not just a depression. It's a criminal act of economic oppression."

Comment: The police in the USA are out of control, plain and simple. How many kill because they simply enjoy it? #AllLivesMatter, it's not just black people being murdered and harassed by the state

Arrow Down

Israeli attack on Al-Aqsa mosque, 10 wounded

© Palestine News Network
Israeli police private units break into, severely assault Al-Aqsa mosque Sunday morning.
At least 10 Palestinian worshipers on Sunday morning were injured during clashes with Israeli police private units, after they broke into and severely assaulted Al-Aqsa mosque. The clashes are still ongoing.

Private units in the morning broke into the mosque, vandalized it, threw rubber-coated metal bullets on the worshipers and assaulted some youths. In addition, more than 250 settlers have broke into the mosque from Al Magharba gate.

4 Israeli border guards were injured in the clashes. Two of them were moved to hospital for treatment, and had light injuries.

In the midst of these attacks, the Israeli minister of agriculture, Uri Ariel from the Jewish Home right-wing party has also provocatively broke into Al-Aqsa mosque, in coordination with the ministry of interior, heavily guarded.


Meth lab explosion inside US government building

© Flickr/ Thomas Hawk
Police say they recovered evidence of a meth lab following an explosion inside a government building on Saturday.

The blast which injured a federal security officer took place at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Police say they found pseudoephedrine, drain cleaner, and a recipe for meth at the site of the explosion which sent a blast shield of 25 feet.

According to police, no experiments were supposed to be conducted at this particular lab during the weekend.

The guard, who resigned, had burns on his hands and arms - injuries consistent with meth lab incidents.

Comment: It's somewhat hard to believe that it takes an explosion before anyone is aware that the NIST has been turned into a meth lab.

Eye 1

SOTT Exclusive: Racist Dutch police targeting and killing 'dark skinned' citizens

© Unknown
42-year-old Mitch Henriquez was beaten and suffocated to death by Dutch police officers in The Hague
When Aruban Mitch Henriquez decided to attend the 'Night at the Park' music festival in The Hague, Netherlands, on June 27th, he probably expected to spend a pleasant evening listening to music with friends before returning to his family. But when he left his home that evening, it was the last time his family would see him alive. A few hours later, Henriquez would effectively be beaten and suffocated to death by Dutch police.

On the evening in question, as the festival wound down, Henriquez was walking with friends when they passed a group of police officers. According to eyewitnesses, the police were "staring for a long time" at Henriquez, who jokingly said to the police officers "what do you want? Here is my gun". An official police report on the incident also stated that Henriquez made a joke about having a gun on him. Without further warning several police officers jumped on Henriquez telling him that he "shouldn't joke about that". The fact that police realised it was a joke did not seem to moderate the violence they used against him. One witness wrote on her facebook page:
"I saw the beginning. They were running towards him, and jumped him from behind. It was a whole group of police officers. He fell on the ground and about six officers were sitting on him, one officer with a baton kept hitting him on his head and legs. [...] We yelled "don't hit him, don't hit him", but we, my husband and I, a woman and a couple of other people were told to leave the scene and officers were coming towards us."

Henriquez in the hospital
After being repeatedly beaten on the head, Henriquez lay seemingly unconscious on the ground while police officers continued to sit on him. Instead of being taken to the hospital, he was sent to the police station. According to the public prosecutor, Henriquez "became unwell" during the drive to the station, but from the video footage taken by one of the bystanders, it appears he was already unconscious or in a coma before he was put in the police car. Henriquez officially died the day after in hospital.

The autopsy revealed the cause of death as acute oxygen depletion due to suffocation. According to Chief Public Prosecutor Kitty Nooy however, it may take months for a conclusion regarding his death to be reached. The five police officers that took part in his arrest have been put on non-active duty, and are officially suspected of being involved in Henriquez's death.

Taking a lesson from the USA

The murder of Henriquez bears a striking resemblance to the death of Eric Garner in New York last year. Several NYPD officers jumped Garner while one of them put him in a choke-hold. Garner died from this brutal treatment, meted out by those who claim to 'serve and protect'. Garner's last words were; "I can't breathe". Has the disease of reckless police brutality against civilians that is so common in the USA infected the forces of law and order in the Netherlands?


Irish farmer faces £1,000 fine for smoking on his tractor; deemed smoking in the workplace

The farmer, who has not been named, was having a smoke break while parked up on a road when a tobacco control officer spotted him
A farmer who sparked up a cigarette inside his tractor could be fined £1,000 after he was found to be smoking in the workplace.

The farmer, who has not been named, was having a smoke break while parked up on a road when a tobacco control officer spotted him.

As the tractor was deemed capable of carrying more than one person, the farmer was told he was in breach of smoking regulations.

He has been issued with a notice that states he could have to pay a four-figure fine.

In Northern Ireland, where the incident took place, breaking smoke-free law is a criminal offence and people caught smoking in a work vehicle face a fixed penalty notice of £50 or a maximum £1,000 fine if convicted.

The Smoking (Northern Ireland) Order came into law in 2007, making it illegal to smoke in workplaces, enclosed public spaces and on public transport.

Comment: Tobacco control officer?
Hitler was a fervent anti smoker and a crusader for the anti-smoking cause. He personally funded research into the dangers of smoking and little wonder those results given the nature of his regime tended to support his assertions that smoking was an evil the Aryan race must be rid of. Many of the studies carried out during the Third Reich are the basis for the arguments put forward today by those seeking the imposition of repressive smoking bans.

Hitler once stated that tobacco was "the wrath of the Red Man against the White Man" Under the Nazi's the Bureau Against the Dangers of Alcohol and Tobacco was established in 1939 followed in 1942 by the Institute for the Struggle against the dangers of Tobacco. Nazi's were the first to coin the term "passive smoking"

Under the Nazi regime the German people had imposed on them the most comprehensive set of tobacco regulations and restrictions seen in any modern nation to that date. Hitler himself took particular interest in this area often personally overseeing the drafting and implementation of anti smoking policy.

Let's All Light Up!
These restrictions are not for health and longevity, read: