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Tue, 09 Feb 2016
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Detroit's toxic schools are dangerous health hazards to children and teachers, will the rest of US schools follow?

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Mushrooms, black mold, fecal matter, dead rodents, no heat. Detroit’s schools are just as toxic as Flint’s water.
Detroit's students are trying to learn while breathing in black mold and sitting in classrooms filled with buckets catching toilet water leaking through the ceiling. And that's not even the worst part.

Republican Governor Rick Snyder is not only using the financial emergency management laws to poison children in Flint; he's doing the same thing in Detroit via the public school system, which the state has controlled for the last seven years. Darnell Earley, the same emergency manager who oversaw the changes in Flint's water system, is currently in charge of Detroit's public schools.

The people of Flint wanted the world to see the pictures detailing their horrifying conditions. But now, teachers and parents want the world to see these images from Detroit Public Schools under the direction of Gov. Snyder's emergency management to get a better, broader idea of how Snyder ignores children for the sake of the bottom line:

Comment: What we see below is what happens when psychopathic politicians favor war and profit over infrastructure and caring for its citizenry. Detroit gives us an excellent example of what our 'leaders' intend for the rest of the country, and the world, if they have their way.

Comment: Across the US, we've seen increased spending on war, weapons and militarized police forces while children are poisoned from public water and public education. The United States will perish if the priorities don't change dramatically, and soon.


Daily earthquakes and water shortages: Alberta pays a price for oil fracking

Alberta Tar Pits the largest and stickiest industrial project in the world. Worried about fracking deep underground… this is the biggest fracking of the Earth ever and it’s on the surface not miles underground.
One earthquake is recorded on average each day in a western Canadian region where companies extract oil by fracking, according to statistics published by the Canadian province's energy regulatory agency.

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) said Friday that in the last year alone, there were 363 tremors in and around Fox Creek, a small town of 2,000 inhabitants located 260 kilometers (160 miles) northwest of Edmonton.

Some days, seismic activity is higher, such as on September 11, 2015, when a record 18 earthquakes were felt.

On Tuesday, a 4.8-magnitude quake on the Richter scale was recorded 30 kilometers west of Fox Creek, where Spanish firm Repsol SA is injecting liquids at high pressure into subterranean rocks to create fissures and extract oil and gas—the process known as fracking.

Repsol confirmed it had been conducting fracking operations "at the time of the event."

Comment: Even assuming that fracking does only 'occasionally' produce major earthquakes, shouldn't those risks be considered? As usual, the industry prefers to sidestep the real issues while attempting to quiet any debate. What about the ongoing minor seismic events, to say nothing of the many other environmental impacts and the negative health consequences residents face along with the contamination of water supplies, if they have any water at all.

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Political correctness gone wild: You can now be fined 250,000 dollars if you offend a transgender woman in New York City

Political correctness is officially out of control in New York City. According to brand new rules that were just issued by the New York City Commission on Human Rights, you could potentially be fined $250,000 if you purposely offend someone that is transgender. This includes such offenses as calling a transgender woman "him" when she wants to be called "her", or not allowing a transgender woman to use the women's bathroom. These guidelines are particularly focused on the behavior of landlords, employers and businesses, but they will undoubtedly create a chilling effect on speech all throughout New York City.

Needless to say, these new regulations will result in a flood of litigation as transgender individuals exercise their new "rights". According to the New York City Commission on Human Rights, employers must now use "an individual's preferred name, pronoun and title" when referring to that person. And some of the pronouns that were given as examples by the Commission were only recently introduced to the English language and many people don't even know how to pronounce them. The following comes directly from the new "guidelines"...

Comment: The devil is in the details of any news we see or read but it has now become clear that political correctness has been weaponized by the elite on even a geopolitical level. And is yet another insidious way to keep people divided and pitted against one another. Consider the following assessments of this phenomenon - and what PC statements may be used to facilitate socially and politically the next time you become aware of it.
"Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred." - Jacques Barzun
"I believe that political correctness can be a form of linguistic fascism, and it sends shivers down the spine of my generation who went to war against fascism." - P. D. James


Canton, Ohio: Multiple businesses evacuated after 'bomb threats'

'Your dreams are safe with us'
Several Stark County businesses were evacuated Saturday night after a bomb threat.

Canton police confirmed they received multiple calls of bomb threats at the Circle K on Mahoning, Canton City Hall, and Walmart on W. Tuscarawas. They evacuated all of these locations.

Jackson Township police also confirmed Target received bomb threats around the same time as the Canton City bomb threats came in. As a precaution, they evacuated Target and surrounding stores including a Dick's Sporting Goods.

Police said the threat to the Walmart and other buildings came through a Skype recording at 6:42 p.m.

Nothing was found after K-9s checked the area.


Lithuanian artist designs 'euthanasia rollercoaster'

Death drop: Riders of the 'Euthanasia Coaster' would die from experiencing 10 g-force for one minute.
Not content with designing rollercoasters for the living, a Lithuanian designer has created plans for a 'death rollercoaster' that would provide a 'euphoric' way for people to kill themselves.

Lithuanian artist Julijonas Urbonas says the killing machine will end people's lives with 'euphoria and pleasure'.

But a top brain expert has said the mechanism is more likely to leave people feeling sick.

The rollercoaster, which was designed while Urbonas was a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art, uses 'extreme g-force' to kill people as they hurtle down 500 metres to reach a speed of 100 metres per second (g-force 10) on seven loop-de-loops.

'Your blood is rushed to your lower extremities so there is a lack of blood in your brain, so your brain starts to suffocate. When your brain starts to suffocate, people become euphoric

Comment: The designer needs his head examined.

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No woman should be asked these questions during a job interview

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Attention hiring managers: Don't ask a woman about her marital status, plans on having kids or her child-care arrangements during a job interview.

These questions, which are almost never put to men, are not only irrelevant to assessing a potential candidate, they're also sexist and potentially illegal.

And yet... An astonishing 75 percent of senior women in tech said they've been asked questions like these during job interviews, according to an incredibly depressing new survey of about 200 senior-level women who work in tech in the San Francisco Bay Area. The report, entitled "The Elephant in the Valley," was first picked up by Re/code.


Protesters claim Oxford University is institutionally racist, request that Cecil Rhodes statue be removed

© Eddie Keogh / Reuters
The statue of Cecil Rhodes is seen on the facade of Oriel College in Oxford, southern England.

Oxford University Chancellor Chris Patten has dismissed calls from student campaigners to remove a statue of colonial-era politician Cecil Rhodes from of the university's Oriel College as an attempt to rewrite history.

Patten, whose role at the university is largely ceremonial, said in a speech Wednesday: "Our history is not a blank page on which we can write our own version of what it should have been, according to our contemporary views and prejudices.
"Because we value tolerance ... we have to listen to those who presume they can rewrite history within the confines of their own notion of what is politically, culturally and morally correct."

Comment: Rewrite history - or acknowledge and respond to the very worst influences in history?

Comment: So, are these protestors just being swept up by the new trend in political correctness sweeping academia these days - or do they have a legitimate purpose in pointing out that nearly everything Rhodes stood for was elitist and generally counterproductive to the world at large? The Koch brothers, to take another example, have spent millions on philanthropic causes, but in the balance of social equality and justice, does it make up for all the money and energy they spend in supporting their destructive causes? Should we celebrate these types of people just because they've thrown a bone our way?


Child killer dies in prison just days before being charged with 1978 murder of school girl Genette Tate

Genette Tate's bicycle lies abandoned in the spot from which she was snatched in 1978. When her friends discovered the bicycle, its back wheel was still spinning.
Back in the late Seventies, Genette Tate's name dominated the headlines in the same way that Madeleine McCann's did after she disappeared. Genette's face stared out from newsstands and 'missing' posters across Britain, and her parents made emotional appeals on TV. A reward of £23,000, raised by the local community, was put up for information leading to her safe return.

The 13-year-old's disappearance became synonymous with a single, haunting image which remains as chilling today as it was then: a picture of Genette's bike lying in the middle of a country lane near her home in Devon, from where she was snatched in broad daylight.

Genette lived in the hamlet of Aylesbeare, three miles south-east of Exeter and close to the M5 motorway. She was a Girl Guide and a popular member of the church choir. Like many children of her generation, she also had a paper round.

At around 3.45 pm on Saturday, August 19, 1978, she was delivering the evening paper, the Express & Echo, to houses in Withen Lane. She stopped briefly to speak to two of her friends, before whizzing off on her bike. Moments later, her friends walked around the corner and found her bicycle — but there was no sign of Genette. The bike's back wheel was still spinning. 'The girl who vanished into thin air' was the headline in one national newspaper the following morning.

The search for Genette — also known as 'Ginny' — turned into the biggest missing person hunt in Britain, with the village hall transformed into a major incident room. Scores of police officers were joined by Royal Marines based at the commando training centre at nearby Lympstone. While more than 7,000 volunteers combed the moors and woodland near Genette's home, divers scoured gravel pits, ponds, wells and silage pits. Helicopters and RAF reconnaissance aircraft were a constant presence above Aylesbeare.


CNN financial advice: "Don't panic... America's economy is still in good shape"

Forget for a moment that U.S. stock markets have seen their worst start to a new year since the Great Depression or that some $2.5 trillion in wealth has been evaporated in less than two weeks.

CNN says it's hardly the time to panic:

Time to panic? Hardly.
There are plenty of reasons to relax, especially if you are a U.S investor. Here are the top two:

1. America's economy is still in good shape.

2. Staying in stocks pays off. Since World War II, investors who remained in stocks for at least 15 years made money


Right now, the U.S. economy is growing. It's not rock star growth, but 2% to 2.5% a year is good, and the Fed is being very cautious.

More importantly, businesses are still hiring. Over 2.3 million jobs were added last year (the latest data on hiring comes out Friday and it's widely expected to show more jobs added).

Comment: One might imagine one of these CNN analysts during an earthquake: "Yeah, sure I see that gaping hole in the ground that swallowed up the building, and yeah I feel that shaking on the ground beneath me, and yes there are some people being swallowed up by the gaping cracks in the road - but that doesn't mean we're experiencing an earthquake. Just keep calm. Earthquakes just don't happen here".


70 tips that will help you through what is about to happen to America

You may have noticed that things are starting to get crazy. Financial markets are imploding, violent crime rates are soaring in our major cities, and we have witnessed a truly unusual series of natural disasters in recent months. War in the Middle East continues to rage out of control, and Islamic terror continues to spread all over the globe. And many believe that 2016 is going to be a year of political shaking, civil unrest, governmental crackdowns and great economic chaos in the United States. All it is going to take to plunge our society into full-blown panic mode is a major "trigger event" of some sort. Another 9/11, a new "Lehman Brothers" moment, a massive EMP burst from the sun or a historic seismic event are all examples of what this "trigger event" could look like.

Comment: Though much of the information presented here is useful, it's too bad that Snyder is still maintaining that 'Islamic terror' is a threat in such a seemingly superficial and misinformed way.

So are you ready for what is about to happen to America? In previous articles, I have urged my readers to focus on the five basics - food, water, shelter, energy and self-defense. If you focus on those five things, you will probably be in pretty good shape during any major disaster or emergency.

In this article, I want to dig a little deeper and give people some more specific tips regarding what they can do to prepare for the times that we are now entering. The following are 70 tips that will help you survive what is going to happen to America...

Comment: 71. Knowledge. This basic list is very good - as far as it goes. But a deeper understanding of the larger processes at work, the pathological underpinnings of our world, and what we may actually strive to aim for (aside from just surviving), would seem to be one of the most important things to consider. Why tread water when you can Ride the Wave?