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Gold Coins

India wants households to turn over their gold

© Arko Datta / Reuters
India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a program to lure tons of gold from households into the country's banking system. The program consists of three schemes; a gold monetization scheme, gold sovereign bonds and Indian gold coin.

The gold monetization scheme aims to unlock about 20,000 tons of gold worth over $800 billion lying idle in homes and temples. Under the plan, banks will collect gold for up to 15 years and pay 2.25-2.50 percent interest per year. This is higher than previous rates of around one percent. The government hopes that higher interest rates will help in mobilizing the gold as previous attempts have been unsuccessful.

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Remember, Remember the 5th of November: 2015 Million Mask March

© Jonathan Alcorn / Reuters
Anonymous-inspired activists are taking to the streets across the globe as the Million Mask March circles the world. Hiding behind symbolic Anonymous masks, the demonstrators are protesting censorship, government corruption, and police brutality.

05 November 2015

15:54 GMT

In Amsterdam, protesters were joined by several policemen who are guiding them through the city. After a break for coffee, snacks and a group photo, the rally is moving towards Rembrandtplein square.


Guy Fawkes day: Anonymous prepares for global day of action as Million Mask March sweeps globe

© Marko Djurica / Reuters
Tens of thousands of activists disguised as Guy Fawkes are expected to the flood streets of over 671 cities as the Anonymous-led Million Mask March sweeps the globe. The hacktivist group and its followers will protest censorship, corruption, war and poverty.

For the fourth year in a row the "Anonymous army," as the group likes to call its activists, will rise up and take part in rallies and protests from Sydney to Los Angeles and Johannesburg to London.

Hiding their faces behind stylized 'Anonymous' masks popularized by the "V for Vendetta" movie, they will come forward to make their voices heard.

The Million Mask March is also about letting "various governments" know that "the free flow of information" will never be stopped.

"We now face a dilemma unfamiliar to any previous human civilization, we face this dilemma not simply as a community, nor a nation; rather collectively as a planet. We have something no previous generation has ever had, the internet," Anonymous said in its 2015 promo video for the Million Mask March.

Comment: The words of V in V For Vendetta have never been more prescient than it today's global political climate. The American political elite use the same tactics as the 'Norsefire' politicians in the movie use. But as he says, we are responsible for enacting change:

Red Flag

Hysteria: 7-year-old boy suspended from school for pretending to shoot an imaginary bow and arrow

In what can be described as a decision made in a society driven by fear, a 7-year-old boy was suspended from school for three days for pretending to shoot an imaginary bow and arrow.

The boy, who returned to school today after receiving his punishment, formed an imaginary bow and arrow and 'shot' it at his friend. The two boys were engaged in a 'dangerous' game of Power Rangers when they were spotted by the teachers who saw something and said something.

According to WLWT, the boy's parents, Matthew and Martha Miele, told WLWT their son was playing a game of Power Rangers at recess on Thursday when it happened.

"I think he's a good principal. I just think a bad decision was made," Matthew Miele said of Principal Joe Crachiolo, who handed down the steep

"I didn't really understand. I had him (the principal) on the phone for a good amount of time so he could really explain to me what he was trying to tell me," Martha Miele said. "My question to him was 'Is this really necessary? Does this really need to be a three-day suspension under the circumstances that he was playing and he's 6 years old?'"

Light Saber

Palestinian Harry Potter fan responds to J.K. Rowling's response to her original viral letter regarding BDS opposition

A music teacher from Dunfermline has followed up from on her original viral letter to famous author JK Rowling.

25-year-old Mia's orginal letter, which The Herald published on Tuesday, challenged JK Rowling's stance on Israel using plots from the Harry Potter series.

The viral letter promoted a response from JK Rowling, and Mia has responded to the letter on her Facebook page.

You can read the full open letter below.

Comment: Mia is an incredibly intelligent and brave young woman. J.K. Rowling is also a very intelligent woman and a talented author, but she clearly has a lot to learn about BDS, and she may need to reread her own stories to see that perhaps she has not learned all of the moral lessons from Harry Potter despite conveying them so eloquently in her writing.

Heart - Black

Cops call rancher for help with a bull, then kill him when he shows up


Jack Yantis’ home, just a little ways up U.S. 95 from the site of the confrontation that took his life
Jack Yantis, a 62-year-old rancher from Council, Idaho, received a call from the Adams County Sheriff's Office on November 1 informing him that one of his bulls had been struck by a car on the nearby interstate. Yantis arrived at the scene a few minutes later, armed with a rifle to put down the wounded animal, which had turned aggressive and was threatening emergency responders trying to treat two people injured in the collision.

Within a few minutes, Yantis was dead - shot by deputies on the scene. Upon hearing the news, his wife Donna suffered a heart attack. She was taken to Saint Alphonsus Hospital in Boise. As this is written she reportedly remains in critical condition.
"They took a family man from the dinner table and slaughtered him," declared Rowdy Paradis, who says he was standing ten feet from the rancher when he was killed.
Sheriff Ryan Zolland describes Yantis as a well-known and widely respected figure in Adams County.

"This is going to be a big hit to this community," a visibly shaken Zolland told Boise's NBC affiliate, KTVB. "The gentleman involved, Mr. Yantis, was a well-known cattle rancher around here. It's just a sad deal for everybody involved, for the whole community."

Sheriff Zolland insisted that his department "takes matters involving any use of force very seriously and we have requested detectives with the Idaho State Police to conduct the investigation into this incident." The deputies involved - one of whom reportedly suffered an unspecified "minor injury," are on paid leave.

Assuming that the investigation proceeds in familiar fashion, the "incident" will not be treated as a suspected criminal homicide, but as an "assault on law enforcement." Taking its cues from law enforcement sources, the Idaho Statesman newspaper in Boise - the state's most influential media organ - referred to Yantis's death as the result of a "shootout."

That expression has connotations of an encounter between law enforcement and a violent criminal, rather than an eminently avoidable death that apparently occurred through miscommunication or, possibly, the panic-stricken reaction of deputies to the presence of an armed citizen. It should not be forgotten that Yantis was responding to a message from the sheriff's dispatch, and trying to assist the first responders, when he was fatally shot.

Comment: The fact that the cops called Jack Yantis to help them with the situation, and then shot him when he showed up with a rifle to help put the bull down speaks to the psychologically hystericized state that police are in thanks in part to their training and the media hype of dangerous 'lone-gunmen' and 'terrorists'. It's unfortunate that a well-respected member of this community had to suffer for the ignorant ineptitude of these officers who will likely not have to suffer any repercussions for their actions.


CUNY headquarters: NYPD arrests 50 protesting wages, raises and lack of contracts

NYPD arrests 50 at CUNY protest over wages and contracts.
New York police arrested more than 50 people in front of the City University of New York's Manhattan headquarters during a rally for faculty. CUNY profs, teachers and workers, claim they have not had a contract for five years or received a raise in six.

According to WABC News, hundreds of people were present at the rally, including professors and Barbara Bowen, the president of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC), the union representing CUNY faculty. Bowen was blocking the entrance to CUNY with her allies and was also arrested, according to the union. More than 50 people were arrested overall, PSC stated online.

The event began as part of PSC's effort to win new contracts and raises for CUNY faculty. The group is seeking to put pressure on CUNY Chancellor James Milliken and has also targeted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in an attempt to secure more funding for the school. More funding would be helpful in ensuring pay raises for staff.

Comment: The new state of the US...insolvency and trickle down education...apparently it is an arresting idea.


Man dies after massive house explosion in Redford Township, Michigan

© wxyz
The explosion which obliterated the house in Redford Township, Michigan was heard and felt up to three miles away.
A man who was inside his Redford Township house when it exploded Sunday evening has died, according to police.

William Rice, 58, died of his injuries Tuesday, the Detroit Free Press reports.

The blast was caused by a fuel oxygen mixture, police said. It appears Rice was using propane to heat the house in the 19000 block of Gaylord. The house hadn't been hooked up to natural gas since 2004, a spokesman for DTE Energy said on Monday.

Redford Township Police Department Detective Sergeant Kevin Crittenden said two sources of propane were found among the debris of the home.

A friend of Rice's told WXYZ-TV that Rice had just reached the threshold of his house when it exploded.

Comment: There seems to have been an increase in the number of massive explosions and fires around the world in recent months, with investigators still attempting to determine the cause in many cases. Could a 'cosmic' source of ignition be responsible for some of these incidents?


It's a start: Seattle votes big money out of politics - Koch brothers big losers

"Seattle voters won big tonight. Seattle leads the nation, first on $15/hour and now on campaign finance reform."

Much to the detriment of Washington State's biggest corporate donors like Microsoft and Starbucks, and to the chagrin of Seattle's newspaper of record, Seattle voters have elected to have publicly-financed elections, and to severely limit the influence of corporate power on city hall.
© Sightline Institute
The I-122 initiative — also known as "Honest Elections Seattle" — passed with 60 percent of votes cast. The initiative provides $100 in "Democracy Vouchers" for each of Seattle's 400,000-plus registered voters, meaning that ordinary voters can counter corporate influence on elections by up to $40 million in a given cycle. The funding for the vouchers comes from an $8 property tax levied on homes worth $400,000 or more.

But I-122 does more than just provide public campaign financing — I-122 also prohibits corporations that do more than $250,000 in annual business with the city from donating to local political campaigns. It also outright bans all donations from corporations that put more than $5,000 a year into lobbying elected officials.

Comment: Seattle set an example. We can only hope it will be picked up in cities across the country. Real change comes from the ground up.

Solar Flares

Sweden grounds planes at airports due to solar storm affecting radar systems

Planes were grounded at some of Sweden's busiest airports on Wednesday afternoon because of a "solar storm" interfering with air traffic control radar systems, authorities said.

No aircraft were allowed to take off from airports in southern and central Sweden due to a massive geomagnetic solar flare storm causing problems for radar systems.

Ulf Wallin, press spokesperson at Swedavia, the organization managing Sweden's airports, told TT that airports at Landvetter in Gothenburg and Arlanda and Bromma in Stockholm were affected.

"Those airplanes that are in the air are allowed to land at the airports they're going to, but no planes are taking off," he said.