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Disintegration of society: Congressman says legislation needed to keep federal employees from watching porn at work

© Reuters/Claro Cortes IV
Viewing pornography on the job is presumably something that employees most anywhere are frowned upon for doing, in the least, but one American lawmaker says legislation is needed to keep federal workers from browsing X-rated material on the clock.

United States Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) introduced a law last week that aims to ensure something that many may already assume is against the rules when it comes to basic workplace etiquette, especially with regards to government jobs. Rep. Meadow's bill, the Eliminating Pornography from Agencies Act, would officially prohibit workers on Uncle Sam's payroll from browsing adult content on federal computer and devices.

Meadows said in a statement last week that he was provoked to push for such a law after learning that an employee at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continued to receive paychecks from the government after an internal report reviewed that the individual had watched upwards of 6 hours of pornography a day while on the job.

"It's appalling that it requires an act of Congress to ensure that federal agencies block access to these sites at work," Meadows said in a statement.

Comment: It is a sad statement to the depravity of a country where legislation must be instigated to stop what would be considered disgusting in a normal society. What is worse, it will be surprising if this legislation gets off the ground, as Washington, D.C. ranked No. 1 for the most online porn videos viewed per person in 2012.

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Green Lake, WI latest in long line of school districts dissatisfied with Michelle Obama's lunch program

The Green Lake School District is the latest the join a number of schools reevaluating their participation in the National School Lunch Program.

The Ripon Press reports the district is dissatisfied with the new school lunch and snack rules championed by First Lady Michelle Obama. "When I walk through the school cafeteria, I see multi-colored fruits and vegetables and whole-grain pasta or wraps on the trays of our students. The food looks really good, but the students aren't eating it," principal Mary Allen says, according to the paper. "... The limited salt, whole-grains, vegetable substitutes for meat, and unfamiliar foods such as 'quinoa' and 'jicama' are not being embraced. Although the food looks good and is undeniably healthy, it is unflavored and tasteless."

Students reportedly gave the school board a 31-page report produced in math class, which studied the question: "Will the Green Lake School District better serve its students without the National School Lunch Program?" Green Lake isn't alone.

The Windham and Salem school districts - both in New Hampshire - are also mulling opting out.
"It has been much more restrictive and prescriptive than in the past with the intention of serving healthy snacks and food," Windham superintendent Winifried Feneberg says, according to the Eagle-Tribune. Opting out would mean more flexibility and local decision-making, the superintendent tells the paper. "We're considering opting out because of the program rules and a decline in participation," Salem finance director Deborah Payne says. "There's not a lot of choice for students."

Comment: Low salt intake, eating grains (gluten), and high carb diets in general are not healthy.

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Russia threatens gas supply disruptions if the EU continues to re-export Russian gas to Ukraine

re-export Russian gas

Russia's Energy Minister Alexander Novak has told a German newspaper that European countries cannot re-export Russian gas to Ukraine due to contract reasons, and hinted those that do could face gas cuts.
It appears Vladimir Putin is willing to hit'em while they're down. Early European equity weakness (and safe-haven flows) on asset-freeze threats have accelerated as Bloomberg reports, Russian energy minister Alexander Novak threatens gas supply disruptions if the EU continues to re-export Russian gas to Ukraine. 3Y German bond yields have plunged to -4.1bps, a record low close and European stocks are closing on their lows of the day.

Comment: It seems the Russians have a more objective view of what is in store this coming winter and the EU gas stores may not be sufficient. Unfortunately, the European economy is already suffering from the sanctions and gas shortages and rising prices will add to the suffering.

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More than 3,000 Gazan children wounded in war, some in critical condition or had limbs amputated

© Mohammed Othman
The ravages of war: Wissam and Ibrahim lay in the Hilal al-Ahmar Hospital, Khan Yunis, Sept. 15 2014

He moves around the hospital, the smile never leaving his face. His boyish attitude is translated by his spontaneous hand gestures. When he gets tired, he rests on his bed, near his older brother who was also wounded during the same airstrike. He finally returns to his wheelchair. Ibrahim Khattab, 9, has lost his left leg.

During Israel's 51-day war on the Gaza Strip, which ended on Aug. 28, Ibrahim and his brother Wassim, who lived in Deir al-Balah in the center of Gaza, left their house and were wounded by an Israeli airstrike, causing the loss of Ibrahim's left leg and critical injuries to Wassim's legs.

Wassim, 15, the eldest, was always passionate about soccer, until Israeli drones launched rockets and shattered his dreams with a permanent disability.

Despite his severe injuries, Wassim told Al-Monitor with eyes full of hope, "I wish things would go back the way they were. I wish I could play with my friends again, especially football because I love it so much. I cannot wait to go back to school and resume class in 10th grade."

Comment: What can one say to these children and all the children in the world that have to endure tremendous suffering? Our world is inhabited by ruthless and soulless psychopaths, who couldn't care less.


Waste company's refusal to clean up toxic leak caused cancer and sickness in Missouri family

Lee Spence suing BFI for toxic waste contamination
A company's lies and refusal to clean up toxic waste caused cancer and deaths, one Missouri family said this week.

The Spence family told KSHB that BFI Waste Systems insisted that "nothing bad" was on their property when they bought 80 acres to retire on in Clay County 20 years ago.

The family maintained a small farm with vegetables, fruits and cattle. About three years ago, the Spences began to notice that they were getting sick and that their animals were dying.

Lee Spence has had cancer of the lymph nodes, neurological problems, cognitive impairments and severe pain. He showed the station video of cramping in his legs that looks like "worms crawling under his skin."

Alice Spence also began having neurological problems, seizures, cognitive impairments and tremors. Their son and daughter both face similar neurological issues. Doctors have said that daughter Julia Spence would never be able to have children.

Attorney Ken McClain, who is representing the Spence family, has filed a lawsuit on their behalf, but it could be another year before it goes before a jury.

"My clients were told there was nothing on the site at the very point in time this site had nothing but bad materials in it," McClain explained.

U.S. to pay the Navajo Nation $554M in landmark settlement

Navajo man
Navajo Indian Reservation stripped of resources and polluted.
The Obama administration will pay the Navajo Nation a record $554 million to settle claims by the most populous Native American tribe that funds and natural resources on its reservation were mismanaged by the US government for decades.

The agreement will be formally signed on Friday at Window Rock, Arizona, the capital of the Navajo reservation, the largest in the US by land mass.

The accord was borne from litigation that accused the government of mishandling Navajo funds and natural resources on its more than 14 million acres across Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, all held in trust for the tribe and leased out for purposes of farming, energy development, logging, and mining. The Navajo claims date back as far as 50 years.

In return for $554 million, the Navajo have agreed to drop its lawsuit and forego any future litigation over past US management of Navajo funds or resources held by the federal government, Reuters reported.

The deal does not, though, negate future trust claims or any other claims over water and uranium pollution on the reservation, Navajo Attorney General Harrison Tsosie said. Based on non-disclosure clauses, he could not say how much the Navajo had claimed it was owed ahead of the settlement.

Comment: Congratulations to the Navajo Nation for their hard-won success in getting the U.S. government to "pony up" a settlement for its ravages, destruction and insatiable greed. But will $554M bring back fresh water, and pristine lands? Will it remove deadly radiation, replace stollen resources and restore hazardous waste sites? As in all U.S. treaties and restitutions...what hidden strings are held by the PTB? The hubris of Manifest far, unchecked and unending, gone global.

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Missouri Highway Patrol caught wearing 'I am Darren Wilson' bracelets

© Instagram
Missouri Highway Patrol personnel acknowledged on Wednesday that officers wore rubber bracelets declaring "I am Darren Wilson" to a protest in the racially divided city of Ferguson on Tuesday night.

Buzzfeed reported that Capt. Ron Johnson confirmed at a press conference that an Instagram post by user MediaBlackoutUSA is real and that the officers in question wore the bracelets as and "individual statement" of solidarity with the white Ferguson Police Department officer who gunned down unarmed black teen Michael Brown in August.

"I think that was not a statement of law enforcement," Johnson said. "I think wearing that was an individual statement" by law enforcement officers.

Wilson has become something of a folk hero to some hardline conservatives. A fund dedicated to defraying his legal expenses raised more than $197,000 before it was suspended for possible legal issues.

South Carolina trooper who shot man reaching into his car for ID fired and arrested

Former South Carolina state trooper shown shooting at man for reaching into his car
A former South Carolina state trooper can be seen shooting a man who was reaching into his car for his license during a traffic stop in footage released on Wednesday, WLTX-TV reported Wednesday night.

The video, taken with a dashboard camera, shows 31-year-old Sean Groubert shooting at 35-year-old Levar Jones multiple times on Sept. 4, hitting him in the hip. At the time, Jones, who was standing outside of his vehicle with his hands up, was reaching inside for his license at Groubert's request.

Jones then falls out of the frame, but can be heard asking Groubert, "Why did you pull me over?"

"A seatbelt violation, sir," Groubert replies. "I just pulled it off right there at the corner to pull in the gas station," Jones yells in response. "Well, I got help coming to you, okay?" Groubert tells him.

Russian response to sanctions: Law drafted to enable seizure of foreign assets on Russian territory

russia sanctions
Russian courts could get the green light to seize foreign assets on Russian territory under a draft law intended as a response to Western sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.

The draft, which was submitted to parliament on Wednesday by a pro-Kremlin deputy, would also allow state compensation for an individual whose property is seized in foreign jurisdictions.

Italian authorities this week seized property worth about 30 million euros ($40 million) belonging to companies controlled by Arkady Rotenberg, an ally of President Vladimir Putin targeted by the U.S. and European Union sanctions.

The draft law, published on a parliamentary database, would allow for compensation for Russian citizens who suffer because of an "unlawful court act" in a foreign jurisdiction and clear the way to foreign state assets in Russia being seized, even if they are subject to international immunity.
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Rebels keep Ukraine's border to Russia wide open

Ukraine Russia border opening
© Agence France-Presse/John Macdougall
People queue up to cross from Ukraine to Russia at the Uspenka border post, Ukraine.
People queue up to cross from Ukraine to Russia at the Uspenka border post, held by pro-Russian separatists, on September 26, 2014.

Ukraine's president may have ordered the closure of his nation's border with Russia but, when asked about it, the rebel commander of this crossing point just smiles and points to the snaking queue of cars traversing the international line.

"As you can see, it is very much open," the border post commander at Uspenka who identifies himself by his nickname "Arshi" says.

Uspenka is just a speck on the map in eastern Ukraine, but hundreds of vehicles had motored there Friday to travel along a country road from the rebel-held Donetsk region to Russia, and in the other direction.

In the view of all those interviewed there by AFP, that border post -- and even the border itself -- were bound to disappear soon.

"Oh, the border is supposed to be closed, is it? I wasn't aware," Archi comments archly.

"What Kiev says or decides is of no interest to me. This is no longer Ukraine here. Soon, when we are united with Russia, we won't even have this outpost here, or it'll be hardly anything at all, just a little checkpoint."

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced the temporary closure of the 2,000-kilometre (1,200-mile) border Thursday in a bid to halt the flow of weapons from Ukraine's former Soviet master to pro-Russian separatists.

But by the time of the signing of the ceasefire for eastern Ukraine, on September 20, the rebels already controlled a 260-kilometre stretch of the border.

Comment: It seems that for all the bluster coming out of Kiev, a good portion of Eastern Ukraine has already made its choice of allegiance.