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Off-duty cop goes ballistic, threatens to kill driver over a minor traffic violation

Have you ever noticed how plainclothes and off-duty police officers, often have a complete lack of awareness in regards to how they appear to the average citizen? Many of them don't seem to realize that when you act like a cop, but don't dress like one, you appear absolutely crazy and terrifying. However, one off-duty detective was recently recorded pulling over a driver, and he behaved in a way that would still be unbecoming of a fully dressed police officer.

The driver managed to catch the entire incident on his dash camera, which despite the date labeled in the video, happened last Sunday in Medford Massachusetts. After he accidentally committed a minor traffic infraction, the detective went ballistic.

Comment: Fortunately, the driver managed to get away with his life.


Gitmo mystery: Military lawyers being diagnosed with cancer at alarming rate

© Agence France-Presse/Chantal Valery
A complaint stating that civilian and military lawyers are being diagnosed with cancer at alarming rates is calling for the Guantanamo Bay detention camp to be tested for carcinogens and have personnel from the facilities evacuated.

The United States Navy is now investigating the claims of a cancer cluster.

According to the report, at least seven lawyers working on detainee trials have been diagnosed with cancer, Reuters reported. It does not indicate whether they were all found to have the same type of cancer.

The complaint, filed with the US Defense Department's Office of the Inspector General, asserts that staff may have been exposed to carcinogens while living and working at a location previously used to dispose of jet fuel.

"We have been telling our chain-of-command for years that we don't feel safe living and working in the temporary facilities the government has erected for military commissions," Air Force Capt. Michael Schwartz, a military defense lawyer who has worked at Guantanamo Bay for years, told Reuters. "But, along with the Constitution, the government seems to want to sweep this under the rug."

The report also alleges that the lawyers may have been exposed to asbestos and other toxins in the old building that previously hosted military trials.

Comment: Interesting that there seems to be an over-representation of defense lawyers as victims. How convenient for the government.


Charity or Bribery? Clintons' charities got £50 million of British aid

  • The charity's board includes former president Bill and candidate Hillary
  • It has had £48.9million from the UK - more than £20million last year alone
  • Critics say its a symptom of controversial pledge on foreign aid spending
  • Some claim charity is inefficient and taxpayers could simply be funding management charges
Tens of millions of pounds of UK aid money has been siphoned through charities linked to Hillary Clinton, it emerged last night.

British politicians - including Gordon Brown - stand accused of diverting huge amounts of cash through the organisations after falling under the spell of the US presidential candidate and her husband Bill.

At least £50 million of taxpayer-funded foreign aid money has gone to Clinton charities, which are at the centre of allegations in the US that foreign governments used donations to buy influence.

The UK is one of the biggest donors, handing over more than £20 million last year alone to the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), an organisation chaired by former President Bill, 68, and whose board includes the couple's daughter Chelsea, 35. Since 2011, a total of £48.9 million has gone into the coffers of this charity alone.

Comment: See also: Currying for future favors? Foreign government gifts to Clinton Foundation on the rise
One of the 2014 donations comes from a Canadian agency promoting the proposed Keystone pipeline, which is favored by Republicans and under review by the Obama administration. The Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development agency of Canada, a first-time donor, gave between $250,000 and $500,000. The donations, which are disclosed voluntarily by the foundation, are given only in ranges.

One of the agency's priorities for 2014-2015 was to promote Keystone XL "as a stable and secure source of energy and energy technology," according to the agency's website. Mrs. Clinton's State Department was involved in approving the U.S. government's initial environmental-impact statement. Since leaving State, Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly declined to comment on Keystone.
"Now that she is gearing up to run for president, the same potential exists for foreign governments to curry favor with her as a potential president of the United States," he said.


Spanish firefighters go on strike as flames sweep Catalonian forests

© Gustau Nacarino / Reuters
A car drives on a dirt road past trees that were scorched by a forest fire near Montserrat in Sant Salvador de Guardiola, in the northeastern region of Catalonia, Spain, July 27, 2015.
Spanish forest firefighters went on strike Monday as wildfires ravaged the countryside in Catalonia. While hundreds of people were forced to flee their homes, firefighters refused to battle the blaze in protest of poor wages and working conditions.

The fire had engulfed large parts of Catalonia's forests in the north-east of Spain by Sunday afternoon. The blaze was still raging on Monday, but was spreading less quickly due to weaker winds and rising humidity, AP reported citing local authorities.

Comment: This is the outcome of EU austerity measures. Will there be more strikes in the "PIGS" nations?


Pension fund sues 22 major banks, alleges violations of anti-trust laws, manipulating US treasury auctions

© Wikipedia
Twenty-two banks were sued in federal court in the first nationwide class-action lawsuit alleging a conspiracy to manipulate Treasury auctions at the expense of investors and borrowers.

A complaint was filed by the State-Boston Retirement System, the pension fund for Boston public employees. It was directed against Bank of America's Merrill Lynch unit, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, UBS, and 14 other defendants.

As primary dealers, these banks are authorized to transact directly with the U.S. Treasury and they serve as market makers in the second market.

According to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court in New York, bank officials used chat rooms, instant messages and other means of communication to swap customers' confidential information and develop trading strategies in the roughly $12.5 Trillion Treasury market.

The State-Boston Retirement System argues that these tactics violated anti-trust laws by allowing banks to inflate prices on Treasurys they sold to investors in the pre-auction "when issued" market, and deflate prices when they bought Treasurys to cover their pre-auction sales.

Comment: Good luck to State-Boston. Given the corrupt state of the US judicial system, they'd better not hold their breath.


Russian police officer risks his life to protect convoy of children's buses

A Russian police officer risked his own life to prevent a road accident that put 300 children in danger. He ran his patrol car into a vehicle, speeding head on into a convoy of children's buses.

The cop miraculously survived the crash.

On Saturday, the officer, now hailed as a hero, Aleksandr Kosolapov, was escorting a convoy of nine buses transporting about 300 children from a summer camp to the city of Abakan, the capital of the Khakassia Republic in southern Russia.

Suddenly, a car driving at high speed in the opposite lane, started coming head on in the convoy's direction.

Comment: It's good to know there are good cops out there willing to risk their life to "protect and serve".


Is the medical-pharmaceutical-regulatory cartel assassinating holistic physicians because of a new vaccine-linked discovery?

© Unknown
James Jeffrey Bradstreet, whose body was found floating in a North Carolina river on June 19, had successfully treated over 1,700 autistic children with GcMAF. On June 16 the FDA obtained a search and seizure order targeting his Buford Georgia medical clinic.
Over the past several weeks no less than seven established doctors have either been killed or died under unusual circumstances (e.g. here and here). What do these physicians have in common and what remedies are they researching or advocating? Do any of their proposed treatments pose a threat to the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical cartel? If so, would government agencies and/or private contractors be commissioned to harass and perhaps even assassinate such individuals?

The answer may lie in an understanding of nagalese, a protein made by cancer cells and viruses. Nagalese is a primary cause of immunodeficiency given its ability to block the body's production of GcMAF, otherwise known as "Vitamin D binding microphage activating factor," a naturally-produced immune regulating compound that aids in fighting what are traditionally considered terminal diseases. Some researchers suggest that nagalese is one of many toxic components found in the immunizations commonly administered to children, including the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine.

Comment: Considering the vehemence and aggressiveness with which the medical-pharmaceutical-regulatory cartel are enacting a world-wide push for vaccination; considering, also, the similar pattern of deaths of microbiologists and other scientists in recent years; and considering the plethora of facts around the lengths that the vaccine and medical industry will go to in order to cover up their agenda, we would be remiss if we were not acknowledging the foul stench of malevolence surrounding the recent deaths of Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet and his fellow physicians.

What profoundly evil doings these are.


Thirty five women tell their stories of being assaulted by serial rapist Bill Cosby; tell of the culture that wouldn't listen

© New York Magazine
More has changed in the past few years for women who allege rape than in all the decades since the women's movement began. Consider the evidence of October 2014, when an audience member at a Hannibal Buress show in Philadelphia uploaded a clip of the comedian talking about Bill Cosby: "He gets on TV, 'Pull your pants up, black people ... I can talk down to you because I had a successful sitcom.' Yeah, but you rape women, Bill Cosby, so turn the crazy down a couple notches ... I guess I want to just at least make it weird for you to watch Cosby Show reruns. Dude's image, for the most part, it's fucking public Teflon image. I've done this bit onstage and people think I'm making it up ... That shit is upsetting." The bit went viral swiftly, with irreversible, calamitous consequences for Cosby's reputation.

Perhaps the most shocking thing wasn't that Buress had called Cosby a rapist; it was that the world had actually heard him. A decade earlier, 14 women had accused Cosby of rape. In 2005, a former basketball star named Andrea Constand, who met Cosby when she was working in the athletic department at Temple University, where he served on the board of trustees, alleged to authorities that he had drugged her to a state of semi-consciousness and then groped and digitally penetrated her. After her allegations were made public, a California lawyer named Tamara Green appeared on the Today show and said that, 30 years earlier, Cosby had drugged and assaulted her as well. Eventually, 12 Jane Does signed up to tell their own stories of being assaulted by Cosby in support of Constand's case. Several of them eventually made their names public. But they were met, mostly, with skepticism, threats, and attacks on their character.

Comment: See also:

Modern Music: Promoting pedophilia to adults and sexual debauchery to children

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Red Flag

Cleveland police pepper spray Black Lives Matter activists after conference

© Felicia Mandoza/You Tube
Cleveland police have used pepper spray against activists attending the national convention of the Movement for Black Lives. Scuffles and arrests were reported after the weekend conference wrapped-up and people poured onto the streets.

Hundreds of activists from across the nation gathered at Cleveland State University this weekend for the first national conference to discuss escalating tensions between US police and black communities.

Following the closing session on Sunday, as most of the attendees left, dozens of people remained in the streets. Police, apparently concerned by the crowd potentially blocking traffic, moved in to disperse the gathering.

Pepper spray was used on at least one occasion, with videos being posted online showing a police officer spraying it virtually at a camera operator.

Mr. Potato

Ridiculous: City orders man to keep the smell of BBQ from leaving his property

Who knew that the all-American tradition of backyard barbecue could result in a visit from the State, in the Land of the "Free," giving you a warning for firing up the pit? Well, it happened in Pinellas County, Florida to Scotty Jordan earlier this week.

In a video uploaded to Facebook on July 22, Joe Graham from Air Compliance is writing a complaint form for "objectionable odor" from Jordan's property where he was barbecuing. A neighbor living across the street called to complain, as she has apparently done many times before.

This time she found a willing co-conspirator.

"I can smell it again right now, but I'm on your property," Graham tells the group. "You're allowed to have it smell on your property, so that doesn't count, but when I'm on the street, that's when it counts."

"So we're supposed to control the smoke and the wind and where it's blowing it?" he asks.

The Environmental Specialist says, "What you're doing looks like it may be counter to the rule as far as the objectionable odor," as he looks at his clipboard for reassurance.

"You have smoke leaving...that's prohibited. I saw smoke leaving your property." So he's going to "write it up and send it to our department."

The ridiculous nature of this visit results from the fact that in Pinellas County, "Commercial barbecue cookers are not exempt from causing a nuisance odor," according to their website. It is part of a larger set of rules regarding air quality, normally reserved for things like asbestos and trash burning.

However, Mr. Jordan should have nothing to fear. The Frequently Asked Questions goes further to state, "If a sufficient number of complaints, representing different households, are reported and an Inspector witnesses the problem, they can issue a Warning Letter."

According to this, he could not get a Warning Letter unless more than one neighbor complained. And this is unlikely to happen, since, according to Jordan, "Everybody else cooks out around here."

The cameraman says, "We've been living here for 40 years, and this is the first time this happened."

He is referring to the visit from Air Compliance. Since the neighbor moved in three years ago and began complaining, she has called the police and fire departments. "They tell me to go ahead on" and keep barbecuing, according to Jordan.

Graham has an answer for this too. "The police and the fire department are looking at different parts of the rule."

And so continues the endless splitting of hairs, red herrings, and absence of common sense that characterizes nanny state bureaucracies.