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'Unprecedented' inspection of 300 vaults planned after underground explosion affects 30,000 customers in Long Beach, California

Southern California Edison employees planned to "take an unprecedented step to inspect 300 vaults" Friday after a massive explosion that was caught on cellphone video caused some 30,000 customers to lose power just two weeks after a series of underground vault fires resulted in a three-day outage for some customers in the area.

About 260 customers remained without power Friday after a vault explosion Thursday afternoon near West 10th Street and Pine Avenue (map) impacted some 30,000 customers, officials said.

Cellphone video of the explosion showed smoke coming from the vault before it apparently blew up, sending flames into the air.

"We are going to take an unprecedented step to inspect 300 vaults today," Edison's Steve Conroy said Friday morning. "There'll be two-man crews and they're going to inspect those vaults to ensure they're safe and that they can perform the way they're supposed to, which is safe and reliably."

Comment: This is just the latest of an increasing number of underground explosions - with no sign of 'snow and salt', the typical combination attributed to such incidents!

There has also been a surge in wildfires recently, more apartment building explosions, more transformer explosions and even drinking well water in China so polluted that it caught fire!

Could some of these incidents be related to increased 'outgassing' as Earth 'opens up' from a build up of methane and other gases from deep below the planet's surface which is igniting, possibly sparked by the increase in atmospheric electric discharge events.

See: SOTT Exclusive: Solar System 'grounding':Transformer explosions and electrical anomalies


More young adults are living at home than during the recession

Young adults are living with their parents at greater rates than during the lowest point of the "Great Recession," even in the face of improved job prospects as the economy recovers, a new study finds.

The living arrangements of young adults seem to have come unhinged from labor market conditions, as they are becoming less likely to live on their own as the economy improves from the financial crisis. Five years into the economic recovery, full-time employment is up and wages are starting to rebound. But despite these improvements in the labor market, more millennials are living with their parents than they were during the worst period of the recession, according to a recent Pew Research report.

Comment: The fact is that many young people simply aren't able to be self-sustaining in the current economic climate. Most American households are significantly worse off than they were before the recession; incomes have fallen, wages have stagnated and student loan debt has soared. Those glowing unemployment numbers don't reflect a true picture of the labor market as many people are still struggling with extended periods of unemployment, and only 44 percent of people in the US are employed for more than 30 hours per week. To add to the uncertainty, a majority of people are now fearful of another economic downturn.


Sadistic cop shoots puppy in front of children, laughs about it, charges owner with a crime

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Georgia- A tragic and insidious puppycide was reported this week in Clayton County when an officer callously and sadistically shot a puppy in front of children.

A family is grieving after witnessing Clayton County police officer Walter Dennard walk up to their five-month-old lab-pit mix and shoot it, claiming the puppy "lunged at him."

"He just shot the dog and stood there with no remorse, no regrets in front of her and her kids," neighbor Aijohli King told Channel 2 after she witnessed the shooting.

Claudette Terry was moving into her new home when officers stopped to harass her friend who was sitting in the driveway. As two officers were questioning Terry's friend, a third walked up and cowered in fear as a five-month-old puppy approached. He then pulled out his service weapon and fired without any regard for the children playing in the yard.

"My son opened the door the dog ran out and kind of stood by me where the other officers were," Terry explained. "He didn't bark, growl or anything."

When she heard the gunshot, Terry thought her son was shot by this cowardly officer.

"When the gun went off, my son went down in the yard crying. I looked thinking my son may have been shot," she said.

Neighbors who witnessed the shooting said the officer's account of the puppy lunging at him was not true.


Greeks use bartering system for goods and services, the cashless way of the future

© Image source: Telegraph
Residents of Greece are so strapped for cash that they have returned to a primitive barter economy.

Farmers, workers and even corporations have begun bartering because of a shortage of cash reminiscent of the Great Depression in the United States, Reuters reported.

"It's a nightmare," cotton farmer Mimis Tsakanikas told the news service. "I owe many people money now - gas stations and firms that service machinery. I have to go to the bank every single day, and the money I can take out is not enough."

Comment: Bartering for goods and services is what it may come down to in many countries.

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SOTT Exclusive: Reckless sanctions against Russia affect Dutch companies, farmers, and flower growers


It's a dark day for tulip growers in Holland as Russia threats to ban flower imports from the country
"From the European Union (EU), there are four different sanctions regimes in place in connection with the embezzlement of Ukrainian state funds, the illegal annexation of Crimea and the destabilization of eastern Ukraine. These sanctions have implications for businesses"
The above quote is a short introductory description to Russian sanctions that appears on the official website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. The sanctions against Russia vary from an export ban on certain equipment, technology and services for deep water oil exploration and production in Russia, to capital market restrictions against several Russian state-owned companies in the defense sectors. As the description explains, these sanctions have been imposed on Russia due its alleged aggression and 'crossing the line' in Ukraine. The only problem with the rationale for sanctions against Russia is that they are baseless.

As one of Europe's most famous Professor Emeritus' in public and civil law, Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider, said:
"The self-determination of Crimean citizens can not be eliminated by treaties or the Ukrainian constitution. Crimea has, and had as autonomous republic, the right to choose their own path, even if it means separation from Ukraine. The help that Russia offered was legitimate and certainly no violation of international law."
Despite what warmongers in Washington and the EU would like the world to believe, there was no illegal annexation of Crimea, and it is the West itself that is guilty of the destabilisation of and conflict in eastern Ukraine. Yet, despite these facts, sanctions were imposed against Russia by the EU - which were recently extended until January 31, 2016. The fact that the sanctions amount to the EU shooting itself in the foot is apparently irrelevant to the EU power brokers because, after all, only ordinary Europeans will suffer. The Netherlands is no exception when it comes to its farmers and employers feeling the pressure as a result of this recklessness by the EU.

Before the sanctions, the Netherlands exported €1.5 billion worth of agricultural products to Russia, the most important products being flowers and plants, with a total export value of €390 million in 2013. The second most important export to Russia is milk products. In 2013, cheese, milk, butter, and eggs accounted for €301 million worth of Dutch exports. In third place are vegetables and fruit, with an export value of €184 million. All these exports have seen marked decreases as Russia imposed its own sanctions against the EU in August 2014. Russia has boycotted vegetables, fruit, dairy products, meat, and fish from the Netherlands: bad news for the biggest exporter of fresh produce to Russia - and Russia's second-largest market after Germany.


Bin Laden family killed in jet crash at UK airport

© Twitter/tubman89
The £7million private jet was owned by a company linked to the Bin Laden family based in the Jeddah HQ
Family members of Osama Bin Laden were on board a plane which crashed in Hampshire, the Saudi Arabian embassy in the UK has said.

The private jet crashed near Blackbushe Airport, Yateley, on Friday.

In a statement on Twitter, the Saudi ambassador to the UK, Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf Al Saud, offered condolences to the Bin Laden family.

The embassy said it was working with the British authorities to investigate the incident.

The statement said: "His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf Al Saud... has paid his condolences to the family and relatives of Mohammed bin Laden at Blackbushe airport in Britain for the great loss they have suffered as a result of the crash of the plane that was carrying the family."

The embassy added that it was working with the British authorities to ensure the speedy handover of the bodies for funerals and burials in Saudi Arabia.

The plane - an Embraer Phenom 300 - is reported to have belonged to an aviation firm owned by the Saudi-based family of the former al-Qaeda leader.


HPV vaccine required in 7th grade Rhode Island schools, CDC finds no safety concerns

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Seventh-graders in all public and private schools in Rhode Island are now required to get the HPV vaccine.

Starting this fall, seventh-graders who do not get the vaccine will not be allowed to attend school unless their parents seek an exemption for medical or religious reasons, our news partners at The Providence Journal report.

Tricia Washburn, chief of the office of immunization for the Rhode Island Department of Health, said the Centers for Disease Control found no safety concerns with the vaccine.

Comment: Read here for more information on HPV vaccines: The Truth About the Gardasil Vaccine by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

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Ukraine's crime-rate jumps 90% following Washington's 'Maidan revolution'

Ukrainian thugs - useful idiots for corporate thieves
A girl was abducted last month by an unknown person on Independence [Maidan] Square in Kyiv on a Sunday evening. This was reported on the traffic police website:
"Kiev. Girl kidnapped, Independence Square. A girl was forced into a car, which fled in the direction of a pedestrian zone. 06/14/2015, 21:40. BMW 5 Series, AK6068CI, dark color. Information of the Kiev State Automobile Inspectorate."
On the same day, a 16-year-old girl was kidnapped in the Ivano-Frankivsk Region, as reported by the press service of the regional administration of the Interior Ministry:
"On June 14, around 1:30 am on the road between the villages of Rosokhach and Vinograd in Gorodenkovskii district, an unknown person forced a girl into a VAZ (Lada) car and drove off in an unknown direction. Her current whereabouts are unknown."

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Lost generation: Youth unemployment in Italy highest in 38 years

© Giampiero Sposito / Reuters
Youth unemployment has increased to 44.2 percent in June, according to the Italian national statistics office. It's the highest level since 1977 and about twice the eurozone average.

The overall unemployment also increased in June, according to the data published Friday.

"In June 2015 22.297 million persons were employed, -0.1 percent with respect to May 2015. Unemployed were 3.233 million, +1.7 percent over the previous month," said the report.

The average unemployment rate across the EU stood at 9.6 percent in June.

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'Alternative news' power and the information war: Demand Your teleSUR, RT, PressTV, and CCTV!

Mighty new television networks based in South America, Russia, China and Iran are locked in what could only be described as an epic battle against the omnipresent Western propaganda and indoctrination networks.

Their programs can be seen all over the globe, and they have been dramatically changing the lives of millions in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, even in some hubs of the Empire itself, like New York and London. Lies of colonialist and imperialist demagoguery are painstakingly challenged. Those who used to be voiceless are now being clearly heard.

It is a breathtaking, truly beautiful battle, and those of us who are at the front line of it, by making films, writing for or speaking on the airwaves of the anti-imperialist networks, are thoroughly determined to give our very best, and if necessary, even to risk our lives!

Some of us went very close to death, in the toughest slums of Africa, Asia and Latin America, or at the battlefields, at the corners of the world where almost no one really dares to go. We confronted the Empire. Some made that one extra step, crossed the invisible line, and fell; never came back. Others managed to return, just to be spat at by those who never left the couch, for not going "all the way", for surviving, for somehow managing not to die.

Comment: We are involved in an information war, make no mistake. Listen to Hillary Clinton fight for the financial support to better help propagate lies.