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New York town makes it a jailable offense for allowing dog to bark

Union - A central New York town has instituted jail time as a penalty for a wide variety of menial violations of the town's extensive pet control laws.

With a population of 56,000, the Town of Union now stands out as having among the most draconian laws in the country for pet owners. Among the laundry list of pet "offenses" is a prohibition on barking.

Pet owners could face up to fifteen (15) days in jail or $250.00 fines for any of the following offenses - among others - listed in Chapter 71 of the town statutes:

Where is the outrage?! Kiev shells Red Cross's Donetsk HQ, kills Swiss worker

red cross donetsk
© Ruptly
A Swiss Red Cross worker was killed in Donetsk as the office of the humanitarian organization was shelled, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The ICRC has confirmed on its Twitter account that its office in Donetsk has been shelled and a humanitarian worker died in the attack.

ICRC spokesman Ewan Watson confirmed that the worker was a Swiss national.

"One of our colleagues, a Swiss national, was killed in Donetsk, Ukraine, when a shell hit close to our office. We're deeply distressed by this loss," Watson told Reuters.

"A Red Cross representative, Laurent Etienne, a citizen of Switzerland, born 1976, has been killed," Eduard Basurin, head of the political department of the Defense Ministry of the Donetsk People's Republic, told TASS news agency.

Etienne was deputy head of the Red Cross mission in Donetsk, according to an Interfax correspondent.

The death of the humanitarian worker is very concerning, a spokesperson for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine told RIA Novosti.

Comment: Kiev has been massacring civilians for months. Every step of the way, Kiev seems to have been following the model set by the IDF: bombing civilians, calling them terrorists, killing women and children. They've even taken a page out of U.S.-created ISIS, torture, execution, beheading. But ask your average brainwashed westerner and they'll tell you the Ukrainian army are the good guys, and evil Putin is stirring up rebellion in the east. Now, like the IDF, Kiev is apparently targeting humanitarian institutions. We'll just have to see if the death of a western European humanitarian worker in Ukraine is enough to spark the outrage of the average westerner. Something tells us it will not, and the mindless killing will continue.

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Clinic sued by mother after botched circumcision leaves infant son mutilated

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Dejuan Williams
Clayton County, Georgia's Stacie Willis has misgivings about having her newborn son circumcised, but those misgivings deepened to horror when a medical error left the boy's penis permanently mutilated.

"I had concerns about this from the beginning," Willis told Atlanta's Channel 2 News, but when personnel at the Life Cycle Pediatrics informed her about the accident, "it was like reality had just smacked me in the face."

"No child deserves to go through this," she said.

As Dejuan's first birthday approaches, his mother is filing a $2 million lawsuit against Life Cycle, the clinic's owner Anne Siguin and nurse-midwife Melissa Jones, who performed the botched circumcision, which sliced off the end of the boy's penis.

"It's shocking. It's catastrophic. I don't know what other extreme words you could use about someone having essentially the end of their penis amputated, for a male, is almost the worst thing you can imagine," said Willis' attorney Jonathan Johnson.

Comment: There is plenty of evidence that not only is circumcision an unnecessary procedure, it's also dangerous and traumatic for babies to experience:


Ailing woman dies after private prison transport company forces 1,000 mile trip in cramped van

Denise Isaacs before her incarceration
The Miami-Dade Police Department has opened an investigation into a private prison transport company after a woman who had shoplifted died in its cramped van during a grueling 1,000 mile trip.

Tennessee-based Prisoner Transportation Services of America was given the job of transporting 54-year-old Denise Isaacs from Kentucky to Punta Gorda, Florida after her probation was revoked over a shoplifting accusation, The Miami Herald reported.

During stop at a Miami-Dade Taco Bell, transport officers noticed that she was slumped over. So they first called their superiors at Prisoner Transportation Services of America in Tennessee. And then they called 911, but it was too late.

"I knew she wouldn't be able to make a trip like that because of her weakness and pain," Isaacs' daughter, Kallie, told the paper.

Sources told The Miami Herald that Isaacs had suffered hallucinations during the trip. She reportedly drank little water, and refused a meal just hours before she died.

Isaacs had been arrested in 2012 for stealing $1,200 worth of merchandise from a Port Charlotte Walmart. She pleaded no contest, and was allowed to return to Kentucky under the supervision of corrections officers. But when the Florida Department of Corrections found that she had not completed her 200 hours of community service, and still owed $607.90 in restitution, it revoked her probation.
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Grandmother arrested for dressing up as a witch and torturing 7-year-old granddaughter

Geneva Robinson
Police arrested an Oklahoma City woman accused of dressing up as a witch and torturing her 7-year-old granddaughter as punishment.

The child told investigators that her grandmother, 49-year-old Geneva Robinson, put on a green mask, took her to the garage, bound her wrists, and made her sleep on a pair of pants when "she was in trouble."

Police said the girl appeared to be malnourished and had numerous burns and bruises, and her wrists and ankles had infected cuts and other wounds that suggested she had been bound, reported KFOR-TV.

The girl said "Nelda" the witch hung her from underneath her arms from the garage ceiling with a pink dog leash and warned "the creatures in the attic were going to come get her," police said.

Neighbors said they've never seen suspicious behavior at the house.

"If it wasn't serious, it would be laughable," said neighbor Tracie Spillman. "I can't believe it. I just think that's not true."

Dallas cop fired for refusing to help woman who just had her children kidnapped at gunpoint

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A 28 year veteran of the Dallas Police department was fired for refusing to help a woman who ran up to his car and claimed her children had been kidnapped, The Dallas Morning News reports.

Former Senior Corporal Les Richardson learned from dispatchers that a woman's car had been rammed and shots had been fired in his vicinity.

Richardson can be seen on his dashboard camera smoking a cigarette as his car slows down. Off camera, a woman can be heard shouting, "That's him! That's him! Right there!"

"Right here what, baby?" Richardson replied. "I'm on a call."

He then proceeded to drive off.

New York cops shoot unarmed man, then claim he was stabbed

Police accidentally shot and killed a Brooklyn man they were trying to save from a knife-wielding assailant.

An autopsy shows 51-year-old Rafael Laureano died Monday night from a single gunshot wound to the back, according the a spokeswoman for the medical examiner.

Officers also killed the suspect, 47-year-old Francisco Carvajal.

Police said they saw Carvajal stabbing Laureano aftern they arrived at an apartment where a disturbance was reported, and they ordered the man to drop his knife.

Comment: It's becoming more and more obvious - do NOT call the police for anything unless you absolutely have to.


Two high school teachers arrested after allegedly having sex with 16-year-old student

After a weekend of rumors, Kenner police released mug shots and additional details on a sex scandal involving two Destrehan High School English teachers and a student.

Jefferson Parish authorities said both teachers, Shelley S. Dufresne, 32, and Rachel Respess, 24, are facing felony charges of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and indecent behavior with a juvenile.

According to Kenner Police Chief Michael Glaser, the two teachers met with a Destrehan High student after a football game on September 12th, then drove to Respess's Kenner apartment where the three had sex simultaneously until the early morning hours of the 13th.

"You have an educator, I guess, the responsibility is the safety and education of the children and when it goes outside those lines I believe the community should be outraged," Chief Glaser said at a press conference Wednesday.
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Teacher fired after defending student from group of racist bullies


Comment: When even teachers are being punished for standing up to a group of cowardly bullies, it's truly time to see how ponerized American society has become. The school board should be ashamed of themselves.

A longtime elementary school teacher in Fountain Hills, Arizona was fired on Monday despite reportedly defending a Black student from racially-charged bullying, KNXV-TV reported.

Officials with the Fountain Hills Unified School District voted to terminate Pam Aister after 25 years teaching in district from her position at Four Peaks Elementary School. The decision stemmed from a May 2013 incident during which she stepped in when a group of students allegedly surrounded and bullied the boy.

"He was called the n-word, 'monkey', and 'coon,' Aister told KNXV.

Ainster told KTAR-FM that she also said to the group, "If you're picking on him, you're picking on me. It's not five against one, it's five against two, and there will be no more taunting, teasing or racial names."

But parents of the alleged offenders told the school board that Aister behaved threateningly toward them, telling the group to "shut up" and making a remark about one of the students' "ugly face."

Board members did not comment on their decision to fire Ainster, and reportedly left quickly after reaching their decision and adjourning the meeting. Both a hearing officer appointed by the district and an attorney for Superintendent Tom Lawrence reportedly urged the board to end her contract.
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Teenagers arrested for breaking into farm and slaughtering over 900 chickens with golf club

18-year-old Gabriel Quintero was arrested along with three juvenile males in connection with the slaughter of over 900 chickens at a farm near Caruthers, California.
Four teenagers have been arrested for allegedly slaughtering 920 chickens at a Foster Farms facility in Caruthers, California, police said.

Fresno County police said the animals were killed with a golf club and another blunt object on Sept. 20 after the suspects entered a chicken shed by pulling back part of the facility's fence.

Police on Wednesday announced the arrest of 18-year-old Gabriel Quintero, of Riverdale; two males, ages 15 and 17, from Caruthers; and a 17-year-old male from Lemoore.

Foster Farms said the chickens were worth about $5,000. The company called the killing an "unconscionable act of animal cruelty." The nonprofit Animal Defense League had offered a $5,000 reward Wednesday for any information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators. Foster Farms had also offered a reward.