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Cash now no longer accepted on London buses

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Cash free: passengers can no longer use cash to pay for a London bus journey
Passengers on London buses will no longer be able to pay in cash from today.

Transport for London said dwindling numbers of travellers using money to pay for their journeys sparked the change.

Passengers using bus services will only be able to pay with Oyster cards, prepaid tickets, contactless debit cards or concessionary tickets.

TfL are introducing a one more journey scheme to stop passengers from becoming stranded, which allows those with no money left on their Oyster to take a journey.

Commuters will receive an emergency fare advice slip to acknowledge the One More Journey feature has been activated and the credit will become negative. The Oyster card will need topping up before another journey can be made.

Mike Weston, TfL's director of buses, said: "The way our customers pay for goods and services is evolving, so we need to ensure our ticketing evolves too.
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Ranked by residents, the worst possible U.S. states to live in

It should come as no surprise that when Gallup recently conducted a poll asking residents to rank if their state is the "worst possible to live in" a whopping 25% of its residents, by far the most of any states, responded Illinois. Which were the other "worst possible" states? The table below ranks them all.

Comment: America is completely corrupt and bankrupt. What is there to be proud of? High taxes, high mortality rates, extraordinary losses of human dignity, rights and freedom, horrific poverty, and astonishing wealth inequality:
  • U.S. worst place to live?

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Eleven parachuters die in Poland as parachute club plane crashes

Poland plane crash
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Eleven people have been killed when a plane carrying members of a parachute club crashed in southern Poland.

Rescue workers said only one of the 12 people on board survived and had suffered serious injuries.

The Piper Navajo light aircraft had just taken off from an airfield in Rudniki near Czestochowa. The cause of the crash was not immediately clear.

Witnesses said the plane's engines had made an odd, droning sound before it began to fall from the sky.

"It was flying from the south and the engine was making strange sounds," said Barbara Minczykiewicz, a resident of the nearby village of Topolow where the plane crashed.

Comment: Another crash involving parachuters: Vietnam military helicopter crashes killing 16 during parachute training

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Vietnam military helicopter crashes killing 16 during parachute training

Vietnamese helicopter
© Voice of Russia
ixteen people were killed and five injured when a Vietnamese military helicopter crashed in the capital Hanoi early Monday, a top military official said.

"The plane was carrying 21 people and it crashed during a parachute training exercise, killing 16 and injuring five others," Lieutenant General Vo Van Tuan, army deputy commander, told AFP.

The dead and injured were all military personnel, he added.

32 injured during Independence Day weekend shootings

U.S. Capitol, West Lawn
© Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Capital Concerts/AFP
Fourth of July Independence Day celebrations at U.S. Capitol, West Lawn on July 4, 2014 in Washington, DC.
At least 32 people have been injured in three US cities as Americans celebrated the Fourth of July weekend. Chicago, Indianapolis and Houston were all affected, with four people being shot at a music festival in the Texan city.

The Houston Caribbean Festival attracted 5,000 visitors, according to the city's police spokesperson, Jodi Silva. However, at around 2am on Saturday morning, a man opened fire inside the arena, according to an eyewitness.

One of the four who were shot is in critical condition, Silva added, while two women were injured after people started to panic and began fleeing the building where the event was taking place. The gunman is still at large.

US company World Eco Energy signs billion-dollar energy deal with Iran

© Reuters/ISNA/Mehdi Ghasemi
US company World Eco Energy has signed a preliminary agreement to invest $1.175 billion to generate electricity in Iran. The plan is to turn solid waste into power.

Representatives from the American company and the Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari Province Governor General, Malek-Mohammad Qorbanpour, signed the deal, the Tehran Times reported.

It is expected the project will create 650 immediate jobs, with another 2,000 emerging over the next two to three years, Oorbanpour told the IRNA news agency. Local companies will also be investing the same amount of money into the project.

The Governor General went on to add that 80 percent of the workforce will be employed locally, while World Eco Energy will provide machinery, equipment and technical expertise.
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Immoral, unacceptable: Herd mentality, racism, lynching alive and well in Israel

Mohamed Hussein Abu Khdeir

Mohamed Hussein Abu Khdeir: kidnapped and burned alive.
After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu called for revenge or the murders of three Israeli teens, citizens took matters into their own hands by kidnapping a 16-year old Palestinian boy and burning him alive.

This climate of state sponsored racism (Israeli politicians now refer to African immigrants as 'Infiltrators') has filtered through into the body politic and the blood of Israeli society. 'Price Tagging', the local term for acts of random violence against Palestinians, has been broadened to describe a general trend toward racial assaults across Israel. Not surprisingly, there has been a stunning escalation of late in racial violence on non-Jewish citizens, particularly by teenage and young Israelis.

The Tel Aviv Race Riots

Tel Aviv is one of the most liberal, multi cultural areas of Israel. Yet in May 2012, thousands of protesters were addressed by politicians from mainstream political parties in outrage at 60,000 asylum seekers arriving in Israel in recent years.

Leading politicians queued to slam non-Jews.

Miri Regev, a member of the ruling Likud party told the crowds that asylum seekers are a "cancer in our body," and promised to do everything "in order to bring them back to where they belong".

This racist crowd, sufficiently whipped up by the politicians then proceeded to go on a rampage of racially motivated violence. Dozens of African immigrants were injured. Witnesses reported seeing men and women being beaten in the streets, whilst properties and shops were also attacked. This riot is hauntingly reminiscent of Nazi Germany's Kristallnacht, where Jews were attacked in the streets, and their businesses were destroyed in an orgy of hate-fuelled violence sanctioned by the state. It was fascist then and it is fascist now.
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​Fukushima has 9 days to prevent 'unsafe' overheating

Fukushima Dai-ichi
© AFP / Japan Pool via Jiji Press Japan out

Facility to pump up underground water at the Tokyo Electric Power CO (TEPCO) Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant at Okuma town in Fukushima prefecture
Fukushima operator TEPCO has been forced to switch off the cooling system at mothballed Reactor Unit 5, after it was discovered that it had been leaking water. In nine days, if the system is not repaired, temperatures will exceed dangerous levels.

Engineers have discovered that 1,300 liters of water leaked from a cooling system intended to stabilize the temperature of the spent fuel at the Reactor Unit 5, which was offline but loaded with fuel rods when the plant was damaged by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

The source of the leak was a 3 mm-diameter hole near a flow valve, a statement published by the Japanese energy giant on Sunday asserts. However it is unclear from company data if the location of the opening has been discovered, or whether it was calculated with flow measurements.

At the time when the cooling system was switched off at around 12pm on Sunday, the temperature in the pool in which the rods are submerged was 23C but started increasing by 0.193 degrees per hour, TEPCO says.

If no new cold water is pumped in at such rate it will reach the dangerous threshold of 65C by the midpoint of the month in roughly 9 days.

Such temperatures, which have not been routinely seen at the plant since the failing of the cooling system in the immediate aftermath, would increase the possibility of dangerous reactions and further radiation leaks in the plant.

TEPCO however says that currently, there have been no abnormal readings anywhere in the plant.

Mysteries remain in child rape case after horrifying evidence found in suspect's residence

© AP
This undated arrest photo made available by the Chatham County Sheriff's Department, in Georgia, shows Matthew Coniglio, 46.
FBI turns to Associated Press for help in search for possible victims after tapes found in Matthew Coniglio's home

Matthew Coniglio's Georgia home held a trove of child abuse material, more than 50,000 images and videos stored on laptops, external hard drives and thumb drives.

Among the stash, hidden in a bedside table turned around to conceal the doors, authorities made an even more horrifying discovery: 56 8mm cassette tapes they say show him raping and molesting girls.

All were unconscious, apparently drugged, FBI special agent William Kirkconnell, who viewed the tapes, told the Associated Press. Some were so incapacitated they were snoring. The camera was always turned off before they awoke.

Many of the victims' faces cannot be clearly identified, so investigators don't know how many different girls were attacked. But each tape recorded at least one assault - some had more - in homes and hotels. The youngest victim appears to be about 10 years old.

As for the alleged perpetrator, a 46-year-old traveling salesman who worked and lived in cities across Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, "he often looks back at the camera and even speaks", Kirkconnell said. "There's no doubt it's Matthew Coniglio. None at all."

Afghan quagmire: Taliban sets 400 'NATO-supplying' oil tankers ablaze in Afghanistan

Trucks on fire in Aghanistan
© Unknown
With the "Islamic State" grabbing all the headlines, it appears the Taliban have had enough. As Reuters reports, Taliban insurgents set fire on Saturday to about 400 oil tanker trucks supplying fuel for NATO forces in an attack just outside the Afghan capital Kabul, police said. It was unclear how the fire was started. Some Afghan media reported that insurgents had fired rockets at the tankers late on Friday. The attack precedes Monday's preliminary announcement of Afghanistan's presidential election winner - in which both sides have accused the other of mass fraud. The Taliban had vowed to disrupt the process.