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Kiev shells fall near Donetsk largest chemical plant, risking chemical disaster over a large region

© Reuters / Valery Belokryl
Stirol chemical plant in the town of Gorlovka in the Donetsk region
Ukraine is at risk of an environmental disaster as Kiev's army continues to bomb the Donestk region, nearly hitting its largest chemical plant that stores lethal agents, the plant's spokesperson warned. The minimum impact zone would be at least 300 km.

For the past three weeks, the Ukrainian army has been intensely shelling Gorlovka, located in Ukraine's Donetsk region - home to the nation's largest chemical plant, Stirol.

"Due to the irresponsible actions of the Ukrainian army, citizens of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus are exposed to a deadly threat from an ecological disaster on a daily basis, the size of which cannot be predicted," Pavel Brykov, a spokesman for the plant, said in a YouTube message on Sunday.

According to Brykov, an accident at the plant could cause a toxic leak of nitrochlorobenzene - a lethal substance which, if it enters the human body, affects the liver, heart, and bone marrow, causing death.

A 300-year-old Mexican Jesus statue has real human teeth, X-rays show

Jesus Statue
The restoration of a venerated 18th century statue of Christ in Mexico has revealed a somewhat creepy detail - the figure contains real human teeth, and the chompers appear to be in pristine condition.

Researchers at Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) said this week they made the discovery after performing X-rays on the Lord of Patience, as the figure is known, during a restoration operation.

The fangs are only slightly visible through Christ's open lips, but anthropologists said X-rays showed the eight teeth are complete and intact, all the way to the root.

The 3'8" tall icon - depicting a patient, pained Christ resting momentarily during the Passion - is usually seated in a church in San Bartolo Cuautlalpan, a town of 10,000 in the municipality of Zumpango, about 30 miles north of Mexico City.
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British pro-Israel lackeys show their hypocrisy on cue

palestinian flag parliament

An image of the Palestinian flag has been projected onto the Houses of Parliament in London, on August 2, 2014.
The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has projected an image of the Palestinian flag onto the Houses of Parliament in London. The image includes calls for sanctions against Israel and an end to the massacre in Gaza.

Hugh Lanning, Chair of PSC, criticized the British government for standing by while Israel slaughters Palestinians.

"The prime minister, David Cameron, has failed to listen to the voices of hundreds and thousands of British people who have taken to the streets. He has failed to stand up for an occupied people being ruthlessly murdered by an occupying power. The prime minister has weakly accepted the US's political position, which is totally out-of-step with the mood of this country. It is time for firm action consistent with international law."

He said Cameron must demand an end to the massacre in Gaza, implement an immediate and total arms embargo on Israel and impose sanctions until Israel ends its illegal occupation."
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Silencing truth-tellers: British MP under police investigation for daring to suggest boycott of Israel

george galloway
Britain's MP George Galloway is put under police investigation for making anti-Israeli comments and declaring his area of Bradford an "Israel-free zone."

Speaking at a meeting of Respect Party activists in Leeds on August 2, Galloway slammed Israel for the massacre of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and urged party members to issue a boycott of Israeli goods, services, academics and tourists.
"We have declared Bradford an Israel-free zone...We don't want any Israeli goods. We don't want any Israeli services. We don't want any Israeli academics coming to the university or the college," Galloway told activists.
"We reject this illegal, barbarous, savage state that calls itself Israel. And you have to do the same," he added. The Respect MP had distinguished between Israel and the world's Jewish population earlier in the speech.
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Sanitizing the horrors of war: The Gulf War photo no media outlet would publish

“He was fighting to save his life to the very end, till he was completely burned up,” Jarecke says of the man he photographed. “He was trying to get out of that truck.”

The Iraqi soldier died attempting to pull himself up over the dashboard of his truck. The flames engulfed his vehicle and incinerated his body, turning him to dusty ash and blackened bone. In a photograph taken soon afterward, the soldier's hand reaches out of the shattered windshield, which frames his face and chest. The colors and textures of his hand and shoulders look like those of the scorched and rusted metal around him. Fire has destroyed most of his features, leaving behind a skeletal face, fixed in a final rictus. He stares without eyes.

On February 28, 1991, Kenneth Jarecke stood in front of the charred man, parked amid the carbonized bodies of his fellow soldiers, and photographed him. At one point, before he died this dramatic mid-retreat death, the soldier had had a name. He'd fought in Saddam Hussein's army and had a rank and an assignment and a unit. He might have been devoted to the dictator who sent him to occupy Kuwait and fight the Americans. Or he might have been an unlucky young man with no prospects, recruited off the streets of Baghdad.

Jarecke took the picture just before a ceasefire officially ended Operation Desert Storm - the U.S.-led military action that drove Saddam Hussein and his troops out of Kuwait, which they had annexed and occupied the previous August. The image and its anonymous subject might have come to symbolize the Gulf War. Instead, it went unpublished in the United States, not because of military obstruction but because of editorial choices.

Police stage realistic hostage drill on nursing home, terrorize unsuspecting staff in Carbondale, Colorado

Handgun closeup
© Unknown
In a desperate plea for her life, she begged the man not to hurt her, telling him she had a young child.

A nurse says she begged for her life after being taken hostage by an unidentified gunman during a shift at a Colorado nursing home. Unbeknownst to her, the armed intruder was actually a cop in disguise, masquerading as a bad guy in a "routine" safety drill.

The incident occurred on October 16th, 2013, at the Heritage Park Care Center in Carbondale, Colorado. Nurse Michelle Meeker was working a day shift and attending to her patients. Around 1:00 p.m., she was diverted from her work and asked to check out a "suspicious" man sitting in a waiting room.

When Ms. Meeker approached the man, she asked him if he was there to see someone at the facility or if he needed help. According to her account, after asking twice, "the man gruffly responded with words to the effect of, 'follow me, I'll show you.'"

The stranger then took her down the hall to an empty room and exposed a handgun tucked in his waistband. He ordered Ms. Meeker to get in the empty room.

"Terrified, Ms. Meeker shook her head and said 'No,' afraid that if she went through that doorway she would not make it out alive," her lawsuit states.

The armed man demanded she comply three times, and finally placed his hand on his gun and physically ushered her into the room.

Ms. Meeker began to cry and shake with terror. "In a desperate plea for her life, she begged the man not to hurt her, telling him she had a young child," her lawsuit alleged.

Her captor then told her "in a hushed tone" that he was a Carbondale Police Officer and that "this is a drill."

Ms. Meeker had no way of knowing if his explanation was true, and continued to fear for her life, she claimed. She proceeded to comply quietly under duress.
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Gaza protest in Tel-Aviv: Hundreds defy police ban and take to the streets

© Reuters/Suhaib Salem
Smoke rises following what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike in Gaza City August 9, 2014.
Despite the police ban on public gatherings, several hundred anti-war activists took to the streets in Tel-Aviv on Saturday to say 'no' to the continuation of Israel's bloody military operation in Gaza.

There are conflicting reports on the demonstration's turnout, with Reuters reporting 150 people attending.

However, Israeli +972 web magazine said that "roughly 500 non-aligned activists flooded Tel Aviv's Rabin Square."

Protesters chanted slogans such as "Stop the massacre," "Free Gaza," "Funds to welfare not to war," "Build more classrooms not more bombs" as well as "Gaza children want to live."
"The occupation is a crime that harms us all" Sign at the anti-war protest in Tel Aviv tonight
- Elizabeth Tsurkov (@Elizrael) August 9, 2014
Two dozen right-wing demonstrators staged a counter-protest nearby, but there were no reports of any clashes between the two groups.

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Tech stocks take a hit as market sinks to two-month low

S&P August 2014
Shares of Facebook, Twitter and the S&P 500 over the last month.
You might be nursing some losses in your stock portfolio.

But at least you didn't lose $1 billion, right?

The company stock fortunes of some of the richest entrepreneurs in America got skinned over the last two weeks, as stocks sank to a two-month low and talk picked up that a correction was in the works.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos lost $4 billion alone, on paper at any rate. Google CEO Larry Page lost $1.4 billion, as did Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg gave up $772 million.

USA Today estimated the value of their holdings based on SEC filings, FactSet ownership data, and their companies' stock prices from July 24, when the S&P 500 SPY hit a high, to the close of Aug. 7. Stocks recovered some lost ground in Friday's 1% rally.
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Race car driver Tony Stewart hits and kills fellow driver who had left his crashed car

Tony Stewart
Former NASCAR racing champion Tony Stewart hit and killed a driver who left his damaged car mid-race at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park in upstate New York, US media reported Sunday. said that Stewart, a three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion, first bumped the victim's car and knocked it out of the late Saturday race.

On his next time around the track Stewart then struck the driver when the victim left his car to confront the NASCAR champion on the dirt track, Ontario County Sheriff Phil Povero told reporters, according to

Povero later told US media, including ABC affiliate 13WHAM, that the driver had died but did not identify him.
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17-year-old male arrested in rape and murder of 6-year-old girl in Washington

Yesterday evening, the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office in Washington announced that it had arrested a 17-year-old male suspected of raping and murdering 6-year-old Jenise Paulette Wright, reports.

The girl went missing last Saturday night, but was not reported until Sunday morning, as it was not unusual for her to wander around the Steele Creek mobile home park with friends and extended family.

Phyllis Tindall, a neighbor, said that although the mobile home park is safe, she "wouldn't let my six year run around by herself and [Jenise] has been doing it since she was 3-years-old." Tindall noted that she once found a 4-year-old Jenise standing in the yard wearing nothing but a man's shirt early in the morning.