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Israeli supreme court rules against child's forced circumcision

child circumcision
© Reuters / Ronen Zvulun
Israel's Supreme Court has overturned a ruling by a court of rabbis, which stipulated that a new mother was required to have her son circumcised under the terms of her divorce, and despite the potential ill-effects on the child's health.

The court decreed that "the rabbinical court was unauthorized to discuss the dispute over the circumcision issue, and there is room to annul any decisions made on the matter."

The decision was reached by a group of seven justices. Six voted in favour. It stated that only civil family courts can impose the measure.

While circumcision is not a legal necessity for Jews in Israel, a rabbi court had previously ruled that the woman must carry out her husband's wish for the child to be circumcised in the 'brit milah' as it is known in Hebrew.

"A decision with regard to circumcision is a complex and sensitive one," High Court justice Miriam Naor wrote in the decision. "It involves, apart from the irreversible physical act on the body of a child who is not a party in the divorce, questions related to basic rights of freedom of religion and freedom from religion as well as social and cultural considerations."

Psycho Cincinnati cop set up fake substation as sex lair, pleads guilty to child porn

darrell beavers
A Cincinnati police officer pleaded guilty Monday to two felonies in connection with his relationship with a teenage girl he mentored.

Darrell Beavers admitted to one count each of attempted tampering with evidence and illegal use of a minor in sexually oriented material. The 45-year-old Beavers, who resigned from the police department, faces up to 30 months in prison and a $7,500 fine when he's sentenced Aug. 7. He also could be ordered to pay $9,600 in restitution and spend five years on supervised parole after serving his prison term.

The parents of a 17-year-old girl in the Cincinnati Police Explorer reported their concerns about the teen's relationship with Beavers in September. Prosecutors said police discovered Beavers had set up a false police substation at an apartment in East Price Hill, where they found a bed, food, personal lubricant, videos, and a night vision camera that belonged to the police department. Police said Beavers received nude photos from the teen and then destroyed a cell phone after he learned of the investigation.

Comment: A drop in the bucket in terms of police corruption and deviance. See our SOTT Talk Radio discussion: Para-military Police State: U.S. cops out of control?

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Oh, the horror? More like hysteria! 5-year-old slapped with sexual misconduct after dropping pants in playground

eric lopez
© Arizona 3
Sexual misconduct?! Five-year-old Eric Lopez now has a permanent black mark on his school record for "depantsing" in his school playground.
The mother of 5-year-old Eric Lopez, who signed a paper attesting to the act of voluntarily 'depantsing' in his school playground, is now fighting authorities to remove the stain from her son's permanent school record.

Accused of the 'lewd act', Eric Lopez did not ask that his parents be present at the moment he was asked to sign the incriminating document inside the assistant principal's office. The boy's mother said her son had no idea he could make such a request.

"He did not know that he could ask for me," the boy's mother, Erica Martinez, told "He's five."

The boy also received a detention from school in addition to the permanent sexual misconduct charge on his file.

Martinez, who says school officials failed to take her son's age into account when they labeled his 'depantsing', has been locked in a legal battle for two months to have the charge scratched from her son's record, arguing that Eric's actions were simply the innocent behavior of a child.

Comment: More ridiculous hysteria in the USA. The Onion is right:
Speaking with reporters, citizens across the planet unanimously expressed their bafflement at the consistency with which they either formally or informally select corrupt and self-obsessed sacks of shit for leadership roles in all facets of life, including positions atop corporate boards, judicial and legislative bodies, religious institutions, parent-teacher associations, the military, intramural softball teams, and international and national professional associations, as well as groups of friends deciding where to eat.


UK: Man leaves dirty protest on floor of Barclays bank

Unfortunately, it was other members of the peasant class who had to clean up the mess
A high street bank was forced to close after an irate customer dropped his shorts and pooed on the floor.

Onlookers watched in disbelief as the man scuttled up and down the stairs leaving behind streaks of brown mess at a Barclays branch in Andover, Hampshire.

Comment: He should have gone to their head office!
Barclays and Lloyds hand bosses almost £1m in shares

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Ohio father arrested because 8-year-old son explored neighborhood

Jeff and Justin
Jeffery Williamson and his son, Justin.
Blanchester - An Ohio family is reeling after a father was arrested and lost his job because his 8-year-old son explored the neighborhood by himself. He could face up to six months in jail.

Justin Williamson, 8, recently decided to skip church without telling his father. When the church van came to pick him up on a recent Sunday morning, the boy instead walked a half-mile from his home to a local Dollar General store.

A local busybody called the police to report an unattended minor. The police rounded up Justin and then came after his father, Jeffrey Williamson.

"The next thing you know, [the officer] comes up to me and he says, 'You're under arrest,'" Mr. Williamson told WCPO. "My kids start crying their eyes out wondering why I'm getting arrested."

Mr. Williamson was arrested on a charge of "child endangerment." If convicted, he could potentially spend six months in jail.

"It's ridiculous to me that I was arrested for this," Williamson remarked.

A mother's heartbreaking account: A SWAT team blew a hole in my 2-year-old son

Bounkham “Bou Bou” Phonesavanh (Credit: The Phonesavanh Family)
After our house burned down in Wisconsin a few months ago, my husband and I packed our four young kids and all our belongings into a gold minivan and drove to my sister-in-law's place, just outside of Atlanta. On the back windshield, we pasted six stick figures: a dad, a mom, three young girls, and one baby boy.

That minivan was sitting in the front driveway of my sister-in-law's place the night a SWAT team broke in, looking for a small amount of drugs they thought my husband's nephew had. Some of my kids' toys were in the front yard, but the officers claimed they had no way of knowing children might be present. Our whole family was sleeping in the same room, one bed for us, one for the girls, and a crib.

After the SWAT team broke down the door, they threw a flashbang grenade inside. It landed in my son's crib.

Flashbang grenades were created for soldiers to use during battle. When they explode, the noise is so loud and the flash is so bright that anyone close by is temporarily blinded and deafened. It's been three weeks since the flashbang exploded next to my sleeping baby, and he's still covered in burns.

There's still a hole in his chest that exposes his ribs. At least that's what I've been told; I'm afraid to look.

My husband's nephew, the one they were looking for, wasn't there. He doesn't even live in that house. After breaking down the door, throwing my husband to the ground, and screaming at my children, the officers - armed with M16s - filed through the house like they were playing war. They searched for drugs and never found any.

Comment: See also: SWAT team throws flashbang grenade in baby's crib


Plane makes emergency landing after evacuation slide inflates inside cabin

An evacuation slide inflated inside a United Airlines plane as it flew from Chicago to California, filling part of the cabin and forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing in Kansas, the airline and passengers said.

Mike Schroeder said he was flying to Orange County, California, late Sunday when he heard a hiss and pop. Schroeder said he turned around and saw the plane's evacuation slide - which would normally go outside the plane during an emergency - inflating inside the cabin.

United Airlines officials said in a statement Monday that no one aboard Flight 1463 was injured.

Passengers remained calm and took pictures of the inflated slide with their phones, Schroeder said. The Boeing 737-700 pilot announced to passengers that they would be landing at Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport.
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California legalizes the use of alternative currency, including bitcoins

© Reuters/Jim Urquhart
California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill making alternative currencies, including bitcoin, lawful in the state.

The bill repeals the provision of the old legislation, which banned the use of "anything but the lawful money of the United States."

Authors of the amendment labeled the old regulatory regime as "stagnant" and lagging behind Californian "growing and innovative payments market."

"This bill makes clarifying changes to current law to ensure that various forms of alternative currency, such as digital currency, points, coupons, or other objects of monetary value do not violate the law when those methods are used for the purchase of goods and services or the transmission of payments," thecomments to the bill read.

S. Korean 'comfort women' for US military sue state for forced prostitution

American soldiers 1950
© AFP Photo
American soldiers are on their way to place anti-tank mines on a road, 06 August 1950, to stop the North Koreans from advancing.
A group of South Korean former "comfort women", who worked in state-controlled brothels for the US military after the 1950-53 Korean War, has reportedly filed a suit demanding compensation from the authorities for forced prostitution.

It's the first time that such legal action has been taken regarding the brothels, or "special areas" that were sanctioned by the South Korean government, The Asahi Shimbun media outlet reported.

The women are seeking 10 million won ($9,850) for being made to serve as "US military comfort women" after the Korean War ended in 1953.

The suit, filed on June 25, stated that the South Korean authorities subjugated the women and forced them to provide sex, violating their human rights.

Moreover, the group said that they had been obliged to go through medical check-ups for sexually transmitted diseases.

The plaintiffs also urged the authorities to issue an official apology, revealing the true historical facts.

Fracking - you are not important

Why does the fracking lobby refuse to engage in open, public debate? Because, writes Paul Mobbs, it has already got its way, with the uncritical support of all the 'mainstream' media and political parties. You and I simply do not matter. So what are we going to do about that?

You are not important!

I'm sorry if that's an unwelcome reality, but if we look at some recent developments in the battle over fracking in Britain (and/or the USA, Canada, Poland, South Africa, Australia, etc.) we can conclude little else.

In mid-June I took part in a UK-wide series of events entitled, 'We Need to Talk About Fracking'.