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'Americans are so broke...': Twenty-one signs that there is no economic recovery

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Did you know that 77 million Americans have unpaid debts that are "in collections" and that Congress is actually thinking about letting post offices offer payday loans? We live in a country where almost everyone is drowning in debt and where most people are either flat broke or very close to flat broke. Years ago, "your Mama is so broke" jokes were all the rage, and at the rate we are going they could make a big comeback. Some of my favorites were "your Mama is so broke she went to McDonald's and put a milkshake on layaway" and "your Mama is so broke your family ate cereal with a fork to save milk". Unfortunately, the facts that I am about to share with you are not funny at all. In fact, they are quite sobering. Yes, things are going fairly well for the elitists that live in the good areas of New York City, Washington D.C. and San Francisco right now, but most of the country is deeply struggling as our economic fundamentals continue to crumble. Please share these numbers with as many people as you can, because we need people to understand that there has not been an "economic recovery" for most of America. In fact, in many ways things just continue to get even worse. The following are 21 ways to end the phrase "Americans are so broke"...

Over 30 civilians killed during two days of shelling in Gorlovka, E. Ukraine

Donetskoblenergo  firefighter
© RIA Novosti / Mikhail Voskresenskiy
A firefighter in the Donetskoblenergo power company office building damaged during a rocket and mortar attack on Gorlovka, Donetsk region.
Two days of shelling in Gorlovka, in the Donetsk region of Eastern Ukraine, have resulted in 31 civilians being killed there, local authorities say. Ukrainian troops and anti-government forces are blaming each other for the bloodshed.

The town of Gorlovka witnessed more shelling Tuesday morning, RIA Novosti news agency reported.

"Over the past 24 hours 17 residents of Gorlovka, including three children, have been killed in the center of the town, which got under artillery fire. 43 civilians have been wounded," Itar-Tass reported the press service of the Gorlovka city administration as saying.

A day earlier, the Donetsk region administration said that 14 civilians, including five children, had being killed in Sunday's shelling of Gorlovka.

Survivors of the attacks say they've gotten accustomed to spending most of their day hiding in basements.

Immigration, border staff in UK say they feel unprepared to deal with arrival of possible Ebola victims

UK border

Border, immigration and customs staff feel unprepared to deal with people coming to the UK with possible cases of the Ebola virus, a union leader says.
Border, immigration and customs staff feel unprepared to deal with people coming to the UK with possible cases of the Ebola virus, a union leader says.

Immigration Service Union (ISU) general secretary Lucy Moreton said her members needed more information on the threat.

But the Border Force has insisted staff have been given guidance on how to identify and deal with suspected cases.

Almost 700 people have died in West Africa since the first case of Ebola was detected in February.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said the government was taking the current outbreak - the world's deadliest to date - and the threat to the UK "very seriously".

Ebola is a viral illness - initial symptoms can include a sudden fever, intense weakness, muscle pain and a sore throat - that can cause internal and external bleeding.

It kills up to 90% of those infected but patients have a better chance of survival if they receive early treatment.

Comment: See: Ebola - What you're not being told

Star of David

Gaza on the edge of precipice as death toll reaches 1,400 Palestinians

© Mohammed Abed/AFP
Palestinians wait in line to buy bread outside a bakery in Gaza City.
The death toll in Gaza has topped 1,400, with more than 40 people dying after another day of intense Israeli bombardment from air, sea and land.

The toll is now greater than in both previous rounds of fighting between Israel and Hamas. Israeli military losses are also significantly higher.

Palestinian officials in Gaza said on Thursday that 8,200 people had been wounded in the four-week operation. Up to 80% of the Palestinian casualties were civilians, according to local non-government organisations and the UN.

Three civilians on the Israeli side and 56 soldiers have been killed so far.

Comment: 3 Israeli civilians. Compared to over 1,100 Palestinians. This is not a war, it's a genocide.

In Gaza City, Abu Ahmed, 65, said the situation was the worst he had ever known. "I have experienced everything - the 1967 war, two intifada [uprisings]. By chance we are alive. But we don't know if we die now, today or tomorrow," the shopkeeper said.

Liberian asylum seeker causes Ebola scare at Gatwick immigration centre

© AFP Photo
Fact file on the Ebola virus that has killed more than 670 people in an ongoing outbreak in West Africa
An asylum seeker was suspected of obtaining the deadly Ebola virus immediately after creating symptoms within days of arriving in Britain from Libera, it has emerged.

The man, who was awaiting processing at an immigration centre run by security firm G4S in Gatwick, was feared to be carrying the illness, which has killed a lot more than 700 individuals in West Africa.

Immigration employees isolated the man and tested him for Ebola earlier this week, but he did not have the infection.

Nonetheless the incident shows how uncomplicated it would be for the deadly disease to enter Britain via illegal channels.

Border staff at UK airports also claim they have not been educated to deal with suspected circumstances coming into the country.

Comment: The British government is trying to contain the hysteria, by claiming that the infection is not easily transmitted, however that is not necessarily correct.

Ebola - What you're not being told
Finally catching up - Could the Black Death actually have been an Ebola-like virus?

In preparation, it would be a good idea to begin to improve your diet by getting rid of sugar and processed foods and including healthy fats. A ketogenic diet has been shown to help prevent a myriad of diseases:

Ketogenic Diet (high-fat, low-carb) Has Neuroprotective and Disease-modifying Effects
The Ketogenic Diet - An Overview


Update: Multiple gas explosions in Taiwan city: Cars overturned, 'heavy casualties'

© Reuters / Stringer
Several blasts have ripped through Kaohsiung, a city in south-western Taiwan, killing at least 22, injuring over 270 and overturning the cars in the street, the Fire Agency said. The cause is thought to be gas leaks in the sewage system.

The blasts late Thursday killed at least 22 people and left 270 others injured, the National Fire Agency said, adding that those injured were rushed to various hospitals in the port city.

The number of those injured is expected to rise, the Fire Department said, adding that there were four firefighters among those killed.

Comment: In order to understand all sorts of phenomena, including massive gas explosions all around the world, read Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

Also consider the following excerpt from the Cassiopaean Experiment dated 26 of July, 2014:
Q: (Data) I would like to ask about this hole that opened up in Siberia that makes like a sinkhole that also has ejected material around. What caused this hole?

A: Gases exploding within the earth. We told you that an infinitesimal slowing of the earth rotation would cause things to "open up". Expect more of that in future as well. You did not ask what sparked the "explosion"? We can tell you to once again think of greater current flow.

Q: (L) So an electrically sparked inner earth explosion. That's creepy!

(Pierre) Earth opening up, gas released, and more electric current discharged.

(Perceval) I wonder could that be caused by a lightning strike, for example?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So a lightning strike could strike the earth, and if the gas was within a...

(Pierre) These crazy fires everywhere... Gas, lightning, fireball, boom boom.

(Kniall) Did something like this happen in Harlem? There was a gas explosion in a building, and then the appearance of a sinkhole. It could have been the same kind of thing.

(L) Remember some time ago we asked about all the fires, and they talked about electrical sparking or something then? Even back then. It's not all necessarily fireballs.

(Perceval) They said that all those fires in like frozen land with scrub and bogs was gas.

(L) It's freakin' gas being released, and sparks.

Card - VISA

HSBC closes bank accounts belonging to Muslim clients in the UK

© The Independent, UK
Bank says decision to close the accounts wasn't 'taken lightly' and denies religion played a part.
HSBC has closed a number of bank accounts belonging to Muslim clients, including one of London's largest mosques, because they fall outside the bank's "risk appetite".

Some of the organisations affected by the bank's decision include a London-based Islamic think tank and Finsbury Park Mosque, where Abu Hamza, who was recently convicted of 11 charges of terrorism in a New York court, served as an imam.

Khalid Oumar, one of the trustees of the mosque in north London, told the BBC they received a letter from HSBC last week notifying the treasurer that the account would be terminated because it falls "outside our risk appetite".

But Mr Oumar questioned the bank's motive, adding that the letters did not provide "any reason why the accounts were closed", which he argues is part of an "Islamophobic campaign targeting Muslim charities in the UK".

In response, HSBC said decisions to end a customer account "are not taken lightly" and insisted that they are "absolutely not based on the race or religion". The bank said it wouldn't comment on individual accounts or businesses.

Mossad website taken down by Anonymous over Israel's Gaza offensive

© AFP Photo / Daniel Roland
Hacker group Anonymous has reportedly taken down the website of the Israeli secret service Mossad in protest of Israel's military incursion in Gaza. The 'hacktivists' have already targeted a number of organizations in their mission to stop the "genocide."

Mossad's website went offline at around 00:40 GMT and is still down at the time of writing. The Israeli government has yet to make any comment on the supposed hack attack.
#Anonymous takes down: #OpSaveGaza#OpIsrael #AnonGhost #Palestine #PalestineResists #Gaza# GazaUnderAttack

- Operation Egypt (@OperationEgypt) July 30, 2014
Mossad tango down!

- Thadeus Zu (@deuszu) July 30, 2014
In a previous attack on Monday, Anonymous knocked out multiple Israeli government sites after one of the organization's members died in the West Bank over the weekend. 22-year-old Tayeb Abu Shehada was killed during a protest in the village of Huwwara in the West Bank after Israeli settlers and soldiers opened fire on demonstrators, reported Bethlehem-based Ma'an News Agency.

China revives Great Silk Road to create Eastern hemisphere trade zone

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When it comes to the rise of Eurasia as the ascendent axis set to oppose US global hegemony, conventional wisdom focuses on the roles of China and Russia. However, the changing geopolitical landscape is certainly far more nuanced than merely the "west" versus the BRICS, and as the following infographic from SCMP shows, China has been quietly working to recreate one of the most legendary trade routes, "the Silk Road", linking Africa to the Middle East (Iraq and Iran) to India, to Indonesia and all culminating in Beijing, while at the same time the reverse leg of the route goes to Kazakhstan, Moscow and ultimately, Germany. The purpose: "to enhance political and economic ties with southeast Asia and beyond."

As SCMP reports, China has set up a 10 billion yuan fund to support infrastructure projects under the umbrella of the silk road plan. Initially floated in relation to Asean countries, the idea has grown to include ports such as Colombo and Gwadar. China is already working with Malaysia to upgrade the Malaysian port of Kuantan and Cambodian officials have made clear their enthusiasm in developing port infrastructure.

Racist injustice! Greek court acquits farmers who shot 28 Bangladeshi strawberry pickers

© Menelaos Mich/Demotix/Corbis
Migrant workers react with shock and tears to the decision to release two of the men on trial; the strawberry pickers had demanded six months' back pay and four were badly injured
A Greek court's decision to acquit local farmers who admitted shooting 28 Bangladeshi strawberry pickers when they dared to ask for months of back pay has sparked outrage in the country.

Politicians, unionists and anti-racist groups roundly condemned the verdict describing it as a black mark for justice in a case that had shone a light on the appalling conditions in which migrant workers are often kept in Greece.

"I feel shame as a Greek," said the victim's lawyer, Moisis Karabeyidis, after the tribunal in the western port city of Patras, delivered the shock ruling. "This decision is an outrage and a disgrace ... the court showed an appalling attitude toward the victims."