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Caught on Video: Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, 22, abducted in Philadelphia

The woman kidnapped from a Philadelphia street had moved to the city to find a career and be with her family, who made an impassioned plea for her safe return today. The father of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither urged at a news conference today that whoever took his daughter should contact him directly.

"Just release her, we're not asking for anything else. If you want somebody, come get me," Carl Freeland said. "Whatever you're asking for just get into contact with me and my family. All we want back is my daughter."

The missing woman's sister spoke to Freeland-Gaither through the news cameras."If you see me or hear me out there, just know that I love you and we want you to come home," she said.

Comment: Update, thankfully she was found alive and the kidnapper arrested.

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Missing Mexico students: Gang members confess to mass killing, incineration

mexico missing students
The 43 students have been missing since September 26
Three suspects confess to killing more than forty missing students and incinerating their remains.

Suspected gang members in Mexico have confessed to killing more than 40 missing students and incinerating their remains in a case that has shocked the country, Mexico's chief prosecutor said.

In a somber, lengthy explanation of the investigation, Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam played video on Friday showing hundreds of charred fragments of bone and teeth fished from the river and its banks.

He said it will be very difficult to extract DNA to confirm identities of the victims of a horrific mass murder and incineration that lasted 14 hours.

"I know the enormous pain the information we've obtained causes the family members, a pain we all share,'' Murillo Karam said at a news conference.

"The statements and information that we have gotten unfortunately points to the murder of a large number of people in the municipality of Cocula.''

"International experts have said they can't give a time frame for when they will get results,'' he added.


Mexico's missing students: Yet another mass grave uncovered

Mexico: New graves found in hunt for missing students

Students and teachers set state capital building on fire in Mexico over rampant police crimes


Police officer accidentally shoots 7-year-old girl on school trip to police headquarters

A seven-year-old girl was accidentally shot by a police officer in front of a group of children while she was on a school trip to the Nottinghamshire Police department in the UK. The incident occurred last week and is currently being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

However, according to Wikipedia, A parliamentary inquiry set up in the wake of the death of Ian Tomlinson, the girl who was shot, found that the Independent Police Complaints Commission "has neither the powers nor the resources that it needs to get to the truth when the integrity of the police is in doubt."

The children had reportedly visited the police department as part of a prize for winning a coloring competition.

According to BBC, the girl suffered a "minor injury to her lip" after a shot was accidentally fired at the ground and ricocheted around the room. The incident occurred after an alleged firearms expert gave a presentation to the students that included a firearms demonstration.

"The officer involved is currently not on firearms duties, pending the outcome of the investigation," a spokesman for the police department said.

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping told the BBC that, "I'm shocked, concerned and alarmed at this serious incident. I have received assurances from the chief constable that it won't happen again."

According to Assistant Chief Constable Simon Torr, police department representatives personally apologized to the parents of the children involved in the incident.
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Disgusting sexual predator: Julien Blanc, the 'female attraction' expert, glorifies sexual violence

The dating coach giving conferences worldwide on 'pick-up artistry' sanitises and normalises sexual assaults. Refusing him yet more platforms to spread his message is essential
Julien Blanc, a "dating coach" working for US company Real Social Dynamics, is visiting Australia this week to host a series of pick-up artistry seminars.

Through a program comprising online videos and in-person classes, the company has built a business model which preys on lonely desperate men, offering them the promise of female sexual attention through force when it doesn't exist by will. The instruction and promotion of abuse and the total violation of consent is this company's stock in trade.

Blanc's "PhD in female attraction" involves a disturbing fixation with physical violence. Blanc proudly posts photos across social media of him propositioning women in chokeholds using the hashtag "#ChokingGirlsAroundTheWorld".

In a video that has amassed over 50,000 views (and since switched to "private"), he teaches men how to sexually assault women in Japan, where he is apparently headed in two weeks. "Just go through Tokyo, grab girls and yell 'Pikachu' and put her head on your dick", Blanc instructs his audience before showing footage of himself doing just that. This is nothing short of a lesson teaching how to rape.

Comment: Another example that the world has gone completely mad is when a psycho like Julien Blanc can teach "pick-up artistry seminars", which equates to sexual violence towards women. No wonder rape culture is so prevalent in society today. Bring on the comets!


Russell Brand points out the ridiculousness of the U.S. spending $4 billion on elections while feeding the homeless is illegal

Russell Brand weighed in on the recent controversy surrounding the arrest of a 90-year-old Fort Lauderdale, Florida man whose only crime was violating a new city ordinance against feeding the homeless.

"He couldn't look any more like an adorable old man, could he?" Brand began. "And yet he's being ushered away by the police."

"These values now aren't the preserve of extreme activists, loonies in Anonymous masks tipping over police vans - they're the values of elderly old war veteran men, because the values we're talking about are just compassion and fairness."

"There's a prevailing idea," he continued, "that there's something ethically wrong with being poor, and that America's run according to Christian values. But when people are practicing genuine Christian values, they themselves are directly prosecuted."

"Clearly," Brand said, "what Jesus was really into was having guns, and not having abortions, and not being gay. Those are his main priorities. But after he made sure that everyone had a gun, no one had an abortion, and nobody was gay, he had a little think about the poor people and whether they needed anything."

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Endless war on children: Exposing child 'protective services' abuses

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about the latest news about the death and abuse of kids while they are under the states custody. In particular, the case in Houston where a 2-year-old was taken from her parents because they were marijuana legalization activists only to be killed in CPS custody.

Comment: These types of heinous incidences are happening more frequently as the police state moves to control every facet of our lives. Children are being kidnapped from their parents by CPS using the most ridiculous excuses. It's totally outrageous!

Healthy Texas girl confiscated from parents who smoked pot, given to murderous foster mother

U.S. legal child kidnapping at least in the thousands - Child Protection Services criminality uncovered

Illinois and Virginia CPS' Conspire to Steal and Sex Traffic Children


Oliver Stone eyes Putin documentary to show 'a different point of view' to Americans

Oliver Stone
© RIA Novosti. Grigoriy Sisoev
US film director, screenwriter and producer Oliver Stone told RIA Novosti that he would like to shoot a documentary about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"I would like to make a documentary [about Putin]," the director told RIA Novosti in an interview Thursday.

He stressed that he does not plan to shoot a feature film, but would rather do an interview with the Russian president.

"We had no plans to make a movie [a scripted feature] on Putin. I would love to do an interview with him... because he represents a different point of view that Americans don't hear," Stone said.

Comment: Providing Americans "a different point of view that Americans don't hear" would be great if a wide audience could be reached. Will it make a difference to the dumbed down state we are in?

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DWI charge against man dropped after cop kicks him in groin, shatters testicle, then destroys video evidence

© Youtube/ProgressNowNM
A New Mexico judge recently dismissed a DWI case against a man beaten so badly by an Albuquerque cop that he had to have surgery to remove a ruptured testicle. The officer then destroyed a bystander's video of the incident, leading to the dropped charges.

In April, Albuquerque Police Officer Pablo Padilla pulled over a car operated by University of New Mexico student Jeremy Martin for driving while intoxicated. Martin, 25, pleaded with Padilla to let him go, disobeying the police officer's instruction for him to sit on the curb.

Padilla then lost his temper, kicking Martin in the groin.

Comment: That the officer was only suspended for 6 weeks for his actions is ridiculous. It's just another instance of the Albuquerque police engaging in police brutality. The local residents are fed up, but there doesn't seem to be much changing:

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Things are heating up in Argentina?: Another explosion at a chemical plant in Cordoba

© Unknown
Neighbors said that a toxic cloud rose after the explosion.
The explosion occurred at a chemical factory located in the region of Cordoba.

A big explosion was reported Thursday night at a chemical factory in the Argentinian region of Cordoba on Thursday night. Preliminary reports say there are at least 46 injured people, according to local media.

The local Fire Department said the explosion was caused by a fire in the building of the Chemicals Rigoni company. They also said that the fire began around 8:00 p.m. local time and that the explosion happened about 50 minutes later, affecting houses and cars in a radius of various kilometers.

​"Many people were slightly injured," said Francisco Fortuna, Health Minister of Cordoba.

Fortuna added that most of the people were attended and then released, but that three of them were badly injured and were still in hospital.

Comment: Things are not looking good for Argentina. There was a gas explosion at an electricity plant in Cordoba last August, U.S. vulture funds are circling over the country, casting their evil eye on its resources, massive floods in Buenos Aires as we speak and President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been hospitalized due to complications of an intestinal infection, weeks after her impressive and excellent speech at the UN, where she discussed ISIS and the American vulture funds aka economic terrorists that are destroying Argentina.
On the bright side: Argentina is a strategic partner of Russia and they have RT Spanish now!


Cannibal killer ate parts of Welsh woman's face

Cerys Yemm Wide
The 22-year-old died after she was attacked by Matthew Williams, who ate parts of her face. He later died at the Sirhowy Arms hotel in South Wales after police used a Taser to try to stop him.

Cannibal killer Matthew Williams lured his 22 year-old victim back to his hotel room after meeting her in a bar before attacking her and eating her face and an eye, it has emerged.

Williams told the woman - named on Friday as Cerys Yemm, a sales assistant at Next - that he would call her a taxi home after meeting her on a night out. But once back at the B&B where he was staying, he launched an horrific attack.

Comment: Yet another case of "zombie attack". There has been a lot of these lately.

Whenever bizarre or unusual incidents are grouped together like this in a short period of time, be they murders (or humans acting out in some way), weird weather (like similar severe weather happening simultaneously yet thousands of miles apart) or earth changes, we should ALWAYS sit up and take notice, because such events are intrinsically linked to the course of human evolution, at least in the sense that they have the potential to affect human evolution in potentially drastic ways.