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Baroness steps down as head of UK pedophile inquiry

Elizabeth Butler-Sloss
© AFP Photo / Leon Neal
Elizabeth Butler-Sloss
Saying she was "not the right person" for the job, Baroness Butler-Sloss has stepped down as head of the UK government's inquiry that looks into reports of at least 20 senior figures including MPs and cabinet ministers abusing children over decades.

Butler-Sloss, 80, had been under pressure to quit by both MPs and victims due to her family links. Sir Michael Havers, who is the Baroness' late brother, served as attorney general in the 1980's, and is suspected of turning a blind eye to incidents of child abuse conducted by politicians during the time.

Butler-Sloss said that she was 'honored' to be invited to chair the inquiry but that she "did not sufficiently consider whether my background and the fact my brother had been attorney general would cause difficulties."

"This is a victim-orientated inquiry and those who wish to be heard must have confidence that the members of the panel will pay proper regard to their concerns and give appropriate advice to government" she added.

The retired judge had been appointed by Home Secretary Theresa May last week, a decision that has been called "somewhat shambolic" by a leading MP.

Comment: Perhaps the reason she was appointed to head the inquiry is due to her family links since the UK elites have been trying desperately to quash this scandal.

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Mass immigration through US borders proves the hoax of the terrorism threat

As America continues to be overwhelmed by an obviously orchestrated mass intrusion of immigrants over its borders, the utter hypocrisy of increasingly stringent so-called "security measures" for the rest of the population paints a very clear picture.

There is no terrorism threat to the United States. It's bogus now and has been completely fraudulent from the get go.

If there were such a threat, not only would this flood of illegals not be allowed never mind clearly encouraged, but anyone crossing the border would have to undergo the same rigorous Orwellian strip downs, x-rays, inspections and interrogations normal citizens are subjected to. On top of that, once they are herded over the border they are being given escorts to safe havens including military bases, given supplies and free transportation to destinations around the country, and are in line for free health care, legal representation and a plethora of other benefits that will no doubt prove back-breaking to the American economy and way of life.

All by design, while cardboard cut-out Obama, the human decoy, takes his multi-million dollar 2-week summer vacation at swishy Martha's Vineyard. Get the picture? There's no concern because they are transparently behind it. Besides, while the stage prop Obama is away the real rulers in the shadows can have a field day without having to worry about programming their mouthpiece. Hence all the "vacations" for this vapid useful idiot.

What I don't like about life in the American Police State

"A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government."―Edward Abbey, American author
Boot on Face
There's a lot to love about America and its people: their pioneering spirit, their entrepreneurship, their ability to think outside the box, their passion for the arts, etc. Increasingly, however, as time goes by, I find the things I don't like about living in a nation that has long since ceased to be a sanctuary for freedom are beginning to outnumber the things I love.

Here's what I don't like about living in the American police state: I don't like being treated as if my only value to the government is as a source of labor and funds. I don't like being viewed as a consumer and bits of data. I don't like being spied on and treated as if I have no right to privacy, especially in my own home.

I don't like government officials who lobby for my vote only to ignore me once elected. I don't like having representatives incapable of and unwilling to represent me. I don't like taxation without representation.

I don't like being bullied by government bureaucrats, vigilantes masquerading as cops, or faceless technicians. I don't like being railroaded into financing government programs whose only purpose is to increase the power and wealth of the corporate elite. I don't like being forced to pay for wars abroad that serve no other purpose except to expand the reach of the military industrial complex.

I don't like being subjected to scans, searches, pat downs and other indignities by the TSA. I don't like VIPR raids on so-called "soft" targets like shopping malls and bus depots by black-clad, Darth Vader look-alikes. I don't like fusion centers, which represent the combined surveillance efforts of federal, state and local law enforcement.

I don't like being treated like an underling by government agents who are supposed to be working for me. I don't like being threatened, intimidated, bribed, beaten and robbed by individuals entrusted with safeguarding my rights. I don't like being silenced, censored and marginalized. I don't like my movements being tracked, my conversations being recorded, and my transactions being catalogued.
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Samsung caught once again using suppliers who employ children

samsung child labor
© Reuters / Kim Hong-Ji
Samsung Electronics has temporarily suspended business with a Chinese supplier after suspicions it illegally used child labor. The company says it'll stop cooperation altogether if the allegation is proved.

The world's biggest technology company said it is conducting an investigation into the Dongguan Shinyang Electronics Company after watchdog China Labor Watch (CLW) reported employees under 16 were working at the factory.

The day after the CLW report the New York Times published its own report which included interviews with three 14- and 15-year-old girls who worked at the plant.

"Samsung decided to temporarily suspend business with the factory in question as it found evidence of suspected child labor at the worksite," the Financial Times quotes a representative of South Korean company. "If the investigations conclude that the supplier indeed hired children illegally, Samsung will permanently halt business with the supplier."

Comment: This is not the first time Samsung has been caught using suppliers who illegally employ children:

Samsung production line staff 'forced to work 16 hours a day and are given just one day off a month'

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Unmasking psychopathy: Pentagon correspondent sees Americans as children to be protected from the truth

Tom Shanker

Tom Shanker
Yesterday afternoon, I happened to read a seemingly innocuous enough article in Time by Justin Lynch titled: Bloggers, Surveillance and Obama's Orwellian State. The article covered the usual bases. Such as the fact the Obama Administration is the least transparent ever, how it has attacked whistleblowers and journalists more than all other Presidents combined, and how citizen journalists pose a threat to the corrupt and dying status quo. All things that we already know.

One of the people quoted in the article is Pentagon correspondent for the New York Times, Thom Shanker, who proudly noted "his employer has implemented rigorous standards to balance the security risks of reporting classified information with the public's right to know."

While this guy's assumption that bureaucrats and media personalities posses this divine right to decide what the public "has a right to know," is extremely disturbing in its own right, what it really masks is a deep seated opinion of his own superiority compared to the unwashed masses. This seems to really come out in the extraordinarily disturbing final paragraph of the article:
The government really needs to get its message out to the American people, and it knows that the best way to do that is by using the American news media, said Shanker. The relationship between the government and the media is like a marriage; it is a dysfunctional marriage to be sure, but we stay together for the kids.

Eyewitness account of Ukrainian atrocities in Slavyansk: Three-year-old boy nailed to an announcement board

Galina Pyshnyak

Galina Pyshnyak, witness to atrocities committed by Ukrainian "anti-terrorist" troops in Slavyansk.
Preamble: Considering the controversy this eyewitness account has already generated (and will continue to generate), it deserves a thorough review from the standpoint of legal and evidentiary rules. That review will be generated and provided over the next several days. For now, I can offer you my professional expertise, as a courtroom advocate with eight years of experience before all levels of Ontario courts, as well as multiple tribunals and administrative boards, and also the professional opinion of a forensic paediatrician with twenty years of experience investigating crimes against children (which, I hope, will be expanded upon). Both of us believe this account to be genuine, authentic and highly likely to be accepted as truth in court. In considering this testimony, please recall that eyewitness testimony is considered to be direct evidence, which, if believed, does not require any corroborating evidence whatsoever to found a criminal conviction. Further reasoning can be gleaned from the following:
  1. Preamble to the transcript of Galina Pyshnyak's First Interview;
    There is no comment that I can make at this exact moment without bursting into uncensored vitriol and hatred against the Ukrainian Nazis that perpetrated these inhuman, horrific crimes. But comment I must, soon, for I know many will try to dispute this account. For now, allow me to caution the disbelievers among you: my eight years of courtroom experience unequivocally suggest to me that this eyewitness account is genuine and authentic. And, moreover, I have no doubt that former Supreme Court of Canada justices with whom I am acquainted, and the judges on the Ontario Court of Appeal that I know personally, would find it to be the truth.
  2. Preamble to the transcript of Galina Pyshnyak's Second Interview;
    This is an eyewitness account, and, as such, is considered to be direct evidence, which, if accepted by a court, would be sufficient for a finding of criminal liability in the absence of any corroborating documentary, video or audio evidence whatsoever. In my opinion (and in the opinion of others) this testimony would be found authentic and credible if presented in court. Any disbelievers should consider the limitations of their own minds, which, much like my own, refuse to accept the horrific reality of war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed by the Ukrainian forces in Novorossiya. I have already written on this issue here, in relation to Fyodor Berezin's account of the Ukrainian atrocities in the village of Saurovka. My preamble to the first interview given by Galina Pyshnyak may also be helpful.
  3. A reader's comment and response thereto (Second Interview);
  4. Further commentary by a reader (Second Interview); and,
  5. Extensive discussion of Fyodor Berezin's report on Ukrainian atrocities in Saurovka.
Video: Galina Pyshnyak's First Interview (Ukrainian Atrocities in Slavyansk) w/ENG subtitles
Video Subtitles Kindly Prepared by Marcel Sardo (@marcelsardo)

Comment: War zones are a lure for psychopaths. The chaos of such situations creates an environment free from the usual social and legal restraints of normal society. Without these constraints, they are free to act according to their true nature, as described by Andrew Lobaczewski in his book Political Ponerology. If the above report is factual, it is not surprising. Such atrocities are all too common during revolutions, civil wars, and genocides. And Ukraine is carrying out a genocide on the people of Novorussiya. Ukraine is currently ruled by a depraved, psychopathic regime, fully backed by the U.S. With the situations in Gaza and Iraq spiraling out of control, we are not only seeing a repeat of the blight on humanity that was the Nazi regime in Germany; we are seeing its exemplification.

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Seven dead and dozens wounded in Tripoli airport attacks

© AP
Worst fighting in Libyan capital since 2011 revolution kills at least six after rockets launched against units allied to Khalifa Hiftar

Islamist-led militias launched an attack on Tripoli's international airport on Sunday against units allied to Khalifa Haftar, the former general who has vowed to defeat the jihadis.

Buildings and fuel tanks were set ablaze by artillery, rocket and anti-aircraft fire in the worst fighting seen in the Libyan capital since the 2011 revolution. Thick plumes of smoke rose into the sky and staff and passengers huddled for safety inside airport buildings as battles left at least six dead and 25 wounded.

TV footage showed vehicles on fire after rockets struck the car park. Smoke swirled around planes abandoned on the tarmac. All flights to and from the airport have been cancelled.

The airport is held by militias from the mountain town of Zintan, allied with Haftar, whose forces, backed by sections of the air force, have been battling Islamist brigades in eastern Libya for several weeks.
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"They started it": Why one Israeli is on the brink of burning her passport

I can no longer stand by while Israeli politicians like Ayelet Shaked (pictured above) condone the deaths of innocent Palestinian women and children

She is young. She is pretty. She is a university graduate and a computer engineer. She is also an Israeli Parliamentarian - and the reason why I am on the brink of burning my Israeli passport. Because behind that wide-eyed innocent face lurks the Angel of Death.

Ayelet Shaked represents the far-right Jewish Home party in the Knesset. This means she is well to the right of Benyamin Netanyahu, just in case you thought such a thing was not possible.

On Monday she quoted this on her Facebook page: "Behind every terrorist stand dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in terrorism. They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there."

A week earlier, just before 17-year-old Mohammed Abu Khudair was snatched and burned alive, Shaked wrote: "This is not a war against terror, and not a war against extremists, and not even a war against the Palestinian Authority. The reality is that this is a war between two people. Who is the enemy? The Palestinian people. Why? Ask them, they started it."
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Babies born in Indiana had their blood and DNA stored for research without parents' consent since 1991

© Reuters / Michael Buholzer
The Indiana State Department of Health has been collecting babies' blood and DNA without their parents' permission since 1991, according to an investigation by a local news station. Now the state wants to know what to do with the blood samples.

When a baby is born in Indiana, as with other states, the state conducts a newborn screening test. A nurse or midwife takes a few drops of blood from the heel of each infant. The blood is collected on a specialized filter paper, which is then sent to the state's Newborn Screening Lab in downtown Indianapolis.

At the lab, researchers conduct tests on the blood for more than 50 medical disorders, including hypothyroidism, sickle cell disease and conditions where a child is unable to process certain nutrients. Parents and doctors are then notified of the results.

"All babies are screened, even if they look healthy, because some medical conditions cannot be seen by just looking at the baby," the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. "Finding these conditions soon after birth can help prevent some serious problems, such as brain damage, organ damage, and even death."
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French court overturns ban on wearing hijab on the beach

© AFP/Thomas Samson
A French court has suspended a by-law banning wearing religious symbols on a public beach in a Paris suburb. The local mayor maintains the legislation protects the secular community and had previously banned two women from the beach for wearing hijabs.

The Versailles Administrative Court has temporarily reversed the ban in the suburb of Wissous after plaintiffs alleged the by-law "violates the principals of the Republic" and amounts to "religious discrimination" reports AFP. The court will now decide whether to overturn the legislation for good.

The by-law was challenged after the mayor of Wissous refused two women wearing hijabs entry onto a temporary beach. Mayor Richard Trinquier, of the right-wing UMP party, claimed that he was protecting France's commitment to secularism by barring the two women from the public space.

"We wanted to affirm our commitment to secularism to promote community harmony," said Trinquer. He said the legislation was inspired by a 2004 law that made it illegal to wear religious garments or symbols in state schools. According to Trinquer Wissous, the beach should also be subject to the law because it is "an establishment that receives the public" and not "a public place."

Comment: Paranoiac, barbaric discrimination.