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Scots aren't the only ones fed up with being dominated by elite pathocrats

scotland independence
This week's referendum in Scotland could result in the U.K. losing almost one-third of its landmass, and 8 percent of its population, and, very likely, its present prime minister. In a summer rich with shocks, the breakup of a United Nations Security Council member suddenly seems more likely than the long-predicted fracturing of Iraq.

Most people I spoke with when traveling through Scotland last month expected the battle for independence waged by the Scottish Nationalist Party to have been lost. Recent opinion polls, however, show that almost half of Scottish voters hope to break free of their London masters on Thursday.

Their disaffection was not the work of a day. It has been in the making for at least three decades. Jason Cowley, editor of Britain's leading political weekly, the New Statesman, correctly points out that Britain's Conservative prime minister in the 1980s, Margaret Thatcher, did more for Scottish independence with her regime of privatization, deregulation and unfair taxation than any Scottish nationalist. By some estimates, the deindustrialization that Thatcher presided over had more devastating effects in Scotland than in England.

That's why Thatcher's Conservative Party is almost extinct in Scotland, and its current leaders, David Cameron, George Osborne and Boris Johnson, evoke a visceral hostility and scorn. This isn't just class hatred for privately educated and plummy-accented Tories, or for the axis of Eton College, Rupert Murdoch's News International and the City of London that they embody.

Comment: People power! There are, indeed, numerous regions who have recently decided they have had enough:

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Yazidi girl tells of horrific ordeal as sex slave to Western-sponsored ISIL group

17-year-old says she is one of about 40 Yazidi women and girls, some as young as 12, still being held captive and sexually abused on a daily basis by Isil fighters.

© Repubblica
Illustration of the original account from the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.
A young woman from the Yazidi religious minority captured by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil) has described the horror of being kept as a sex slave by the extremist group.

The 17 year-old said she was one of a group of about 40 Yazidi women who were still being held captive and sexually abused on a daily basis by Isil fighters.

She said she was captured on August 3 during a jihadist assault against the town of Sinjar in northern Iraq and is now being held in horrific conditions of sexual servitude in a village south of Mosul.

British extremists fighting in Syria and Iraq have boasted on Twitter and other social media that Yazidi women had been kidnapped and used as "slave girls".

The young woman said she was being kept in a building with barred windows and guarded by men with weapons.

Comment: Courtesy of Western Psychopathic Powers. Don't miss The Covert Origins of ISIS.

For more information, read: British women run ISIS sex-slave brothels.

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Give them bread and games: Tomato fight in Amsterdam, Holland with produce unwelcome in Russia

© Unknown
Let's forget about hunger, poverty, war and the downing of MH17 and have fun instead. Let's keep our eyes closed and forget how dumbed down we have become
In an exotic inhuman protest display of narcissism and stupidity against the sanctions strife between the EU and Russia, hundreds of Dutch pelted each other with around 200,000 forbidden tomatoes in the heart of Amsterdam, not far from the city's Royal Palace.

Pears and apples also came in handy as farmers in the Netherlands voiced their anger and demanded compensation for the steep drop in sales, afterMoscow restricted imports of the EU food products in response to the Brussels-imposed sanctions.

Comment: Why not organize a protest in Brussels? After all we have to thank EU politicians for the misery that they are inflicting on farmers.

The rally follows a massive drive by some 45 major food growers who registered for EU compensation with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Under the scheme, farmers could sign up for compensation for either having their produce destroyed or given to the Food Bank.

Comment: It seems that Dutch farmers are reaping what they have sown. They could have donated all their produce to Food Banks in Holland and abroad.


Utah man accused of attacking police with samurai sword was shot in the back: autopsy

Darrien Hunt_facebook
© Facebook
An African-American man, shot to death by Utah police who claimed he attacked them with a samurai sword, was shot in the back, according to an independent autopsy requested by the man's family.

22-year-old Darrien Hunt, was shot and killed by police while walking around with the souvenir martial arts weapon outside a convenience store in Saratoga Springs, Utah, last Wednesday.

According to the Associated Press, the autopsy concluded that Hunt was shot "numerous times, all from the rear."

"This is consistent with statements made by witnesses on the scene, who report that Darrien was shot to death while running away from police," family attorney Randall Edwards said in a statement. "It would appear difficult, if not impossible, to reconcile these facts with a story that Darrien was lunging toward the officers when he was shot."

According to a statement issued by Utah County Chief Deputy Attorney Tim Taylor, "When the officers made contact with Mr. Hunt, he brandished the sword and lunged toward the officers with the sword, at which time Mr. Hunt was shot. There is currently no indication that race played any role in the confrontation between Mr. Hunt and the police officers."

Bystanders have disputed the police account, with one, Jocelyn Hansen, saying Hunt appeared to be having a normal conversation with the officers.

"They had stopped him, and they were all having a conversation," said Hansen, who was parked nearby at the gas station. "It didn't look escalated or heated at all."

Hansen said she had turned away before hearing gunfire.

"When I looked up, I saw the young man turning away from the police, and I saw what I thought were two 2×4's in his hands, one in each hand," Hansen said. "Then I saw police officers running after him, and they could have both had guns, but I saw one for sure with his gun extended."

According to Hunt's aunt, the sword was a 3-foot long toy sword with a rounded-edge bought at an Asian gift store.
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Mind control, predictions and current developements in Ukraine

© Image by V Kontakte
Was the massacre in Odessa last May induced by some kind of mind control technology, or the bloodlust of Kiev Nazis under orders from their psychopathic leadership? Maybe both.
In the past week we released 3 new episodes of Lada Ray Live. Below you will find a super-interesting new episode that was initially recorded on September 1, 2014, but due to other articles and episodes has only been published today. It works together with LRL3: Sold-out EU Politicians vs TRUTH and LadaRayLive 2. Explosion Coming! Moldova/Transnistria - Eurasian Union vs EU.

There are lots more issues to tackle and things to say. But it takes a lot of time and effort to put these together, so I'll be taking a bit of a break. I have several new articles and many various LRL topics in the pipeline, so I'll see everyone again soon!

Comment: Though Lada Ray has no smoking gun evidence of any mind-control technology being used in Odessa last May, or in Kiev, it is interesting to note her observations in light of Novorussian independence fighter Igor Strelkov's recent press conference comments in which he says:

"[...] Kiev is hastily replenishing, rearming and training its army, preparing to continue the genocide of the Russian people of Novorossiya. As a result, we now have absolutely the same situation as in the beginning of our movement, except that we find ourselves in more difficult starting positions. Whereas in April-May Kiev had neither a combat-capable army, nor the support of the population, now the punitive forces have been mobilized and armed to the teeth, and the population of Ukraine, subjected to the massive influence of propaganda that extensively uses techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, has, to a large degree, been zombified and brainwashed, and can no longer distinguish truth from falsehood."

Would it then be such a stretch to believe in the possibility that Ukrainians are being beamed and psychotronically entrained to think and behave in certain ways? After all, the U.S. has got a lot riding on making Ukraine an effective puppet in the U.S.'s goal to destroy Russia, and has already committed political, social and economic acts that may only be interpreted as preludes to all-out war.

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Police state: A natural result of collapse of moral leadership at the highest levels

Few things are more disturbing than looking at the news each day to find yet another shocking case of American police officers using excessive brutality and belligerence against the public. There is no justification for this, and as the list of egregious rights violations by the police grows, more Americans may finally be waking up to what many of us have known for years: our nation is becoming a police state.

With the proliferation of portable handheld and dashboard video cameras, and with the ability to upload and share videos on the web, people can see for themselves what police brutality really looks and feels like, and tension between police and American citizens is visible. A simple Google or YouTube search quickly reveals hundreds of unique cases of cops brutalizing people, often with insane cruelty and hubris, and the list of abuses grows daily.

Many of the most shocking incidents are against women, children, the elderly, the handicapped or the mentally ill. In addition to excessive violence, police are also abusing their powers and illegally stealing money and property from everyday people, while admittedly using traffic and drug laws as revenue generating schemes for government coiffeurs. Most shockingly, though, the police are up-arming themselves with military weapons and equipment, seemingly preparing themselves for something apocalyptic, and are increasingly assuming confrontational and threatening postures when dealing with the public.

Is police brutality and misconduct actually getting worse, or are portable video recorders allowing us to just now see what's been happening all along? More importantly, is this situation going to improve any time soon?

Comment: Our society was created and is ruled by a gang of consciousless human-like creatures called psychopaths. They are the manifestations of evil on our planet; a disease that has infected every aspect of our society.

Paul Levy, author of Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil, says: "there is a contagious psychospiritual disease of the soul, a parasite of the mind, that is currently being acted out en masse on the world stage via a collective psychosis of titanic proportions. This mind-virus covertly operates through the unconscious blind spots in the human psyche, rendering people oblivious to their own madness and compelling them to act against their own best interests." You can listen to the Sott editors interview with Mr. Levy, or read the transcript, at the link below.

SOTT Talk Radio #64 - The 'Wetiko Virus' and Collective Psychosis: Interview With Paul Levy

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Russian top economic adviser hints that financial services countermeasures may be instituted in response to Western sanctions

Andrei Belousov

Andrei Belousov, the Kremlin's top economic adviser
Russia has drafted a plan in response to Western sanctions, which includes various measures, from the softest to the toughest, said Russian Presidential Aide Andrei Belousov.

"We certainly do have a plan. It was devised back when we had just learnt or felt that sanctions were possible," he said in an interview with the Vesti V Subbotu (News on Saturday) program host Sergei Brilev.

At the same time he stressed that disclosing retaliatory measures would be the same as disclosing "the General Staff's operative plans in case of a war."

"I cannot tell you simply what is in it. But what I can tell you is that (it extends) to all levels, possible levels of sanctions, starting from the softest and ending with the toughest," Belousov said.

Comment: Russia has a number of financial options that could negatively impact the West:

Russian sanctions? You Must be Joking! Russia Holds All the Cards!
U.S. sanctions against Russia will hasten the demise of the dollar

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Take that: Russian industrial activity improving despite sanctions

russia industrial sector
© RIA Novosti/Vladimir Pesnya
Flourishing industrial sector could excel 1.7 percent forecast for 2014. Source: RIA Novosti/Vladimir Pesnya
For the third consecutive month, Russia has seen an increase in industrial activity. According to analysts, this growth is mostly associated with a slight devaluation in the ruble this year and government support for the manufacturing sector as part of the import substitution program, as well as a reaction to EU and U.S. sanctions.

In spite of a stagnation in GDP, Russia has seen an unusual increase in industrial activity. According to research conducted by HSBC Bank and the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy, Russia has posted an increase in industrial production for the third month in a row.

"The manufacturing sector is quite effective in meeting demand and, in spite of the overall economic situation and expert forecasts, it has maintained positive growth," the Gaidar Institute study reads.

Comment: It is heartening to see that Russia is managing to hold her own despite continual antagonism from the West, and more importantly, that those countries who are desperately trying to bait the bear are instead suffering economically from their predatory actions:


Prince Ea on why he thinks this world should end

Comment: Thought provoking message for humanity.


U.S. backed ISIL terrorists demolish several Sufi shrines in Syria's eastern province of Deir al-Zour

The ISIL Takfiri militants have demolished several Sufi shrines in Syria's eastern province of Deir al-Zour, says a UK-based monitoring group.
© Unknown
ISIL Takfiris
The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Saturday that dozens of shrines, tombs, and Shia mosques had been destroyed.Among the latest destructions were two shrines and two tombs belonging to Sufi Muslims.

The Observatory also said at least eight terrorists were killed and 40 others wounded in an airstrike by the Syrian army against a training camp in the western side of the province.

The ISIL Takfiris are fighting to bring the province under full control so as to connect it to the city of Raqqa, their stronghold in the north.

The ISIL controls large swathes of Syria's northern territory. The group sent its members into neighboring Iraq in June and seized large parts of land there in a lightning advance.

Syria has been gripped by deadly violence since 2011 with ISIL Takfiri terrorists currently controlling parts of it mostly in the east.