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Catalan parliament approves November independence vote, what would Madrid do?

Catalan demonstration
© Reuters/Albert Gea
The Catalan parliament has passed a law giving its regional president the power to carry out a non-binding consultation vote on secession from Spain. Catalan nationalists believe this law enables them to hold the long-awaited independence referendum.

On Friday, the Catalan parliament voted in favor of the new law, with 106 MPs supporting it and 28 voting against.

The MPs hope it will bring Catalan President Artur Mas a step closer to the planned independence referendum on November 9.

However, while the nationalist block thinks the bill directly paves the way for a referendum on independence, the Catalan socialists who allied with them for the vote do not share this opinion.

The Spanish government called the Catalan consultation vote illegal and said it will be taking the matter up at the Constitutional Court. The court has the power to suspend the vote after it hears the case on Tuesday.

Madrid maintains that any kind of secession vote has to be decided by the whole country, citing Spain's 1978 constitution.

Comment: Oligarchs beware! Spanish government says it will block independence vote in Catalonia

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Turkey finally opens border to Syrian Kurds fleeing IS

45,000 Kurds
Syrian Kurds cross the border into Turkey.
Turkey has allowed thousands of Syrian Kurds fleeing Islamic State (IS) militants to cross its southern border, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said. TV footage showed exhausted people, mostly women and children, crossing into the south-eastern border village of Dikmetas under tight security.

The move followed clashes with Turkish Kurd protesters who were calling for the refugees to be allowed in.

Syrian Kurds have been massing along the Turkish border since Thursday. They have been fleeing escalating clashes between IS and Kurdish fighters in the area.

Turkey - which shares a border with Iraq and Syria - has taken in more than 847,000 Syrian refugees since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began in 2011. It is under pressure from Western countries to stem the flow of foreign fighters joining Islamic State.

Comment: By Saturday, September 20, the number of Syrian refugees rose to 60,000 now that the flood gates are open. It is noted that this turn of events has not been entirely popular in Turkish society. They fear that it will bring IS to their borders and the war to their doorstep. Over the past three days IS expanded its captured Kurdish villages from 16 to 60.

Black Magic

Exorcists warn of danger from Black Mass in Oklahoma City

While there are variations in Christian theology about the nature of Satan and demons, traditional Christian thought holds that these creatures are evil, the threat from them is real and should be taken seriously. Exactly what self-proclaimed "satanists" think about all this is unclear, other than that they make a public show of worshiping Satan and calling upon demons for assistance.

Thus, it may be that the Oklahoma City satanists, who call themselves the Dakhma Angra Mainyu, believe that the black mass they're holding on Sunday, Sept. 21, at the Oklahoma City Civic Center, is harmless fun, or a deliberate insult to Catholics (since the "black mass" is a perverted parody of the Catholic Mass), or even a serious attempt to call upon dark forces.

But according to the beliefs of a priest from the neighboring Diocese of Tulsa, both those putting on the event and those attending--although poorly attended in the past, this year's event has sold out all 88 tickets--may be in spiritual peril.

Even though the event has been tamed a bit to comply with state law (the usually naked female "altar" will have lingerie; and vinegar is being substituted for urine) and it will no longer feature a Consecrated Host (after a legal challenge, organizer Adam Daniels returned his pilfered Communion wafer to the Church, specifically, Archbishop Coakley of Oklahoma City), Monsignor Patrick Brankin is worried.

Comment: The author alludes to evil being something outside us in the form of demons, dark attachments or in the performance of some satanic ritual. Evil is here, now, as evidenced by the cabal of psychopaths in positions of power all over the planet. They are the root of human suffering. The battleground for good and evil is within us, not 'out there'.

Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes
Global Pathocracy, Authoritarian Followers and the Hope of the World

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86 percent of French reject Hollande, making new unpopularity record

© Reuters / Gonzalo Fuentes
The unpopularity of French President François Hollande fell to a record low in September, says a recent poll. Only 13 percent of French people say they are satisfied with Hollande's performance as president.

86 percent of France's population don't support Hollande, says the IFOP [French Institute of Public Opinion] poll. Its results were published in Le Journal du Dimanche, a French weekly newspaper. The French president has lost four points since August.

The pollster interviewed 1,970 people, aged 18 and over, between September 12 and September 20.

Hollande's popularity is the lowest among the workers parties - only nine percent. 20 percent of Left Front and 19 percent of the Greens (Europe Ecology) approve of Hollande. His highest rating is among the members of his own Socialist Party - 42 percent.

Comment: Unpopularity records are being broken across the so-called "democratic" Western countries, from the USA to France. It shows clearly that the leaders are not elected by the people and for the people. They are puppets chosen by and serving the elite psychopaths.


Seeing through the propaganda, families of Germans killed in MH17 crash to sue Ukraine

© Reuters
Local residents in Kiev light a candle for victims of MH17
The families of German citizens killed in the Malaysian plane crash in eastern Ukraine are planning to sue the Ukrainian authorities in the European Court of Human Rights, accusing them of manslaughter by negligence.

Ukraine should have closed its airspace if it couldn't provide for the safety of flights over its territory, Elmar Giemulla, a professor of aviation law representing the three families of German victims, told Bild am Sonntag, a German Sunday newspaper.

"Each state is responsible for the security of its air space," Giemulla said. "If it is not able to do so temporarily, it must close its air space. As that did not happen, Ukraine is liable for the damage."

According to Giemulla, by leaving the airspace open, Kiev authorities "destroyed" the lives of hundreds of innocent people. Thus, Ukraine committed human rights violations, he concluded.

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Inspired by Scotland, a quarter of Americans want their states to secede from U.S.

© Reuters/Paul Hackett
A man plays the bagpipes on a "short walk to freedom" march in Edinburgh, Scotland September 18, 2014.
Scotland may not have followed in Sir William Wallace's footsteps to free itself from its English bonds, but that hasn't stopped nearly a quarter of Americans from a little bravehearted hope of their states seceding from the US.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll sought to see if Thursday's Scottish independence referendum ‒ which failed ‒ inspired Americans to dream of secession from the United States. According to the results, 23.9 percent of those surveyed either strongly supported or tended to support the idea of their state breaking away from the union.

Both Democrats and Republicans supported the idea of severing ties with the federal government, though the Grand Old Party (along with residents from the West and Southwest) was more in favor of secession than Dems and Northeasterners.

Texas Nationalist Movement president Daniel Miller told RT that Texans are unhappy with how Washington politicos ignore the issues most important to their state.

"One of the big issues in here Texas right now... is obviously the border and immigration," Miller said. "Over the last eight years, issues related to the border and immigration have consistently polled as the number one concern for Texans, yet the federal government continues to do absolutely nothing substantial about addressing the border crisis or the immigration issues."

A January 2013 Public Policy Polling survey found that about 20 percent of Texas voters said they would support secession because of President Barack Obama's re-election, and 67 percent were opposed.

Comment: See also: Americans want Putin: Alaska, Texas, Georgia, Florida submitted petitions encouraging a vote on secession


"They" Live, "They" Rule: The oligarchic class and their psychopathic minions

Described by Cornel West as "the most acute observer and insightful analyst of the 'Obama Phenomena,'" Paul Street is the author of seven books, numerous project studies, and hundreds of articles published around the world. His publications include the prophetic, "lucid and penetrating" (Noam Chomsky) volume Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics (2008), described by John Pilger in 2009 as "perhaps the only book that tells the truth about the 44th president of the United States." Street's Crashing the Tea Party (2010, co-authored with Truthout contributor Anthony DiMaggio) is "essential reading for anyone concerned about the changing nature of American politics" and helped solidify Street's status as one of "America's most important social and political critics" (Henry Giroux).

No longer content to limit his focus to one side of the dominant and narrow US political spectrum - either Obama Democrats or Teapublicans - Street has turned his attention to the plutocratic American system as a whole. Below we post the introduction to Street's latest and most important and sweeping book yet: They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy (Paradigm Publishers, September 2014). Inspired in part by the Occupy movement or "moment" of 2011, Street's new volume harkens back to John Carpenter's campy but classic film They Live (1987). Carpenter portrayed the United States as subject to invasion and control by alien invaders who wore corporate suits, distributed wealth and power upward, subverted democracy, managed minds and warmed the earth's climate - all in the name of free enterprise and economic growth. They Rule moves from Reagan era science fiction to the nitty-gritty details of how the US ruling class rules and why it matters in our current 21st century New Gilded Age. According to Gar Alperovitz,They Rule is "aserious, useful, and well-written and well-researched guide to the challenges we face and the genuine options we have as American corporate capitalism and its politics continue to decay."

Comment: See also:

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Fed up: French farmers upset over falling prices, torch tax and insurance offices, dump produce

Piles of vegetables France
Piles of vegetables were dumped outside the tax office in Morlaix
As a direct result of sanctions on Russia, there is an overabundance of fruits and vegetables in France, Spain, Poland, and elsewhere in Europe. Basic law of supply and demand dictates prices of crops would fall. And they did.

While most foolishly want to stick it to Russia, few actually are willing to pay the price if it affects them.

Comment: We are not too surprised to see this happen when an idiotic government blindly supports the wrong-headed sanction polices of the West/US/NATO empire that inevitably puts people's livelihood at stake and they find themselves with no voice in their so-called democracy.


All Sierra Leone's six-million population are confined to homes in desperate bid to contain Ebola

© Reuters / Ahmed Jallanzo
All Sierra Leone's six-million population have been confined to their homes. The three-day shutdown is a desperate bid to fight the outbreak, as US health officials warn the disease could spread to over half a million people.

"Today the life of every one is at stake, but we will get over this difficulty if all do what we have been asked to do," President Ernest Bai Koroma said in a national address on Thursday, a day before the shutdown was due to come into force.

People were in a hurry ahead of the edict to buy food. Shopkeepers were distraught at the prospect of losing three days' worth of income, given that much of the country's population, including the capital Freetown, live on as little as $2 a day or less. Each day is a struggle.

Comment: For more on ways to prepare see:

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And of course there is the matter of strengthening the immune system through adopting a Ketogenic Diet.


Fraternity dosed women with date-rape drugs based on color-coded hand stamps: police

Man's hand drugging woman's drink
© Shutterstock
The University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee's chapter of the fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) is under investigation after four people were dosed with a so-called "date rape" drug.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, police raided the fraternity house on Tuesday. In the wake of a raucous Friday night party at the house, three women and one man were hospitalized with symptoms of extreme intoxication and disorientation.

One student has been arrested in connection with the alleged druggings, which were administered on the basis of color-coded hand stamps. All of the women who were drugged had red X's on the backs of their hands, which were given to them by the party's doorman.

The one male student who was taken to the hospital had drunk from a drink given to one of the women with a red X.

Police were called three times on Friday night to Sandburg Residence Hall between midnight and 1:33 a.m.. Each time, they found female students unable to stand or walk, all of whom had red Xs on their hands from the same TKE party.

The Journal-Sentinel reported that the police incident reports from Friday night said that emergency personnel were attempting to come to the aid of a second woman at Sandburg who could not walk or speak clearly when they spied a male student vomiting into a garbage can and struggling to stand.

The student told officers that he had also been drinking at the TKE party and had consumed part of a female friend's drink.