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Chicago's escalating violence: 14 people shot in 15 hours

© Scott Olson / AFP
Fourteen people were shot in Chicago over just 15 hours, as the week got off to a bloody start. The latest burst of violence follows two straight weekends where more than 50 people were shot. Chicago Mayor Emanuel said he was angry and "enough is enough."

Six people were killed and at least eight others injured in the 15-hour span between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

The first of the shootings occurred Monday evening, when a family on its way back from an outing was gunned down in New City's Back of the Yards neighborhood on Chicago's South Side. A pregnant mother and grandmother were left dead, as were three others. An 11-month-old boy was wounded, police said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

"You have an innocent family coming home from a family outing. Somebody opens fire on two women, a child and two men," Chicago Deputy Police Chief Eugene Roy told the media, according to the Huffington Post. "In a second, two generations of that child's family were wiped out."

Comment: It is not looking well for Chicago. As conditions worsen in the city, there will be more violence and no amount of policing will help. The root causes of the economic depression in Chicago must be addressed. Chicago's house prices are dropping worse than Detroit's.


Police blame explosive parcels for 15 massive blasts in Guangxi, China: At least 6 killed and 13 injured

At least six people were killed and dozens injured after parcels containing explosives caused massive explosions in several locations in Liucheng county and Liuzhou city, in China's north-central Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, CCTV reported.

Up to 15 explosions were heard across the city between 3.15pm and 5pm.

Of those killed, five were certified dead at the blast sites, and one died after being rescued.

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TSA says it will stop searching black women's hair for drugs and weapons

© via ColorLines; h/t to Colorlines
The Transportation Security Administration has just announced that they will no longer search African American women's hair at airport checkpoints.

The TSA made headlines for this practice after American singer, songwriter, model, and actress, Solange announced to the media that her hair was publicly searched by TSA officers, when she was traveling back in 2012.

Now, Neuroscientist, Malaika Singleton of Sacramento, CA and Novella Coleman have filed suit against the TSA, prompting their agreement to stop searching Sub Saharan African hair.

Singleton tells the blog Black Girl Long Hair that she was "on her way to an academic conference in London when she was accosted by TSA officers who declared the need to publicly screen her sisterlocks".

She recalls, "I was going through the screening procedures like we all do, and after I stepped out of the full body scanner, the agent said, 'OK, now I'm going to check your hair."

BGLH notes that "The TSA agents pulled and squeezed Singleton's hair on her way to the conference and again when she returned home. Singleton then proceeded to contact the American Civil Liberties Union only to learn that a complaint had been filed by Novella Coleman, one of three black lawyers working there who also wore sisterlocks."

Coleman says this happened on two separate occasions. She asked the TSA officers why they were searching her hair of all things. They said that her hair was determined to have "abnormalities."

The TSA responded to the lawsuit by e-mailing the ACLU, announcing that they will retrain their officers to no longer single out people with African hair.
"MB (Multicultural Branch) will also commit to conducting an onsite training at LAX, subject to coordination with TSA LAX leadership, during the 2015 calendar year. In addition, even though TSA does incorporate nondiscrimination principles into its regular training, MB will work with the TSA's Office of Training and Workforce Engagement to make certain that current training related to nondiscrimination is clear and consistent for TSA's workforce. Furthermore, in light of recent concerns, MB will diligently work with TSA secured airports and monitor them for consistent implementation of DHS and TSA policies. MB will specifically track hair pat- down complaints filed with MB from African-American females throughout the country to assess whether a discriminatory impact may be occurring at a specific TSA secured location."


Tens of thousands continue protests in Moldova, demand the current government resign and hold early elections

© Ruptly / RT
Tens of thousands of protesters have flooded the streets of Moldova's capital, Chisinau, demanding the president and current government resign and early elections be held. The demonstrators have threatened to continue protests until their demands are met.

From 30,000 to 50,000 people gathered on the streets of Moldova's capital on Sunday for the demonstration, according to the organizers, RIA Novosti reported. The protesters waved Moldovan flags and chanted "Victory!""Moldova!" and "Down with the thieves!"

Comment: South Front Foreign Policy Diary: Unrest in Moldova - another Western imperial 'success'?

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Cardiologist convicted of health care fraud, ordering unnecessary heart catheterizations and bypasses

A federal court jury in Cleveland has convicted a cardiologist of ordering unnecessary medical tests, performing unnecessary procedures and submitting fraudulent bills in what prosecutors say was a $7.2 million scheme.

Fifty-six-year-old Harold Persaud of Westlake was convicted Friday of one count of health care fraud, 13 counts of making false statements and one count of engaging in illegal monetary transactions. Prosecutors say Persaud billed Medicare and private insurers for more expensive procedures than were performed, falsified stress tests to justify unnecessary heart catheterizations and referred patients for heart bypasses they didn't need.

Comment: Unfortunately, this psychopathic doctor is not alone in gaming the system to enrich himself:

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This is for the 'nothing is happening' crowd

A lot of people out there expected something to happen in September that did not ultimately happen. There were all kinds of wild theories floating around, and many of them had no basis in reality whatsoever. But without a doubt, some very important things did happen in September.

As I warned about ahead of time, we are witnessing the most significant global financial meltdown since the end of 2008. All of the largest stock markets in the world are crashing simultaneously, and so far the amount of wealth that has been wiped out worldwide is in excess of 5 trillion dollars. In addition to stocks, junk bonds are also crashing, and Bank of America says that it is a "slow moving trainwreck that seems to be accelerating".

Thanks to the commodity price crash, many of the largest commodity traders on the planet are now imploding. I wrote about the death spiral that has gripped Glencore yesterday. On Tuesday, the stock price of the largest commodity trader in Asia, the Noble Group, plummeted like a rock and commodity trading giant Trafigura appears to be in worse shape than either Glencore or the Noble Group. The total collapse of any of them could easily be a bigger event than the implosion of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

So I honestly do not understand the "nothing is happening" crowd. It takes ignorance on an almost unbelievable level to try to claim that "nothing is happening" in the financial world right now.

Comment: Note the comments at the end of the article from the very people he is issuing this warning to.

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Agenda 2030: Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg wants to help humanity with his version of the internet

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now jumping in on the recent avalanche of pro-global government "Agenda 2030" propaganda and everything he has to say is perfectly in line with the opening mission statement of the recent Agenda 2030 new world order declaration.
This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognise that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan. We are resolved to free the human race from the tyranny of poverty and want and to heal and secure our planet. We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path. As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind.

Comment: See also:

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California woman found in locked shed after year of torture by brother, girlfriend

Screams alerted deputies last week to a Lancaster home, where they found a malnourished woman bruised and battered and locked inside a storage shed.

Now authorities say the woman's brother and his girlfriend tortured the woman for nearly a year.

Elias Abdurahman, 61, and Sara Kebede Tadesse, 50, are set to be arraigned Tuesday on charges of torture, imprisonment, assault and abuse, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office. The couple allegedly used a cane to beat the woman.

The Lancaster couple was arrested Sept. 22 and accused of tormenting and locking up the 54-year-old woman for the past year.

The woman was frail, emaciated and covered in fresh and old wounds when deputies found her Sept. 22 inside the shed in the backyard of a home in the 45000 block of East 2nd Street, the district attorney's office said. Deputies went to the home after reports of screaming.

It is unclear how long the woman had been held captive inside the shed, said district attorney's spokesman Ricardo Santiago.

Prosecutors allege the couple tortured the woman for the purpose of revenge, extortion, persuasion and for a sadistic purpose, according to the Los Angeles County Superior Court criminal complaint.


George Zimmerman re-tweets photo of Martin Trayvon's body; goes on racist Twitter rant

© Joe Burbank/Reuters
George Zimmerman
Just days after retweeting a picture of Trayvon Martin's corpse, George Zimmerman went on a racist rant on Twitter. Zimmerman shot and killed the unarmed black teenager Martin during a scuffle three years ago, sparking national protests in the US.

The Twitter post featuring Martin's body was sent over the weekend by an admirer of Zimmerman, calling him a "one man army."
The post stayed up for a few days for Zimmerman's 11,000 followers before it was removed by Twitter.

Comment: True to the profile of a psychopath, George Zimmerman lacks any sense of remorse for the cold blooded murder he committed.

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Mexico: Councillor for the homeless says they should be given lethal injection

Olga Gutierrez Machorro
A Mexican councillor has provoked outrage after that homeless people should be put down like animals to keep the number of them on the streets down.

Olga Gutierrez Machorro believes that beggars should be culled with lethal injection, believing it to be in their best interests.

She said: "Yes they're a little crazy, but they're harmless.

"Which is why I think to myself wouldn't it be kinder to just give them a lethal injection?"

Comment: Another case of a psychopathic fox guarding the hen house. Machorro should be relieved of her position pronto.