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Man sues Florida hospital after his amputated leg was thrown in the trash

© Reuters/Suhaib Salem
A man in Florida is suing a local hospital for emotional distress after his amputated leg ended up in a dumpster with his name tag still attached to it.

The lawsuit comes after the family of 56-year-old John Timiriasieff was contacted by detectives to tell them his leg, removed in October at Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables, had been found. They were investigating whether he had been the victim of foul play.

"Rather than properly disposing of the plaintiff's limb as expected and as required by Florida law, Doctors Hospital threw [it] into the garbage, with tags indicating it belonged to the plaintiff," the lawsuit, filed on Wednesday on behalf of Timiriasieff in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court, reads.

Furious and anxious to find out what happened, the Timiriasieff family asked the hospital about violation of procedures regarding disposal of amputated parts. The procedure requires the compulsory incineration of amputated limbs.

Yet the hospital offered "no explanation for what had occurred," the lawsuit said, adding it couldn't discuss the incident in detail because of patient privacy.

"However, we can say when Doctors Hospital was notified of this situation, hospital leaders took immediate and appropriate measures to address it," Doctors Hospital said in an emailed statement, Reuters reports. "Proper procedures have been reinforced at the hospital to prevent similar situations from happening in the future."

Disposing of the amputated limb in such a way is "outrageous and beyond the bounds of human decency," Timiriasieff stated in the lawsuit, adding it must be seen as "odious and utterly intolerable."

Comment: Normal people have a hard time understanding these types of outrageous actions. Tossing a human body part in the trash instead of incinerating it? That is one heck of a shortcut to cut costs and is completely lacking empathy. Taking risks and shortcuts without regard for the consequences to others is one of the traits of psychopathy. Here we are witnessing it as corporate culture.See the following clip of Dr. Robert Hare, the foremost expert on psychopathy:


Will Oregon bill trample Second Amendment rights?

An Oregon bill expanding background checks to encompass nearly all gun sales in the state made it through the Legislature on Monday, overcoming obstacles that stymied two previous attempts to pass similar laws.

The measure now heads to Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, who has indicated support. Her signature would make Oregon the eighth state to require screening before firearms could be transferred between private, unrelated owners. No other states have passed such legislation this year, advocates said.

Oregon's effort is the latest after the long-running debate over gun rights intensified following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. Last year, Washington state passed a ballot initiative requiring background checks on all gun sales and transfers, and Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said the group has the signatures for a similar ballot initiative in Nevada.

Supporters have tried twice before to expand background checks in Oregon, saying it closes a loophole that allows people to purchase firearms online without a review. Neither attempt made it past a Senate vote, but Democrats managed to increase their majorities in both chambers after last year's election, partially because key candidates in the Senate were backed by billionaire Michael Bloomberg's gun control group, Every town for Gun Safety.

Comment: It is absurd to think this bill will keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Just another step closer for government officials to take away the people's right to keep and bear arms.


Mind your DNA: caught sharing customer data with police

Would you find it frightening— perhaps even downright Orwellian — to know that a DNA swab that you sent to a company for recreational purposes would surface years later in the hands of police? What if it caused your child to end up in a police interrogation room as the primary suspect in a murder investigation?

In an extremely troubling case out of Idaho Falls, that's exactly what happened.

Police investigating the 1996 murder of Angie Dodge targeted the wrong man as the suspect, after looking to owned Sorensen Database labs for help. The labs look for familial matches between the murderers DNA and DNA submitted for genealogical testing after failing to find a match using traditional methods.

Comment: Unfortunately, in a world run by psychopaths bent on totalitarian control any submission of private information can and will be used against you.


The danger to national security posed by Big-pharma vaccines

© unknown
One can easily see in the emerging information and cyber war that a nation having its own IT infrastructure, its own hardware, and its own versions of social media platforms is quickly becoming a matter of national security. Without control over these assets, a nation must depend on foreign suppliers for their computers, peripheries and software. Already, this dependence has opened nations up to now evident threats including malware embedded into hardware and software that is otherwise impossible to detect until the damage is already done.

Likewise, a nation's food supply can and has throughout history, been a source of vulnerability in times of conflict. The inability to grow one's own food invites blockades and their modern equivalent, sanctions, undermining a nation's strength and stability and eventually setting the stage for its ultimate demise. Iraq is an example of this.

In the long-term, a nation's food supply controlled by foreign corporations, particularly in the realm of genetically engineered organisms, can have disastrous effects. As a nation's wealth is slowly drained from their shores and into the coffers of corporations like Bayer, Monsanto and Syngenta, inferior, expensive and environmentally devastating crops wreak havoc on the very socioeconomic fabric of a nation. India is increasingly becoming an example of this.

And what of healthcare? Surely the same applies. But even as nations and communities are just now understanding the importance of protecting their food supplies from predatory multinational corporations and the hegemonic ambitions they represent, there seems to be some latency in understanding this likewise in regards to healthcare and in particular pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Comment: Western governments have been caught many times using covert means to destabilize other nations, so it's quite reasonable to assume that debilitating entire populations with dangerous vaccines could be another covert destabilization method. The U.S. has been doing as much to its own people for decades, so why wouldn't it use such methods on its enemies?

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Another 'cop shoots dog' story goes viral

A tragic story of police showing up at the wrong house and blasting away another beloved pet was just passed on the Internet - across the world - like a torch. The embers are still glowing hot and are threatening to bring the whole damn thing down. So much so, that the officers involved had to scurry to cover up the action and ensuing lies. Even the Wyckoff, NJ department Facebook page disappeared and they slapped up a new one to escape public ire - but that one soon got over 100 one-star ratings with each reviewer describing what really happened.

Will this be the last straw to bring accountability for police indiscriminately killing the canine family members of its citizenry? Will people finally become outraged and say enough is enough?

Comment: With thugs in uniform running rampant, neither people nor their pets are safe.

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Islamic State claims responsibility for cartoon exhibition attack in Texas

© Reuters/Laura Buckman
Local police and FBI investigators collect evidence and survey the scene where two gunmen were shot dead, after their bodies were removed in Garland, Texas May 4, 2015.
The Islamic State has reportedly declared it was behind the attack in Garland, Texas, via its Al Bayan radio station.

The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) made a statement on Tuesday, claiming this was the terrorist group's first attack on US soil. The IS added that two of its "soldiers" had attempted to carry out an attack as the exhibit was "portraying negative pictures of the Prophet Mohammed," AFP reported.

The jihadist group warned that this could be start of a terror campaign that will be "bigger and more bitter."

Both gunman were shot and killed in a parking lot outside the venue, which was hosting a controversial art event depicting images of the Prophet Mohammed.

Comment: Interesting the timing of this attack occurring right before the Jade Helm exercises.

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Ukrainian draft has created a mass exodus - 70% of working-class men have fled Western Ukraine

© AP Photo / Alexander Zemlianichenko
In Kiev alone, 95% of working-age men are evading military service, using a variety of methods from bribery to fleeing to other countries.

Evasion of conscription in Ukraine has skyrocketed, the German newspaper Handelsblatt reported.

Companies are struggling to find a false excuse for their employees in order to help them avoid military service. The illegal business is thriving, with doctors trading medical certificates and travel agencies organizing "special trips" for those seeking to leave the country.

Comment: Check out:

  • Ron Paul: Get NATO, foreign countries out of Ukraine to end civil war
  • Economic Shock Doctrine: IMF to accelerate Ukraine's economic collapse
  • Ukraine's Nakba, UN says 3 quarters of a million people have fled into Russia since US puppet regime siezed power in February

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Racial problems are systemic throughout St. Louis' 'justice' system - Report

© AFP 2015 / Michael B. Thomas

A US police policy and research organization reports that racial problems affect every facet of law enforcement and justice in St. Louis County, Missouri, where the death of Michael Brown at the hands of police sparked weeks of civil unrest.

Racial problems affect every facet of law enforcement and justice in St. Louis County, Missouri, where the death of Michael Brown at the hands of police sparked weeks of civil unrest, a US police policy and research organization said in a report.

"Race is an issue that permeates almost every aspect of policing and justice in St. Louis City and County," the report, released by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) on Monday, said.

The August 9, 2014, fatal shooting of Brown by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson gave new urgency to PERF's initiative to investigate policing policies in St. Louis, the report explained.

Comment: The full report can be found here.


Protest, tweet & shout: Make the rich panic

It does not matter to the corporate rich who wins the presidential election. It does not matter who is elected to Congress. The rich have the power. They throw money at their favorites the way a gambler puts cash on his favorite horse. Money has replaced the vote. The wealthy can crush anyone who does not play by their rules. And the political elites—slobbering over the spoils provided by their corporate masters for selling us out—understand the game. Barack and Michelle Obama, as did the Clintons, will acquire many millions of dollars once they leave the White House. And your elected representative in the House or Senate, if not a multimillionaire already, will be one as soon as he or she retires from government and is handed seats on corporate boards or positions in lobbying firms. We do not live in a democracy. We live in a political system that has legalized bribery, exclusively serves corporate power and is awash in propaganda and lies.
If you want change you can believe in, destroy the system. And changing the system does not mean collaborating with it as Bernie Sanders is doing by playing by the cooked rules of the Democratic Party. Profound social and political transformation is acknowledged in legislatures and courts but never initiated there. Radical change always comes from below. As long as our gaze is turned upward to the powerful, as long as we invest hope in reforming the system of corporate power, we will remain enslaved. There may be good people within the system—Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are examples—but that is not the point. It is the system that is rotten. It must be replaced.

"The only way you can get the parties' attention is if you take votes away from them," Ralph Nader told me by phone. "So," he said of Sanders, "How serious is he? He makes Clinton a better phony candidate. She is going to have to agree with him on a number of things. She is going to have to be more anti-Wall Street to fend him off and neutralize him. We know it is bullshit. She will betray us once she becomes president. He is making her more likely to win. And by April he is done. Then he fades away."

We must build mass movements that are allied with independent political parties—a tactic used in Greece by Syriza and in Spain by Podemos. Political action without the support of radical mass movements inevitably becomes hollow, and that, I think, will be the fate of the Sanders presidential campaign. Only by building militant mass movements that are unrelentingly hostile to the system of corporate capitalism, imperialism, militarism and globalization can we wrest back our democracy.

"The gates are controlled by two parties indentured to the same commercial interests," Nader said. "If you don't go through those gates, if you do what [Ross] Perot did, ... you [might] get 19 million votes [but] not one electoral vote. If you do not get electoral votes you don't come close. And even if you do get electoral votes you are up against a winner-take-all. This means if you lose you don't build for the future as you would with proportional representation. The system is a locked-out system. It is brilliantly devised. It is pruned to perfect a two-party duopoly."

We have to organize around a series of non-negotiable demands. We have to dismantle the array of mechanisms the rich use to control power. We have to destroy the ideological and legal system cemented into place to justify corporate plunder.

Comment: For more info on how to survive and prosper during the coming collapse check out these links:

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Are robots about to take away 18 million jobs in Germany?

Robots are set to wipe out large sectors of the work force.
A study commissioned by ING-Diba claims that 59 percent of Germany's work force could be replaced by machines and software in the coming decades. The impact on German society is set to be radical.

The results of the study paint an almost doomsday-esque scenario for Germany.

Almost two thirds of its workforce will be unemployed. Of the 30.9 million people currently in full or part-time employment in Germany, 18 million will be made redundant by improved technology, the report claims.

Although the study looked into the effect that advancing technology will have on the work place in several European countries including Finland and the Netherlands, it was Germany that came out the worst.

This, argues the report, is the price Germany will pay for its strong industrial sector. Factory workers and the administrative army behind global giants such as Volkswagen and BMW will soon become superfluous as advanced algorithms and sophisticated machinery are developed which can do their jobs faster and more efficiently.