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Cops break into wrong home, shoot innocent homeowner, kill his dog, then shoot each other

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An almost unbelievable tale of police incompetence comes out of Dekalb County Tuesday after police responded to the wrong home on a burglary call.

During the blunder, police officers wrongfully entered a residence as the homeowners, Chris and Leah McKinley and their small child, watched the movie Serendipity on their sofa.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
The bizarre incident unfolded shortly after 7:30 p.m. when three officers responded to a report of a suspicious person near Bouldercrest Road, but were not given a street address, DeKalb director of public safety Cedric Alexander said. The officers went to a home in the 1500 block of Boulderwoods Drive that matched the description given by a 911 caller, Dutton said.

"Officers approached the residence and attempted to contact occupants at the residence," he said. "No contact was made."

When officers went to the rear of the house, they found an unlocked screen and unlocked door and believed an intruder was inside, according to police. Officers entered the home through the unlocked door that led to the kitchen and announced their presence.

"Upon entry to the residence, the officers encountered a dog," Dutton said in an email. "Two officers fired their weapons, striking and killing the animal in the kitchen."


State of Connecticut is providing housing for all its chronically homeless veterans

Positive news! Officials of Connecticut announced last Thursday that the state has officially become the first in the nation to provide housing for every one of its chronically homeless veterans.

No doubt national and state officials are celebrating the monumental achievement after having set a goal earlier on to end veteran homelessness by the end of 2015.

The Connecticut Department of Housing, the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH), and other nonprofits and volunteers who spent time on the streets identifying homeless veterans played a major role in the state's coordinated efforts.

Said Lisa Tepper Bates, executive director of CCEH:
This means that all known chronically homeless veterans are housed or are on the immediate path to housing and any veteran who newly enters homelessness will be rapidly put on the path to permanent housing.

Comment: Hopefully other states will follow the example set, because the way that most veterans are treated in this country is truly inhumane. This treatment demonstrates quite clearly that the U.S. government, despite its proclamations in support of the troops, cares very little for those who have given everything for the country.


Illinois is so broke it pays lottery winners in IOU's

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Much as Brazil is the poster child for the great EM unwind unfolding across emerging economies from LatAm to AsiaPac, Illinois is in many ways the mascot for America's state and local government fiscal crisis.

Although well documented before, the state's financial troubles were thrown into sharp relief in May when, on the heels of a state Supreme Court ruling that struck down a pension reform bid, Moody's downgraded the city of Chicago to junk.

Since then, there's been quite a bit written about the state's pension problem and indeed, Reuters ran a special report earlier this month that outlined the labyrinthine, incestuous character of the state's various state and local governments.

On Friday, in the latest sign that Illinois' budget crisis has deepened, Governor Bruce Rauner apparently fired "superstar" budget guru and Laffer disciple Donna Arduin who had been making some $30,000 a month as an economic consultant.

And while Illinois apparently found the cash to fork over six figures to Arduin for just four months of "work", the budget stalemate means hard times for Illinoisans - including, apparently, lottery winners. The Chicago Tribune has more:


Texas police shoot and kill unarmed man with his hands in the air

A Texas news station published unedited video showing the moment that a man who had put his hands up was fatally shot outside a home in an officer-involved shooting.

KSAT-TV in San Antonio reported that 41-year-old Gilbert Flores was confronted by Bexar County deputies Greg Vasquez and Robert Sanchez. Video shows a patrol vehicle with its lights on outside the home as the two officers approach Flores from the right of the screen, separated from the suspect by two other vehicles parked along the street.

Flores then comes out from behind the vehicle, appears to start to walk away, then comes back.

He appears to have both arms in the air just before crouching his upper body inward, then falling backward and hitting the ground. Each of the two deputies react by taking a few steps back toward the street. Moments later, another patrol vehicle arrives on the scene and an ambulance arrives on the scene about three minutes later.

Comment: The epidemic of police killing people with little or no provocation in the U.S. continues unabated. No matter the public outcry, these brutal actions are consistently covered up and police officers are given a free pass for their actions in most cases. In contrast, police in Norway rarely use their guns and it has been almost 10 years since anyone in law enforcement there shot and killed someone. Perhaps police should be following their example, rather than training to learn the brutal methods of the Israelis.

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Alleged rapist of 2-year-old girl walks free after plea deal with prosecutors

Thomas Boden will serve no jail time after allegedly raping a 2-year-old girl
Activists in San Angelo, Texas this week were protesting after a local prosecutor's plea deal sent an alleged rapist home without jail time or requiring him to register as a sex offender.

In a Facebook post last week, Brittany Lynn Rosser explained that she called 911 in January because her boyfriend, 29-year-old Thomas Boden, was drunk and tried to force her to crash the car she was driving, telling her that they both needed to die.

Rosser said that by the time officers showed up at her home, her daughter was screaming, "My butt, my butt!"

"So I laid her down and opened her diaper to find an enormous amount of blood and a clear vaginal tear," Rosser wrote. "I asked Annabelle what happened and she said, 'Tom hurt me with his hand.' I ran outside screaming and crying, pushed past several cops and asked Thomas if he touches my daughter. He didn't say a word, but had a slight grin on his face."

Comment: Just another sad sign of the rape culture in America and how the system that is supposed to protect the victims is protecting the rapists and giving them far more than they deserve. This man should be in jail for 10 years, not probation.


When it comes to the economy, it's time to kiss normal goodbye

The tremors rattling markets are not exactly what they seem to be. A meme prevails that these movements represent a kind of financial peristalsis — regular wavelike workings of eternal progress toward an epic more of everything, especially profits! You can forget the supposedly "normal" cycles of the techno-industrial arrangement, which means, in particular, the business cycle of the standard economics textbooks. Those cycle are dying.

They're dying because there really are Limits to Growth and we are now solidly in grips of those limits. Only we can't recognize the way it is expressing itself, especially in political terms. What's afoot is a not "recession" but a permanent contraction of what has been normal for a little over two hundred years. There is not going to be more of everything, especially profits, and the stock buyback orgy that has animated the corporate executive suites will be recognized shortly for what it is: an assest-stripping operation.

Comment: Are you prepared?

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Netanyahu faces government coalition collapse over non-kosher dinner at Italian restaurant

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent dinner at one of Italy's most exclusive restaurants is angering his allies, and may even cost him his majority coalition in the country's Knesset.

Last weekend Netanyahu dined with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi at the Enoteca Pinchiorri, one of the world's top 50 restaurants and described by Michelin as one of Florence's "temples of gourmet dining." The restaurant's menu features such high-end meals as rabbit with Taggiasche olives, lobster with lemongrass, and Mora Romagnola baby pork.

The food undoubtedly made for a great dining experience for the Israeli prime minister, but unfortunately for him, none of these meals are part of the kosher diet.

Comment: Well, what ever it takes to get this madman out of office, so be it.


Ohio university English professor arrested for arranging sex with 15-year old boy

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Willie Harrell, left, appears in Akron Municipal Court on Monday.
A Kent State University English professor was arrested Wednesday night after being accused of driving to an Akron elementary school to have sex with a teenage boy he met online, police say.

Willie J. Harrell Jr., 44, of Akron, was arrested in the parking lot of Smith Elementary School at about 11 p.m.

Authorities say he was with a 15-year-old he met online three days prior to the encounter.

A police officer discovered the two while responding to a report of a suspicious car in a parking lot.

"When the officer approached the vehicle, the windows were steamed up and the car was moving, bouncing," Akron Police Capt. Daniel Zampelli said.

Harrell emerged from the backseat along with the boy and admitted he arranged the meeting "with the purpose of pursuing a sexual relationship," Zampelli said. The youth and Harrell both told police that they had not had sex before the officer arrived.

Harrell has been charged with an adult curfew violation, a misdemeanor; and attempted unlawful sexual contact with a minor, a fourth-degree felony; and importuning, a fifth-degree felony.

Authorities also obtained a warrant and searched his home. Zampelli would not comment on any details related to the search.


Radioactive material sent to Texas A&M via FedEx gone missing

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A package containing radioactive material sent via Federal Express to Texas A&M University has been reported missing by the school. The 27lb (12.2kg) package was signed for nearly two weeks ago, but the university says the relevant office didn't receive it.

On Friday, the university's Office of Safety and Security sent out an internal email seeking assistance in locating the package, according to KBTX. The medium-sized cardboard box -- each side measuring 20 inches in length -- was sent from Edina, Minnesota, by the Science Engineering and Education Company's radioactive material producer Ritverc.

"The outside of the package has a logo from RITVERC and has UN2910 marking," Christopher Meyer, an assistant with the school's Office of Safety and Security, wrote in the internal email.


Death of man pinned down by three Texas deputies ruled homicide

The Dallas County Medical Examiner ruled that the death of a man who was pinned down by three deputies in a Texas jail lobby was a homicide. Other contributing factors to his death were drugs, heart problems and stress to the body.

The cause and manner of death of Joseph Hutcheson, 48, was homicide with "combined effects of cocaine and methamphetamine, compounded by hypertensive cardiovascular disease and physiologic stress associated with struggle and restraint," according to the medical examiner's office.

A full autopsy report is pending but it will include toxicology results.

Scott Palmer, an attorney for Hutcheson's family, said the medical examiner's findings corroborate what the video shows: that deputies were responsible on some level for the man's death.

"It is apparent from the ruling that Mr. Hutcheson died at the hands of another," Palmer said in a statement, according to The Dallas Morning News. "We believe without the assault by the Sheriff's deputies, Mr. Hutcheson would still be alive today."

Palmer told the paper that the family hired a private pathologist to conduct a second autopsy. The doctor couldn't determine what had killed Hutcheson, but told the family that the organs in his throat were missing.

Hutcheson died on August 1 after a struggle with three deputies on the lobby floor. Authorities said the man walked into the building that morning, yelled for help, was placed in handcuffs, lost consciousness and died.

Comment: Injured man comes to jail lobby asking cops for help, but deputies pile on him and kill him instead